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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies.


First tonight, one of our region's hospitals has announced it's


under such severe strain, it's raised its status


to the highest level by declaring "a critical situation".


It's a rare move by senior managers at the Leicester Royal Infirmary


but shows how much pressure its services are facing.


Only yesterday, we reported how the Red Cross had to be called


in to help our emergency services cope over the New Year.


It's been an incredibly busy day here at the Leicester Royal


Infirmary. Extra nurses and doctors have been drafted in to cope with


the demand. One of the patients is Elaine Paige's 89-year-old father


who spent hours waiting on a trolley to be admitted to a ward. She


described the situation. It was so busy, rushed off their feet. There


have been times where they've been queueing up and waiting in the


corridor. It has been hectic, in and out, all the time. They are just


waiting all the time, the doctors. You can't fault the stuff. They are


brilliant. It's the second time in brilliant. It's the second time in


six months this hospital has reached a critical situation. Nonemergency


operations have been cancelled as the Leicester Royal Infirmary deals


with increased pressure on its services. It's often very busy after


Christmas and New Year. A second issue is the change in temperature.


More patients than expected are looking for emergency services.


We've had e-mails saying that it is down to cutbacks and poor services.


I think we have very good plans in I think we have very good plans in


place across our health system that have been working well this winter.


The problem we have experienced the The problem we have experienced the


past 48 hours is a surge in demand and we are responding in an


appropriate manner. Tonight, hospital and ambulance staff across


our region face another busy start -- busy shift. The managers here at


Leicester Royal Infirmary say they hope to be on top of the situation


by tomorrow but the advice tonight is to use emergency services


appropriately and only come to accident and emergency with serious


or life-threatening conditions. A man's appeared before


magistrates in Derby, charged with attempting


to murder his wife. Paul Sherratt, who's 56,


has been remanded in custody - after his partner was found


with a serious head injury at their home


on Avondale Road in Spondon. He will appear before


Nottingham Crown Court next month. His wife, who is 59,


is still in a serious condition. Police have released CCTV footage


of a man they want to speak to in connection with a series


of sexual assaults in Derby. The first incident took place


on December 21st last year and officers say they have grown


in frequency over the past week. A further six were reported


on January 6th alone. All the incidents involve


the offender touching a woman The front of a village post office


in Leicestershire has been demolished after thieves rammed


the building with a construction vehicle and stole a cash


machine containing around They left a scene of devastation


in Rothley as Amy Harris reports. The aftermath of a smash and grab in


a quiet Leicestershire village. Just after 3:30am, this runway did this


golden trigger -- this stolen digger into Rothley post office, removing


the cash machine and the entire front. I heard a big noise, so we


looked through the window and saw a tractor trying to hit a building.


It's horrendous. I've never seen anything like it. You don't expect


it in a quiet, rural village, even though we are a busy place. It's


quite alarming. The thieves fled from the scene with about ?30,000 in


a white pick-up truck, later found burned in a field in Melton. Though


this kind of raids are becoming more common, Leicestershire police think


this is a one-off. We have not linked this to any particular spade


or series at this time. The method in this case was messy. The


occupants and staff were not in the building at the time, the


post office was closed, but this method has caused significant damage


to neighbours as well. The post to neighbours as well. The post


office has been at the heart of this community for more than 30 years but


coincidentally, this attack comes days before the post office


relocates to a new building. The post office was due to close for


good on Saturday despite a campaign by locals. The owner didn't want to


talk on camera but told me, quite simply, he is devastated. As the


clear up continues, so do police investigations. Anyone with


information is asked to contact them.


Almost 500 parents have signed a petition opposing


changes to the uniform at a Nottingham secondary school.


Redhill Academy in Arnold is introducing new skirts


They're branded with the school's logo and will only be available


The school says the changes are to improve consistency among students.


But, starting at around ?16, many parents say


That's more than double what we are currently paying for one pair. You


don't buy just one pair of school trousers. You always have two or


three pairs in case of doubt, damage etc. It is going to cost a fortune


have just been told that from have just been told that from


September, they have got to wear these trousers.


There are fears of increased fly-tipping in Derbyshire


after the Council approved plans to charge for taking building


waste to the authority's recycling centres.


People will have to pay ?3 for each 25 kilogram bag.


Christmas is well and truly over and some feel that Derbyshire County


Council is acting rather like Scrooge when it comes to recycling.


At the moment, there is no charge for bringing building rubble to this


recycling centre but all of that is set to change. This morning, the


council approved a ?3 charge for every 25 kilograms bag taken to its


nine recycling centres. That includes bricks, rubble, soil and


ceramics. As you can imagine, people here were not happy about paying for


something that has been free until now. That's a bit expensive, really.


You may as well get a skip. I think that's excessive. I live on a lane


and debate has already been fly-tipping. This will create more.


The authority says it will help to protect front line services which


are under threat because of cutbacks are under threat because of cutbacks


by the government. It is not that we want to introduce it. We are


protecting front-line services which we offer and if we didn't introduce


the charge, we would have to stop collecting it. Concerns have been


raised that it will mean more fly-tipping as people try to avoid


the charge. I think it will lead to an increase in fly-tipping across


the county which is of a concern to everybody. We have looked at other


authorities that have introduced these charges previously and the


evidence they gave us is that their fly-tipping has not increased in


their counties. I cannot stand here and say that it will not increase.


We can't look into the future. The charges will be introduced in April.


Leicester's Clare Hollingworth, who broke the news that


World War II had started, has died aged 105.


After growing up on a farm in Loughborough, she became a war


correspondent and went on to report on conflicts across the world.


Tourism in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire


is to get a ?150,000 investment.


The money is for the development of more Grand Tour projects to help


people discover hidden cultural treasures alongside


The Arts Council says they hope it will encourage more


Finally, for almost half a century, its been a centre


But now a family business in Nottingham's hanging


Despite popularity growing again in fancy dress,


the Golden Cage on Canning Circus says it can't compete with more


modern ways of selling it - either online or in supermarkets.


It means it has to clear thousands of original and unusual


There are a lot of things here that really are collectors items. So, I


hope I sell a lot of them. I will be sad to see it go but I hope it will


go to good families and people will continue to get the enjoyment out of


the costumes that we have. That's the whole enjoyment of costume, it


is fun, isn't it? It sure is. Now for the weather. It has been quite a


quiet day weather-wise in what is going to be quite a busy week


weather-wise. Today has been quite dry, a lot of cloud out and about.


Thank you for this picture this afternoon. Things will start to get


a little bit more tricky, especially with the strength of the wind. Then


it will start to get colder as well. Overnight tonight, temperatures


aren't going to increase, but as this front moves across, the colder


air starts to filter in. Strong winds in the early hours of the


morning and because of that, we have a yellow warning in force from the


Met office for Nottinghamshire. We are talking about winds of around


about 60 or 70 mph for the early hours of the morning. Strong winds,


outbreaks of free as well and noticed there's temperatures, they


are rising in the early hours. Milder at first, very windy, one or


two showers out and about. Brightening up with its boughs of


sunshine. Many of us will stay dry into the afternoon. Although those


strong gusts may easily little, it will still be an exceptionally windy


afternoon and much colder by the end of the day. Temperatures are about 6


degrees and then we are looking out for this on Thursday. The risk of


some rain but at the minute a glimpse


of the week, and to start the weekend as well. For more on that


snow situation, over to Jay