10/02/2017 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


First tonight - one of the region's A departments has become the first


in the NHS to have a dedicated team dealing with Sepsis cases.


The blood-borne infection kills more people in the UK than breast,


Following criticism from the Care Quality Commission


in 2015 that Leicester wasn't dealing with sepsis patients


quickly enough, it's now installed a specialist team.


Our health correspondent Rob Sissons has more on this.


In Leicester, they see typically between eight and 15 new cases


Sepsis is where the body's immune system, fighting an infection,


Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition.


It can happen to anyone with an infection of any kind.


Cases can be complicated, hard to spot.


Sometimes the symptoms seem like flu.


The causes, though, are simple enough.


It can be a simple chest infection, a skin infection, gastroenteritis.


Intravenous antibiotics are needed, and fast.


The aim in A is to identify more cases sooner.


That's where this new special team comes in in Leicester,


with life-saving kit at their fingertips.


In here is everything we need for the treatment


So we have our antibiotics, we have our culture packs,


we have our fluid and we have our blood bottles that we have if we


It about spotting sepsis quickly, it's about getting the treatment


of antibiotics, fluids, into patients within an hour


and it is about ensuring those patients that are not doing so well,


that they get expert care further on into the hospital.


The programme has been developed from concern about sepsis management


in the NHS as a whole. At the end of the team's first week


in A, they seem more Some patients do get worse and do


require intensive care support. Somewhere between ten and 20%


of patients that come in with life-threatening


sepsis don't survive. Everywhere, the NHS is trying to do


better when it comes to sepsis. Demolition teams moved in today


to take down a building at the centre of a run of fires


Leicester. In the latest blaze,


it saw damage to neighbouring properties and a fleet


of nearby cars. It's been part of Leicester's


skyline for over 100 years. This building once


housed Corah Knitwear. In its heyday, it was considered


to be one of the world's greatest manufacturers of its kind but less


than 48 hours ago, in the early hours of Thursday morning,


a huge fire all but destroyed it. At its height, the flames


were so intense they spread to another building and caused


damage to dozens of We still haven't been able


to identify whether anybody was in the building at the time


of the fire. We do know it was a building


that was sometimes used by rough sleepers, so we are still working


with the police to identify whether anybody was in the building


at the time of the fire. Today, fire safety officers have


been visiting neighbouring businesses to give them advice


on how to protect their buildings. If I just give you this bit


of information from the fire service, just giving some advice


for you to follow. It's the seventh time the former


factory's been targeted in just two years and it's causing concern


for other owners on this site. We should all get together and come


to the bottom of this, make sure these sorts of things


don't happen, because it's affecting business throughout and putting up


insurance premiums as well, The investigation is complete, they


are treating it as arson. A 19-year-old man's in a critical


condition in hospital Officers were called


to Aikman Avenue in the New Parks area of the city last night,


following reports of a fight. Five men have been arrested


in connection with the incident. Police are appealing for any


witnesses to get in touch with them. A jury deciding verdicts on six men


accused of running a scam involving deliberate car crashes in Derbyshire


have been sent home for the weekend. It will return on Monday to consider


evidence against the men, who are accused of making hundreds


of thousands of pounds in insurance claims after targeting mainly older


and lone women drivers. Dharminder Nagra was the director


of the company that managed There's been a big rise


in the number of Land Rover Defender Production of the model came


to an end early last year. New figures from the insurance


company, NFU Mutual show they had almost one claim a week for stolen


Defenders last year - almost twice as many


as the year before. One dairy farmer near Melton Mowbray


has lost six Defenders Very cross. We rely on it on a daily


basis, especially in the summer, part of our livelihood. There is a


huge market across the world for Land Rovers and the parts and


because they are no longer made prices are going up and really


owners of land Rovers -- land Rovers are having to take huge care so they


come down in the morning and find it is still on the drive.


Tonight, saw Light Night returned to Nottingham.


It's the tenth time the festival's been held.


The one night event sees light displays and installations


There's also been free entry to Nottingham Castle,


live music and street markets to enjoy.


It is designed to change the feel of the city on a Friday night. You


normally get groups of young people going to the bars but this brings


grandparents and parents and children in and gets them to carry


lanterns and enjoy themselves and changes the nature. Young people can


join in too. Great for the whole family.


Light snow showers, I nearly called you Dominic! We are going to see


snow showers coming in, coming from the North Sea. We did have a light


dusting of snow first thing this morning, this picture taken by a


weather watcher. Later this afternoon, brightness started to


break through. A mixture today, bitterly cold outside and a cold


night tonight. The showers are all ready coming in across the East


Midlands producing light snow and a mixture of rain, sleet and snow but


we could see ice on untreated surfaces and showers continue


westwards into the early part of tomorrow morning. A bitterly cold


start the day, the showers still present working westwards and


gradually they convert back to rain into the afternoon. It is going to


be a cold day on Saturday, a damp day and temperatures no higher for


Celsius. From Saturday night, early Sunday, further showers coming in on


the breeze, they could turn to snow on higher ground for the Peak


District. The outlook and Louise Lear has


exception to that rule probably over the hills where again there