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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands.


Concerns have been raised that the Government is failing


to follow its own guidelines by creating a new garden village


A local councillor says the planned area for Inifinity Garden Village


on the outskirts of Derby doesn't meet the criteria set out


by ministers, casting doubts on the development.


At least 2,000 homes are planned to be built on this land,


creating what the Government has named Infinity Garden Village.


Garden villages are one of the ways it is trying to ease


This one, off the A50 between Sinfin and Stenson fields,


But one local councillor says the Government has already failed


to meet its criteria for what a Garden


Village is supposed to be, by choosing this site.


All of the new housing built at the northern end will be facing


over more than a mile existing houses.


They're going to pretend that that is somehow


It doesn't meet the criteria on that ground, and it doesn't meet the one


Not a blade of grass around here is in public ownership.


And they say it should be brownfield land.


Well, again, this has been farmed for time immemorial.


The plans have also received a mixed reaction


We are going to lose all the countryside.


It is going to be overcrowded, a busy road.


Our aim is to provide quality homes. We need quality homes for people to


live in who are going to support industry.


been defended as being essential for the area's workforce.


The project to build these homes is expected to begin


With work on 130 homes already confirmed set to start


A Leicestershire-based holiday company has stopped trading, leaving


The closure of All Leisure Group, based in Market Harborough,


has caused the Swan Hellenic and Voyages of Discovery lines


The Civil Aviation Authority is now working to bring back four hundred


The Civil Aviation Authority is now working to bring back 400


7,000 future bookings have also been cancelled.


A man died trying to save a teenager who had fallen into a slurry tanker


on a Leicestershire farm three days before Christmas.


An inquest has been told 35-year-old Gavin Rawson was attempting


to rescue 19-year-old Nathan Walker, who also died at the farm


in Normanton near Bottesford last month.


Inquests into both deaths have been adjourned.


Officers are still awaiting the results of post mortem


A Leicester primary school has been forced to shut for two days


after dozens of windows and glass roof panels were smashed.


Police say two 11-year-old boys have been arrested


It has meant a late start to the New Year for staff and pupils


Clearing up is going on here at Braunstone Community Primary School.


Many of the windows in the school were smashed, as were some


of the canopies that go around the outside.


And this general outside area that we are in now


Not the best start to a term for you?


I received a phone call on Monday that the school had been vandalised


and there was extensive damage that was caused to various


Safety is very important because the broken glass alone


Doors and windows have been smashed, as well as other resources and toys


When do you think the school will reopen fully to the students?


The children should have come back today.


Staff have come in today, they have worked really hard


on making sure that everything is ready for the children


and they will return hopefully tomorrow morning.


We will have more on this tonight at 6:30pm.


Families living near a new waste treatment centre say


they are alarmed at plans to increase the amount of rubbish


An incinerator is due to open at Sinfin in Derby later this year.


Campaigners say they have not been consulted properly


They made their message clear from the beginning,


but the campaigners failed to dissuade the City Council not


In 2013, a permit was granted for a new incinerator at Sinfin,


which will burn 140,000 tonnes of waste every year.


But now the company behind the scheme wants to increase that


Derby has already been told by the Government it needs to do


more to improve air quality, to make sure it doesn't


DEFRA have just targeted Derby directly in relation to air quality.


This plant is going to reduce air quality.


Therefore, any increase in combustion brings


Me being a local resident, I find that concerning.


The owners of the plant say they have applied to increase capacity


and they will monitor air quality at the site.


Consultation on the proposals ends on 20 January.


The parents of a man who died from leukaemia are urging more sixth


form colleges to host potentially life-saving donor


Keith and Kay Sudbury are continuing a campaign started


to educate young people about the benefits of becoming a donor.


Parents Keith and Kay Sudbury proudly continue the campaign


The journalist died from leukaemia in 2008, but he has left


His wish was beautiful in its simplicity.


He wanted every 16-18-year-old in the country to be taught


the facts about blood, stem cell and organ donation.


The couple from Paignton in Nottinghamshire founded register


and be a life-saver information sessions, which are now held


Over six years, 18,000 youngsters have joined the stem cell register.


Regular sessions have been held at Bilborough College,


Three youngsters here have even become bone marrow donors.


Even if they don't all sign up, they talk about it to their friends,


they take that message off to work and to university.


And the wider effect as well as the almost 700 students


that we've put on the register ourselves which is important.


And now the drive continues, to encourage more schools


In the Midlands region, we are already in over 100 schools.


But nationally, throughout the whole country, we are now in 800 schools,


which is a fantastic number of schools, but if anyone


is listening to this who would like us to come in,


then contact Anthony Nolan and they will get us into you.


The more people that join the register, the more


And it's brightening up after a very gloomy start.


Be dark -- very dark due to the weather front sinking southwards.


Beautifully captured in this photograph. It has been gradually


breaking up over the last hour. We should start to see brighter skies


into the afternoon. At temperature across our region of 7 degrees. A


very cold night tonight, with light winds. Holding onto clear skies into


the early hours. Temperatures since starting to drop overnight.


Widespread frost. These temperatures are for towns and cities. In rural


areas, we could get as low as minus six degrees overnight. Quite a hard


frost for us first thing tomorrow morning. Nice and white. And icy


start for everybody. Cold be, but one of those winter days which


remains quite bright with blue skies. Temperatures will struggle.


Some rain to come on Friday. A very different day. Temperatures


gradually increasing over the weekend. High pressure is with us,


but it will be quite cloudy. From the lunchtime team, goodbye.


Have a great afternoon. Panorama investigates


the deadly terrorist attack and should British tourists


have been warned about the risks? We're looking for someone


who can sing, someone who can move. Someone who can keep an audience


on the edge of their seat. Something like this


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