12/05/2017 East Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Emily Anderson.


First tonight, hospitals and NHS services across the East Midlands


are reporting that they are affected by the cyber attack which is


Some are having to shut down phone and IT services,


Weekend appointments are also being cancelled.


NHS Digital has said it does not believe patient


Our health correspondent Rob Sissons has been following events.


What can you tell us about the East Midlands situation?


We know that some organisations have been attacked by what is


called a malware attack - ransomware that encrypts data


and demands a ransom, in exhange for unencrypting it.


and demands a ransom, in exchange for unencrypting it.


Two organisations that we know have been affected


are Lincolnshire Trust, which run Grantham Hospital,


They have cancelled some outpatient work this weekend.


We also know that Kingsmill Hospital in Sutton in Ashfield was affected.


A consultant in accident and emergency there has


described how the computer screens went blank.


He said they have had to revert back to the


old-fashioned way of doing things, which is pen and paper, but that


It is getting difficult for us, because


we've got a lot of patients here and it takes is an awful lot of


time for us to process the information on a paper system.


I had a lady who had serious back pains,


which could potentially paralyse her.


We had to divert her to the Queen's Medical Centre.


We know that that other hospital trusts have been taking precautions.


Some have switched off their computers and rebooted them,


Nottingham has not had a direct attack, but they say


have had to shut down some systems, but say accident and emergency


The big question is, have cyber hackers got


hold of confidential and sensitive patient information data.


At this stage, I do not think we have got an answer to that.


What has the reaction been elsewhere?


The Patient Association has questioned the quality of the


NHS Providers, which represent the NHS


organisations, say that everyone is working together,


in what has been declared "a major incident" by NHS England.


The head of a company which conned thousands of customers in a huge


cold-calling scam has been ordered by a judge to hand over


?1.2 million under the Proceeds of Crime Act.


The daughter of one his victims says the pay-out brings


It has been the biggest investigation led


by Trading Standards in the East Midlands.


Jonathan Rivers is currently serving a six-year jail sentence,


Today, he was back at Nottingham Crown Court.


He was ordered to pay ?1.2 million under the Proceeds of Crime Act.


Rivers, formerly from Coleshill in Birmingham, was the owner


of a publishing company, Wyvern Media Group, based in Derby.


Under his direction, employees pressured small firms into buying


worthless advertisements. Staff were told to tell lies.


False names were used and claims about readership were exaggerated.


Unauthorised withdrawals were also made from customer accounts.


The company had an estimated annual turnover of ?7 million.


One of those customers were the Moyles.


They were persuaded to place an advertisement


Ultimately, they were conned out of over ?20,000.


The calls from Wyvern Media were absolutely beyond belief.


They were literally every 20 minutes, starting first


thing in the morning, going on until the last


possible moment at the end of the working day.


It was like a, sort of, torture - a constant torture.


In October last year, ten people, including Rivers,


were sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison.


This was their largest investigation taken on by the regional


Trading Standards in East Midlands and also the largest


investigation for the Proceeds of Crime Act we've undertaken.


Rivers was order to pay ?1.2 million.


If he does not, he will face a further sentence


Drayton Manor Theme park will reopen tomorrow after the death


of a Leicester schoolgirl at the attraction earlier this week.


11-year-old Eva Jannath died after falling from


The park says the Splash Canyon and surrounding rides will remain


Now, when it comes to voting age, everyone knows you start at 18.


But how many people go on to cast their vote until they are 101?


Well, Wyn Edwards is 101 years old and remembers


And as part of a BBC East Midlands Today special report


she has been talking to 18-year-old Alicia Clarke who, of course,


is voting in her first general election next month.


Do you discuss among your contemporaries how you are


It's a very popular subject at school.


So do you put your mobile phones on one side


A cricketing legend on and off the pitch has been honoured today.


Test Match Special commentator and former Leicestershire


bowler Jonathan Agnew went to Buckingham Palace to receive


an MBE from the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.


Aggers was given the award for services to broadcasting.


So, it is goodbye from me, but with your weather


It is a mixed bag towards the weekend.


Largely dry overnight tonight. We start off Ehrlich Lodi tomorrow.


Some decent spells of sunshine developing in the afternoon.


Just the chance of an isolated shower overnight, but not as


Overnight, Saturday into Sunday, the cold front will bring


outbreaks of rain and introduce a fresher feeling to the weather and,


by Sunday, we are looking at a bright start and sunny spells


The showers have the potential to be heavy.


I will leave you with the look through


A bit of a mixed bag earlier on today, some of us were cloudy with


rain. This is the view from one of our weather watchers in Cornwall.


But in the Highlands of Scotland, it was completely different, find,


sunny and warm. The satellite and radar picture shows the variety of


weather we have had. It brightened up into the afternoon, early