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A headteacher pays tribute after a 15-year-old pupil is fatally


He was positive about learning, had a very bright future and will be


greatly missed by his many friends in school, and in fact


A derailed freight train during this morning's rush hour severely


Services on Southeastern here at Charing Cross


We look at plans to convert this former Victorian market


into a new state-of-the art home for the Museum for London.


Actor Timothy Spall tells us how playing a Holocaust denier has been


Welcome to BBC London News with me Riz Lateef.


"A pupil with a bright future who will be missed


A headmaster's tribute to a 15-year-old boy


who was stabbed to death in front of his classmates


Quamari Barnes was attacked outside his school in Kensal Rise


Our Home affairs correspondent, Nick Beake, joins us from outside


This evening friends and family are still outside the school,


remembering a young boy who said goodbye to his' yesterday morning,


but didn't come home. All day, they have been bringing flowers, leaving


messages. -- to his' yesterday. People are at a loss to understand


why a young boy was killed in this way.


At the school gates, just metres from where their loved


Surrounded by friends who only yesterday were sharing lessons


and jokes with the latest teenager to be murdered in London.


15-year-old Quamari Barnes was heard to shout, "He's going to stab me!"


One boy who didn't want to show his face told us he could only watch


He was the most loved person in the whole of our school, like...


It was emotional, because we gave him hugs, said get home say.


And I come out of school, and I see that he's stabbed, like...


It's a small world, like, all these teenagers out here running


As the police looked for evidence near the school,


it emerged they had arrested another 15-year-old boy,


Detectives say the motive for the killing is not clear.


A killing which has clearly hit this community hard.


We're all deeply saddened by this death.


It's undoubtedly a tragic loss of life, and our thoughts


and prayers are with the boy's family and those who


He was positive about learning, had a very bright future,


and will be greatly missed by his many friends


in school and in fact the entire school community.


And for Rebecca, who herself went to the school,


and knows the family well, it is such a waste.


