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Calling on a cash injection from the government...


The Mayor's warning over the Met's police budget.


If it is the case that the government does not give us the


complete money we need as a capital city, I'm


afraid it will lead to fewer police officers


The Government says the Met's the best funded


Rolf Harris is accused of sexually assaulting a blind woman,


Plus the Premiership clubs criticised over their access


With the Premier League, we're talking about the wealthiest


They've had years to make these adaptations and changes


to make disabled fans welcome and give enough space for them.


And hatching a plan for his latest artistic project.


We meet the man who lived in a wooden egg for a year.


Good evening and welcome to the programme with me Louisa Preston.


Policing in the capital will suffer if Scotland Yard doesn't


receive additional funding from the government.


That's the warning tonight from the Mayor, who claims Londoners


will not be as safe if the money's not made available.


The Home Office is currently working out what to award police forces


But Sadiq Khan fears that if City Hall doesn't receive


a sufficient settlement he won't be able to reach his target of 32,000


Our Political Correspondent Karl Mercer reports


Police cars used to come up this ramp once.


Police officers used to patrol outside.


And the building used to be the most famous in world policing.


Now just the local barber shop remains.


If you wanted a picture of how London's police has had


You need look no further than what was New Scotland Yard.


Sold for 370m pounds and soon to be luxury flats.


And today the mayor called on central government


If the government makes further cuts to our budget than that which we've


been already told about, we cannot keep to the target of 32,000


officers. If the government gives as less money than we should get, my


job of the maximum number of officers will be increasingly


difficult which will have an impact on safety.


At the moment it gets just half of that.


he needs more money from central government.


Particularly from a special fund that recognises


Mayors says London needs ?340M London gets ?170M


worries over new funding formula We have been here before.


Two years ago when Boris Johnson was mayor the govt planned


changes to the money given to police forces.


The response back then sounds similar to what's being said now.


It is going to be a challenge. It is an unfair way of funding which


doesn't take into account the extra challenges.


Conservatives on the London assembly said


the mayor could do more himself to keep officer numbers up.


He has already raised council tax to pay for officers.


They say he should have gone further.


He didn't need to make the cut for council tax. He could have made the


money go round further. How seriously should we take this


warning? It is the sort of thing we hear every time funding comes up.


It's the sort of thing we heard a couple of years ago. What is


different this time around. Last time, Boris Johnson was mayor. You


had a Conservative Home Secretary in Theresa May. Is the relationship


different now? Theresa May has been moved up to an elevated position.


You have a Labour mayor. All parties will say to central government,


London is a special case and needs extra funding. You need to fund what


goes on in the capital city. Why Silicon Roundabout has become


a victim of its own success. The startups now being forced


out by rising rents. A blind woman has told a court


that she was left "appalled" and "degraded" after allegedly


being indecently assaulted She is one of seven women,


who've accused Rolf Harris of indecent assault


spanning a 30-year period. Our Home Affairs


Correspondent Nick Beake Throughout this trial, Rolf Harris


is appearing via video link up because he is serving a prison


sentence for a series of indecent assaults. Today, the court heard an


interview that was recorded more than two years ago with an alleged


victim in this particular case, she recalled the events of some 40 years


ago at the Moorfields eye Hospital. She said that the entertainer came


out of nowhere and pounced on there and started to grope her. She said


he was like a hawk pouncing on his prey. She said that she could tell


it was him because of his unmistakable voice. The woman is


blind and disabled. The woman said she said, nobody touches me like


this, get off. To which she says Rolf Harris replied, well, you can't


see me. He said, apparently, don't be like that, I'm only being


friendly. The court heard that the woman remained in the room with Rolf


Harris during which time he tried to teach her how to play the


didgeridoo, which he carried with him. The woman was asked why she


waited before reporting this to the police. She said, quite frankly, she


didn't think she would be believed. She didn't want to be in this


position. He denies all the charges made against him. The trial


continues. British Airways says it will operate


all its long-haul services During a three-day cabin crew strike


starting on Thursday. But the airline says it


will cancel one per cent Meanwhile, unions and London


Underground met today in the hope Last


week's 24 hour tube strike crippled the network,


after workers walked out over the number of new jobs to be


reintroduced after cuts in 2015. The RMT union has warned of further


industrial action after sixth February if the two sides don't come


to an agreement. Pharmacists across London are


warning that they could be put out of business.


Chemists are often at the heart of a community, dispensing pills,


But the way they are funded is changing, that means that this


pharmacy near Harpenden in Hertfordshire is under threat.


We are just short of a mile away from the nearest other pharmacy.


We are subject to the full force of the cuts.


Now, that will leave the business non-viable.


Obviously, I won't sign a lease on the premises where I won't know


the business is not going to be able to pay its way.


We will close in the next few months.


It's a so-called modernisation that customers can't


Because, not only is it the pharmacy, they are friends.


You know, you build up a rapport with people.


Everything's going. We don't need the pharmacy to go.


