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Now on BBC1 it's time for the news where you are.


With your news now, for the East Midlands,


Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner says he fears


cases of hate crime will increase in the county,


following new immigration policies announced across the Atlantic.


Paddy Tipping's warning came this afternoon,


during a civic service marking National Holocaust Day.


He said the EU referendum already saw racial tensions rise


locally, and he fears US President Donald Trump's new ban


on nationals from certain Muslim countries could hinder work


Senior politicians, like the President of the United States,


are in a position to destroy it, and I fear they are


What will that mean for Nottinghamshire?


People will be set against people, street against


street, neighbourhood against neighbourhood,


and we'll see more concern, more anxiety and possibly


A teenager's in hospital with stab wounds, after being attacked


Police say it happened on Thursday evening,


when five or six men wearing balaclavas got out of a silver BMW


at the junction of Wood Street and Royal East Street.


The 18-year-old victim suffered injuries to his back and legs.


Officers are appealing for witnesses.


A man saved by an organ transplant today started walking 100 miles


to encourage others to register as organ donors.


Simon Elmore was 33 when he was taken seriously ill,


But, following a kidney transplant, he's been well


enough to win Gold medals at the World Transplant Games.


Today, in Derbyshire, he told Jo Healey it was time for payback.


If he tells you his story, he'll admit he was in a very,


very dark place and possibly feeling suicidal - I think


That's because, eight years ago, his kidneys failed.


Then, two years ago, Simon had a kidney transplant.


I was on dialysis at Derby, got a phone call


at ten o'clock and it was, "Simon, we've got a kidney for you."


And the first thing that went through my


head was, "I'm going to the World Transplant Games in seven months,


And that's exactly what he did - not just one but several medals.


And today he began a seven-day 100 mile


trek through Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, which he hopes


A good thing for a good cause, basically, isn't it?


I think it's a really big challenge, and I think he's going to


Two years ago I had a car crash, so that's put me in a wheelchair.


So I really respect what Simon is doing - it's good.


We need a lot of people today because more people are on the


So certainly it is a cry out for people to donate.


He couldn't walk 50 yards to the coffee


And now, you know - well, he can go 100 miles,


It would be a great accomplishment, if nothing else.


Among his biggest supporters, the mayor of his hometown.


If we do this for seven days and we save one life, or we give


quality-of-life to one person, then you've all done something


There's anger after vandals struck at a Nottinghamshire


recreation ground, destroying a number of trees.


People using the Dovecote Lane park in Beeston discovered


the row of trees snapped in two this weekend.


Efforts have recently been underway to try to improve


A series of workshops has been set up to try to help mums and dads get


They're part of everyday life for most children,


but organisers say the Nottingham programme's one of the first


Getting to grips with the game Minecraft.


This is normally a teaching room for children, but for the


first time the National Video Game Arcade in Nottingham is


You can place a block by pressing the right mouse button.


With families making up 70% of their visitors,


staff discovered many parents were struggling to


One of the problems of being a parent in


2017 is that you are often on the back foot with the technology


that your kids are bringing into the home all the time.


And you are not used that, as a parent.


So one of the things we want do, and that we have


been asked for, is to kind of show parents that


there's a whole spectrum, a whole diet of video games


For those coming along, the reasons range from


wanting to learn how to play to fears over security.


It can be very much an educational tool to use, and


if I don't understand it I'm not really going to be able to show him


I should be able to sit down and play with my children.


It's useful to be able to ask all those questions that


sometimes, when I ask, they fly through, and I can do it at my own


Staff here are hoping the free sessions will allay parents'


worries and open up the positive benefits of gaming.


Let's check on the weather now - Alex has our forecast.


Well, we started on a bright and frosty note this morning


but it's all change - we have a low pressure system


moving over the region, so we've got a little bit


more wet weather on the way this evening.


As we look at the maps, we can see we have hill fog building up


But it is getting drier in the early hours, with lows


As we go through towards tomorrow morning,


there are a few spots of rain around.


Some brightness first thing as well, particularly once we start


to shift those early-morning mist and fog patches.


Then, later in the day, another band of showery rain


coming in our direction, with highs of seven Celsius.


Temperatures are turning noticeably milder though, as


We'll be back with more for you at 10:20pm.


There was some sunny and cheerful weather across the UK today.


Scotland and the far north of England, but further south, a rainy,


ugly picture, and it's still pouring with rain in some places. The week


ahead, more spells of rain and some wind towards the end of the week.


There is a lot happening here. There's a lot of weather fronts


lining up in the Atlantic, a lot of isobars and lots of wind heading in


our direction. From tonight and into tomorrow, this unsettled spell of


weather continues. Get rid of one area of rain in the early hours of


the morning, and then another band of rain comes in. In the north,


after that sunny day, clear skies and really cold. The Glens of


Scotland could get down to minus ten. Here is the


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