18/03/2017 East Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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We are back with the late news at 10pm.


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


Dozens of runners took to a Derbyshire tow-path today,


to show support for a fellow runner who was attacked.


The woman was sexually abused in broad daylight


just a few days ago, while running alone.


Local clubs came together at the canal towpath at abrogate, a sign of


solidarity with fellow runner. But before they set off, a message from


the victim was read the group. We are determined not to let what this


individual did compromise how we feel about our local area. We have a


right to enjoy the outdoors without feeling threatened. Or at risk of


harm. She is understandably very shaken up by it. She will be pleased


to see how many people from different running clubs and members


of the public have come to show support. This person was so brazen


to even think of doing some like like this with the risk of getting


caught. It makes you think that you have to be very careful. Derbyshire


Police are not linking to any recent sexual assaults here, but those


taking part today said such high-profile cases have left


something that might have left some thinking twice about running alone.


I run this root of my own virtually every week. It really makes you stop


and think, especially if you were wearing headphones. We don't even


contemplate that we are not safe. Suddenly that has been taken away.


I'm glad we have come out today to support and hope this little bit of


support makes her feel a bit better. It's nice to see so many clubs


coming together and showing some solidarity. We are normally rival


that local races so it's really nice we have joined up to do this


together. Police investigating the death


of a man found dying inside a car in Shepshed have made


four more arrests. Timothy Smith, from Staffordshire,


was found on Thursday night at Police say although it looked


like the car had crashed - Three men and a woman


were arrested today. A 22 year old man -


arrested on Thursday - An exhibition celebrating


Leicester City's Premier League winning season has been nominated


for a national award. More than 100,000 people


visited 'Fearless Foxes' It's now one of five nominees


for 'temporary exhibition of the year' at the Museum


and Heritage awards. We'll find out in May


if they've won. Leicester City's first away


victory of the season in the premier league -


as they beat West Ham 3-2. It was a thrilling game


at the East Midlands Derby with Nottingham Forest snatching


a dramatic late equaliser It finished 2-all, so the club s two


new managers share the points. The character that they showed, and


to get to the end in that manner and show the unity they displayed in


terms of on the pitch and with the fans, we need that unity and harmony


in the last eight games. We want to win every game but it is a great


game to be back involved in. We take a share of the points, I'm sure both


managers won't be a relatively disappointed.


And in League Two, Notts County play Barnet tomorrow,


But this afternoon Mansfield Town beat Carlisle 2-nil.


Now, two of our Universities have reached tonight's


finals of the annual University Gospel Choir


Both Derby and Leicester Universities will be


competing in the event later at the Hippodrome in London.


Last year the competition was won by De Montfort University's choir,


who performed alongside Kasabian at the King Power stadium


Weather time now - Lucy has our forecast.


Good evening. A fairly mild, cloudy and breezy night through this


weekend. A few outbreaks of weight stack at you outbreaks brain. A


largely cloudy night with temperatures falling to 10 Celsius.


that breeze picking up against that breeze picking up against


lightly. A mild start tomorrow. Bright intervals first thing. If you


catch any sunshine, not feeling too bad. But it will be fairly cloudy


with outbreaks of rain. Temperatures reaching a maximum of 13 degrees. I


will leave you with the outlook. A band of rain introduces some cooler


air through Monday. Turning cooler midweek.


The Beat is gearing up to go live from 6pm.


Tonight, Leicester's Uncle Frank unleashes his new album;


Nottingham's Joseph Knight premieres his next single,


and the team have a preview of Derby's 2Q Festival -


All that from 6pm online and on your local BBC Radio.


Same time tomorrow, Emily Anderson will have your


Hello, the mild areas going to be with us into next week. Things set


to be cooler with a return to overnight frost for some. This


evening and overnight will be mild across the board, a messy picture,


looks like Scotland Northern Ireland and northern England seeing the fair


share of the rain, some quite heavy at times. A blustery night. Look at


the temperatures, 9-11 C. Tomorrow, mild and windy very windy across


England and Wales and there will be rain in the forecast. It starts off


quite wet Sunday morning across Northern Ireland, much of