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And now the news for the East Midlands,


Plans have been revealed which could lead to fracking


in Sherwood Forest within 200m of Major Oak.


Documents obtained by Friends of the Earth show that a chemical


company wants to carry out seismic surveys to see


Quentin Rayner joins us now from the newsroom.


These plans have been disclosed through a Freedom of Information


They show that the multinational chemical company INEOS appears


to have agreed terms with the Forestry Commission


to carry out seismic surveys in Sherwood Forest and other sites


This would involve putting charges in the ground to establish


if there is any gas in the rock below which could be


Now these tests could take place within 200 metres of the forest's


most famous attraction, the 1,000 year old Major Oak tree.


The core of Sherwood Forest is a Site of Special Scientific


Interest and Friends of the Earth fear the seismic surveys alone


could damage the ancient woodland and its wildlife.


Anti-fracking groups in the area fear that if fracking


ultimately takes place, it could lead to the decimation


of the forest; increase the number of earthquakes in the surrounding


area; disrupt the water table and vastly worsen traffic levels.


They intend to make it a rallying point by generating an international


campaign opposing the plans starting this Saturday


What has been the response from INEOS?


The company is reported as saying that no decision on fracking under


Sherwood Forest has been taken and any positioning of a well site


will take into account environmental features such as Major Oak.


It says only if the seismic tests are positive will it consider


drilling horizontally and fracking for shale gas.


An East Midlands hospital trust has started a campaign to reduce


Falls remain a major cause of injury and death amongst


the over 70's and cases rise during the Winter months.


Our health correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


He's been looked after at Nottinghamshire's


He'd been going downstairs. It took seconds.


Four steps from the bottom,


Did I use the handrail coming down stairs?


No. Walking down, yes, and that were it.


At Kings Mill, they could see up to 400 hip fracture cases from falls


each year. Numbers are rising


To prevent them, doctors recommend people check their home for hazards,


They recommend regular exercise, say eat well,


and get medical help early for problems that


and they say it's important to keep warm this winter.


The impact of hip fractures on people's lives can


be devastating. It can leave long-term consequences.


About 65% of patients who develop hip fractures


Doctors now operate soon possible following


hip fractures as the latest evidence shows it can improve recovery and


reduce patients' length of stay in hospital.


Police say the death of a man in Leicester this morning


A body was found on Suffolk Street in Evington just after six o'clock.


His death is currently being treated as unexplained.


But roads in the area have now been reopened, while police


Police have confirmed two officers were injured following a failed


They were called to the Nationwide Building Society in Borrowash


just after 4am yesterday, after reports of a break in.


As the officers arrived at the scene,


The gang then escaped in an Audi 4x4 which sped off


Protests have taken place at railway stations in Nottinghamshire


and Derbyshire this morning over rising fares.


This protest in Derby is one of 100 taking


with Action for Rail saying passengers are paying more for less.


The government says it's investing billions in the rail network,


but commuters we spoke to aren't happy.


It is what it is, you have to put up with it.


There's nothing you can do about it, so there's no point being upset.


considering the services have deteriorated.


Salaries these days are not increasing, mine hasn't increased.


Every year, every January we have the same


problem, and it doesn't mean necessarily that our


wages are increasing, we're just trying to get to work.


The new Rushcliffe Arena opened its doors to the public this morning.


Plans for the state-of-the-art facility were approved back in 2014,


but in September 2015 as work began, it was damaged in an arson attack.


At 6:30 this morning, gym-goers were welcomed


into the new ?15 million building, which includes a 25m pool,


squash courts and fitness studios.


Rushcliffe Borough Council have also relocated offices to the site.


It's been a bumper year for babies born at Twycross Zoo.


Their annual stock take of animals has just started.


The official census is used by zoos round the world


to look at the potential for breeding endangered species.


Jo Healey reports from the zoo's new gibbon forest.


you just want to see the baby animals.


But let's meet Zac, first of all. His job is to count all the animals.


How do you manage it with these guys who are swinging


It can be quite challenging, but you just have to wait for them


to sit still for a bit and quickly count as fast as you can.


And how many babies have there been this year, Zac?


There's been 41 in total, which is actually a fantastic


Two of the highlights include Amur leopards,


one of the most endangered big cat species in the world, we had a baby


We're the only zoo in the UK to hold that species,


so it was a very special moment for us.


So these guys are getting interested in what we're doing here.


How many animals have you had in total,


I've finished counting these final three now, and I can put them


onto our final tally, and we actually have 545 individuals


Now, these animals go on to a global database, don't they?


We pool all our information together on this global database,


so that the breeding programmes can keep track of how populations


are changing within zoos, the researchers can utilise that


data on there, and it's making a positive impact on how zoos


And is it ultimately to save endangered species?


Absolutely. All the information for the captive


breeding programmes that we report to comes directly from that animal


OK, Zak, well, I'll leave you to carry on counting,


and he does tell me that next year they are expecting even more babies!


A bigger bumper crop, here at Twycross zoo.


The weather today has been gradually changing throughout the morning and


we had the most amazing sunrise first captured by Maggie T, one of


our Weather Watchers in east leak. Cloud increasing due to a weather


front sitting across the northern parts of the country. It isn't a


bruising lots of rain at the moment but will start to offer a bit patchy


light rain as we head through the afternoon and into the early


evening, and quite a cold day, a cold night last night, and daytime


temperatures this afternoon a maximum of six Celsius. Through the


evening and overnight, cloud staying with us, should turn to frost but a


Kubrick breaks though, particularly in the east with the opportunity for


a patch lead light rain in the early hours, night-time temperatures at


four Celsius. To my morning that the weather front continue southwards,


clearest skies behind, at a lovely bright day on Wednesday, albeit


quite chilly. Some wintry sunshine out there, and again temperature is


maybe close to six or seven Celsius for tomorrow. Heading to Thursday,


widespread hard frost then, things cladding over by Friday with the


chance of rain. a world record breaker


from Nottingham will be making yet another journey to join us


on East Midland's Today later. Kajsa Tylen set off on her bike


on the first of January 2016, Pedalling throughout the UK


and Europe, she's set a new world record for female riders,


breaking Billie Flemming's record She wanted to inspire others


to do more exercise. We will meet her at 6:30pm. Hope you


can join us then. That's it for now. Panorama investigates


the deadly terrorist attack and should British tourists


have been warned about the risks? Three seasons of extreme survival


for the animals of Yellowstone.


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