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Growing pressure on the NHS, We'll hear how the Health Secretary's


local hospital in Surrey, is struggling to cope.


But Jeremy Hunt denies the NHS is in crisis.


The skin lightening products that can cause cancer,


It is poisoning from profit and its not the kind of activity that is a


legitimate business. Overcrowding and delays


at Victoria tube station, could this brand new ticket hall


help solve the problem. Beyond the world of side, there's


dimensional sound. The childhood poems


of George Michael, recently discovered by one of his former


primary school friends. Good evening and welcome to Friday


evening's BBC London News, As we've been hearing,


there's growing pressure on our hospital services,


with it being a particularly tough The Royal Surrey County Hospital


in Guildford is no exception, even though it sits


in the Health Secretary's The NHS Trust was at Level three,


meaning it was struggling to cope every day for the first


week of this month. And then on Monday it went up


to the most serious level. That means patients were at risk,


with some moved to the gymnasium, Here's our Political


Correspondent, Karl Mercer. If the Health Secretary wants a sign


of the pressures on the NHS, he won't have to go far. This is the


Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford, serving part of Jeremy Hunt's


constituency. It's been very busy. A lot of people seem to be waiting a


long time to be seen. But not the hospitals, it's that people can't


get appointments with their GPs. The staff have been friendly and


courteous, and we arrived early as we were asked to, and every time,


without fail, we've been seen earlier as well. Every day last


week, it was operating at the second busiest level, something now called


OPEL 3. What is OPEL 3? It means things like not hitting the


four-hour A waiting target. There are long ambulance and overtimes,


Sears capacity issues, or reductions in staff. At one stage, the hospital


had to put beds into a gym area because it was so busy but says


things are now improving. There rather gaps in registered nurses...


London hospitals are doing better than the national average. You can't


predict always wear surges of activity will happen at a


side. So we watched that very side. So we watched that very


hospitals so that we can alleviate hospitals so that we can alleviate


the pressure on particular sides. What the events of the week have


done is keep the NHS at the centre of the political debate. It's not a


surprise to see what's happening of the NHS. It's a combination of


decisions made over the last six years. It is a crisis, it's


devastating and the government needs to take more responsibility. There


is a lot of pressure. The government is putting more money into the NHS,


has responded to calls from the head of NHS England. Whatever the


political rows, the NHS' battles aren't over, with the end of January


its busiest time. That's our top story this evening,


but this is what's still to come We'll hear from fans who've been


paying tribute to the former England and Watford manager,


Graham Taylor. Devastated. Absolutely devastated.


He put Watford on the map, he put this town on the map. He did


everything for this town, no doubt about it. Especially in the


community. But, first, a crackdown on skin


lightening products, which could potentially cause organ


failure or even cancer. Shopkeepers across London selling


the illegal treatments have been issued with heavy fines,


and for the first time, They may look like harmless beauty


products, but these potions and lotions are illegal and dangerous.


This hall of skin lightening creams was taken from various cosmetics


shops and around London. This product, for example contains a


steroid. And that can affect people's adrenal system, it can send


their skin and it can cause additional head to ground their


body, as well as causing significant skin damage. 15 shopkeepers in five


different boroughs were fined on average ?11,000 for selling them.


The courts are now also issuing increasingly tougher sentences. Some


people have been achieving suspended prison sentences, meaning that they


will go to jail if they continue trading will these things. And


people have to consider the possibility of custodial sentences.


The courts are looking at this as criminal activity, it is poisoning


for profit in the isn't the kind of activity where people can think they


can run a legitimate business and sell these products. While such


products are popular? Journalist and comedian a vivid dial believes many


women feel under social pressure to have lighter skin. The way it is


seen, dark skin isn't valued. You see it all over the world, in


you are in different cultures, the you are in different cultures, the


better. Trading standards officers better. Trading standards officers


might be able to cut down on the sale of these products on the


street but it's proving much harder street but it's proving much harder


to control the market online. The Internet has opened up the market in


such a way, there's so many things you can get on there, medication


without prescription, it is the desire we need to change. She hopes


younger generations won't feed the demand for these products and be


proud of the skins they were born with.


Ayshea, and as you say in your report, internet sales


of this product makes it a really difficult problem to tackle.


