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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Tonight on BBC London News... news teams where you are.


A warning from the London Stock Exchange over jobs in the City.


Its boss claims tens of thousands will be lost


But US firm Snapchat becomes the latest tech firm to expand


But we reveal how some trains ran on time and almost empty.


If the rumours are true, this is the 7:34am service to Victoria.


He is famous and wants to end youth homelessness -


Prince William on a London problem he wants to end.


A tradition going back to medieval times -


a ceremony to bless and even name the historic bells of


Good evening and welcome to the programme, with me, Riz Lateef.


First tonight - US company, Snapchat, has become the latest tech


firm to pick London as the place to expand its operation.


The messaging app plans to set up its European HQ here,


delivering another vote of confidence for the capital


But in sharp contrast, there's a warning from the head


of the Stock Exchange over the possible loss of thousands


of jobs in the finance sector because of Brexit uncertainty.


Waiting, waiting, waiting, but patience is wearing thin. The man in


charge of the London Stock Exchange has warned his customers simply


would not wait and would move operations all of the Brexit


uncertainty. Xavier was addressing the committee of MPs charged with


scrutinising the Treasury today. He said more clarity was needed and


quickly. What other arrangements can you quickly put in place? The


regulators as well and the UK, the demand legitimately to know what


preparations will be made so that the systemic impact of handling this


transition requires that we do not wait until certainty is achieved, if


indeed it is not at the final time that Article 50 is triggered. Banks


has since issued warning since the Brexit report warning that jobs


could chat to rival sectors across Europe. US banking giant JP Morgan


warned 4000 jobs could go, Goldman Sachs said it could lose 2000 and


HSBC said 1000 positions could be transferred from London to Paris.


Clearly if Britain does not remain any single market and are not


adequate transition provisions and long-term provisions, we will lose


some jobs. We are keen to minimise that as far as is possible, as if at


in the services industry. It sounds yet more like Project Fear. Those


who campaign for Brexit have said claims of a negative impact upon the


city have been exaggerated. The city is unique, that is why I do not


think that jobs will go to Frankfurt or Paris because they do not have


the back-up. We have a lot of expertise in the city over hundreds


of years before the EU and that will continue and we are the largest


financial sector in the world. The government has said it is determined


that our country remains a great place to invest in and do business.


