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And now the news for the East Midlands,


A man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for the sexual abuse


Matthew Salmon was found guilty of nine child sex offences,


The case only came to light after the NSPCC held a special


The lesson persuaded her to come forward and ended


It was in a classroom just like this one where a girl finally


plucked up the courage to tell her teachers


about the sexual abuse she'd been suffering.


This week, the NSPCC's visiting schoolchildren here


in Nottingham, but it was three years ago in Sandiacre


in Derbyshire where concerns were raised


The following investigation led to the sentencing


of this man, 29-year-old Matthew Salmon from St Ann's in


Today he was given 15 years in jail and a further year on


licence, for nine sexual offences against a child.


It's been the most horrific catalogue of sexual abuse


that I've ever had to investigate on a child.


Hopefully this will go some way to giving a little


bit of closure for the family, and help them move on and


Today the court heard how Matthew Salmon carried out multiple


sexual assaults, from kissing to the repeated rape of a girl,


The abuse started when she was just eight years old.


Judge Dickinson QC said she'd suffered the full spectrum of sexual


abuse and that, given her age, she clearly couldn't


have understood how serious it was.


The NSPCC team which helped to uncover this abuse says


cases like this highlight the need to raise awareness.


Sometimes people who are abused don't actually


realise what's happened to them is wrong, because to them it is normal.


But they need to understand it's wrong.


Our parents support it because they recognise and


appreciate that it is important that all children can speak out if they


And they want their children to feel like they cando that.


And they want their children to feel like they can do that.


Now, because they've told it to us, we can spread it to other


children if they're having worries and then they can know what to do.


Not many people knew about ChildLine.


But now they're coming to different schools


then a lot more children are knowing.


If we get worries and it's getting too big for


us to handle, then we can always turn to someone.


Today has been a bittersweet moment for the team, who


say the horrendous nature of cases like this remind them how important


Tonight police have named a woman whose body was found


Officers were called to Cromer Street yesterday morning


after the suitcase was found by a member of the public.


Tonight a 50-year-old man's been charged with her murder.


In a quiet residential street in the Stoneygate area of Leicester,


police continued their investigation today on Cromer Street and


on two nearby roads, searching under cars, on the


pathway and in doorways, for evidence about what happened in the


Tonight Leicestershire police confirmed the


woman found is 46-year-old Kiran Daudia.


In a statement, her family said she was


a much-loved mum, daughter, sister and auntie,


People nearby say they're shocked by what's happened.


Because normally, when I go in the evening


time - nine o'clock, ten o'clock - we go freely because we've got


takeaways on Evington Road so we go freely, and now we're scared.


And I don't know what has happened there but


it's worrying everybody on the street.


Since yesterday we make sure we havestarted locking doors


Since yesterday we make sure we have started locking doors


The alleyway, we check it out, and of course the front doors,


just before we go to bed, make double sure that


Obviously, it's worrying because you don't want anything like


in wide police confirm a 50-year-old man has been charged with her


murder. He will appear before magistrates tomorrow.


The family of the former Leicester MP Greville Janner has met


the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse,


to ask if they can take part in its investigation.


His son and two daughters had previously refused to be involved.


They felt the inquiry was wrong to take on the case since he's died


They deny all allegations against him.


Derby's Market Hall remains closed after a man fell to his death


He'd been working high up inside the hall, and was taken


to the Royal Derby Hospital but died of his injuries.


The Health and Safety Executive has been informed.


Derby City Council, which owns the building,


says the hall will not re-open tomorrow.


Unions claim hundreds of jobs are at risk at a Derbyshire


warehouse which distributes pharmaceuticals and beauty products.


