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Millwall 1-0 council as a huge redevelopment scheme


Its sports fans generally, this is sport's fight.


We're live in Bermondsey with reaction.


I'm in Dagenham were two women have died at a fire in these maisonettes.


An investigation has been launched into how it started.


Also tonight: combating the cost of childcare -


plans to help parents in the capital find money for nursery.


And a look round the London Tudor palace -


Good evening, welcome to the programme with me Riz Lateef.


The future of one Millwall FC looks safe after plans to buy the land


around the ground have been abandoned.


It comes after BBC London learned that the council would hold


an independent review into controversial plans


Millwall had suggested it could force them to leave the area.


Millwall Football Club might not be in the Premier League but that


doesn't make it any less loved by its fans and that is because of work


like this, community work, young, talented footballers being given a


step up through sport but the coaches he believed up until today


that they would have to move it out of this building, next door to the


Den. They thought it was over. Children


are caught you run by the Millwall Football Club trust. -- children are


taught here. Today, the plans were scrapped. We've only reach this


public pressure through online pressure against the council.


Millwall fans but also other sports fans generally, it is sport's fight


itself. It was not just the trust that was under threat, a compulsory


purchase order meant local businesses would have to move, all


in the name of a regeneration that would bring thousands of new homes


to the area. Many couldn't understand why the two could live


together. Hopefully is the end, weedy little bit sceptical about


news from Lewisham Council but it has been a complete nightmare for


three or four years, uncertainty in terms of playing and businesses. We


got the fish unit next to, one of London's leading wholesale fish


businesses, and we have plans to upgrade our own unit which have been


made difficult. the euphoria of the recent FA Cup win has been matched


by today's News for some fans. In a statement, the council said it is


not proceeding with any compulsory purchase order on the new pregnancy


development. -- Bermondsey. They believe it means an improved


regeneration can begin. We can say with certainty they can stay in


south-east London. It means the community can continue to operate in


the local area and it will mean that they give the Academy is saved. It


also means we can re-evaluate this development, get more affordable


social housing, which Londoners really need. Is great news for


Millwall, great news for fans and I'm grateful to the community


support. There are plenty of hope to jump through before any regeneration


starts but the club and its community organisation to leave now


they can survive the bulldozers. -- believe now. The next big meeting


will be on February eight for Lewisham Council. No statement yet


from the developers but the smiles on the faces of these young football


tonight tell their own story. Two women have died after a house


fire in east London. Five people have been taken to


hospital. Firefighters rescued


a child and three adults It happened first thing this


morning in Dagenham. Flames and thick smoke,


flashing sirens, this is what awoke neighbours


on Bradwell Avenue this morning. One woman stands seemingly


trapped on a balcony. Eyewitnesses say she was


rescued by firefighters. There was a woman out


there on the balcony with a baby trying to get down and five minutes


later the fire brigade turned up, smashed the window to try


and get her out and the people running around with no tops on,


so a very worrying time. People were banging,


shouting, screaming, then I went out to the balcony


to see it was a fire and when the firefighters came


I managed to get out. When firefighters came,


they found that five people, including two children,


had escaped by themselves, but it was too late


to save two other women. They were confirmed


dead at the scene. The women who died here have not yet


been officially identified. Police say they are still trying


to trace their next of kin. Five people, including two children,


had been taken to hospital. It's not known how serious


their injuries are. That side of the block


are a tight community, Forensic teams have been


examining the scene, trying to work out how


the fire started. At the moment, it's being


treated as unexplained. Some neighbours have been moved out


into temporary accommodation And it's also emerged that three


people, including a child, have died in a separate


fire in Reigate. They were found in a bed together


by police, who were called yesterday The fire's cause is not yet known,


but it is believed to have Still to come tonight: We hear


from the mother of the 20 year old accused of attempting


to assassinate Donald Trump And I'm at a hidden gem in London, a


historic site where football's offside rule was born and which


opens to the public for the first time in over 600 years.


London Underground is warning passengers who use the Central


and Waterloo and City line to expect disruption later


Let's get the details from our Transport Correspondent Tom Edwards


who's at Bank station in the city for us tonight, when


If you use the Central line and the Waterloo and Central line,


destruction is on the way. The Central line at shut early tonight


at about 11pm. Also tomorrow, they will be more serious disruption in


Leytonstone and there will be a reduced service on the rest of the


line. Also, they will be no service at all on the Waterloo City line


so city workers that use that service are going to have to find


other ways to work I'm afraid. What is the dispute about? It's a local


issue about three depots in Essex and their eight tube drivers who


have been told it will have to work as of else caught by London


Underground. That has not gone down well at all with the unions, as you


can imagine. Hence, we are in this situation we have this straight.