For now, with the uncertainty, there is more waiting ahead before we know


what Brexit Britain will look like. A view on the financial sector,


but we've also heard today that in the tech sector,


Snapchat has chosen London It comes after Facebook,


Google and Apple last year announced A little earlier the BBC's


Samira Hussain - based at the New York Stock Exchange -


explained the significance Of the millions of active


Snapchatters, ten million are in London, so there


is an argument to be made for Snap making


London its new international headquarters, but it is a departure


from what American tech companies like Google,


Facebook and Uber have done in the past, choosing to settle


in places like Ireland or Luxembourg, where


the tax rates are lower. But one only needs to look at Apple


which has been slapped with a $14 billion tax bill


by the European Commission to see that the decision by Snap to set up


in London could pre-emptively save it from future


criticisms of tax avoidance. Now, the next big move for the tech


company is to go public, to begin trading on the stock market


here in the US. Snap is valued at about $25 billion,


making it the biggest tech flotation to happen


in the US in years. In the Royal Academy where you can


walk through, around and over artwork with a little help from one


of these. So, yesterday commuters struggled


into work because of a Tube strike. Today, industrial action on Southern


rail services caused travel misery The first of three days


of action due this week. But our reporter Marc Ashdown


was on one of the handful of trains Another strike day,


but here there is talk that one service will


run this morning. This is the 7:34am


service to Victoria. I am quite surprised it's


running, but I'm glad it's Yeah, I'm not quite


sure whether there's We've got a train straight


through to Victoria. It is a bit of a shame they didn't


publicise it better. It was listed on Southern's website,


and the operator points out it was only able to offer


a very limited service. Some are ditching


the trains altogether. Just waiting for


the coach to arrive. Scared of losing her new job


at a charity, she's taking a coach. Slightly panicked by the fact


that the driver just said that yesterday it took him four hours


to get to London by coach. But it still might


be better than this. The strike is having a knock-on


effect on other commuter routes, like South West Trains' services


through Clapham and Vauxhall. I've had to stay at my sister's,


rather than staying at home. It's been a nightmare,


and again tomorrow. I'm standing here thinking -


how do I reorganise my calendar, so I don't have to go


into the office? London Bridge, practically


deserted today. I live in Liverpool,


it was actually quicker coming from Liverpool to London,


than it was to get from London Back on board the 7:34am mystery


lone commuter train, This will frustrate those


who weren't so lucky. It's hard to make out,


but this is East Croydon Station, The train wasn't advertised to stop


here, and Southern told us it wouldn't have been able to cope


with the overcrowding. In a rare treat, it also arrived


on time after a smooth ride. So, did the coach


trip fare any better? 2.5 hours, then we've


reached Fulham. Left home at 6:30am,


three hours on the coach, three and a half hours later,


almost quarter to 11, I'm at work. Strikes are always potluck,


commuters will be chancing A good evening from Victoria


Station, I am live through the power of a mobile phone and you can see


the scene before me. More staff than commuters, this solitary train that


is breathing this hour, this is the 1840 two Caterham. I think commuters


have either decided to stay at home or take other routes. This is not


particularly busy. Plenty of seats remain free. This unfortunately for


commuters is going to be the story tomorrow as well as the strikes


continue on Friday. Marc Ashdown, thank you very much,


safe journey home. Let's cross to Westminster and our


political editor Tim Donovan. With a further two days


of strike action this week, are we any closer to any kind


of agreement between the two sides? No, the position is entrenched, no


movement, no meetings, no formal negotiations are planned, just a


resumption of the conflict of words, if you like, the union Aslef again


accusing Southern rail of insulting them and adopting an aggressive


approach. Chris Grayling has called on the union to start talks again


and he has said he is engaged each day in trying to resolve this


dispute. And today the Labour leader


was making clear his Yes, as well as being asked about


his views on freedom of movement, Brexit, executive pay, he was asked


who he supported here, the strikers or the company, he said he would be


happy to stand on the picket line with Aslef people on strike. They


seem to be more interested in protecting Southern rail, despite


its appalling service and shortage of trains, short teams and


overcrowding and all that goes with that and continuing allowing them to


run the franchise. I would want that franchise got back into the public


ownership and public sector because after all, we provide the railways


and the teams and they make the profits from running them. That was


a day after the Tube strike. Jeremy Corbyn was not asked if he would


join the picket line in terms of that dispute but he was like the


more cautious in his approach, he hoped that said it can's transport


agency, Transport for London, would come up with more proposal pretty


soon. Tim, from Westminster, many thanks.


A DJ at a top London nightclub - who was stopped by the police -


has told of his shock when a Met officer told him it was "fact" that


black men in gangster clothes commit crimes.


He filmed the exchange, which has now been viewed


With more on this, our home affairs correspondent Nick Beake joins me.


This DJ plays any club in Picadilly just round the corner from the key


and a friend were pulled over by the police. He was making a promotional


video and had attached a small video camera to the Bentley vehicle that


they rented and this camera picked up the interaction with the police


officer afterwards. The DJ has said he has not done anything wrong, he


certainly was not arrested or cautioned, and in this clip we will


see shortly, which he himself put onto the Internet after he had


edited get-together, within it the police officer appears to justice by


wily men have been pulled over. -- appears to justify why the men.


The context, he was talking about the robberies that had been


committed in the West End, he said it was not racist but it was a fact


that the criminal profile of those carrying these types of attacks out


our black people. So if you see a car dressed -- with black guys


dressed in gangster type clothes, they will be getting stopped. We


spoke to the DJ in question and he told us what he got when he heard


that. It is not surprising


at all because this has happened, I would say, over 30 times


in the last year. But the thing is, this time,


I have actually got footage of it, whereas before I would just sit


there and tell a story, I would not say that everyone


is racist, I do not play the racist card at all,


but I just want awareness that this does happen


because when you tell people, they might just think, "Oh, yeah,


he is just playing the racist card," What have the Met Police said? We


know that a senior officer has run the DJ to apologise and they have


asked them if he wants to make an official complaint. He has said he


does not want to do that and any statement of the Met have said it


could understand why the video had caused what it calls frustration.


They met also said the others involved will be spoken to explain


the circumstances of what happened so that the force can fully


understand the circumstances of what happened. Interestingly, in that


video, one of those two officers were has said that he thinks that


some people are scared to make these sorts of observations that he had


made, but it is clear that he will be the one who will be explaining


what exactly he said and what he meant by it and crucially, Wigley


said that. OK, Nick, thank you very much for that, thank you.


