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Kier Starmer as well. Join me now on BBC Two.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies.


First tonight, figures obtained by the BBC show 500 people


in our region have died from an asbestos-related cancer over


Derby has emerged as a hot spot for Mesothelioma,


with one trade union linking it to the city's industrial heritage.


Meanwhile, a specialist centre in Leicester says it's offering


new treatments for the disease, as Mike O'Sullivan reports.


Retired vicar Richard Bailey and his wife Marilyn


from Walton-on-Trent in Derbyshire were told he had


It's an incurable cancer caused by breathing in asbestos dust.


He started his working life as a 14-year-old apprentice joiner.


Cutting up all the asbestos on the circular saws,


then filing, cutting, screwing, drilling, everything that


goes with applying the asbestos sheets to the wood frames.


Asbestos was banned in 1999, after being widely used in industry


It's claimed many lives but figures obtained by the BBC show more


than 500 people in our region have died from mesothelioma


Derby has emerged as a regional hot spot, with 30 deaths in that time,


more than any other city or district.


A union official told me he believes it's linked


to Derby's industrial legacy, especially train-making.


People worked when there were thousands working


in the railway works over a long period of time, many of them


were using asbestos when the employer didn't advise them


A specialist team based in Leicester is offering treatment


Year on year, the incidents in the UK are still increasing


and we are about at 2,600 cases a year.


When I first started working with this disease


we were about 1,500 cases a year, so you can see that it


Richard Bailey was ordained in the mid '80s and survived another


The couple's grown-up children now live away from home.


Because on media, it is very difficult, even on Facebook


or Skype, it is really difficult to actually express your emotions


Mr Bailey is now claiming compensation from his former


I have no fear whatsoever about dying, I'm not


What I am really bothered about is that I can


provide for my family, in particular my wife,


should the time come when I submit to the cancer.


Cases of mesothelioma are expected to reach 3,000 a year.


Mike O'Sullivan, BBC East Midlands Today, Derbyshire.


A man has been charged with manslaughter following the death


Oliver Falivena died after being attacked in the city


centre on Monday 5th September last year.


Officers discovered him while on their way to another incident.


31-year-old Richard Last from Spondon is due to appear before


Southern Derbyshire Magistrates' Court in three weeks' time.


Agency workers at Derbyshire's Toyota factory are being warned


The firm currently employs 200 staff from an agency called Blue Arrow


But in a statement today, it's said falling demand


for the models produced there means fewer workers are needed.


Toyota says it's currently offering retirement packages to workers


and can't comment further on job cuts.


Next tonight, there's been a signficant drop in anti-social


behaviour in one Leicestershire village since powers were used


A six-month Public Space Protection Order has just


It was used to ban groups of five or more gathering


Earlier last year, anti-social problems, including some vandalism,


were building up in the generally quiet village of Countesthorpe.


Residents and the authorities decided something had to be done.


The temporary power of a Public Space Protection Order


was put in place to stop groups of mostly young people gathering


Normally, it was advisory, we could educate and inform them


that they were in breach of the Public Space Protection


Order, then they normally dispersed, so we did that six times,


but there were a few core offenders who have actually committed some


criminal offences too and we have been very purposeful about taking


We did go out and consult with young people, the parish council did


a piece of work with young people about what things they


would like to happen, and as a result of that,


put on some sports sessions and some boxing taster sessions for young


Some residents agree there's been improvements.


There are a lot less kids hanging about.


Particularly at Tesco, here, and in the churchyard,


but I have to say, of late, I've not seen that.


There have been a lot of cars going, police cars going about,


and in general, over this last four, six months, it has got


But after these six months, what next?


Well, I will do what I can in my role as Police


and Crime Commissioner to keep a watch on what's happening and talk


to the council and obviously, talk to my colleagues who work


As far as youth services are concerned, I am afraid they have


been cut pretty badly generally, throughout the region,


not just in Countesthorpe, but elsewhere, and I am absolutely


delighted by the help that the County Council


and the District Council have given in that regard.


Only a minority caused problems and the authorities hope


they will not have to use stronger powers again.


Simon Ward, BBC East Midlands Today, Countesthorpe.


