21/01/2017 East Midlands Today


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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


First tonight, hundreds of football fans have swamped the home


of Nottingham Forest, protesting against the club's owner


It ends a week that saw the manager sacked,


the captain sold and the final collapse of


A groundswell of fans now want the club sold or restructured,


whatever it takes to force change at the top.


He is a nice bloke, but he can't run a football club. We have seen that.


Day-to-day running is, there is no structure, nothing there, nothing


left. 50 years this year through thick and thin. I have seen it bad


and good, now it is bad again. We cannot make it worse. If we get him


out now it will be worse. The owners of a popular cafe


in Derby who built the business up from nothing say they're


being kicked out The lease at the Mad Hatter's Tea


Room in Alvaston Park isn't being renewed,


and the council is Carrie has been running this cafe


for six years, but at the end of March she will lose her business


because the council are not renewing the lease. The letters build-up good


customers, we have loyal customers have been coming since we started,


and they are essentially going to snatch it from us. It is a bit


disheartening when we will have to start all over again from scratch.


Derby City Council says it has no intention of closing the cafe. It


will be run by Derby life. The decision has sparked outrage. 3000


people have signed a petition supporting the owners. It is


absolutely disgusting. They took on a lease, they built up a business,


and we were here right at the beginning. You can see how popular


they are, they should be allowed to run the cafe. They haven't got


anybody as good as her to run it in her place, and we will lose out


because we use it regularly every week will stop when the council


ticket over then becomes part of that budget problems for the whole


council. As a private business the owners can do what they want. You


can see this family people there are here, and it is being used all the


time. I'm also sure it will happen if council ticket over. A motion to


save Carrie's business will be discussed next week.


Detectives investigating the discovery of a woman's body


in a suitcase in Leicester, are appealing for more information.


Kiran Daudia was found in an alleyway in Cromer


The 46-year-old's ex-husband has been charged with murder -


he's been remanded in custody by magistrates to


Meanwhile, Police are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen


someone with a suitcase in the area on Monday afternoon or evening.


A teenager is in a serious but stable condition in hospital


A large area around Stoney Street at the top of Broad Street


was cordoned off while forensic examinations took place.


Police say they were called to reports of a disturbance


A 17-year-old boy was found with injuries.


A 19-year-old man's been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous


Football now, and after the fans protest at the City Ground,


Forest beat Bristol City one nil, under their care taker manager.


Derby County meanwhile faced and beat fellow


promotion hopefuls Reading - 3-2.


In league two, Mansfield won 2-1 at Cambridge,


while Notts County and new boss Kevin Nolan lost 2-nil at Grimsby.


And in a few minutes, it's kick off at Leicester Tigers'


That's in Pool one of the European Champions Cup -


Doesn't feel like the sun rose today, but let's see what's


After the beautiful winter sunshine yesterday it was a return to


something more cloudy. This evening and overnight there will be more


cloud around. A few clear spells when we see clear skies.


Temperatures falling away to overnight low temperatures of minus


two. Patchy fog and frost. It will be a cold start to the day tomorrow,


20 of cloud, some bright intervals in the mix as well. One or two


patches of fault in the morning. It could linger, temperatures reaching


a maximum of five Celsius. I will leave you with the outlook into next


week, Sting settled but with some fog.


Special guests on the Beat tonight from six are Frank Carter


Their new album is expected to enter very high in the chart,


ands "Fresh for 2017" - Dean and the team introduce


you to some of the new local musicians expected to make


Back with more for you tomorrow at 6:15.


Good evening. It does not get warmer. If you check the UK as a


whole, it has been one of the coldest days so far. The hard frost


to come in areas where it stays clear, parts of East Anglia, the


south-east, fog across Scotland, at West, a change, showers and parts of


Wales and England, some snow on high ground as well. Meanwhile, down


under through the early hours, Andy


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