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The head of the NHS here in the capital -


It is the busiest we have ever seen it.


You always get the busiest period towards the end of January,


It comes amidst today's warnings that the NHS in England may


I started to get pretty bad bumps on my head...


The untrained barbers giving Londoners much more than a haircut.


After Turkey experiences the heaviest snowfall in seven years -


we hear from Londoners who were left stranded at the airport for days.


It became a case of survival of the fittest. I need three or four eggs a


day. The personal trainer who's become


an international best-selling As we've been hearing,


there are warnings the NHS in England may become unsustainable


due to a lack of funding. Meanwhile the Chief Executive of NHS


London has told this programme that services are busier


than they've ever been. pressure in the coming weeks. We


have been behind-the-scenes story have capital is coping.


The Chelsea and with Mr is busy, very busy, seeing around 450 people


a day, the number they have to admit the hospital is up 13% from last


year. We are seeing the highest numbers we have ever seen, more and


more people coming through the door. The hospital, like most crossed the


capital, is full. The problem, not being able to move patients at quick


enough. We're at 100%, every single bed is full, and it's almost a case


of one in, one out, as soon as we can discharge somebody, move


somebody through the system. What is the NHS doing to tackle the issues?


This is part of a solution. Five times a day every day, this team


gathered to take the temperature of hospitals across the capital.


They have seven adult wards... What level escalation? They check on


things like staffing levels, how many patients are waiting to be


waiting to be seen and harmony beds waiting to be seen and harmony beds


are available. -- how many beds. The focus is often nonemergency


is the full picture, the flowing is the full picture, the flowing


through the hospital, that's often what we are able to contribute to so


that it's not just an emergency problem. Do you want to move on?


Today as we filmed the NHS boss in London during the call at a time


when the service is being stretched as never before. It is the busiest


we have ever seen it, we are 10% up on where we were in terms of


hospital activity year on year, this time last year, one will run during


the first few weeks into the New Year, but 14% up, Ambulance Services


but we planned to be busy. So far but we planned to be busy. So far


this plans are working. London is holding its own but exotic spectre


to get even tougher in the coming weeks with cold weather and flu


outbreaks on the way. What used to outbreaks on the way. What used to


be a busy winter surge isn't expected to end until May.


Talking twenties and prohibition - we catch up with Sienna Miller and


Ben Affleck at the European Premiere of their latest film.


If you visit a barber's in America, Australia and several


European countries - by law they are required to be


trained AND licenced - but not so here.


Because anyone can set up shop, start cutting


hair and giving shaves. They don't need a licence.


And BBC London has discovered that it could be putting people


at risk here in the capital as Ben Hunt explains.


For millions of men, visiting a barber is fairly routine.


Usually they leave looking and feeling better.


Walking London's high streets you will see more barber


They are top spots for trendy haircuts and popular meeting places


but the UK barbering industry is difficult to regulate


and barbers here don't even need a license to practice.


For some in the capital, this is causing huge problems.


He got a fungal infection after his barber used dirty


In the summer of 2015 I started to get some pretty bad bumps


on my head and there would be pus coming out,


and every time I would wake up I would look down and there would be


spots of blood on my pillow, so I was put


But nothing, it would subside but come back straight after that.


It was quite painful, quite itchy, I wasn't able to shave


Dirty clippers or razors at barber shops can put customers at risk


of bacterial and viral infections, like folliculitis, herpes


We are seeing more and more of this and if the barber isn't trained,


then in fact what can happen is there is an entry


of bacteria into the scalp, the hair becomes infected


If you are trained you would know it's very important


Take a look at these pictures we took inside an east


We showed them to one of the industry's leading figures.


The councils, I think, need to get involved with health


and safety and check - not shut down people, help people,


tell them what the legislation is and people will get


a qualification, they understand everything else.


At the London School of Barbering, hygiene is high up on the prejudice


for the students must complete three months of training before they can


In the USA and Australia you have to work X amount


of hours to gain a license, here in the UK you don't,


I think that's something that is essential to the health


and safety of our customers, you wouldn't go to a mechanic that


We contacted all of London's 32 councils but none could tell us how


many barber shops operated in the area and only one


So while it doesn't look like anything will be changing soon,


it's vital that customers are aware of the risks and always


Next: There are questions tonight over the future


Critics say it's on the verge of collapse after accounts


published today show a significant funding shortfall.


If it isn't built - around ?40 million of public


But the trust behind the project says it still expects to start


This is where the Garden Bridge is meant to expand the Thames


commitment to be a haven for wildlife and plants, but there is


now considerable doubt around the project. The trustees say they are


?56 million short, the project is no longer a going concern. Campaigners


say the bridge would destroy protected views and is in the wrong


place. There are issues about land place. There are issues about land


and whether the mail will underwrite maintenance costs. They are


admitting the costs arising, they don't know about the roof, who is


good to put money into this project? It makes no sense. If there are


delays to the project the trustees said the initial estimate of ?185


million could rise substantially. The mayor is now carrying out a


review of this project and the trustees say that is hindering their


attempts to raise more funds through the private sector. The project will


use ?60 million of public money. The rest is meant to come from private


donors. I think it's nearly dead and it's about time we put it out of its


misery. I think the current managed to break with the previous one and


make sure he doesn't sign the guarantee in order to fulfil the


pledge he made of no more public money being spent on this project.


