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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


The Accident and Emergency department at Leicester has been


declared inadequate and the city's hospitals still require


improvement, according to the Care Quality Commission.


The health watchdog issued its latest report today.


It praised the staff for being caring but said more


than 40 services needed to do better.


The news that the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust


A previous inspection in April 2014 reached the same conclusion.


I'm actually very pleased with some aspects of the report, I think


I'm very pleased for our staff who have been judged to be


caring across the board across the three sites.


Your overall review is still the same as in April 2014?


Yes, it was, but the chief inspector goes out of his way in his


statement to say that, although we are in the same banding,


We're on the right journey, we're going in the right direction.


The Care Quality Commission team inspected eight core services


across the three hospitals, the Leicester Royal Infirmary,


In one area, the effectiveness of congenital heart services


at the Glenfield, it has been rated as outstanding.


In contrast, the response of the existing A


unit at the Leicester Royal Infirmary has


Since the report, 55 areas like intensive care


at all three sites, and medical care at the General


But 41 areas including end of life care, outpatients and maternity,


But this is an extremely large organisation,


It is something of an oil tanker, with very complex patients,


and ever-increasing numbers of patients coming to us.


So it is not the stuff of overnight miracles.


It is the stuff of steady effort and commitment


The CQC report says that, although the trust is at the same


level it was in 2014, improvements have been made.


The new A unit which should help ease the pressure is due to open


Heather Maskell, BBC East Midlands today, Leicester.


Well, not only are hospitals experiencing unprecedented


pressure this winter, but doctor's surgeries are also


overwhelmed because, we're told, there aren't enough GPs.


One idea is to appoint clinical pharmacists at health centres


who can see some patients instead of doctors.


Our health correspondent, Rob Sissons can tell us more.


Now at the Well Spring Surgery, there is someone new to turn to.


He is a clinical pharmacist who can help patients


If you cannot get into your doctor, you can try and see him


so you've got somebody else who's there to support you.


This GP recognises some may people see this as replacing doctors.


He says this is about complementing the GP role.


You get a pharmacy check, they are looking at the medicines,


they have time with the patients to explain what the medicines


are, what the interactions, and it helps gives


Suzanne is another patient with diabetes and asthma.


The pharmacist is able to give her tips on medication


It takes the pressure off the doctors which leaves


them free to see people with other illnesses.


Pharmacists are experts in medication and highly trained.


The one here has been expanding his role.


Moving on to clinics is what we are talking about,


having my own clinics other than for drug reviews.


And later progressing to minor ailments which accounts for 35%, 40%


of GP appointments, which I can handle.


There are 48 pharmacists in the East Midlands


NHS England now wants to see many more.


A barber from Derby, who was arrested earlier this week,


has appeared in court charged with terror offences.


The Counter Terrorism Unit says it detained


30-year-old Mudassir Hussain at Heathrow Airport on Monday.


They allege he was flying to Turkey to try to join Islamic State.


Meanwhile Derbyshire Police have deployed extra officers


And police in Derbyshire say they're investigating an alleged


historical sexual assault at a school in Swadlincote.


Caldwell Hall was a boarding school on Main Street which is now


Detectives say they want to speak to any pupils or staff


who may have been there in 1979 or 1980.


The government wants more of us to commute


And to that end they've pledged more than ?6.5 million to be spent


The funding was announced by the Transport Minister on a visit


Today's announcement is about a national announcement.


The hope is that rather than starting the engine


thousands more of us will be putting on a bike helmet or lacing up


This funding is part of a wider ?300 million investment


designed to boost walking and cycling during the


We want to make cycling and walking the default


Part of that is investment in infrastructure


and part of that is encouraging people to change their behaviour and


having a look and seeing how it could make a difference to improving


Nottingham and Derby's councils put in a joint bid.


Meanwhile, Leicester City and county council has been given 3.5 million.


I think it is particularly important in cities where you've got very


serious problems of congestion and also air pollution


That is very bad in Nottingham as it is in Derby so


getting people on their bikes is an important way of tackling that


as well as more walking and more use of electric vehicles.


He says the amount of people wanting to commute


by bike has rocketed in recent years.


We are certainly seeing a lot of cyclists who, perhaps, were


fairweather cyclists and might ride in the summer but they have invested


in better coats and better bikes and are cycling all year-round.


Well, what should the money be spent on?


Our reporter Elise Chamberlain spoke to a cycle supplier,


I think safety on the roads is paramount for cyclists.


It is dangerous out there and if the investment


is going to help keep cyclists safe, that has got to be


Specifically, what would you like to see the money


I think designated cycle lanes that are going to keep our


children safe, it'd be great to start people in the sport early


and get people excited about cycling.


You mention their designated cycle lanes.


Nottingham does have some cycle lanes, do you


want to see more or is it about maintaining the ones


What specific improvements would you like to see?


I think the maintenance side of cycle lanes is really important.


There are a lot of cycle lanes around


and whether they are well-kept is something that really needs to be


addressed, to get people in the cycle lanes and get people


cycling in them rather than missing them out


because it is bit dangerous, there is rubbish, it's not been well


The amount of money that has been invested, is it enough?


I don't know how far the full investment will go but if it


improves cycling around Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and the East


Midlands area, it will be brilliant for the local community.


BBC Radio Derby Presenter Andy Potter has revealed he's got just


months to live after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.


Andy, who's 55, has contributed to many of the station's shows


since 1999 and has been the afternoon presenter


He announced the news today and thanked his


Thank you to the people forgetting in touch,


thank you to all the people who have been producers, who


have helped me all the time, for giving me the opportunity, it be


I said earlier on, I wanted to leave a


mark and hopefully we have done a bit of that.


Our thoughts are with you and your family.


In sport, Nottingham Forest have confirmed they've approached


Nigel Clough for the position of manager.


Clough, a former Forest player, is currently


He was also a former manager of the Rams and of course the son


Forest currently have interim manager Gary Brazil in charge.


So, it's goodbye from me, but with your weather now, here's Lucy.


Good evening. The word to describe today would definitely be culled.


The south-easterly wind knocking the edge of those temperatures. The word


cloud they would also cover the weather today. You can see the


satellite here, that blanket of cloud with us. What is the bigger


picture over the next few days? It is this where the front that will


bring patchy light rain coming in from the west. We are seeing that


wind direction swaying around. It won't be quite as cold. We are in


for another cold night. We have got some clear skies around and bit of


patchy cloud so we are looking at another widespread frost.


Temperatures are falling over nice to minus two in towns and cities and


it'll be cooler in the countryside. Chance of seeing hill fog developing


as you move into the early hours. Ecole of the day tomorrow. They will


be some brightness around first thing. We shall see that cloud


thickening up. You can see those temperatures struggling to get up to


anything much. We've got the maximum of four Celsius. We have bit of


patchy light rain coming up in the evening. That'll clear out to was


the east in the morning on Saturday and behind it those bright intervals


but that is just a risk of seeing heavy showers. I will leave you with


the weekend. It's swings and


roundabouts, higher temperatures but some rain as well.


Good evening. It's been dry so far this January but as it draws to a


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