11/05/2017 East Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


First tonight, the underground hunt for gas reserves


in the East Midlands took a step forward today as an energy company


announced it was going to begin seismic surveys in our region.


If they prove successful it could lead to fracking,


the use of high pressured liquids to fracture rock to release gas.


James Roberson has been to meet the firm and some of the people


who could be affected by the process.


The former mining village of Edwinstowe in Nottinghamshire.


The area around the village will be surveyed as well as rural areas


to the west round Market Warsop, Shirebrook and Bolsover and then


a whole swathe of countryside as far north as South Yorkshire.


Indeed, today just into South Yorkshire the fracking company


It shows the area and its geology which has already


They will use these machines to send sound waves to map the rocks


underground and if they then suspect oil or gas is present


they will seek planning permission to drill test borings.


But the company says it is simply not known yet if they'll


We hope we will be back fracking but at this point


All we're doing is testing at the moment.


So it's possible you might not do any fracking here at all?


As I say, we are very hopeful of a shale gas


We think it would be a really strong prize for the UK


But here in Edwinstowe concerned residents say if the survey does


eventually lead to fracking they fear contamination


I am concerned because we have the second largest aquifer


in the country below our ground and if they drill through and there


is any sort of a problem and there is a leakage


James, how long will it be before they start surveying


It's going to be June probably before they start the survey so it's


100 while -- a 100 mile square area. They will zigzag their way down so


it will probably be around October before they get to this line. But


this is just a survey. Fracking itself could be years away but if


fracking does come then the company says it could be a big boost to jobs


and income here in this local economy.


The public inquiry into child sex abuse has begun its investigation


Today, local survivors groups joined more than thirty lawyers


Among them was a woman who's told this programme that she reported


abuse in children's homes to people "at the highest levels".


It just continued despite me reporting it.


It went on even after I reported it to the highest level.


Very angry. It's always made me angry.


Drayton Manor theme park, the scene of a fatal


accident on Tuesday, is to remain closed tomorrow


to allow the health and safety executive


11-year-old Evha Jannath from Leicester died after falling


She was on a school trip with the Jameah Girls Academy.


The school reopened today and offered extra support to pupils.


A radical change to the way care is provided to kidney


patients could revolutionise the delivery of dialysis.


It used to take two hours for Carl Bicknelll to get


to and from hospital but now his life saving


treatment is being provided at his local GP's surgery.


It's the first in the East Midlands to offer the service.


Here's our health correspondent Rob Sissons.


The beauty of this surgery is it's just a ten minute try from Carl's


home. He used to have to make a two hour round trip three times a week


for his four-hour dialysis sessions in Loughborough. It's a huge


difference in travel time. Having to go to Loughborough was such a big


inconvenience. Carl is a single parent and his six-year-old daughter


did the honours today opening the new dialysis service. It means she


is seeing more of her dad. When I first met Carl his story was


heart-warming and actually the way we normally deliver dialysis for


patients in hospital didn't fit round his at all. Most patients


still have dialysis hospital. This is Michael. Around 2000 patients in


the East Midlands have dialysis this way. The machine does the work of a


small kidney removing toxins from the blood. In many ways this is part


of a trend. We're seeing things like diabetes clinics will vote into the


community into GP surgeries. So although this is a first in the East


Midlands more may follow suit. I don't think every practice could


offer this but there are plenty of practices which could work on a


larger scale that could offer something along these lines. Carl is


the first patient to use the facility and they reckon up to 20


more people with kidney failure will also use it. The next plan is to get


a dialysis machine fitted at home and that will be even better. Peter


story is from kidney research UK. This must be good news. Yes, we're


really pleased. We think it's great news for kidney patients. We think


it's a great innovative way to move the health service forward. We think


the most important thing about this is that it is starting to provide a


greater element of patient choice and allowing patients to have


dialysis in an environment which suits them. This home from home


concept. Is this all down to improvements in medical technology?


Certainly there is a move towards empowering patients and giving them


greater choice. We have been helping that process by working to provide


tools to help patients make the right choices about what sort of


dialysis who would like and this is an example of great collaboration


between GP surgeries and hospitals and indeed the patient groups. Very


briefly, are there any other innovations in the pipeline? Yes. In


terms of our own work we are looking terms of our own work we are looking


and supporting projects to help patients take more of a role in


their own care by setting up equipment and taking blood pressure.


Thank you very much. One of the proudest


moments of my life. That was the reaction of an old


soldier who was today presented 99-year-old veteran Don Sutton took


part in the liberation of France He already has an impressive


collection of medals Today, 99-your-old Don Sutton


was awarded another. We would not be in this room


if it was not for your He received the highest


distinction France can bestow. In a special ceremony


at Gedling Civic Centre the French consul to the East Midlands


made the presentation. Don, what does this


honour mean to you today? It means that France has appreciated


what we did for them at the time. I was so proud to serve my own


country and help to liberate France. Don, who celebrated his 99th


birthday last Friday, volunteered to enter


the Army in 1937. He served in the North Somerset


Yeomanry and is probably one of the last few who fought


on horseback in World War II. Don fought back tears as speakers


described how he served across Europe and Africa and how


he and his unit were part We would not be here


if it was not for the sacrifice This is a thank you,


it is a thank you and an expression of gratitude from the French people


and all our generations It's been a very emotional


day for you, hasn't it? As a 99-year-old I'm not


a young chicken any more. That's your news, so


it's goodbye from me. But with your weather


now, here's Lucy. Finally some rain in our forecast


which will be welcome news for those gardeners. They'll also some sunny


spells tomorrow but whom it feel to our weather. That is thanks to the


year we're dragging up from the south. That will set in. Tonight, it


will be fairly cloudy. The odd isolated shower but most of us


staying dry. Temperatures falling to an overnight low of 9 degrees.


Tomorrow, a fairly cloudy start. A band of patchy rain moving


northwards. In the afternoon that cloud beginning to break and some


bright intervals and sunny spells but the risk of isolated showers.


Temperatures reaching a maximum of 19 Celsius but feeling humid.


Saturday will be fairly cloudy and a largely dry day. Some bright


intervals here there with temperatures reaching 17 degrees.


But this band of rain will introduce a fresher feel to our weather as we


move into Sunday. I will leave up with the Outlook.


We want to see the economy work for everybody, not


Now the weather. , yes a humid dead. We have had


photographs of the Now, humid air is coming in hyped.


This cloud will be spreading northwards