London Underground say this strike is completely unnecessary. We need


to move staff from locations where they are underutilised. The RMT have


said, there is no doubt if London Underground get away with this, they


will start shunting around drivers regardless. This is a local dispute


at the moment but in the current climate, you just don't know where


it's going to end up. A man's been arrested


on suspicion of threatening the Brexit court campaigner,


Gina Miller. Her legal challenge forced


the government to give MPs a vote The 50-year-old was arrested this


morning in Knightsbridge. Passengers were evacuated


from a train in South East London London fire brigade were called


to Kidbrooke station to a train Southeastern are investigating


the fire under the drivers cab. A North Korean diplomat who defected


from the London embassy last year has given his first TV interview


since his defection. He's told the BBC he believes


the regime will collapse one day Now living in South Korea,


Thae Yong-Ho has been talking about how much


he misses his old life in London. The North Korean Embassy just off


the north circular in Ealing. For about ten years,


this was home of the former deputy ambassador, Thae Yong-ho,


then in August he defected In his first interview since


defecting, he says his relatives in North Korea will have been sent


to prison camps as punishment I am sure that my relatives,


brothers, sisters, families right now are all sent to remote,


closed areas or prison camps. I'm very much now determined to do


everything possible to pull down the North Korean regime


and to save not only my family, but the whole North Korean


people from slavery. On the North Korean leader,


Kim Jong-un, he says he believes the dictator is prepared to fire


nuclear weapons at America Kim Jong-un will press the button


of this dangerous weapon. He thinks that his


rule and his dynasty Remembering his life in London,


the former diplomat said I really miss that life,


especially in Ealing. Even now, I'm really sorry for not


saying goodbye to my tennis club. I still miss the English spring


and autumn so now I really want to say goodbye and thank


you to all my club members. Next this evening: Women MPs say


they're experiencing unprecedented Around two thirds of those


questioned by the BBC said they felt "less safe" following the murder


of Labour MP Jo Cox last summer. Let's get more details


from Louisa Preston, As we know, it took women a long


time to get into the building behind me, the first female MP was elected


98 years ago after many years of struggles and it seems that female


MPs are facing struggles of their own today. After the death of Jo


Cox, many MPs feel unsafe after receiving abuse verbally and


physically. A BBC survey has found that eight out of ten female MPs


have received some sort of verbal abuse and half have received


physical abuse. In London, we see many female MPs, one of the standard


ones Labour MP Stella Creasy spoken out a lot about it and faced years


of abuse. The MP for Kilburn joins me now, Tulip Sadik, tell me about


the abuse you faced. In ranges from abuse about my gender, my name, my


religion to more dishes in terms of threats of physical violence when


they said they wanted to butcher me and my family, and you can imagine


how horrible it is when the attack your family as well. At the end of


the day, you're just doing your job. Yes, and I'm just a public servant,


I was elected and I'm happy to engage with people if they want to


have a constructive political discussion with me, about policy or


my views, but to actually just direct abuse at me, dressed up as


political discourse, is unacceptable. You think social media


and Twitter is to blame? Ten years ago I worked for an MP who received


a lot of hate mail but it would be in written form with the stamp on


it, posted to the House of Commons on the winners now you don't really


need to do that any more, you have Twitter and Facebook on your


smartphone, you can access MPs and celebrities very quickly and hurl


abuse at them all from the privacy of your bedroom, hiding behind a


computer screen, which is really sad. It's interesting. Five out of


six of the female MPs when actually asked if they were sure they would


want to become an MP if they were starting their careers all over


again, they said yes, they would, so difficult for female MPs but it


obviously doesn't put them off doing their actual job.


The mother of a man from Surrey accused of trying to assassinate


Donald Trump says she's looking forward to him coming


home, so he can get help for Asperger's syndrome.


20-year-old Michael Sandford was arrested at a Trump rally


He was sentenced to 12 months in prison, and is due


Our reporter David Allard has been speaking to his mother Lynne.


I love Las Vegas! June last year. This footage shows the moment


Michael Sandford try to snatch a gun from a police officer to shoot


Donald Trump. Absolutely horrified, my heart just beating and I burst


into tears, I could not believe it. He's a very gentle, a very quiet,


very loving lad. He's struggled greatly throughout his life with a


variety of physical and mental health problems. But she says


Michael was in a better state of mind when he travelled to the USA


for a gap year when he didn't make contact for weeks, she recorded them


-- him missing. He is vulnerable, he does go on the Internet, who has


either had been mixing with? We now know he developed more medical


problems than we realised and she has been diagnosed as having a


psychotic episode at the time. A BBC documentary followed Lynn and


Michael's Father Paul as they attended his sentencing in the


states. He pleaded guilty to being an illegal alien in possession of a


firearm and disrupting Government business. He got 12 months. The


judge could clearly see he was in troubled, misguided young lad but he


deserves a second chance. -- a troubled lad. From his maximum


security prison, Michael is allowed 115 minute phone call PDA.


