19/03/2017 East Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Emily Anderson.


First tonight, residents in Derby are clearing up this evening


For hours, the water was spouting from the broken


main in Chester Green, damaging nearby homes.


This traumatic footage was captured at around 2:30am,


At 10am, the water burst was much reduced but the houses directly


affected showed damage to windows, the roof,


Inside one of them, Dawn, too upset to be shown on camera,


I was woken up with a horrendous noise of crashing, glass breaking.


I couldn't comprehend what was happening.


And then some people at the back shouted to get out.


It was so ferocious, it's taken them 6.5 hours to close it down.


Meanwhile, dozens of other houses had also been flooded,


It's literally just destroyed everything.


It's destroyed the washing machine, the kitchen.


I mean, we've got a dog and cat upstairs.


The lady upstairs, who is pregnant, they've just all done their house


Tonight, Severn Trent say they've now closed the burst off fully


and they've restored water to most houses locally.


But it could be several days before the road is fully repaired.


Two people have been charged with the murder


Timothy Smith, who was 45 and from Tamworth was found dying


in a car on the Gelders Hall industrial estate on Thursday night.


Mark Law who's 20 and from Sandringham Rise in Shepshed,


and a 17-year-old, will appear before magistrates tomorrow.


The funeral's taken place of a prominent member


Sandy Saunders from Burton Lazars in Leicestershire died


Actress Amanda Redman was among the mourners who attended.


Last year Sandy Saunders' raised funds for a memorial to the 649


members of the club, who were badly burned


He was an extraordinary man, actually.


I feel so honoured to have known him.


It's the resilience and the stoicism that they all have, actually.


And I can't quite believe he's gone because he was the sort


of man you felt would go on for ever and ever.


It's being claimed people affected by HS2 in a Nottinghamshire village


are unfairly missing out on compensation.


The high speed rail line will go through Trowell,


but because it's been classified as an urban village,


residents aren't entitled to as much compensation as others.


It's a village already split in half by the M1,


and now looks set to be sliced again by HS2.


Despite this, Trowell Parish Council says it should be seen not only


as one village but wholly as a rural village.


HS2, however, has classified much of Trowell as an urban village.


Which means people affected by the line in the urban part,


the area not surrounded by these multicoloured lines,


Trowell village on the map is an area which is slightly


to the west of the motorway, and the other half of the village


And my belief is they just hadn't realised we are actually part


The council wants to see the whole of Trowell reclassified as a rural


village and delivered its views in a recent consultation.


Sport now and a cracking afternoon for all our teams.


We'll start with rugby and Leicester Tigers have won


Tom Brady pounced on a loose pass from Matt Jess


They beat Exeter Chiefs 16 points to 12.


It's their first silverware since 2013.


Onto basketball and Leicester Riders' Men and Women have both been


in action this afternoon in their respective


The men beat Plymouth Raiders 82, 67 to retain their title,


but the women lost 67, 82 to the Sevenoaks


Onto football and in League Two Notts County won with ten


Time for a look at your weather now with Alex.


Well, we've got more sunshine and showers on the way


These fronts coming towards us, the isobars squeezing together


as well, so we are expecting some breezy conditions, too.


So, looking at the details for tonight, we do have some showers


working their way across the region, some slightly drier spells


in between those, and a mild night ahead with loads


Then, as we go towards tomorrow morning, we've got wet


Do watch out, there could be some spray and standing


Slightly drier and brighter in the afternoon.


Turning noticeably cooler over the next few days.


Hello. For most of March so far it has felt quite mild and springlike


but we are in for a bit of a shock next week as we will have a blast of


Arctic air across the UK making it feel much cooler than it has of late


with wintry showers and a return to overnight frosts for a while. The


pressure chart shows more weather fronts pushing into many central and


southern parts of the country this evening and overnight it will turn


quite wet across parts of England and when is towards the end of the


night and