If I were to have to go to Harpenden because this pharmacist had closed,


I would have to climb into my car and, like many people,


and bearing in mind that pharmacists serve something between eight


and 10,000 people in the locality, you'd then have lots of car journeys


The government says everyone should have access to a pharmacy


But that makes chemists in densely populated London even more at risk.


We're talking of a cut of 12% in pharmacy budgets,


just in the months December up to March 2017 and more cuts


Now, for a lot of pharmacies, that is a big hit.


What you are going to see ultimately, if the government


doesn't change course, could be large-scale


The full impact of the changes will be know until later


in the year but, by then, many chemists say they will already


And you can see more on that report on Inside Out London.


The new series starts tonight at 7.30 here on BBC One.


Premier League football clubs could be fined or even have points


deducted if they don't do more to improve access for disabled fans.


That's the conclusion reached in a new report,


which suggests that clubs, including Chelsea and Watford aren't going


to meet the deadline for new basic standards for accessibility.


Emma North is outside Stamford Bridge for us this evening.


Today's report adds to the voices calling for some of the most


successful names in football to get their act together. The culture,


media and sport committee said that some clubs are putting profit over


access. There is an August deadline for clubs to make sure that any


disabled fans can watch a match comfortably. Some clubs, like


Watford and Chelsea are not going to be able to meet the deadline.


Earlier we spoke to the disability


charity Scope to find out what it's like for some fans.


Well, at Scope we hear from disabled people all the time that, actually,


they have huge barriers in getting into football stadiums


If there are parents who want to go with their disabled children,


they are often told that they can't sit with their children.


Football is our national game and it should be open to everyone.


What will happen if the clubs don't improve access? The human rights


commission says it is prepared to sue clubs and even they could have


points docked. In the Premier League, where the wage bill topped


?200 billion, does a ?20,000 fine really do the job? So what are clubs


going to do? What is going to happen. Chelsea has said it will


fulfil the quotas within the next four years when it is building its


replacement stadium. A club like Watford is nowhere near fulfilling


the quota and doesn't appear to be planning to. They said. The.


This additional space would mean 700 able bodied supporters would be


displaced from seats they may well have cherished for Leeds. These


guidelines were made around 20 years ago. Who knows whether this will


drive people to change. New figures suggest that the area


known as Silicon roundabout has fallen out of favour and now


start-ups are shunning the area, pushed out by rising rents. This


start-up is happening in a front room. The gift buying service


couldn't afford to stay. It became trendy and the prices started going.


If it was possible to get somewhere for ?150 per month per desk, now it


is going up to 450. Silicon roundabout on Old Street was branded


the ultimate .com destination. Figures suggest that the number of


start-ups has fallen by 70%. From more than 10,000 to just over 3000.


Has Silicon roundabout had its day? Tech firms have flocked here and


demand for office space has outstripped supply. Rents have


soared and some people say it is a victim of its own success. Others


suggest it is a sign that business is booming. It's a reflection of the


fact that the digital industry which started around Old Street has grown


so much and how the digital industry in the sector is spreading to all of


Britain, not just London and one specific postcode. Figures suggest


small firms haven't moved far. Thousands of new businesses have


opened up around the corner on the city Road. Croydon Tech city is now


home to 1000 plus Tech start-ups and it is hoped that the former media


Centre at Stratford Olympic Park will become one of the biggest tech


hubs in the world. This business owner says it is a shame to leave


Silicon roundabout but hasn't matter where you are. It is nice to be in


the middle of all the buzz, events, and networking but you can really


make it work out of your own bedroom.


Still to come, why Piccadilly Circus's famous screen is being


switched off until the autumn. Imagine being told you're going to


lose your eyesight. Difficult enough for an adult to deal with. You cope


if you just nine years old? That's the prospect facing this schoolboy


from heart should force. And now his family fear his younger sister could


also have the same genetic condition.


Last year, he discovered that he suffers from a rare genetic


disorder which is slowly eroding his eyesight.


The disease affects my central vision.


Sometimes, when I'm reading, it puts dots there and blurriness.


And, over the years, it'll get worse.


He now has to wear sunglasses when he's outside and struggles


with everyday things like playing football.


The discovery of the disease came as a shock to his parents.


They have no idea what the condition was or that they were carriers


I had a discussion with Ethan about a bucket list of several


One thing he really wanted to do was go to Universal Studios.


So, we went to California for the summer holidays.


I just want him to have visual memories.


There's no telling how quickly Ethan's eyesight will degenerate.


There are also fears that his three-year old sister


These are the thoughts that keep me up at night.


I wake up in the morning and my heart breaks.


Thinking about Ethan, obviously, that he's got the condition


And having a life, being a parent of definitely one visually impaired


She hopes that advances in stem cell research


will restore her son's vision but, until then, she's determined for him


to see as much of the world as he can before it's too late.


For Ethan, the one place he loves more than anywhere


I like doing go-karting because it's fun for me to experience driving


because I won't be able to do driving when I'm older.


For a nine-year-old boy who is going blind, he's remarkably


I'm kind of, a bit scared about it in case I bump into stuff.


