19/03/2017 East Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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You can see more on all of today's stories on the BBC News Channel.


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Emily Anderson.


First tonight, Severn Trent has apologised to thousands of customers


in Derby who've been affected by a huge water main burst.


At its height, 7,500 homes and businesses were affected.


Dozens of properties have been damaged in Chester Green


This dramatic footage was captured at around 2:30am,


At 10am, the water burst was much reduced but the houses directly


affected showed damage to windows, the roof, the doors,


Inside one of them, Dawn, too upset to be shown on camera,


I was woken up with a horrendous noise of crashing, glass breaking.


I couldn't comprehend what was happening.


It was so ferocious, it's took them 6.5 hours to close it down.


Meanwhile, dozens of other houses had also been flooded,


It's literally just destroyed everything.


It's destroyed the washing machine, the kitchen.


I mean, we've got a dog and cat upstairs.


Moved our cars down the road, and we were slowly watching it


rise and rise and rise and ruin everything.


My kitchen's flooded, the whole garden's flooded.


But that is the extent of it, so, hopefully, it'll be OK


Tonight, Severn Trent say they've now closed the burst off fully


and they've restored water to most houses locally.


But it could be several days before the road is fully repaired.


Two people have been charged with the murder


Timothy Smith, who was 45 and from Tamworth was found dying


in a car on the Gelders Hall industrial estate on Thursday night.


A 20-year-old man from Shepshed, and a 17-year-old, will appear


It's being claimed some people affected by HS2 in Nottinghamshire


are unfairly missing out on compensation.


The high speed rail line will go through Trowell,


but some residents may not get as much as others.


It's a village already split in half by the M1,


and now looks set to be sliced again by HS2.


Despite this, Trowell Parish Council says it should be seen not only


as one village but wholly as a rural village.


HS2, however, has classified much of Trowell as an urban village.


Which means people affected by the line in the urban part,


the area not surrounded by these multicoloured lines,


Trowell village on the map is an area which is slightly


to the west of the motorway, and the other half of the village


And my belief is they just hadn't realised we are actually part


Sport now and it was a great afternoon for the Leicester Tigers.


The Tigers beat Exeter Chiefs by 16-12 to win the Anglo-Welsh cup.


Onto basketball, and success for the Leicester Riders men's team today.


They beat Plymouth Raiders 82-67 in the BBL Trophy final


Bad news for the women though, they lost to the Sevenoaks Suns.


Time for a look at the weather now, here's Alex.


Well, I'd grab your brollies for tomorrow because we've got some


These fronts coming towards us, the isobars squeezing together


as well, so we are expecting some breezy conditions, too.


Looking at the detail tonight, dry for a time, a few showers


working their way across the region, and a mild night tonight


Now, watch out tomorrow morning, there could be some spray


and standing water on the roads as this wet weather


We are expecting highs of 12 Celsius and slightly drier


and brighter weather as we go through the afternoon.


Sunshine and showers on the way, noticeably cooler, though,


We're back tomorrow morning from 6:25am.


Good evening. There is some rain coming into the southern half of the


UK as we speak. I think by the end of the night it will have got into


the Midlands and much of East Anglia as well. A bit of a breeze here as


well. Some gusty winds and snow on the hills of Scotland. With all of


that going on, it is not particularly cold overnight.


Southern areas will hang on to double figures in many towns and


cities. A bit of a messy picture for the start of the new week. The rain


moves quickly eastwards across Scotland. For Northern England,


Wales, the Midlands and South West it is a miserable start to the day.


Brighter skies do follow along behind but with some showers. Wintry


showers across the hills of Scotland. The cold Iraq continues to


filter its way in. Through the evening, once the sun goes