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First tonight, a Leicestershire-based holiday


company has stopped trading, leaving hundreds of holidaymakers


stranded and thousands of future bookings cancelled.


All Leisure Holidays, in Market Harborough,


operates the cruise lines Swan Hellenic and


This is the headquarters of All Leisure Holidays Limited,


one of a group of four travel firms based here in Market Harborough.


It provided holidays on two cruise ships, the Voyager,


the Minerva under the brand names Swan Hellenic and Voyages


of Discovery, sailing around destinations like parts of Europe,


North Africa and the Far East, with many passengers flying


in and out from those destinations. Its collapse has affected 400


passengers, although most of those had finished the cruise part


of their holidays and they flew back on schedule.


They had to cut their holidays short and fly back earlier.


Now, it has also, as you can imagine, affected future bookings.


That equates to around 13,000 passengers.


The work we are doing at the moment is to, on the one hand,


bring people back to the UK, and that is happening


around about now, who have completed their holidays.


And for those 13,000 or so people who have forward bookings,


we are making arrangements for those to get a full refund


Now, 250 people work for the group here.


Three of those other firms that I mentioned earlier were taken


over by administrators at the end of December.


Luckily, a buyer was found and 200 posts here were saved.


100 workers on cruise ships will lose their jobs and a further


That 150, we understand, makes up the majority of the workforce.


An investigation is underway after a fatal house fire in Rutland.


Leicestershire Fire and Rescue were called to a property


They rescued the occupant inside, who was trapped, but that person


The cause of the fire is being investigated by both


2.5 million people have watched a film about the murdered


Leicestershire teenager Kayleigh Haywood, since


'Kayleigh's Love Story' depicts the last two weeks of her life.


The 15-year-old from Measham was groomed, raped and murdered


in 2015 after meeting a man on the internet.


The film, produced by Leicestershire Police,


warns of the dangers of online grooming.


A Leicester primary school is to remain shut for the rest


of this week after dozens of windows and glass roof panels were smashed.


The police say two 11-year-old boys have since been arrested and bailed.


It will mean a very late start to the New Year


for the staff and pupils of Braunstone Community Primary,


Clearing up after a blitz of damage on their school.


The staff were back in today at Braunstone Community Primary


in Leicester after dozens of glass panes in windows, doors and roof


It has left the staff upset at what has happened.


Doors and windows have been smashed, as well as the displays


across the schools that have been damaged, and some of the other


rooms that have been vandalised with spray paint.


It's not just glass that's been broken.


A play area specially created for nursery-aged children has also


We do feel really upset because we worked so hard last year


We made it magical for the children and they love it out


here and it's just been trashed, so it is upsetting.


It's meant the 460 nursery and primary pupils will have a late


I have just learnt that Jewson's have donated some bark and some


soil for us because, obviously, we've had to remove


it all because it had shards of glass in it.


I've also had an e-mail from a local pastor that said


if we need any support, that they are there for us to give


Leicestershire police say two 11-year-olds have been questioned


The school revealed this afternoon that it won't open


A jury has been hearing how a seven month old baby girl


"suffered a catastrophic, and ultimately fatal,


injury" that, experts say, could only be caused


At Leicester Crown Court, Chaunfang Zheng, who is 30,


The prosecution claims she shook baby Phoebe "repeatedly,


Chaunfang Zheng was left in charge of baby Phoebe


on the evening of 22nd March, the year before last.


Within 30 minutes of being left in her sole care, the court heard,


Phoebe suffered a catastrophic, and ultimately fatal,


injury with significant bleeding on her brain,


With the baby in her arms, Chaunfang Zheng ran to the Chinese


takeaway next door where Phoebe's mother and father worked.


They rushed the baby to hospital and there were extensive medical


efforts to save her young life, but the injuries inflicted


were so severe that the baby died four days later.


The prosecution said it would never be possible to establish exactly


When she was left, Phoebe the was in good health, he said.


Chaunfang Zheng must have caused significant and abusive head trauma


known as 'shaken baby', and described by an expert


as being very much at the severe end of the range.


It would have been immediately apparent to Chaunfang Zheng


what she had done, he said, but the court was told she made


a concerted effort to lie about the events which led up to it


She tried to blame the mother's efforts to resuscitate the baby


Chaunfang Zheng denies manslaughter and the trial is continuing.


It is being claimed the Government is failing to follow its own


guidelines by creating a new garden village in South Derbyshire.


A local councillor says the Infinity Garden Village


on the outskirts of Derby won't be a new village at all,


At least 2,000 homes are planned to be built on this land,


creating what the Government has named Infinity Garden Village.


Garden villages are one of the ways it is trying to ease


This one, off the A50 between Sinfin and Stenson Fields,


will be one of 14 nationally, but one local councillor here says


the Government has already failed to meet its criteria


for what a garden village is supposed to be by


All of the news houses at the northern end will be facing,


over more than a mile, the existing houses.


You are going to pretend that that somehow is a distinct community?


It doesn't meet the criteria on that ground and it doesn't meaet the ones


saying that the land should perhaps be in public ownership,


not a blade of grass round here is in public ownership,


and that it should be brownfield land.


Well, again, this has been farmed from time immemorial.


So, at first sight, this area doesn't seem to fit the bill


for a garden village, but the Government has also said


that it doesn't consider there to be a single template for a garden


village and doesn't want to impose a set of development


That responsibility lies with the local authorities


and the proposal to build what is being described


as "high-quality homes" here has been defended as essential


This commitment here is to provide quality homes because we need


to have in this area people who are going to support


the industries - they need quality homes to live in.


But the plans have received a mixed reaction from local residents.


It's just adding on to Derby and Derby's problems.


You are going to lose all the countryside.


Work on the project is expected to begin at the end of next year.


Meanwhile, 130 homes already confirmed for this site will start


It is being claimed the Government is failing to follow its own


A photography student has captured rare scenes of an almost


Dean Saunderson spent three hours taking pictures on Christmas morning


The eerie images show the normally busy and bustling city


Dean says it was a magical experience.


So, it's goodbye from me, but with your weather now, here's Kaye.


Lovely spells of sunshine tomorrow. Those clear skies towards the end of


today mean that tonight really will get very cold indeed. A widespread


frost for tomorrow morning, but a gorgeous day, much like bank holiday


Monday, lovely spells of sunshine. We did have a milder air, but the


dragon the cold northerly territory tomorrow. The mild air will return


as we get near the weekend. Back to the here and now and it is dry, the


winds are light and there are plenty of clear skies. The butchers are


already down below freezing. For many of us who will get down to -1


or two, but in the countryside it could get down to -5. No warnings


for ice, but bear in mind that there could be some slippy surface is


first thing. A gorgeous day, dry and fine, lengthy spells of sunshine


with light winds. The temperatures will only get up to three degrees,


so make sure you wrap up warm. For Friday, the milder air starts to


come back in but the wind will strengthen and there is some rain in


the forecast. That pushes down to the south and that leaves us with a


milder, settled weekend, mostly dry with a few bright spells at times.


Here is the Temperatures creeping up a notch or


two and turning milder into the weekend.