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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


Charity shops say they're having to boost security


following a spate of break-ins over the last few weeks.


One shop in Leicestershire's been targeted seven times.


Another was attacked twice in one day.


It's thought some burglars are returning to carry


out further raids - with the damage and losses running


The CCTV shows raiders breaking into the Wigston Air Ambulance


shop early on Saturday, looking for cash.


One of them then takes a torch and comes straight down


They see that the safe is open with no money in,


and because the alarm is still sounding, they very


It is the shop's seventh recent raid, with four in last two months.


Now it is having to divert thousands of pounds from saving


For this to happen so many times is really, really


Each mission we do costs around ?1,700.


We want to invest our hard work and money into that as opposed


to having to turn the shop into such a secure place.


Across Leicester, at Age UK, burglers there struck twice


on Monday, damaging the shop, breaking the till and even helping


Our whole purpose is supporting people who are very vulnerable.


By breaking in, they have damaged us, really.


It is a lot of money to lose, money that be going into services.


In Nottingham, this charity furniture shop was targeted three


times in three weeks over Christmas and New Year.


As well as stealing cash and electrical items,


the raiders smashed up offices and broke a water tank.


The overall damage was more than ?10,000.


I don't know where some charity shops are seen as a soft touch.


There's a sense that, well, you don't pay for your stock.


The value is, what we're doing is saving people's lives.


Police say they are investigating the raids but for these shops,


there's now an appeal for more gifts and fundraising.


Earlier, I spoke to Robin Osterley, the chief executive


And I asked him whether charity shops are an easy target


No, I don't think they're an easier target than any other


retail establishment, to be honest.


It might be that there are some people out there who think,


charities, soft and fluffy, but actually, these charity


shops are, by and large, incredibly professionally run.


And it is certainly not the case that they are slack on security


or any of those other things that you might think.


But when security is breached, it is obviously very,


Yes, and it is bad news right across the spectrum of bad news,


Not only does it have a major impact on them financially,


they might lose important stock which they could otherwise sell.


Their insurance premiums might go up.


But, crucially, there is the sapping effect that it has on the morale


of staff and volunteers that is so dispiriting.


Volunteers are giving of their time and effort and enthusiasm to support


charities and society as a whole in so doing.


It is really depressing when someone comes along


Takes away from society and takes the profits away from the charity.


That is a real shame as far as staff and volunteers are concerned.


OK, Robin Osterley, thank you very much indeed.


The retailer Wilko has been fined ?2.2 million


at Leicester Crown Court after a worker was left


Corisande Collins from Glenfield was 20 at the time of


She was moving a metal cage, which was overloaded with paint,


She was crushed and suffered a fractured spine.


Wilko admitted failing to ensure proper health and safety.


The outcome of the case was welcomed by the family.


I think it has obviously been very difficult because she was extremely


young when this happened, but I think they feel that the end


of the criminal case will help her in her rehabilitation.


She has been remarkable in the way that she has


Derby City Council has denied claims it's cancelling the city's annual


The authority has confirmed that the parade will take place this


year, despite reports suggesting that it'd become the latest


The council says it'll make an "important announcement"


about future spending on leisure, culture and arts in Derby


The NHS in Leicestershire is urging patients to help themselves


as they try to ease the pressure on the city's hospitals.


Among a raft of measures, families are being shown how


to perform injections so that patients can be


Such is the severe strain at the Leicester Royal Infirmary,


it has raised its status to the highest level by declaring


Yesterday, over 600 people sought treatment there.


The A unit was built for 50 beds, but at times there are 100 patients,


They need to be admitted but there aren't the beds.


Now, to get the hospital moving again, patients who no longer need


to see a doctor are being encouraged to go home and to do injections,


for example, for things like diabetes, themselves.


Other patients might be moved to care homes


None of these measures are new but NHS bosses


want to remind the public about them as they try and ease the pressure.


We really want to get the message clear to people that rather


than stay in hospital for a month or so while you wait for a long-term


placement to become available, actually stepping down


to a short-term placement to continue recovery


And it also helps the Acute Hospital to release a bed for someone


who is really seriously ill and needs that bed.


She helps teach people how to do their own injections


Patients have a range of usually long-term conditions.


For example, patients with diabetes that need support


with their management of their diabetes.


We have patients with wounds, all sorts of wounds.


We have patients with pressure area problems.


As people continue to arrive at A needing to be admitted,


the pressure on Leicester's hospitals shows no signs of easing.


Work's begun on a major new rail freight interchange


on the Derbyshire-Leicestershire border, which should create over


Residents in some villages close to the development say


However, people in nearby Kegworth are delighted.


They'll finally get the bypass they've been wanting for 80 years.


The planes, and local councillor Trevor Pendleton,


show me how close this new development will be


In the distance, ground breaking has begun on this huge


You feel that this is a very good development because it will bring


In this climate at the moment, with employment as it is,


The East Midlands Gateway will cover 700 acres with 6 million square


900 people will build it, 7,000 will work there, plus another


The rail freight terminal, taking 16 trains a day,


The developers will build, at last, a bypass to take


I think it is very sad for the village.


I think it could be better for traffic but it might hurt some


The sooner the better. It is about time.


1935, I think, they were calling for it.


But not everyone is happy with the great gateway.


Many villagers in Lockington and Hemington have fought the plans.


I think it will impact on everyone round here because the amount


of traffic that will come in, the people who are going to be


building the thing, the people who will apparently be working here,


there will be lorries coming in and out, people trying


Like it or loathe it, the gateway should be up and running


Notts County Football Club has a new owner.


The deal enabling local businessman Alan Hardy to buy the Magpies


After a long negotiation, the most recent owner,


Alan Hardy, a businessman who owns the Nottinghamshire Golf club


and runs office fitters, the Paragon Group,


And he's already said there will be an announcement


So, it's goodbye from me, but with your weather now, here's Sara.


It is called me tonight but are continuing with that quite drunk


north-westerly wind. They should prevent a frost but there is a


weather warning in supplying for tomorrow and the Chans was seeing


some snow. Not only from wintry showers coming from the north but


also from some rain moving in from the south as well. This was captured


earlier today when the Skystrator Breitner times in Bamford. Thank you


to one of our Weather Watchers for that. -- earlier today when this guy


tried to brighten at times in Bamford. In the early hours, there


is a stronger likelihood of showers coming wintry. Tomorrow morning,


Cheryl started in case. You could see since now in the Peak District


and in North Nottinghamshire for a time. This area of rain starts to


move in and could actually cause some problems. It might sink further


south was but it could come for the North as well. Until it starts to


pull away, we could start to see it at lower levels and are built as


well. That is a big problem first thing on Friday morning if you are


setting off early. In addition, another little area of rain could in


some snow first on Friday. Things gradually start to climb down again


over the weekend and it is a little bit more settled by Saturday. I will


leave you with the potentially leading us into a chilly


start to the weekend. Time for the national weather prospects if you


are on the move. Good evening, a lot going on with


the weather in the next few days, numerous weather warnings in for so


buried in mind if you have travel plans. Lots of isobars on the chart


overnight which means it will be windy for all. The strongest winds


in Scotland, lots of wintry showers with snow getting down to


increasingly low levels and some wintry showers in Northern Ireland


and northern England. A cold night for Northern England, particularly


in more rural spots, frosty and I see for some and some of the snow


really blowing around over higher ground in Scotland. Strong wind and


further snow to take us into tomorrow. It may well make for some


tricky travelling conditions. The forecast for tomorrow in the


southern half of the UK's quite tricky. We have got mild air bumping