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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies.


First tonight, bribery and conspiracy to corrupt carried


out over 24 years by one of this region's flagship


For four years, the Derby aero-engine maker's been the subject


of the biggest investigation in the history of the Serious Fraud Office


and will now have to pay a record amount to settle the case.


Grey skies over Rolls-Royce in Derby today, but the cloud of a corruption


and bribery prosecution hanging over the firm has now lifted.


The aerospace firm is set to pay ?479 million plus costs


to the Serious Fraud Office which started investigating claims


Rolls-Royce will also pay ?141 million to the US


Justice Department and 21.5 million to Brazilian regulators.


This type of settlement is known as a deferred prosecution agreement.


They allow organisations to pay huge penalties,


but avoid prosecution, if they freely admit to economic


But the scale of this settlement is unprecedented.


In the Serious Fraud Office's 28 year history, this is the largest


The court heard that the case against Rolls-Royce involves bribery


of senior foreign officials and senior staff, stretching


across the globe and its businesses from 1989 to 2013.


Lawyers said the conduct was carefully planned and led


to large contracts earning as much as a quarter of a billion pounds.


Countries including India, Russia, Nigeria and China were named


as places where there was either conspiracy to corrupt


Rolls-Royce told us nobody was available for an interview


today, but instead released this video which the firm


The behaviour uncovered in the course of the investigations


by the Serious Fraud Office and other authorities is completely


unacceptable and we apologise unreservedly for it.


But the Serious Fraud Office says this may not be the end of legal


The deferred prosecution agreement announced today deals


Human defendants are quite different matter.


We focus our attention on them is our priority, and,


in due course, decide which, if any of them should be charged,


Well, earlier, I spoke to Robert Barrington,


executive director of Transparency International UK,


who welcomed the fine imposed on Rolls-Royce,


but said it was essential that individual prosecutions


Well, on the one hand, it's an eye-catching fine,


a breakthrough moment for the Serious Fraud Office to be


making finds in the hundreds of millions of pounds.


But, in the end, bribes paid by people and individuals need


If there are announcements of prosecutions, we will feel


If it simply you pay the fine and then everything's done,


Do you think it's likely there will be announcements


The Serious Fraud Office said in court today that Rolls-Royce had


cooperated quite markedly in the course of the investigation,


and that means it's likely that information will have been given


And informally I understand prosecutions of individuals may well


But they've really got to be held to account.


What sort of message does this send out to other large companies?


If there are prosecutions of individuals as well as the fine,


it sends out the message if you pay bribes you do so at your peril.


And you might end up in jail personally if either you've paid


a bribe or you're the person who signed off on paying the bribe.


On the other hand, if it's just a big fine, it sends out the message


Briefly, do you think this is an effective


The deterrent has to have two aspects.


It has to have both a financial aspect and an individual


If it's a large amount of money, that's part of the deterrent.


The other part has to be individuals being held to account,


Thanks very much indeed for speaking to us.


Next, we find out how the Prime Minister's big Brexit


speech has gone down in the East Midlands.


We've been to the constituency of one of those rebellious Tory MPs


who have openly disagreed with their leader on Brexit ever


From Loughborough, here's our political editor Tony Roe.


While the Prime Minister made her speech to the diplomats in London,


we watched in a cafe near Loughborough Town Hall.


'We are leaving the European Union, but we are not leaving Europe.'


This is the seat of the former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.


She wants us to stay in the single market and said it would be


She is, though, encouraged by the Prime Minister's speech.


And there's clearly been a huge amount of work


going on across Government to think about what that future


There's clearly more details, lots more negotiations,


but I thought the tone of the speech and the awareness of the magnitude


of the important new relationship was very welcome.


We know that Nicky Morgan puts great importance on what people


Well, there is no market today, but plenty of people around


I think any strong Prime Minister should have said,


They say we've got to do this, we've got to do that.


We should be in charge of our own money, we should be


I just don't think we should be tied to the EU and all their rules.


Anna Soubry is in the same camp as Nick Morgan.


For her, the PM's speech did not indicate a hard Brexit.


Andrew Bridgen campaigned harder than most Tory MPs for Brexit.


We're going to be out of the single market.


Her critics for too long have been saying that she has not been


specific about what our aims of negotiations are,


our new relationship with the European Union,


The Prime Minister has been very clear.


She spelt it out rather more clearly.


It was more accepting that this has got to be


in everybody's interests, the way we leave.


And, tonight, the Labour leader in the European Parliament,


the East Midlands' Glenis Willmott, accused the Prime Minister of giving


up on the single market before negotiations have even begun.


Next tonight, the profoundly moving accounts from three parents


They've come together with a powerful message -


Today, the three parents were given knives which Nottinghamshire police


The parents in turn presented the knives to an artist,


who's creating a huge monument to victims of knife crime.


The chap pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed him eight times.


In the heart, in the face, straight through the heart.


He took out a ten inch knife and plunged it in his neck.


They couldn't stop their sons being murdered.


Their mission now to spare other parents their pain.


Having to deal with the fact that your child is no longer


with you and taken away in such a horrible way.


It's been a hard five years and it's not getting any easier.


A danger highlighted by this, created out of 100,000 knives


gathered from police force knife amnesties across the country.


Today, they handed its creator three knives.


It's hoped, when finished, this will occupy the fourth plinth


If we can raise awareness and just stop one person from going outside


with a knife and taking another person's life.


It's a work of art and it's lives, it's souls.


My son will never, ever be forgotten cos it's there.


When I'm dead and gone, it will still be there for people to see.


An exhibition's opened in South Derbyshire to celebrate


a man who was, in his day, one of the most famous


Former British heavyweight champion Jack Bodell is said to have


put his home town of Swadlincote on the world map.


He hung up his gloves in the '70s to run a chip shop,


The exhibition's being held in Sharpe's Pottery Museum


So, it's goodbye from me, but with your weather now, here's Kaye.


Well, it's been quite a cloudy old day-to-day for many of us


A lot of cloud, a little bit damp for some as well,


and that's going to be how it stays as we head through tomorrow as well.


So, a lot of cloud, settled light winds asked the risk of some spots


And that is how it is set today in the evening


Over on the hills, we've got some mist and fog as well.


Because of all that cloud, temperatures really won't drop off


much lower than about three or 4 degrees.


A couple of bits and pieces of light rain and drizzle,


The winds will remain fairly light once again.


And those temperatures will get back up about seven,


I hate to say it but it's a repeat the process performance


A lot of cloud, light winds, most of us dry,


and those temperatures back to about 8 degrees.


With high pressure in charge of our weather, those conditions


will stay very similar towards the end of the week.


That's it from us here on the late team.


I'm going to leave you with the summary,


and then your national forecast will follow.


from time to time. Staying settled still. Nick has the national


forecast this evening. Hello. If you are watching the


football earlier it turned out to be an evening for football fans in


Lincolnshire. This is how it looked at the start of the day. No idea


whether this weather watcher is a football fan, it's a fan of weather


that matters here. All sorts of weather, from 13 in Aberdeenshire to


two, despite the sunshine in Kent. I wonder if this six in the cloud


across the Midlands into northern England and parts of Wales felt


colder, particularly in these misty and foggy conditions in this weather


watcher view. Some drizzly rain around at times still from the


thicker cloud into parts of England and Wales overnight, hill fog too.


Cloud for Scotland and Northern Ireland, although a few breaks in


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