Villagers in parts of Leicestershire and Rutland are getting a new kind


The mobile service is based in the back of a van.


It's the first of its kind in the East Midlands and provides


all the services you'd find in a conventional Post Office,


replacing branches closed down in eight villages


Absolutely brilliant because it is a facility


for the people that are disabled or older people that cannot get out.


Well, it has been missed for years, I mean, we've had the closure


of Post Offices here, then we had a little


So, it is useful that it has opened again.


Next tonight, one of the youngest guide dog owners in the country


has been describing how she hopes her new canine


companion will help her lead an independent life.


Alice Hopkins is 15 and for three months she's been paired


She's one of just 55 people in the country under the age of 18


to have a guide dog and Sarah Teale has been to meet her.


Monday morning and Alice Hopkins arrives at the Tuxford Academy


This year the 15-year-old has been coming to school


What has it been like having Billy with you?


I think it is good because I don't have to constantly have people


watching me, it gives me a bit more freedom.


The rules changed in the last few years to allow under 18s to be


Alice is the youngest owner in Nottinghamshire.


What are the challenges that that brings?


So getting her to accept the responsibility, she had a bit


of a eureka moment when she realised it was going to be such a commitment


and did she want that but also then balancing that up


with the independence that she wanted.


It became, yeah, this is the route we're going to go down.


The amount of work that you have to do with him


and the responsibilities is overwhelming.


But if you put the work in, you get a good result out of it.


Tuxford Academy is one of just a handful of schools in the country


Having Billy in school just allows her to gain that independence,


build resilience and confidence and go through her school life


Alice is now one of just 55 guide dog owners aged


What is very noticeable in the short period that she has had Billy,


her confidence and her whole demeanour has grown in stature.


He seemed to enjoy our cameras today.


I can imagine he is a bit of a novelty.


Yeah, they did say the novelty would wear off


After GCSEs, Alice hopes to stay on at Tuxford


And then Billy should allow her the independence


Sarah Teale, BBC East Midlands Today, Tuxford.


So, it's goodbye from me, but with your weather now, here's Lucy.


Thank you. And good evening. Well after the unsettled week with its


weather warnings we saw last week, this week is looking a lot more


settled. We have high pressure sitting over UK and that will keep


things really quite settled over the next few days. We will not see much


in a way of change day to day, really. What can we expect? Well,


there will be plenty of cloud around as we move through this week. As we


get into the midweek those temperatures will creep


up a degree or two but it will not be won by any means and there are


one or two showers to look out for, the odd spot of rain and drizzle as


well. Putting the detail onto the map, plenty of club around tonight.


It could be taken of the odd spot of rain or drizzle and we also are


looking at a little bit of hill fog and mist. Temperatures dropping to


an overnight low between two degrees and three Celsius. Tuesday looks


similar to today. The further South, more in the way of brightness and a


little bit of uncertainty as to exactly where that boundary will


set. Further up to the North, plenty of cloud and a bit of mist and murk,


temperatures at a maximum of six Celsius. Not really much NEXT


overnight low. In the Wednesday, it is a frosty start to the day, the


further South you are. There will be plenty of cloud Arat at the chance


of seeing the odd shower but the high pressure moves out to the East


so we will see a little bit more of the wide of brightness, temperatures


at a maximum of 8 degrees. Thursday, the club's victims, a chance of


seeing the odd bit of drizzle, temperatures at a maximum of eight


Celsius. I will leave you with the outlook. Similar story as we move


perhaps a little milder. If you like the mild weather, you'll have to


head elsewhere in the country. Find out more in the national weather


forecast. Our weather is going against normal expectations this


week. In Highland Scotland some snow to be seen on the hills.


Temperatures as high as 12 Celsius today. Over the next few days the


coldest air is in the far south-east of England where there is sunshine


to be had. Four or five Celsius in Kent. Differences remain over the


next few days and here is why. I pressure in control of the weather.


Some clear a continental air, but coming into Scotland from the


Atlantic plenty of clouds around. Outbreaks of rain through Scotland


and Northern Ireland overnight, patchy drizzle into parts of


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