If it doesn't underwrite the maintenance costs and the issues


the trustees admit the project may the trustees admit the project may


have to be scrapped. The Maher has already said that could cost


taxpayer ?40 million. We have had to taxpayer ?40 million. We have had to


disclose the risks before we begin construction and none of them are


new, we need to secure the land under funded, we would be able to do


that but we had to disclose those risks. . The trust says


constructions. This year. Critics say the Garden Bridge is on the


brink of collapse. Uncertainty means time is running out. Rolf Harris has


gone on trial accused of indecently assaulting seven girls and women. He


denies seven charges of indecent assault and one of sexual assault.


He is serving a prison sentence after being convicted of 12 counts


of indecent assault two years ago. He denies the charges.


It is day two of the strike on Southern Rail with one more still to


2200 services are cancelled, causing 2200 services are cancelled, causing


misery yet again for hundreds of thousands of commuters. The dispute


is over driver only trains. Further strikes are planned for later this


month. This was the scene at the airport


in Istanbul last week - after the heaviest snowfall to hit


Turkey for seven years. Well a couple from north London have


been described their ordeal after getting stranded


at the airport for They say there were chaotic scenes


and many travellers were left without food and water


for long periods. Sarah Harris has been


speaking to them. They are still getting


appeals for advice online from passengers who remain stranded


at Istanbul's Ataturk airport. It's a place Dominic


and Eloise know well, having spent three days


there in freezing weather trying They filmed some of the chaos


on their phones as flight We were cold to the bone,


blankets wouldn't have helped. No water given out, no supplies


anyone who is in the same situation. We were on the floor above the door


where there was snow blowing in. There was nowhere else to sleep


on the floor because every seat had for the shutdown of the runway


after 16 inches of snow settled They have criticised the way


vulnerable people were treated Old people in line,


standing for six hours, Someone fainted in the queue,


this boy was there for five People were looking after him


but it was a case of, Turkish Airlines claim


in a statement they are returning to normal after extraordinary


weather conditions They say 50,000 food


parcels were handed out and thousands of customers


were given hotel accommodation. Travel experts say even


with extended delays like this there is little chance


of full compensation. It's so annoying when you are stuck


in a foreign city trying to get home, particularly as in the case


of many Turkish Airlines passengers, when you have simply been wanting


to change planes and get back. But I'm afraid, aviation is full


of unfortunate stuff. All you can do is stay put,


hope you can get back as soon as possible and meanwhile keep


all the receipts Eloise is trying to get back


to normal in the warm of her flat. She wants to see conditions


improve for delayed after a challenging end


into their perfect holiday. We meet the Londoner and fitness


coach who's become a global And find out how much snow we are


going to get in the capital. Just a few of the artists


who have publicly said - they are against resale ticket


websites, otherwise known It's an industry, worth billions


worldwide, and it makes lots of money for touts


who routinely use them to sell An exclusive investigation for


the Victoria Derbyshire Programme found one British artist's


management team who've been putting tickets directly onto secondary


ticketing websites at higher prices, for a stadium tour


that hasn't sold out. There are more and more sites


where you can get hold of a ticket for a gig or a show,


but it seems it's getting more and more


difficult to get one And that could be down


to the proliferation of resale sites or secondary ticketing websites,


where fans can resell tickets but it seems it's not just the fans


uploading tickets onto these sites, We're working with one committee


where we're openly listing those tickets within Getmein and Seatwave,


saying, these are Ticketmaster confirmed


to me that that artist Here is a ticket you can buy


on Ticketmaster's website, let's get some good seats,


level one, block 126, ?95 each. Ticketmaster own resale sites


Seatwave and Getme in so let's see These tickets are direct


from the event organiser, similar seats, one block over


from the stage at ?160 each. This is not a resell ticket,


it is being sold for the first time Ticketmaster say these platinum


tickets are the best seats in the house but confirm they come


with no extra perks. Robbie and his management aren't


doing anything illegal, they're not breaking any laws or any


rules, but some people have said In 2015 a number of promoters


and artist managers signed an open letter to the government asking them


to take a harsher stance Harvey Goldsmith who has promoted


acts like Michael Jackson and Madonna, signed it and we


pointed out another signature. I think it is wrong,


hopefully most of the people who have signed the petition


are acting honourably and do everything that they can do


to prevent tickets being sold Ticketmaster say they are being


transparent but it does seem you are paying more for a ticket


for no real reason when you can get And despite numerous requests


for a statement, Robbie's management We're going to transport you to


the roaring twenties - well sort of. It's the European premiere


of Ben Affleck's latest film - a gangster movie set


at the beginning of As well as directing,