Volunteers working in an unusual toy shop are worried that it might


close. Don't be fooled by the Jolly surroundings, life in this toy shop


is tough. The owner struggles to pay the bills. I'm very happy with very


little for myself. So, when I have money in the till, I think what do I


want to spend it on most? As you can see, I'm still wearing my old


clothes. This Jersey, I've had for 15-20 years. She makes a hand to


mouth existence in this toy shop she has owned for many years. It may not


look like much outside but inside it's like collaborative of toys. She


started making them aged 15 and never stopped. Her speciality is


making dolls houses and miniature is. I hate selling my work so I


thought if I had a little shop, I could put it where all the people's


work I love. It's been a slow Christmas as the lure of Internet


shopping tykes hold. A building development threatens the future of


the shop. The shop is kept going by volunteers and regular customers.


It's dusty exterior doesn't tell you about the inside. When I came in, I


was thrilled. What do you not like about modern toy shops? The things


they have are so ugly. I think it's wonderful if children can have


beautiful things. What a fascinating little shop.


A home, a boat, a studio, a sculpture.


That's how the artist Stephen Turner has described this giant wooden egg.


It's on display at an exhibition in east London


along with the art he created while he was living inside it.


It's made of western red cedar and two skins


For a year, Stephen Turner lived and worked in this


And the six months to construct with an architect and boat


builder helping him realise his artistic vision.


It was great waking up in the morning inside this


The egg is divided into quite distinct compartments.


So, on my right, I have the shower area and loo.


As I went along, I made the chair and I made the bench.


There is no denying it is a striking piece of work but there


Well, I was given a fantastic opportunity to work somewhere


on some saltmarshes and I wanted the place I lived in to be symbolic


Since everything in nature comes from an egg, or if it's a plant,


from a seed, and they are kind of related to eggs


in terms of evolution, it's a perfect symbol for nature.


The egg is now on display as part of an exhibition in east London


which also features work Stephen created while living inside it,


like these mini eggs made from natural materials he found


So, what's next for the man who's lived in an egg,


as well as a sea fort, in the name of art?


I'm hatching a plan to create a four metre tall oyster shell sculpture.


Steven won't be living there but hopes his art


will continue to increase people's appreciation of nature.


The exhibition at Trinity Buoy wharf runs until the end of January.


It's been lighting up London for more than 100 years but this


The billboard lights have been switched off


Now, they have been turned off briefly in the past,


during Winston Churchill and Princess Diana's funerals


but this will be the longest period of time since World War II.


The first electrical advertisements appeared in 1908.


Midnight on Tuesday, August 14, 1945, before the Prime Minister had


finished his radio announcement that Japan had surrendered,


After the war, Piccadilly Circus was a popular place for Londoners


Soon after, it also became a tourist attraction and the lights have


moved with the times, starting with incandescent light


bulbs, moving on to neon, digital projectors,


This might not look like much but we're actually in the control


room behind the lights and the screens are made up


of thousands of these panels and when the work begins,


all of this will be replaced by one big-screen which will have more


It will be different because it will be one screen that


will be used flexibly, it will be interactive,


it will display a very high quality image.


The way that the advertisers are using the screen


The advertisers will have the ability to be very creative


When the work's completed, Piccadilly Circus will be


home to Europe's largest single digital screen.


For now, a temporary advertising banner will replace the lights and,


until October, the most luminous corner of the capital,


Let's get a check on the weather now with Wendy. It's been extremely wet.


I bet this was the picture you had outside the windows yesterday. I


refused to go out because it was so soggy. This morning, you can see it


was still pouring with rain. This great band dragging its way across


London and the Home Counties. Then, it all fizzled away. Just before


sunset, the skies were showing signs of clearing. That's the last


substantial rainfall we will see this week. This week, sunshine. It


is going to be feeling quite cold throughout because the weather is


coming in from the east. The near continent has highs tomorrow of


minus one. Not quite as chilly here but it is coming from that


direction. After midnight, I think we will see starry skies with light


winds which will lead to a frost tonight, most especially in the east


and south-east where temperatures could get as low as -1, two, or


three. A nippy start to the day. Crunchy underfoot. Then the day gets


going with light winds and beautiful sunshine. However, it is going to


stay feeling quite chilly. Temperatures not getting much higher


than three degrees. It will lead as to a pretty hard frost overnight


Interwetten stay. Wednesday, more beautiful sunshine. You will have to


wrap up warm to enjoyed. The certainty of that sunshine becomes


less as we go through the latter part of the week. More cloud


starting to swell around that high-pressure system. That's open to


some debate at the moment. Into the weekend, still a bit of cloud around


but the next two days, sunshine not rain. Who skies. Great news. Thank


you. An inquest into the attack on the


beach in Tunisia in June 2015 has been told that some of the fixings


might still be alive if local security forces had acted more


quickly. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has warned policing in the


capital will suffer will the Scotland job doesn't receive


additional funding from the government. That's it for now. From


as here


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