Usdaw says up to 300 jobs could go at Alliance Healthcare


Meanwhile, hundreds more jobs are under threat at a


It comes as the latest unemployment figures show the number of people


out of work in the East Midlands fell by 1,000 between September


The Alliance Healthcare distribution centre in South


Normanton is part of the wider Walgreens Boots Alliance business,


We've been told by Usdaw, the shop workers' union,


that the firm's told them that up to 300 jobs could


It's one of the company's biggest distribution


warehouses, sending pharmaceuticals and beauty products


Some staff have worked at the site for decades.


It could be that we still get a job here, or we could end up


at Nottingham. Who's to know?


18 years. 21.


And Paul... 17.


There's a lot of people thats been here a long time as well.


Alliance Healthcare say they need to make improvements


They're making changes, mainly in South Normanton and


They want to keep the impact on jobs as small as


possible but, until staff consultation has finished, they


The firm says the loss of a major contract,


after a client chose to go elsewhere, is the reason they're


having to look at reducing the workforce of 781 employees.


Meanwhile, in Nottingham, union leaders met bosses from The Pizza


Factory, where hundreds of workers are facing redundancy.


The Two Sisters Group says it's due to the


The Unite union claims 280 jobs are at risk.


New figures show that one in every 14 people in the East Midlands


The condition can lead to major health complications and costs


But it can be prevented through changes to diet and lifestyle.


Now mobile diabetes units are touring various locations


around the region, to offer advice and tests.


Anyone found to have a high risk of type two diabetes is referred


Children from across Derbyshire have been taking part in a campaign


The Bishop of Derby held a summit to raise awareness of the issue


at the city's cathedral, with ten primary schools involved.


I felt sad because I've got things that I want,


Children like me should be able to play and get a good education,


but they're not, they're doing hard work.


It made me feel sad and lucky at the same time.


According to a report last year, there are 45 million people


across the world living in modern slavery.


It's a difficult and challenging subject to talk


So how do you begin explaining it to children?


I began the session by saying, "How many of you always


And most admitted they don't because, to be a person,


you have your own ideas, you negotiate with your


Here are people, children included, who never have a choice what to do


or how to spend their time, or the resources to


So I hope they're getting a sense of that.


Several schools from across Derbyshire are taking


part in this campaign, led by the Bishop of Derby,


They've been here to learn, but the aim is that they will


teach their schoolmates about it too.


Modern slavery is a bad thing because they don't


It really inspired me to tell people that modern slavery


is still going around the UK and other places.


Today's event marks the start of six months of awareness-raising


That's your news from the East Midlands, so it's goodbye from me.


But with your weather now, here's Kaye.


Thank you it has been a pleasure. I wish I was ending my forecast with


gorgeous clear blue shut skies and plenty of sunshine but alas we've


hit the nail on the head with this photograph. Grey, overcast skies


with outbreaks of rain and drizzle, and that is sadly how it will stay


into tomorrow. A lot of cloud about. It is staying quite mild. The bigger


picture, still high pressure in charge. Feeding in, all that cloud


and bits of drizzle two. Further south there is a hard frost but it


won't get that cold until the weekend. Overnight to night will


remain cloudy, misty, murky. Outbreaks of rain and drizzle as


well. Winds remain light and temperatures will not get much lower


than four or 5 degrees. There won't be a frost tomorrow morning. But it


will be cloudy, grey, overcast. The winds will remain light on the


temperatures are not doing too badly. But I'm afraid not so much in


the way of sunshine. That is how it is set to stay Friday as well. By


Friday will get temperatures starting to drop off. Around about


six to Greece. Then into the weekend will get the risk of overnight frost


with things turning much colder. That's it


next few days, no great changes over the next few days, more sunshine on


the way. Despite high-pressure sitting across


the country so only slow changes in the weather, we have had a variety


of different weathers, for example this beautiful sunset in Southampton


which was shared by a Weather Watcher, but grey and misty in Derby


thanks to an awful lot of cloud around and very little deviation by


day or night from the rather grey routine.


That is because we have a weather front, albeit very weak and very


little wind to move the cloud and the mist on. Those areas furthest


from the weather


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