11/02/2017 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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We are back with the late news at 10.15pm.


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


A murder investigation's been launched in Leicester


It's after officers were called to Albion Street just


A man was found there with serious injuries -


he was taken to hospital, but died shortly afterwards.


Police want to speak to anyone who was in the area


of Albion Street, Market Street and Bowling Green


Campaigners trying to stop the closure of the region's only


children's heart surgery unit have taken to the streets.


and rally, the latest in a series of them,


comes as, this week, a four month consultation


started on the closure of the unit in Leicester.


NHS England believe the East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre


at Glenfield Hospital isn't capable of meeting future safety standards.


We want to go through the official channels but we also want to show


the mood of people and a demonstration is a way


of bringing people together and showing that mood.


We will do what we need to do to make them stand up and listen to


understand it makes no sense to move it.


It is a vital service that needs to stay open for us.


If you close the unit, there is no unit in the


district which can cope with all these patients.


So all these patients will suffer a lot.


Police investigating the stabbing of a teenager in Leicester have made


Officers were called to reports of a fight in Aikman Avenue


Five people were arrested - one's been released without charge,


Meanwhile this afternoon two boys aged 16 and 17 are helping police


A charity that provides hospice care for the terminally ill says thieves


LOROS say their shops have been targeted by burglars FIVE times


The latest break-in happened in Blaby in the early


The thieves came through, forced the door here and basically


came straight through and attacked the door frame here.


Forced their way in, went inside the shop where there was


That is the door which was taken off.


It is thought the same people targeted a number of


Volunteers here say it has left them feeling sick and angry.


Volunteers give their time for nothing and to


come in and find that somebody has gone to the trouble of removing


relatively small amounts of money and caused actually quite expensive


It is thought the thieves only got away


with ?65 but the cost to LOROS could be as much as ?1000.


All that good work people do for some mindless


fool to come in and take a few pounds and cause all this


devastation and damage and the demoralising effect on our


volunteers and staff who are working so hard


to try and raise the money for


Football now, and second-half action is just getting under way.


At half time - Derby County were 3-0 down to Bristol City,


and Nottingham Forest were also three down - at Norwich.


In league two, Mansfield Town were leading


and Notts County were two up against Cheltenham.


Live updates continue now on Radio Derby and Radio Nottingham.


It certainly was a cold start for all of us.


We saw a dusting of snow in many spots.


Some places escaped with a touch of sleet.


Overnight and into tomorrow, we still have that easterly wind.


We are likely to see showers, some of


which again could be wintry as they meet that cold air.


We will see them coming through overnight, some of


them will be wintry over the highest ground and we may get snow


Temperatures ranging between one and three Celsius.


A cold start to the day, the easterly


Some will be wintry as they clear away, daytime temperatures ranging


Something drier and brighter as we start the new working


week with temperatures starting to climb finally and we could be


back in double figures by the middle of the week.


Great line-up on the beat tonight - as always.


Guests include Elbow, and The Saturday's Una Healy.


A new album too from Leicester's Jersey Budd and The Shrives -


from Derby and Grantham - have news to share.


That's from six on your local BBC Radio.


Back with more for you tomorrow at ten to six.


Good afternoon. An afternoon to snuggle up in front of the telly and


watch some rugby. It's been a cold winter's day. Not just for humans.


This shot was taken earlier. There was some sunshine in Scotland, here


a beautiful afternoon. That was the expectation for most. It's bleak out


there. A mixture of rain and snow on the radar. You have to go a long way


up the hills to find settling snow. Into the evening and temperatures


begin to fall again, we could see some of the white stuff turning up


again at lower levels across eastern Counties of England and quite a lot


of snow piling up over the Pennines in particular on a brisk wind, it is


going to feel cold wherever you are with temperatures hovering close to


freezing. Tomorrow another raw feeling day.


Further rain, sleet and snow.