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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Quentin Rayner.


A couple caught up in the devastating earthquakes


and avalanches which have hit Italy say they've lost everything


after moving from Derby to start a new life.


It should have been a fresh start for Peter Fletcher and his partner,


Clair, but instead they've fled their Alpine home and returned


Trapped for four days as the snow slowly buried their home,


Clair and Peter were meant to be starting a new life


when they move to Italy but, as the weather got worse,


We were petrified, that is probably an understatement.


You've got no choice - you've to go, you can't stop.


When it's chest high and falling through the snow, you can't do it.


If we make it to the road, no one will know we're there.


What you do when you're in that situation where,


whatever way you turn, that could be it?


The bad weather in the region has caused devastation.


At a nearby hotel, rescuers have been pulling bodies out


after the earthquake caused an avalanche.


Clair and Peter were only rescued after they managed to get


They know they are lucky to be alive.


When they came to rescue us from the house, they didn't


We literally had to still make our way to the top of the drive.


The family put their life savings into the move abroad and aren't yet


sure how bad the damage is but they are not holding out


much hope after such a traumatic experience.


Our family pet got killed, we had animals that got killed.


Everything we own is in that house in Italy.


We came away in what we were standing up with.


For now, the family is living with relatives as they try to work


out their next move but they say, after the events of the last few


Lucy Vladev, BBC East Midlands Today, Derbyshire.


A woman has been found guilty of the manslaughter


of her seven-month-old niece in Leicestershire.


Leicester Crown Court heard Chaun-fang Zheng violently shook


Phoebe Go to stop her crying, leaving her with a


It happened while she was babysitting the infant at her flat


The 31-year-old will be sentenced next month.


The latest round of consultations with communities which will be


People living along the proposed route say local beauty spots will be


They're upset over plans to construct a viaduct for the railway


It's a view which is now under threat.


A proposed new 16-metre high viaduct to be built as part of the HS2 route


will go through this green belt land.


Campaigners say it will obstruct the view of this beauty spot


I've travelled a lot round the world and I think these views are some


of the most beautiful I've ever seen and I'd hate them to be lost.


Helen Thompson has lived in the area for nearly 30 years.


She's leading the campaign against the current plans,


which will see the viaduct built here.


Instead, she's calling for it to be built on the other side


of the canal, making use of the existing railway line.


There's lots of existing tracks and the corridor seems quite wide,


and we'd like them to see if they can get it in there.


At this HS2 consultation event, there was concern


Local people going there in the summer,


enjoying the environment, and it's destroying it.


We believe that the current route is the right balance in terms


of the impacts on people and the environment.


Is there any hope that the viaduct could be changed from where it


currently is going over two the existing railway line instead?


We're not expecting at this stage to move it.


We will always, as we go forward, seek to improve the design,


if we can, but we don't expect at this stage to move it


because we think we've struck the right balance.


Another event takes place tomorrow in Long Eaton with a consultation


on this part of the route closing in March.


Navtej Johal, BBC East Midlands Today, Sandy Acre.


Football now and it finished all square in the big


And what a game - four goals, a cracking atmosphere and late drama


as Derby County drew 2-2 with Leicester City.


An entertaining night as they battled for local pride. Derby the


better side in the first half and even scored Leicester's golf. An


awful own goal! But 12 minutes later and all was forgiven. He does what


he does best. Could Derby pull off an upset against the Premier League


champions? He is still going. Gives Derby the lead. But in the second


half, the foxes fought back in the last five minutes, the Leicester


captain born in Nottingham forced a replay. A big role in the last five


minutes. So MacLeod and Ranieri must do it all again in the cup to decide


who goes through to the fifth round. It was pouring with


rain at Pride Park. Very different night tonight. One of


the fountains in Derby actually froze. Captured by one of our


Weather Watchers. And some of the countryside looked very pretty. It


is wet out there. We have got an area of rain. Through the evening,


it has produced a lot of standing water on the roads. It is still


quite chilly. Missing is developing, hill fog to the Peak District. That


weather front still present first thing tomorrow morning. It will take


its time to clear to the data on Saturday. Another very wet day but


milder air starts to comment so it will be a different temperature


tomorrow. Wet out there. Seven Celsius the maximum into the


afternoon. And a breezy south-westerly wind with more rain


on the way to the daytime on Sunday. I will leave you now with the




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