Yes, absolutely, but London trading standards officers are very much


aware of this and they're making sure that this year they tackle it


in earnest. They've told us there are 15 online sellers will operate


through eBay that are under investigation. And there's a problem


as well of people using skin lightening creams which is wider


than people might think. This isn't just a problem, an African issue,


this goes worldwide, this is a massive issue. In the Far East as


well. And as Ava was saying, you have to have positive representation


of dark skinned people in popular culture, be it films, music, even


cartoons. Once you reduce the demand, you also reduce the


dangerous trade. It is a much bigger problem than just the product.


Thanks very much. Three teenagers have been


sentenced to a total of nearly 40 years in prison,


after stabbing and killing 17-year-old, Myron Yarde,


in New Cross, in April. The judge condemned the "dreadful


problem" of knife crime as he jailed the killers,


and lifted the ban on naming them. Alex Bushell was at the Old Bailey


to hear today's sentencing. Like so many of his peers, Myron


Yarde, or Mdot, as he was known, was banking on music to make it big and


escape the streets. His talent was known. What was and is the life you


wanted to leave behind was about to catch up with him, here in New


Cross, stabbed to death by Fauz Richards and two young accomplices,


both 15 at the time. In a highly unusual move, the judge lifted


restrictions from naming them they were Junior Lukelo-Mami and Lucus


Risch. His sister talked of the family's loss. He was like a rock to


us, even though he was younger brother. He is greatly missed. Her


brother was trying to retrieve stolen bike. He was, though, armed


with a samurai sword. After being overpowered by his attackers, he was


subjected to a punishment stabbing, up against a wall broad daylight.


The legs and buttocks are aimed for. Maybe in an attempt not to be fatal.


But that is ignorance on the part of people. These injuries have proved


fatal in these dig-mac this case. The judge spoke of the cost of gang


stabbings. Given that Myron Yarde was carrying a knife, that is


something I put to his sister. That is playing on a hard. It's happening


a lot in London and across the country. A lot of these teenagers


are realising the fact that they are young, they can get away with it or


not been named and shamed. Just to show that something needs to be


done. For their part in his manslaughter, Fauz Richards was


sentenced to 13 years. The others will be detained for 12 years each.


As the judge put it, this type of violence ruined everyone's lives,


the victim and assailants alike. Hundreds of children in Surrey


and Essex had an extra day-off today as several schools were forced


to close because of the weather. Last night's snowfall led


to the closure of 19 schools in Surrey and five in Essex,


because the conditions The schools are expected


to re-open on Monday. A grenade found by police has led


to the arrest of a 20-year-old man. The device found this morning,


led to bomb disposal team deactivating the explosive


on Burlington Road in New Malden. Residents were told


to evacuate their homes, but have since been allowed


to return. Another strike by train drivers


on Southern Rail is drawing to a close this evening,


the third this week. Virtually none of its services have


run, meaning around 300,000 journeys that would normally be made


on a Friday, have been disrupted. The strike is about what's known


as Driver Only Operation, and, so, Paul Clifton has been speaking


to a driver about why Driver only operation,


where the driver works the train doors, is safe,


according to Brian Denton. Some of the trains Southern


operates are 15 years old. Inherently, it is safe,


if it is correctly applied. In particularly the earlier 377s


used by Southern trains He was a union official


and, later, a manager. Drivers currently employed


by Southern are not The image and quality


that the driver can see in his cab mounted screens is less


than it could be. It is quite old technology


and it is low-res. The last drivers' strike


on Southern was 17 years ago. Brian says drivers are not militant,


and their highly paid. Most don't care for the politics


of the strike, he says. But they do feel that some safety


systems aren't up to the job. But the following week,


the conductors strike on Monday, and then drivers strike on Tuesday,


Wednesday, and Friday. It will be even more


disruptive than this week. Football will pay tribute


to the former England and Watford manager,


Graham Taylor, who died A minute's applause will be held


before all League matches But Watford fans have already been


expressing their sense of loss, Graham Taylor, son of Worksop, hero


of Watford. His achievements here will never be forgotten. They were


happy times. Chairman Elton John appointed Taylor as manager in 1977.