I just saw a picture of him, with RIP, and I was just,


Quamari Barnes is the second teenager to be stabbed


The number of young people being injured with knives has gone


The headteacher we saw in the report there has said that counselling is


available to all pupils who feel that they needed. The Metropolitan


Police have had officers here all day, detectives going door-to-door,


we're also seen officers patrolling the perimeter of the school. The


police are really appealing directly to pupils here, and also their


parents, because they say their evidence, their information could be


vital as they proceed with this case. As for that 15-year-old boy


who was arrested this afternoon on suspicion of murder, he remains in


police custody this evening. Thank you. Our home affairs correspondent


in Kensal Green. We look at why cyclists


are being allowed to use the pavement in one part London


without facing prosecution. Thousands of commuters faced major


disruption during this morning's rush hour after a freight train


derailed in south east London. It meant all services


on the Southeastern network Let's get the latest


from Alice Bhandhukravi who's A slightly less busy evening here at


Charing Cross than usual, and it's no wonder given the level of


disruption on Southeastern this morning's rush-hour. Lots of people


rushing past us now to get into the station, only to be greeted by signs


that say delayed and cancelled. Just before 6am, when this freight


train derailed in Lewisham, it meant services on Southeastern


from London were delayed, diverted or cancelled, which made


for a punishing rush-hour. Many commuters documented


their journeys, and took to social For some, it was just another


example of the major difficulties many face commuting in and out


of London from the south-east. Network Rail, which is investigating


the cause of the derailment, Both Network Rail and Southeastern


expect disruption to The latest on that issue of


compensation is that Network Rail has announced it will be doubling


the level of compensation for delays for those who are eligible. That


might soften the blow for some. But as I said earlier, services are not


going to resume as normal tomorrow. We are told that there will be a


normal service from Hale is to Charing Cross, but it went be


stopping at Lewisham. -- from Hayes to Charing Cross. As always, check


before you travel. You can keep up-to-date on our breakfast


bulletins and on radio London. Absolutely. Thank you for that


update. The capital again suffered from high


levels of pollution today. It came as the Mayor said he'd be


funding schools in polluted areas to look at ways to deal


with bad air. But one of his major schemes


an ultra low emission zone Here's our Emvironment


correspondent, Tom Edwards. From the air, you can clearly make


out today the pollution over London. On the ground, this school


in Southwark is right Many pupils have asthma,


and here they want action And I'm very aware of when I change


a display just in the entrance here, as I clean the shelves of the glass


cabinet, it comes So, even though the doors are shut


all day, it's coming in. My problem is, the bad guys


are criticising me and not Today, pollution got political


as the mayor lay into his opponents. He will now fund audits of 50


schools, which will recommend Such as moving entrances and play


areas, or changing road layouts. I have announced today a package


to support schools in London, Those schools in the most


polluted parts of London, the dirtiest parts of London,


will be more likely That's not politicising it,


that's addressing the issues. The mayor's taken some


really good steps. The commitment to the emission


zone and expanding it from the north to south circular,


for example, will be very important London's air is particularly


poor at the moment. According to City Hall,


a lack of wind isn't blowing away vehicle emissions and pollutants


from domestic wood burning. Now the Tories in the assembly have


criticised the mayor's flagship policy, and expanded ultralow


emission zone within the North Where more polluting vehicles


will have to pay to enter. They say it won't deliver


big enough benefits. We think the mayor should use


the money that would have to be made available for the wider zone,


going to the north and south circular,


in a much more targeted way. We think he could procure over 2000


hybrid buses, for example. He can retrofit 10,000


of the black taxis to put them on liquid petroleum gas,


which is zero emission. We think that those measures


would be much more targeted, and would deliver a much more


beneficial result than simply expanding the zone,


which is what he is proposing The mayor says his policies will


work, although while the capital continues to suffer from bad air,


air quality campaigners say An Arsenal midfielder has been


interviewed by police following an allegation he racially


abused a British Airways Our sports reporter


Chris Slegg is here - Granit Xhaka is the player in


question. This incident happened just before 7:30am at Heathrow


terminal five last night -- 7:30pm. Users whose international


midfielder, he joined Arsenal last year for just over ?30 million. On


Sunday he was sent off in the second time this season in their 2-1 win


over Burnley, and then last night he is believed to have been taking a


friend had come to visit him here in London back to the airport. It's


believed his friend arrived too late to prevent the flight and was


prevented it from doing so. Some sort of titillation seems to have


happened at the moment, which is when the allegation of Dutch or some


sort of altercation. Arsenal have said it is a private matter, beyond


that they said they won't be commenting any further -- the


allegation of altercation. They say the allegation was made by a third


party, witness to the incident. They haven't named Xhaka, but they say


the officers attended the scene, that the person involved was seen,


and voluntarily attended a police station. It was not arrested, but


arrested and a police caution. They say their enquiries are continuing.


