12/02/2017 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


First tonight, thieves have stolen a collection tin


which was to help a nine-year-old girl with disabilities undergo


Kareena Hayes from Derbyshire says they should hand


Kareena Hayes likes playing with her friends,


Kareena also has a form of cerebral palsy


Her dad has been raising money for her to have an operation so that


hopefully in the future Kareena will be able to walk independently.


I hope at the end I'll be able to walk freely


It would be the most amazing thing in the world.


It's hugely life changing for her, to improve her mobility,


remove the spasticity from her muscles and hopefully


The operation and the after-care cost almost ?30,000.


Family, friends and the local community in Nuneaton have been


raising money for Kareena but last week one of the collection tins


The charity box was like this, and it's sealed up and we haven't


opened it up to see, so it's got her picture on it


and everything and I just don't understand how anyone could do that.


It's really disappointing because people put money in it


for me and they took it and it could have meant more to me


The police are urging anyone with any information to contact them.


For Kareena, she is desperately hoping she can have the operation


Police have confirmed the identity of a man killed


The 22-year-old was found with injuries in Albion Street


early yesterday morning, but died in hospital.


Police want to talk to any taxi drivers in the area at the time


A fight in Ashby-de-la-Zouch has left a man in a critical condition.


Forensic teams were at the scene in Market Street for much of the day.


Police want to trace the driver of a silver taxi,


parked nearby at around 2:30 this morning.


Three men arrested earlier have been bailed, a fourth man


A man who's been fighting brain tumours since he was a child


has officially opened a new MRI unit in Leicester.


This new unit in the grounds of the Leicester Royal Infirmary was


22-year-old Luke Swain from Lutterworth cut the ribbon.


It's helped me quite a lot in the years and obviously


looks a lot better than the other ones.


I think it's going to help a lot more people.


We can do anything and everything on it in terms of MRI.


It's got everything that you possibly could need


Football now, and Leicester City remain a point off


For the foxes, their fifth premier league defeat in a row,


If you watched tonight's BAFTAS, did you spot the Nottingham


He's Sheku Kanneh-Mason, the BBC's Young Musician of the Year.


The 17-year-old was chosen to play alongside the Academy's tribute


to those who've died in the last year.


The show and his performance of Hallelujah were


It has been head cold and damp day with plenty of rain now behind grey


skies. We should start to see a change as we head to the day


tomorrow, held by a change in the wind direction, that easterly breeze


tied to suck up something drier and clearer.


The cloud will help keep temperatures up and we have a bit of


a breeze, so we'll be frost free with cabbage between two and four


Celsius. Fog patches could develop through the morning but it will


start to get drier, with some breaks in the cloud, and that is going to


help boost temperatures ever so slightly, pushing up to six Celsius,


but that easterly breeze is going to make it feel much colder alt and


about, a biting easterly breeze, but about, a biting easterly breeze, but


nevertheless, as we had to restart working week, things will steadily


improved. We are seeing some temperatures pushing back to double


figures and will get some sunshine to week.


Elise is here with more for you tomorrow morning in BBC Breakfat.


I'm sure most of us are glad to see the back of this weekend. It's been


cold, bleak and at times wintry. It provided some beautiful weather


Watchers photos, like Sheffield earlier today. I suspect some of the


lying snow will be blown around