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Here on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies.


There's political outrage tonight over the fact the Red Cross had


to be called in to help the region's emergency services cope


The Shadow Health Secretary's called it a badge of shame.


Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons has more.


Well, here at Nottingham's accident and emergency unit they saw a record


number of patients in the department in the space of one hour


UNISON have been talking to their members in the department,


who told them what things were like over Christmas


I went down to the A department today with the branch secretary


and we spoke to a number of nurses and health care assistants


and we asked how did they find working over the Christmas


and New Year period and they said it was horrific.


The resus department cater for nine beds,


there was up to 20 people wanting the nine beds.


The Ambulance Service called in the British Red Cross to support


them as they saw a huge increase in calls over New Year.


The Red Cross were supporting ambulance crews and patients,


giving them refreshments, they also responded to a small


number of emergencies and took some patients home.


But the Shadow Health Secretary says things should never


The Red Cross has always provided support for elderly people


in the community and that is a good thing, we commend them for that,


but actually having to be helping out on the front line,


supporting the Ambulance Service, I think many people will be shocked


and it's a badge of shame for the Government that our NHS


is on the brink of crisis or is facing a crisis now.


For the Government, the Health Secretary has said


that there are problems but he doesn't recognise


the description from the British Red Cross


of what they call a humanitarian crisis in the health service.


The truth is that there are some very severe problems


and we are doing everything we can to sort them out.


This is the most challenging time of year for the NHS but in the vast


majority of cases people watching this programme can be confident


that their services are managing to cope despite extreme pressure.


And with so much of winter left, there is no early end in sight


Residents of a Derbyshire village say they're completely in the dark


about the future of some homes if a connecting line to HS2


The "spur" line would connect HS2 to Sheffield, 22 miles to the north.


Residents fear brand-new homes in the village could end


up being demolished, as James Roberson reports.


In Newton, Tony Mellors tells me what campaigners believe a spur-off


HS2 through Derbyshire would do to their community.


It will mean eight houses coming down on this side and seven


on the other side as the rail goes straight through.


It was last year that residents suddenly found out that a spur-line


off the main HS2 route would take high-speed trains through


the western edge of their village, right along the edge of a brand-new


On the estate, houses are still being built but there's


complete uncertainty about some homes' future.


Marie knew nothing about the HS2 spur line when she bought


It's a big worry and nobody really knows where the stand.


I speak to my neighbours and nobody knows what is happening.


We we went to the meetings, we have been to two meetings


and they just keep saying that there will be compensation.


But it has taken a long time for us to save up to buy


Residents say Sheffield and Chesterfield will get high-speed


trains via this spur line but at the cost of Newton,


where some property prices are down 30%, and its environs.


The houses that you see being constructed are in


The effect is even wider in that during the HS2 construction three


out of the four roads in and out of the village will be closed


and in a little wider area than we are looking at ten


And trail closures, the leisure trails that we have,


that we enjoy in this area, will just disappear along


HS2 themselves say they work with local communities to understand


They want people to attend the forthcoming community


information events in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire


in January and February and to take part in public consultations before


Newton residents are holding a public meeting


A Leicester saleswoman has admitted two counts of fraud involving


Barbara Stone was caught following an investigation


led by East Midlands regional Scambuster Team.


The 62-year-old from Leicester worked for Aspire Magazine,


Stone was a cold-caller who fraudulently sold thousands


of pounds of advertising to a couple in their 80s who wanted to rent


And she also duped a dog rescue charity based in Shropshire.


She'll be sentenced next month and has been warned to expect


Security camera footage of burglars has been released after an air


ambulance charity shop in Leicester has been targeted


It's understood the same gang could be responsible for the spate


It's the fourth time the shop in Wigston has been targeted


This time they fled empty-handed when a new alarm system went off.


A man from Derby crawled with a broken leg for more than two


hours after falling from rocks on the Dorset coast.


Tim Robinson slipped whilst walking on the Jurassic Coast,


After crawling for three-quarters of a mile he was found


He was taken by lifeboat to a waiting ambulance.


A new report warns that one in three young people in the East Midlands


don't feel in control of their lives.


More than one in ten think they will amount to nothing,


The rather gloomy findings come from the Prince's Trust annual Youth


Here on the Saffron Lane Estate these teenagers are on their way


to a drop-in clinic to get some careers advice.


It's held here every day for young people.


The estate has high levels of deprivation and unemployment


is high, leaving many feeling unsure about their future.


But these teenagers say they are taking control of their lives.


I know what I want to do, I've got that positivity in my mind


of pushing myself towards it but they don't, so they just need


to get their own game plan and push themselves towards it.


And I know you need to work hard for stuff.


Other people just want everybody else to do their stuff for them.


I know that people don't do that for you.


He says a lot of the young people he sees can't shake off


the reputation of living on the Saffron Lane Estate.


I had an instance where a young person told me that they felt that


when they had a job interview if they said they were from


the Saffron Lane Estate, then that would immediately be


The report doesn't make very good reading for this region.


Almost a third of young people say they don't feel


Many say they feel trapped by their circumstances,


with more than one in ten saying they don't believe they can change


The research also reveals that 17% of young people think their life


will amount to nothing no matter how hard they try.


For those of young people that are not in work and whose prospects


are not that good at the moment as they see it, this


is a slightly worrying trend that there is still a lot of work


to be done to get these people into jobs.


For many young people, life may seem bleak right now


but these teenagers say they are determined they will


More than 200 youngsters from schools in Leicester


and Leicestershire are taking part in a project merging


music with sport to encourage more boys to sing.


It's part of a project between the Leicestershire Music Education Hub


The boys will be performing at De Montfort Hall in June


and are hoping to form a Leicester City choir


Football - and what a great draw for the East Midlands.


Derby County will play Leicester in the fourth round of the FA Cup.


The tie will be played during the last weekend of January.


Apt, too, on the day former Foxes striker David Nugent


That's your news, so it's goodbye from me -


but with your weather now, here's Kaye.


take a look at the weather Friday week.


Things are quite mild to delete. The winter will willing to the day by


day. It will also get a load called by the end of the week. For the


first half of the week, it will remain relatively mild. Many will


stay dry authority nights tonight. Temperatures down to about 4


degrees. 39 in Fahrenheit. The best of the sunshine will be through the


morning and further east. Closed will increase through the afternoon.


The winds are strengthening as well. The middle part of the week into


Wynnstay is where the cold front will come through. We will not


notice the cold air until Thursday. As we head into night, the cloud


increasing. Computers on the mild side and a stay miles for a good


deal of the day. Clarity in the ear and styles of sunshine. Say goodbye


to the cold air and thermals overnight into Thursday.


Temperatures through the day around 4 degrees but it will feel colder.


Any showers are likely to be wintry. Similar conditions for Friday. The


breeze will ease precipitation we get will be of a


wintry nation and Thursday is one we have to watch out for. The weekend


outlook, it stays chilly with a northerly wind and possibly frosty


nights. The national weather forecast now.


Wet and windy weather across the western side of Scotland.


Blood-pressure is in charge of the weather, lots of isobars and it


remains windy overnight across northern and western parts of


Scotland. It will blow a gale here. That is the north-west quadrant of


the UK, that is where we expect most of the overnight rain. Within


north-westerly breeze it is chilly and by the end of the night it is