he also stars alongside But the critics haven't


been too kind so far. Our Arts Correspondent Brenda


Emmanus caught up with them Then, director, producer, writer, is


this a passion project for you? It was, but it sounds fancier than it


brilliant actors to make the movie brilliant actors to make the movie


good for me and I had to do very little work. He had consensual


gangsters moral in this. -- the quintessential. I loved it, I had


the best time in this film. Was it nice to be important but important


to be nice? I was lucky, got my first choices for crew and cast, I


can only hope I can keep it up. If you make a movie and win best


picture, you probably have your pick of the crop as a director. You're


live in New York, did you really live in New York, did you really


leave because you can get to leaky? No, it's one tiny,, I love London,


America and my daughter started America and my daughter started


school, I would've had to go then nine times, for my daughter, it


makes sense. But London is always home. I find London to cliquey!


Whatever they are, they get in my way. From your perspective, what is


it like at this time of year for you or? We're going to win everything!


It's a fun time. My brother is up for an award, a BAFTA, I'm hoping


taste and select him as a winner. My taste and select him as a winner. My


fingers are crossed. You look like fingers are crossed. You look like


you need a coat! I'm going to let you go!


In just a few years, this man - Joe Wicks -


From personal trainer to best-selling author -


in fact last year second only to JK Rowling.


So how did the man from Epsom who began his career handing out


flyers offering his training services - go on to become


an internet sensation and create a multi-million pound business?


His 15 second videos, posted on social media,


It is what, in part, has made Joe Wicks so successful.


But his diet growing up with his mum in Epsom was far from ideal.


We used to have a really bad diet, our cupboards were always full


of chocolate wagon wheels, crisps and basically,


my mum couldn't afford nice food so we used to have pasta with just


tomato sauce but no mince, we will get mince if we were lucky.


Today the 31-year-old is a successful presenter


But just three years ago, he was a personal trainer,


I would cycle with a trailer, 3-4 miles at 6am and get


there and sometimes I would stand there and no one would turn up.


I was disheartened but kept going back, I would pack it all up,


go to the station and hand out flyers and get on people's


nerves and say hey, come and try the boot camp.


That's when he turned to social media.


Talking directly to his audience in his own unique


Throwing things in the microwave, hold tight, I wasn't trying


to build this character, I was just trying to engage my


following and give them a little bit of fun.


It does look as if I've come out of nowhere


but there was two or three years of really hard work on social


media, it takes a long time to build up a community,


This is where I used to do my flyering.


And it has paid off in more ways than one.


It is claimed the Joe Wicks effect has led to a rise


We have been scratching our heads all afternoon to try and figure out


and pinpoint exactly how much we're going to get! It's a nightmare for a


forecaster! But we have got to go for it. We are forecasting snow but


it's going to start off as rain and we all know what happens when a


little bit of snow settles over the capital, everything grinds to a


halt. Hopefully that's not going to happen, hopefully we can deal with a


bit of snow. We have clouds and bit of snow. We have clouds and


wintry showers across many northern areas of the UK, fairly quiet at the


moment, not too many threatening clouds but through the course of the


night, we will find the wind switches direction, it starts coming


in from the West and towards the end of the night, we start to see clouds


thickening across the West. That's the beginning of the weather front


that will bring rain and then snow that will bring rain and then snow


later on in the day. Here is the clock down there, this is rain,


rain, we can deal with that, rain, we can deal with that,


lunchtime, still pretty wet out there, but the time we get to


rush-hour, that rain starts to turn to snow, you think it's not going to


snow, but the temperature is going to drop very quickly. There is a


yellow warning in force, it could be upgraded through the course of the


night, into tomorrow. Watch what happens during the rush hour.


Probably across the hills, five or Probably across the hills, five or


ten centimetres, by the evening, probably settling in parts of


central London, it could be slushy on some of the road and then the


temperature is really drop like a stone and we the CIC stretches


developing. Tomorrow, that awkward mix of rain, sleet and snow and on


Friday, there could be a dose of smoke from the North, a real mix of


weather on the way, stay tuned to weather on the way, stay tuned to


the forecast because it can change over the next 12 to 24 hours.


The headlines: Donald Trump has condemned US intelligence agencies


for allowing fake news about his private life the league after


allegations Russia has compromising material about him. A 15-year-old


girl has appeared in court charged with the murder of Katie Rough was


attacked in a park and later died in hospital. President Obama warned of


present and future threats to US democracy in his farewell speech


before paying an emotional speech to his wife Michelle. The head of the


NHS in London has told this programme services are coping but


are busier than have ever been and will face more pressure in the


coming weeks. That's all from us.