Chris, thank you very much. A strike on Southern Rail


will continue tomorrow by RMT members in their long running


dispute with rail bosses over Only a dozen train drivers took part


in today's walk-out. Southern admitted cancellations


were mainly due to crew sickness Tomorrow's strike is


still due to go ahead. Firefighters are still tackling


a blaze at a warehouse It broke out last night and fire


officers have been working all day People nearby have been advised


to keep their windows closed. An investigation into


the cause has been launched. An explosion at a block of flats


in Hornchurch yesterday may have been caused by the preparation


of drugs according to Two men have been arrested


following the blast which caused part of the building


to partially collapse. Four people were taken to hospital


and 25 had to be rescued. The cause of the explosion


is not yet known. Figures tell us that people living


in London are affected by the HIV virus more than anywhere else


in the UK. Two in every five people with it


are here in the capital. But the number of newly diagnosed


cases in London is falling. Four of the biggest clinics say


they've seen a 40 to 50% drop Some experts say it's due to large


numbers of gay men taking a drug currently not available on the NHS -


but available online. He is part of a growing


number of HIV negative gay men who are choosing


to have unprotected sex. I have had sex with people


without using a condom. And some of them have been HIV


positive, and some of them Because I've been on PReP,


that increased my confidence Last, four of London's leading


sexual health clinics saw the greatest reduction in new HIV


diagnoses they seen since the beginning of the epidemic


in the 1980s will stop experts are advising it may


be due to this drug. PReP is widely taken in other


countries as treatment There are a lot of questions yet


to be answered, that there are many groups I think who are at equal


and perhaps even greater risk of HIV, who perhaps


don't know about PReP, don't feel comfortable about it,


don't have all of the information. Critics of the drug say it's


expensive and not foolproof. However, despite this, the NHS lost


a court case, meaning it will have to fund it in future,


a move supported by some clinics. PReP is a very effective


prevention strategy. I wouldn't say it's a wonder drug,


because nothing in isolation is the answer when it comes


to preventing HIV transmission. PReP has given us a really effective


additional tool to combine with the other tools we had,


but which were not working. Until it becomes available


on the NHS, men like Jason are resorting to the web


for their medication. About 25,000-35,000 Londoners


have visited our site What we've done in effect is created


a community health care system that's sitting outside


of the National health care system. Jason gets tested regularly,


but these days he doesn't An HIV test yesterday,


and the results came through in the evening of the same


day, because test results And I knew that it would be,


because I've been on PrEP And although I've had a lot


of sexual encounters with different levels of risk,


I'm now confident I'm He says by providing this drug


on the NHS in the future, others too will benefit


from the same piece of mind. We find out how the Museum of London


is ?180 million closer to making this forlorn bit


of Farringdon its new home. Another weather warning for the


white office of fog and also some ice tonight, with a very cold day on


Thursday. -- from the Met office. More later.


Should cyclists be able to ride on the pavement


Well, police in Camden have defended their decision not


to punish some people who do just that.


Instead they'll look at why riders use footpaths rather than roads.


Needless to say it's divided opinion - as Ayshea Buksh reports.


Sharing the road for many cyclists is tough enough, and showing the


pavement sometimes is a necessary manoeuvre. Here in north London,


police were told by residents to many were also going on to local


streets. The neighbourhood Sergeant decided it was better to work with a


cyclist rather than against them, and decided not to punish them. The


complaint was that there on the pavements. We said we accept that


undercut the reasons why, so we can fix that and get them off the


pavement. It is not the free for all, we're responding to concerns


Dutch weblog we accept that and want to know the reasons. The advice from


the Department for Transport says all police officers can use their


discretion. If a cyclist is cycling rudely and dangerously he should be


fine. Where would you like your cyclist or the child or parent or


your pension to cycle? -- he should be fined. Had locals in Primrose


Hill feel about it? It worries me, in case they get, you know, they


sort of gaining momentum and don't break, especially male cyclists. It


is complicated with a pushchair to have cyclists and questionnaires. We


can't go the same way, so we have to go on the road. Why did you sound


your own? He was cycling in the middle-of-the-road. Because it is


illegal to cycle in the middle-of-the-road. The Sergeant


makes a stop, not cyclist but a car steadily I used my home to one


cyclist, because he was cycling in the middle-of-the-road. A lot of


cyclists are being intimidated, forced over, and that one who is


taking a damaging row position to prevent that happening, but


intimidating, inconsiderate behaviour from behind. That is one


end upon the pavement, which is where we don't want them. The


friction on the crowded London roads and pavements is to continue, but in


this part of the capital, any coexistence may come.


He says it's one of his most challenging roles.


In his latest move Timothy Spall - plays a London historian who wrote


controversial books denying the Holocaust ever happened -


who was then challenged by an American academic sparking


Our Entertainment Correspondent Brenda Emmanus has been chatting


April 2000, when London historian David Irving faced a humiliating


Having sued Penguin books and their American author,


Deborah Lipstadt, who had accused him of denying


I've been defending it against someone who wanted to abuse it.


Rachel Weisz now portrays Deborah in the film Denial,


with Timothy Spall as her infamous adversary, Irving.


Let me reveal something to you, Professor.


I am that David Irving about whom you have been so rude.


And it puzzles me that you think yourself qualified to attack me,


given that I have 30 years' experience in the archive.


And was this your most challenging role to date?


I would say it always felt like it was going to be a challenge,


because I know he's a controversial character, and he's alive,


So my job as a human being, I have a responsibility


I have to conclude that the reason you don't engage with people


you disagree with is because you can't!


Denial was shot predominantly in the capital, where


With Deborah Lipstadt closely involved from the time her book


Can you put into words what it was like taking


on this very abrasive, London historian?


Well, it was frightening at the beginning, because I didn't


know how I would do it, what I would do, and calling


the historian because as we proved he lies and he manipulates


There were moments that were really scary.


This case is happening to you, but it's not about you.


This man hates me, he's coming for me.


And when someone comes after you, you take him on.


Why do you think he specifically targeted Deborah?


I think one of the motivations, as I see it from his point of view,


Was that he was protecting his professional reputation,


his existence, because I presume he made the assumption that


being called a Holocaust denier would affect sales of his books.


