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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


Campaigners fighting the closure of the East Midlands children's


heart surgery unit are furious public consultation


NHS England originally planned to begin the process in December.


But still no date has been set, as our health correspondent


Stephen was born with only half a normal functioning heart.


Surgery at the Glenfield Hospital saved his life.


Now the 15-year-old and his family are campaigning to keep


children's heart surgery in Leicester, but they're very


frustrated the formal public consultation process


It really is playing with people's lives,


both the staff, the patients, their families


People like me might not have the support and their parents


wouldn't have the support if they had to go further away


NHS England suggested closure because it says the service


It still hasn't announced a date for consultation to start


but previously said it would be in the New Year.


Delay and uncertainty is stressful for staff at the heart unit


But there is also pressure on NHS England to make sure


that the consultation, when it does happen,


is robust because if there are any holes in it, there could be


legal challenges and that would mean even more delay.


Campaigners have collected an 80,000 signature petition


and a parliamentary online petition that closes at midnight


has attracted more than 48,000 signatures and another demonstration


A Derbyshire man is one of two charged this weekend with the murder


Police say Darren Moorhouse died from a single stab


Dale Dwyer from Buxton, and a man from Halifax,


will appear before magistrates tomorrow charged with his murder.


A man's been charged after a teenager was attacked


It happened on Stoney Street early yesterday.


Tom Beech from Cropwell Bishop will appear at magistrates tomorrow


on charges of grievous bodily harm with intent, two of assault


A 17-year-old remains in a serious condition in hospital.


A volunteer project in Leicestershire helping people


grow healthy food has been given a major cash boost.


Leicestershire County Council has given ?30,000 to


The Braunstone Foundation charity also known as B-inspired,


A cold winter day in Enderby, but that doesn't stop


This is the Growing Communities Together Project,


where local people grow healthy, organic food.


It's a community initiative from the charity B-inspired.


It's nice when you plant something and you see it grow


and then you're digging it up and then giving it


And now the project has been boosted by a


?30,000 Shire community grant from the county council.


It will help the charity develop land to grow its produce


which will be supplied through a food share scheme.


Profit from the scheme will be ploughed back


into the charity which focuses on improving the lives of people


We'll go out into the wider community to do


chutney workshops or jam making or a pastry making and it's a way of


showing people that they can do things and even if they don't want


to come to the farm to get engaged with the actual physical growing,


they can still learn skills and techniques.


Back at the allotment, the hard work continues.


The cash boost, they say, will mean even


greater benefits for local people and the environment.


The Vulcan bomber, restored in Leicestershire,


Work on the last flying Vulcan was carried out in Bruntingthorpe.


It made its final flight in 2015, before moving


Now the lease on its hangar has run out, it's being put into storage


14 of the 22 people looking after it have also been laid off.


A Leicestershire man about to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean


Graham Walters is 69, and wants to be the oldest man


in the oldest vessel to complete the journey.


He attempted it last year, but had to stop when his boat sprung a leak.


Graham, from Thurmaston, plans now to restart


his 3000 mile row from Tenerife by the end of the month.


Having rowed four times across the Atlantic,


I think that I'm well prepared with all the different


And also with the boat, I prepared the boat,


So I'm pretty confident that we'll make it.


the 11th defeat of the season for Leicester City.


Let's check on the weather now for the start of the week.


High pressure in charge of our weather as we move


into the working week and that means things are going to be quite settled


but it does also mean that we could see a bit of fog


We've got plenty of cloud around, a few breaks in that cloud


where we do see the potential of seeing some quite dense patches of


Temperatures falling to an overnight low of around


So as we move into tomorrow, that freezing fog with us first


thing that then it could clear as we move into the morning.


In some places, it will be a little bit more persistent.


But where you're out of the fog, some sunny spells.


Temperatures not too much at all though.


So we will still be feeling cool despite seeing some sunshine


and then a similar story as we move into Tuesday.


Plenty of cloud but a few sunny spells.


More from me and the team here at 10:20pm.


of freezing fog. Already warnings in place from the Met office. I will


concentrate on the fog as we go through the night. It will


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