Kempton Racecourse in Surrey has been earmarked for possible


closure in 2021 to make way for a housing redevelopment.


The Jockey Club - which owns the site -


believes the sale can raise ?100 million to


The King George VI Chase - run every Boxing Day -


The Duke of Cambridge has made no secret of his commitment to help


combat homelessness among young people, which he's


described as reaching "shameful" levels in the UK.


Well, today Prince William visited a homeless shelter in west London


to find out what more could be done to tackle the problem.


Fun and games with the Duke of Cambridge, but the problem these


young people face are far from a laughing matter. They are homeless,


living in a shelter in Ealing and desperately trying to turn around


their lives with the help of centrepoint. The youth homeless


charity helps hundreds of vulnerable young people find work and the place


to live. People like Ben who is rebuilding his life after becoming


suicidal when he was thrown out of his family home. I found myself so


for surfing, I stayed with friends and family but I had no apparent to


stay. It came to a real head about February 2014 when I found myself


with no one left to go and it got to the point where I was struggling


with the possibility of wanting to commit suicide. It got to the point


where I said I can either choose to do that or I can choose to get some


help. That is when centrepoint stepped in and today, with his own


place in the long, then has said he is a new man and planning to make a


career at YouTube videos, something Prince William played a part in. He


was just a genuinely nice guy, he came with no preconceptions of who


we were, he treated us like human beings. Just as though we were one


of his mates. He was a very nice guy, down to act, he talks to us and


care. Ben is back on his feet but for the Duke, the fight is far from


over, the next episode get the zombie books and hundreds more


singing the same tune as Ben. Centrepoint afforded me the


opportunity to de-stress, take stock and look at what I was good at, what


I actually had to offer, to challenge myself, to meet some


incredibly inspiring people, including the Duke of Cambridge, and


to actually turn around and say, yes, this life is worth living.


Still to come this Tuesday evening...


I am in Brixton in south London with fans who have gathered one you want


to celebrate the life of David Bowie. And by the historic bells of


Southwark Cathedral are being blessed and even getting godparents.


It may be more associated with traditional and contemporary


art, but for the latest exhibition at the Royal Academy,


you won't find many paints, clay, photography or unmade beds.


But what you will need is a pair of virtual reality goggles.


As our arts correspondent, Brenda Emmanus, explains.


The Royal Academy, a place to spend hours wandering around admiring some


of the greatest contemporary and traditional art.


But this could be the future as the world-famous institutions


invites visitors to embrace technology and view art


Three artists from the Royal Academy schools who have a history


of working in virtual reality, apps and multimedia,


have been commissioned to create works that allow visitors


to interact with their art via a special headset.


I think what's happened with virtual technology is,


is that it's changed the landscape of art irreversibly.


I don't see virtual technology as replacing any of the traditional


skill sets, I see it has extending them and adding to them.


It's another tool in that great toolkit of opportunities.


Each artist's virtual reality work and 3-D printed sculpture


are presented side-by-side, and visitors can immerse


themselves in this virtual world and go through,


Josie is an office worker, who loves art, but has


never experienced virtual reality, until now.


I think it is like stepping into a painting, stepping


Normally, art, you're not allowed to get near it or touch it,


but actually you're in it and having your own


It will be interesting to see how people react to it.


Usually when you look at a work of art, you have your own personal


reaction, this takes it to a whole new level.


Along with the virtual reality films created by the artists


are the world's first 3-D printed sculptures that present their work


Did you find any limitations with the technology in terms


of what you wanted to do as an artist?


Yes, it's definitely really early days for the technology,


Some things are quite basic, some of the functions


and the software is changing week by week.


But for me, that's really interesting to see something


This project has proved a hot ticket and served the Academy's ambition


to explore the fusion of art and technology.


Exactly a year ago today, the music world was stunned


Today, fans across the capital have been paying tribute to their idol -


including at a mural dedicated to him in Brixton -


Let's join Ayshea Buksh, who's there.