All involved can see that Denial is a timely film,


considering the current talking politics of alternative truths,


Promotional posters have already been defaced across London.


They wait until the Tube stop is empty and no one's there,


and then they take out a black magic marker and they write something.


Why they write on Timothy Spall's face, he's playing


Plans for a new state-of-the-art home for the Museum of London have


been a big boost today - in the form of nearly ?200


As Emma North reports - the proposal is to redevelop


The Museum of London's getting ?180 million leg up


to develop its new home at West Smithfield.


And the woman who secured the money is happy.


I cycled home through London, singing to myself.


We will be able to put on more exhibitions, more collections,


bring more things out of our stores, have great programmes.


And I want us to be a 24-hour museum.


The old market at West Smithfield will become home to the 6 million


items currently down the road at the old Museum of London.


With the ?70 million slice coming from City Hall,


this is the largest cultural investment made by a London mayor.


It's a project designed to build legacies.


I campaigned saying I wanted to make sure culture was a top priority.


I think culture's in the DNA of our city, the glue


We'll have this museum, not simply the best of the last


2000 years in our city, we're going to go back more


than 450,000 years and it's going to be fantastic.


Three years ago, a project to turn the site into shops was blocked,


despite being backed by the very people who today dipped


into their pockets to the tune of ?110 million.


It was called in by the Secretary of State,


You have to accept that decision, and we've now made the best of it


by buying the building for the museum.


In the shadow of the old buildings, they've been waiting for something


It will bring more people, not tourists.


All this promises much for Smithfield, but with one in six


Londoners working in the culture industry, does ploughing so much


cash into a single thing put too much focus on one high project?


We're working with student spaces, with live music venues,


and a range of different kind of smaller businesses to make sure


that the whole ballot of London's cultural


There has been a market here for 1000 years.


With a little more fundraising and that all-important


planning application, it was promised today that this


It's that time of the evening now for a check on the


There is more fog. We have still got plenty of it about, for the next


couple of days. This is the familiar picture across the region this


morning, with some sunshine eventually breaking through. The Met


office has is covered by a weather warning once again, for dense


patches and also some freezing fog patches. In addition, there is an


ice warning tonight as well. All that moisture is just going to stick


to everything, and untreated roads will be very tricky tomorrow,


especially in those fog patches. It is because we finished the day with


those lovely clear skies. I want to draw your attention to the fog over


across the low countries, and the cloud by height it which has been


producing some snow grains over parts of Germany. We could get a


tiny dusting through Wednesday and Thursday as well. Not very much.


Before that, we must worry about the fog filling in out there at the


moment. Dense, freezing patches and then more cloud creeping into the


south-east as the night goes out. It will list the temperature there, but


where you are seeing the negative figures, you're dealing with


freezing fog and possibly ice as well. Tricky driving conditions


first thing tomorrow morning. The fog will eventually lift up after a


dank and murky start. Then the sort of swap the grey fog for grey skies,


as there is cloud filling in throughout the day. It will feel


chilly because we haven't had the benefit of the sunshine through the


day tomorrow. 3-6 degrees at best. It is feeling even called on


Thursday, but for different reasons. The cloud gets nibbled at by a


slightly drier air coming in from the south-east. It is good in some


ways, it gets rid of some of the fog. It is dry, cold air, and it


means it will feel very chilly through the day on Thursday.


Temperatures may be only one, two, three degrees at best. When you


factor in the wind and dryness of the committal feel like -3 places,


so quite bitter bitter on Thursday. In the latter part of the Wii,


temperatures pick up a bit. 8 degrees on Friday, and possibly


double fingers. In the meantime, it is the fairway have do contend with.


Thank you very much. Draft legislation -


allowing the government to start the process of leaving the EU


is to be introduced within days. It follows a Supreme Court ruling


Parliament should be given a vote Shares in BT plunged today


after the company revealed the impact of an accounting scandal


in its Italian business is far worse The head of BT Europe


resigned this afternoon. Detectives investigating the death


of a teenager outside his school in Willesden yesterday afternoon


have arrested a fifteen Quamari Barnes was stabbed in front


of pupils and taken to hospital And this year's Oscar nominations


were revealed today - with the musical La La Land


the most nominated film. Londoners Dev Patel and Naomie


Harris are also shortlisted. from everyone on the team,


have a lovely evening.


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