He led them from the fourth division to the first, into Europe and to an


FA Cup final. Even when he left Aston Villa in 1987, his chairman


wished him nothing but the best. I hope I'm a dear friend of his. I


wanted him to go on to something different, he needed something


different. When you look back on his achievements at the club, what would


you say the most important ones were? I'd say there would be no


Watford football club without Graham Taylor. No football club without


Graham Taylor is a sentiment which holds true today. In the last


decade, he led them through some troubled financial Times and, right


now, they are back in the top division of English football. The


level to which she was the very first manager ever to take them. For


those who played for him, it was his warmth, as much as his winning


mentality, which shone through. You never took yourself too seriously


because he always liked everybody to have a smile on their face, and when


you come to training, you enjoy it. When you come to games, you enjoy


your work. That was the atmosphere he created. After success at Aston


Villa and troubled times with England, Taylor eventually return to


Watford and in 1999 he again led them to the top division. Today,


fans came to vicarage Road to say goodbye to one of their own. He'd


done everything for this town, no doubt about it. Especially in the


community, involving all the town and community. He brought everybody


together. It's difficult to put it into words. I've been coming here


for over 50 years. And there will never be another one. I'm sorry.


This weekend at games throughout the country, there will be a minute's


applause for Graham Taylor, a true gentleman of football. Some very


emotional scenes. It's never too late


to tune in, because this As tributes flood in from fans, I'll


be finding out more about the childhood talent of George Michael


and his poetry he wrote when he was just an 11-year-old schoolboy.


We were tickled with some snow earlier on. Tonight, very frosty and


the weekend forecast coming up. Overcrowding and delays,


a regular experience for the millions of commuters


who use Victoria Tube station. But a new state of the art ticket


hall is to open on Monday which Transport Bosses hope


will ease the congestion. Our Transport Correspondent,


Tom Edwards has been taking a look. For commuters who can get


to Victoria, for years they've had to navigate a building site,


roads, a bus station. And the entrance to the tube often


shots due to overcrowding. This is the new northern


ticket hall, part of For the past four years,


there's been significant works here, So this is a major


milestone for the project. It means that people


using the Northern ticket hall, out into Brislington Place


and Cardinal Place, they can actually come straight


into the Victoria line platform straight up here so it'll be


major congestion relief, and an immediate benefit


to the people. Victoria is the fourth busiest tube


station in the capital, dealing with 80 million


passengers a year. Today, workers were busy


with the finishing touches. They are no longer


wanted on the Tube. This project will cost


in total ?700 million. Businesses here hope


this will encourage more It's a new commercial hub,


a new vibrant location And, therefore, the infrastructure


has to be invested in, in order to cater for those


additional passengers that will be coming through to Victoria,


be it workers, beard visitors I mean, in the last 20 years,


we've seen a 60% increase in passengers coming


through Victoria Station. The new Northern Victoria ticket


hall opens to commuters on Monday. Whether you're a fan


of George Michael, or not, nobody can deny his brilliance


as a performer and artist. Now, clues to his very early


song writing talent has been discovered too,


by an old friend Let's find out more


from Caroline Davies who's at the singer's former home


in Highgate, where fans Ever since the news of George


Michael's death on Christmas Day last year came about, there have


been tributes flooding into his house in Highgate. There are


candles, flowers, and there are balloons. Also tributes to his


lyrics. And it is slightly different lyrics we will be hearing about now,


some poetry he wrote when he was 11 years old, living in Kingsbury. They


have been rediscovered by his childhood friend.


I'm Penny, and I know George Michael from childhood.


He lived over the back to my best friend, Lisa.


All his family used to call him Yorg.


But all us North London kids used to call him Georgio.


I thought my husband was actually pulling my leg


because at the end of 2016, with all these famous people dying,


he was kind of the last person you can imagine.


I went and looked through my schoolbook to see if there was any


Sounds In The Night, by Professor What's-his-name,


Beyond the world of sight, there is a sixth dimension of sound.


And, in many cases, sound beats sight.


Sight is blacked out by the night, and that is when the sound comes in.


It stands to reason that what you can't see you can hear.


And the same applies in the daytime, only in reverse.


In other words, what you can't hear, you can see.


And that is why I'm turning to the subject tonight.


Now, what I've forgotten to tell you, I'm sure something


You'll never guess what I have to say to you.


That was penny speaking to us earlier. As you can see, it might


sound strange to pour over the lyrics of an 11-year-old boy but


that perhaps makes more sense that you think it was only a few years


later when he was 17 that he wrote to kiss-mac careless whisper. It


gives you an impression of how his mind worked. His songs will be


remembered by the many people that have left tributes here.