All afternoon, fans have been coming to the sport in Brixton to pay their


respects to David Bowie in many shapes and forms, some singing


songs, others staring silently at the mural which has been created a


few years ago. In front of it, some have put down flowers, candles,


pawns, letters, all sorts of things, seeing how much they miss. I am


joined by some of those fans tonight. Thank you for speaking to


us, you are live on BBC London News. Why did you want to come down this


evening? I wanted to gather with fans who loved him the same way that


I did. Justice elevators life, really. Yes. What did he mean to


you? Everything, he changed music, he inspired many of us, he made


people realise they could be whatever they want and do whatever


they want to do. You both look fantastic this evening. Why did you


want to come to Brixton tonight? We wanted to celebrate his life and


meet other fans and talk about what they felt about David Bowie and how


much he changed people's lives. It is lovely meeting everyone. What did


he mean to you? He was such an icon to our generation anyway that we


have never seen before. He set an example that you could be an


individual and not caring about what anyone else thinks, if you want to


do something, you do it, because at the end of the day, it doesn't


matter. He meant a lot, really. It helped me a lot with my own life,


coming up with things, I was very confused about things but he makes


you feel... Are no words! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will


end on music happening behind this year. Back to you in the studio.


-- there are no words. Thank you for that report. It is hard to believe


it has been one year. Now to what the Dean


of Southwark has described When the cathedral's historic bells


are blessed ready to be re-hung And, in a tradition that dates


back to medieval times, the bells are baptised,


given names and even godparents. He says it sounds bizarre,


but that it is significant, I'm The Very Reverend Andrew Nunn,


I'm Dean of Southwark. I think one of the most important


things about bells in this country that people really appreciate


is the sound of joy that they make. And when people hear


the sound of bells, I think We have a ring of 12


bells here at Southwark. All bells need an MOT


every 100 years to make The recasting and the re-engineering


of parts of the bells only happens So this is a


once-in-more-than-a-lifetime event, which is why it's such an exciting


moment for the cathedral to go through, to see the bells all out,


because they're hidden away. You hear the sound but people


can't really see them. And there is an ancient tradition,


a medieval tradition, really, that the bells


are baptised, like babies. They are given names, they have


godparents, they are anointed, We even got a christening


cake for these bells. The names were given to bells


and they were baptised I think The other bells, we thought,


how could we dress them And we thought it would be


beautiful if the river It looks as though they are


floating on a bed of wool. I'm excited because the bells


are an important part of our life because it's the bells that really


say we're alive, come on in. That's always the message -


come on in, the place is alive and open, as the bells are raised


once more into the tower, we will have our voice back


and be able to contribute Let's get a check on


the weather, shall we? Yes, there is no any forecast, would


you believe? Listen very carefully, there is a lot to get through in


this forecast. -- there is snow on the way. The next few days will be


quite interesting. That is because tomorrow, the temperatures will be


dropping through the day and instead we will have a really better wind


blowing from mid week onwards. That is the first thing you will notice.


Snow in the forecast later this week. Let us begin with this


evening, it is quite benign. A little bit of cloud around and that


will fill in during the night, the breeze is picking up. Overall, quite


a mild night, not too much to worry about. Temperatures


will not fall much lower than five, 6 degrees. This rain looks


innocuous, just a little drizzle for the morning rush hour but it is a


cold front and as it goes through, the temperature will drop. We begin


eight, nine, 10 degrees. As we go through the debris would expect


those numbers to go up or stay the same but they will head downwards.


Despite being some sunshine, temperatures dropped during the day


tomorrow and numbers only the wind arrows will pick up. It will be a


blustery end to the data model. The Met office is warning of snow on


Thursday, a lot of uncertainty forecast that the moment but we


could have a dusting of higher ground in the morning and


potentially, something much more substantial in the afternoon and


evening. Here is here is what is happening. Very difficult to


forecast weather frontier. Any rain on that will come up against the


already established cold error. It looks like it could create a little


low pressure system here. They could get substantial snow on Thursday


afternoon, it is worth watching because as I have said, very


difficult to forecast this kind of thing. Best case scenario is this


for Thursday, pretty much rain all day. One inch of it and temperatures


only had 5 degrees, so really feeling quite unpleasant. We could


have snow, we could have some strong winds as well, it will certainly


feel cold and it will be wed on Thursday. Do not rule out showers on


Friday and Saturday because of the strength of that went. Wrap up warm


and keep an eye on the forecast. It is not often that you see rain is


the best case scenario! Thank you for that.


There's been a steep increase in the number of people arriving


at A departments in England with mental health problems.


The Labour leader has said the party is no longer wedded to freedom


of movement once Britain leaves the EU.


Jeremy Corbyn also said he was in favour of a wage cap


US company Snapchat is set to setup it headquarters in London. The head


of the London Stock Exchange thinks jobs could be lost head of the


Brexit uncertainty. I'll be back later during


the Ten O'clock News, but for now, from everyone on the team,


have a lovely evening.