12/02/2017 East Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


First tonight, a nine-year-old girl with disabilities has hit out


at thieves who stole a collection tin which was to help fund


Kareena Hayes from Derbyshire says the thieves who stole the tin


are horrible and should hand themselves in to the police.


Kareena Hayes likes playing with her friends,


Kareena also has a form of cerebral palsy


Her dad has been raising money for her to have an operation so that


hopefully in the future Kareena will be able to walk independently.


I hope at the end I'll be able to walk freely


It would be the most amazing thing in the world.


It's hugely life changing for her, to improve her mobility,


remove the spasticity from her muscles and hopefully


The operation and the after-care cost almost ?30,000.


Family, friends and the local community in Nuneaton have been


raising money for Kareena but last week one of the collection tins


The charity box was like this, and it's sealed up and we haven't


opened it up to see, so it's got her picture on it


and everything and I just don't understand how anyone could do that.


It's really disappointing because people put money in it


for me and they took it and it could have meant more to me


The police are urging anyone with any information to contact them.


For Kareena, she is desperately hoping she can have the operation


A fight in Ashby-de-la-Zouch early this morning


has left a man critically ill in hospital.


Forensic teams were at the scene in Market Street for much of today.


Police want to trace the driver of a silver taxi,


which was parked nearby at around 2:30am this morning.


Three men have been arrested on suspicion of causing


Detectives investigating the murder of a man in Leicester this weekend


now want to trace drivers in the area at the time.


The man, who hasn't yet been named, was attacked in Albion Street


He was found with serious injuries, but died in hospital.


Detectives believe taxi drivers and business owners nearby


Police have made an eighth arrest in connection


A 19-year-old man has been in hospital


since a fight in Aikman Avenue on Thursday evening.


Police say four men will face no further action.


The other four, aged between 15 and 50, have been bailed


A man who's been fighting brain tumours since he was a child


has officially opened a new MRI unit in Leicester.


This new unit in the grounds of the Leicester Royal Infirmary was


22-year-old Luke Swain from Lutterworth cut the ribbon.


He's been battling tumours on the brain


It's helped me quite a lot in the years and obviously


looks a lot better than the other ones.


I think it's going to help a lot more people.


We can do anything and everything on it in terms of MRI.


It's got everything that you possibly could need


To football now, and Leicester City are nearing the end


-- the game has ended. They lost 2-0.


A miserable day weather-wise, but let s see what's on the way next.


It has been a cold and grey day today.


In some spots we've seen some wintry flakes as well.


Tomorrow things start to dry up but it still feels very chilly.


For tonight still a few showers working their way north


but we will eventually start to see things clearing from the south.


That clearer air will bring the brightness tomorrow


but we should still stay above freezing tonight,


temperatures between 2 and 4 Celsius and that breeze helping as well.


Tomorrow will be a largely dry start, there might be some mist


and fog patches clearing away but then we get that drier air


pushing up from the south, introducing some sunny spells -


mostly across the south of the region, further north


will keep that cloud for a little longer, but temperatures pushing up


to 4 to 6 Celsius, so a little better than today but with


that easterly breeze it will not feel that way at all,


it will feel much chillier but at least


the sun is coming out and as we head through the working week,


finally we get back into double figures.


A Nottingham teenager will play his cello in front


17-year-old Sheku Kanneh-Mason, who you might remember is this


year's BBC Young Musician of the Year, will play a solo


He'll be paying a tribute to those artists


The event's broadcast in more than 150 countries.


We're back with more for you, later than usual tonight -


the other side of the BAFTAs, around 11:30pm.


Good evening, dull, grey, cold, miserable. And that's just me! The


weather hasn't been great leader for most of us, it will be chilly out


there with this nagging easterly breeze, wetter weather for Northern


Ireland, by the end of the night most of the