Thank you very much. He was a brilliant songwriter.


Now, if you want to escape the cold snap we're experiencing,


although most of the snow seems to have disappeared quickly enough,


then you could do worse than enjoy temperatures of 26 degrees whilst


walking among thousands of butterflies, a stone's


I'm talking about RHS Gardens Wisley, which Wendy Hurrell


has popped down to, after having enough of last night's snow.


Imagine you're in the Amazon with butterflies spiralling by.


And the one fluttering we can see is a swallowtail.


The glasshouse at Wisley is always a tropical place but each year


they fill it with these exotic insects to cheer us up in midwinter.


They come as pupae, which is the safest


We then take them out of their boxes when they arrive,


and glue them on to canes in special cases that we have here


And there we just wait, really, wait for them to emerge.


50 different species will be unfurling here.


They'll sip the nectar from fruit or the resident flowers.


These ones are from the Amazon, so they'll feed on rotten fruit that


are on the ground and sometimes rotting meat, and animal dung,


Others prefer flowers, the nectar from flowers.


And, so, we've got planting for them as well.


The horticulturalists here have planted these ones as a creche.


We release about 200 adult glassroom butterflies into the glasshouse


and then they'll mate and they'll lay eggs on this plant.


And this is the lavae food plant, so we planted it


I like the fact you've planted it purely to be eaten by caterpillars,


which is exactly the opposite to anything else that


They're not allowed to eat anything else.


It can stay icy for as long as it likes outside.


Under glass, here in Surrey, it's summer.


At least until the daffs come up in spring.


So, it's summer in Wisley. Let's find out what the weekend weather is


like now. You are talking about the snow


earlier on. It has mostly melted away now for many areas and it'll be


quite frosty again tonight. A lot of ice forming in places as well. Let's


see what happened a little bit earlier on today because we had that


snow crossing parts of the south-east. It turned almost like a


mini blizzard across the capital. You conceal the snow coming along,


it swiftly moved away, and as far as the is concerned, won't see any


wintry weather. Tonight, very frosty in places as well. Temperatures


dipping down to a roundabout minus three or minus four outside of town


centres. In the city, may be no lower than zero. If you still have


any snow lying around, obviously, negative temperatures, it will turn


to ice so take it steady if you're travelling first thing in the


morning. The weather is looking fine, were not going to be building


in the igloos or or anything like that, some sunshine, and a nice


crisp day on the way. What is sticking my head? Lets get rid of


that. Temperatures getting up to three or 4 degrees for most of us in


the afternoon. Chilly wind blowing out of the North. On balance, and


nice Saturday on the way. If you're out Saturday night, things are going


to turn quite frosty again. You can see the hues of blue there. You can


see some cloud filtering in from the west. By the time we get to Sunday,


it's all change. We can say goodbye to the frost, we can say goodbye to


any snow, and it looks like it'll be pretty rainy. It is a grey day on


the way on Sunday and those temperatures getting up to about


nine. And those winds will be freshening as well. As far as the


outlook is concerned into next week, doesn't look like there is any


winter weather. Later next week, hence of maybe something cold coming


back. Back to you. Thanks very much for


the weather forecast and for doing your hair.


Before we go tonight, let's take a look at the stories


Nearly half of all hospitals in England declared a 'major alert'


Among them, the Health Secretary's constituency hospital in Guildford.


Thousands of people along the East coast of England are preparing


to leave their homes this evening ahead of warnings there could be


severe flooding caused by High Winds and High Tides.


The Labour MP Tristan Hunt has announced he's to become


the director of the Victoria and Albert Museum.


He's resigned from his constituency of Stoke-on-Trent.


And suspended jail sentences have been handed down for the first time,


to those convicted of selling skin lightening treatments in London.


Watford fans have been signing the cancer and organ failure.


Watford fans have been signing the book of condolence in memory of


Graham Taylor who died yesterday. There will also be a minute's


applause at all league matches this weekend.


That's it from us this cold Friday night.


I hope we've brought you a bit of warmth to your evening.


I'll be back later, just before 10:30pm on BBC One.


Parents are facing an explosion in the number of children saying


It was like a battle, like in a war zone. She would literally scream.


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