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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


A saleswoman who pressured an elderly couple into parting


with their life savings was today told by a judge she'd made


The judge was speaking as he gave Barbara Stone a 22-month


suspended prison sentence after she admitted fraud.


The case was part of the biggest investigation ever led by


the East Midlands Trading Standards team into cold calling,


which has seen another ten people prosecuted for fraudulent trading.


Franny Moyle has spent years fighting for


John and Olga Moyle were in their 80s when they became


Working for Leicester-based Aspire magazine, she cold-called Mr Moyle


in 2010, persuading him to place a rental ad for their


It was the start of a 10-month campaign of harassment


which ultimately saw the couple lose the home they shared for 50 years.


It's quite clear to me that Barbara Stone targeted him.


She put him under a huge duress, calling him daily, harassing him.


Between January and October, she was managing to secure ?8,000


At this stage, John Moyle was nursing his dying wife


Despite repeatedly pleading for the ads to stop,


Stone took ?73,000 from his account, promising that nonexistent sponsors


What did they ever get out of all this money


We didn't get a single booking for the house.


Franny then discovered her father had also been conned out of another


?30,000 by a separate publishing group, Derby-based Wyvern Media,


When they realised they'd lost everything, and the house


they lived in all their life, it was a moment of great trauma.


My father, of course, was a broken man.


My mother was ever so brave, and she put the house on the market.


But within about a month of the house going on the market,


In 2011, the East Midlands scambusters team


It was to become the biggest case they'd ever handled.


In 2012, they raided nine Wyvern Media offices.


They discovered thousands of customers were pressured into buying


And in October last year, ten people were sentenced to a total


62-year-old Barbara Stone has previously pleaded guilty


Her other victim was a dogs' charity in Shropshire, which lost ?14,000.


Nottingham Crown Court was told Mr Moyle was at his wit's end,


pleading for the ads to stop, drowning in a sea of paper,


The judge, Stuart Rafferty QC, said John and his wife, Olga,


He sentenced Stone to a 22-month suspended prison


sentence and he told her, "You directly made


The court was told Stone had apologised, but today


Do you want to say anything to your victims, Barbara Stone?


Do you think you should apologise to your victims?


Earlier I spoke to James Delaney from the team that


I asked him if the elderly were typical targets


In this case, as in so many others, elderly people are being targeted.


In terms of the entire investigation, we have successfully


had 15 and a half years of custodial sentences handed down which we are


happy with. The result today may be a slight disappointment that we did


not see custodial sentences. This was a horrendous case, as we have


heard. What good could come of this trial? Hopefully, it will encourage


people to come forward if they feel that they've been victimised in this


type of scam. It sends a strong committees to any businesses who


pursue a line of fraudulent behaviour and activity, targeting


consumers and businesses. Will be victims of get rated? There is


ongoing investigation. Since the sentencing back in October, we have


successfully recovered over ?100,000 which will be given back to the


victims of the case. There continues to be an ongoing investigation, so


we hope that further money will come forward to pay back some of those


victims. Thank you. The NHS has announced it's to start


a 16-week-long public consultation into controversial plans to end


children's heart surgery The news came on the day a petition


AGAINST the closure, was handed into Downing Street


by local MPs and campaigners. Our Political Editor


Tony Roe reports. The strength of feeling


of a community, delivered In the days of e-petitions,


where it's easy to add your name from your front room,


these red boxes contained over The couriers were East Midlands MPs,


Labour and Tory, and campaigners fighting against closure -


including mothers who have seen for themselves


what the heart unit can do. He had heart-saving surgery


at five months old. While we were in there,


they didn't just operate on him, The care while you're


there is amazing. I just think it would be


a travesty if they shut it. There is absolutely no reason


on God's earth to close this unit, It has the best outcomes


for children, probably Two hours before the petition


was handed in, NHS England, which wants to close the congenital


heart unit, open the public Campaigners now know


the real fight starts here. I would say to anybody watching


this programme who wants to save children's heart surgery


at Glenfield - get involved, come along to Leicester Tigers


on March the eighth between 6-8pm Make sure your views


and voices are heard. Campaigners will be on the march


again this weekend in Leicester, The key now is to get


the decision-makers to take There will be a public


consultation exercise, which runs until June,


and key politically is the fact that this has the backing of both


conservative and Labour MPs It's believed that a large fire


at a derelict building near Leicester city centre


was started deliberately. The blaze at the former Corah


textiles factory broke out It spread to a car dealership


across the road damaging A number of roads were closed


as dozens of firefighters Fire officers say the buildings


will have to be demolished. Tributes have been paid


to the Nobel Prize winner, Professor Sir Peter Mansfield,


who has died aged 83. He invented the MRI scanner


at the University of Nottingham and continued to develop


the technology Quentin Rayner looks


back on his life. For someone who failed his 11-plus


and was told as a teenager that science wasn't for him,


Sir Peter Mansfield's Nobel Prize He received it for his work 40


years ago, developing MRI scanner technology


at the University of Nottingham. Back then he couldn't be


completely sure it was safe The worst thing that could have


happened would be a cardiac arrest. Working alongside Sir Peter


then was his Ph.D. Student, Peter Morris, who is carrying


on the pioneering research He expected things


to happen quickly. We've lost the rock on which MRI


was founded, and the whole world MRI scanners are now commonplace


in major hospitals across the world. They've helped save thousands


of lives by diagnosing cancers far One is looking at poor quality


images and trying to understand If there is a problem, then it


stands up very, very clearly. It's nice to hear that there


is still some interest. Not just locally, but that there


are some interests in MRI Few people's lives leave


such a legacy on others. Football now and Nottingham Forest


announced earlier tonight that interim manager Gary Brazil


will take charge of the club Brazil and his assistant Jack Lester


have been given the job on a permanent basis


until the summer. Brazil replaces Phillippe Montanier,


who was sacked last month. That's your news, so


it's goodbye from me. But with your weather


now, here's Sara. We have the cold easterly winds with


us at the moment and an ice warning as well. The gritters have been


working hard this evening and we have issued an eye watering --


warning and the showers will continue and into tomorrow. The grey


day-to-day. -- a grey day today. It will be a cold and frosty start to


the day and the night-time temperature in rural areas will be


-2 macro. Other just around freezing within towns and cities. Snow


flurries continue through the morning gun into the afternoon


tomorrow, so it will be a very cold day. The winds, from a North East


direction. The daytime temperature is no higher than three Celsius. It


could be interesting on Friday night into the early part Saturday. We


will see a fewer showers coming in from the North Sea and as they come


in, they will meet with cold air and have the potential to produce a


little more snow at times for the other part of Saturday morning. By


the afternoon, reverting back to rain. I will now leave you with the


outlook and in a moment, the national weather.


sleet and snow. The outlook, Sunday will turn a bit less cold again. All


the way up seven Celsius.