-- once per day. What do you hope will happen when Michael is


eventually released in May? I hope he gets to come home to his loving


family. He will have a lot of clear that he still needs and medication


and support and restart his life. And the documentary,


The Brit Who Tried To Kill Trump is available now on the BBC iPlayer


and also on BBC One Ask any working parent


in the capital about the cost of childcare and they'll probably


tell you how expensive it is. Now City Hall has come up


with a scheme to help parents borrow a lump sum to cover


a nursery deposit. It works like a season


ticket loan coming out of monthly salaries,


but tax free. Here's our political


correspondent Karl Mercer. When you're this old, bunny ears and


bubbles on a bit more important than to bank balances. But it's what


happens when patrons to say to go back to work that the mayor has


addressed today -- parents. He says parents need help finding a deposit


for a nursery place. So he is offering loans to all workers under


his control to do just that and encouraging other firms to follow


suit. We know many parents face a barrier, darting a new job or


returning to work. A lot of childminders charge fees and


deposits in advance which can be a real barrier. any financial help,


especially with twins, is amazing. It would mean that a lot of people


would be struggling because you've spent all your pay and you might be


able to go back to work. One of the reasons it's difficult to go back to


work if you don't have the cash to pay for the deposit upfront. There's


enough silly that is offering half-price discount but that's just


to reserve a place. Is not doable for most families. A lot of my


friends are freelancers as well and can't get the work for the ugly and


then they don't have the work guaranteed -- the outlay. Deposits


can be up to ?1500 but that the issue -- issue is to allow parents


to stay in work. Those representing smaller firms warn about putting too


much burden on the businesses themselves. Small businesses can


about the cost of living in London for their staff but they also cared


about the cost of doing business and even though they would get their


money back eventually, the problem is finding the money up front


because for many smaller businesses on tight margins, they just don't


have a spear however many thousands of pounds that it would be to take


part in this -- spare. the mayor hopes bigger firms will follow the


lead. Next, it's one of London's


most historic buildings, but you've probably never


heard of it. The Charterhouse will open


to the public for the first Our arts correspondent Brenda


Emmanus has been taking a look. London is blessed with some hidden


treasures, places and buildings tucked away from the hubbub of urban


life that still make up the fabric of our history. The Charterhouse


year on the east side of Smithfield is a true gem. This is the complex


has been many things, a monastery, he chewed or mansion, a school and


an alms house -- Tudor and it opens for the first time in several


hundred years. It tells the story of London from the Black death in 1348


to the present day. It was bought by a man called Walter Mani who used


the ground as a pet for victims of the Black death and he then founded


a monastery on the site which host 24 monks. Today the Charterhouse is


home to community of milk -- male pensioners known as Brothers. Thomas


Sutton was the man who founded the charity in 1611 and it's because of


him the school and alms house were founded. At the time of his death,


he was known as the Richard Commoner in the whole country and had started


his life as a servant to the Howard and Dudley families, both wealthy


Tudor dynasty is, then he made money through his coalmines in Durham and


we see many remainders of his wealth and his crest around the site. --


reminders. This is also used as a location for films from Downton


Abbey through to Taboo starring Tom Hardy. This cloister was named after


the joke of Norfolk, who built the ceiling to get to his real tennis


court at the end. It was converted into a school and the boys from the


Charterhouse School would play football at year. Interesting fact,


it was on this spot that the offside rule as we know it was born. The


principal historic buildings of the Charterhouse were damaged during the


Blitz. They were restored between 1950 and 1959. The site now enters a


new chapter with part of the building open to visitors. It's a


really exciting phase in our history and in partnership with the Museum


of London we have opened this new museum which the public can visit


from Friday onwards. It tells the story of the site through the people


who have lived, worked can be associated with it and it is full of


objects both from our own collections and from lending


institutions. Guided tours can be booked in advance and provide an


insight into the role that the Charterhouse played in key moments


in British history. Let's get a check on the weather


and Chris Fawkes has joined us. We've had three days of faulty


weather which has coast delays at airports. The fog has moved up. We


have got a lot of cloud. The cloud and murkiness, there's a lot more of


it to come overnight tonight from Europe and into tomorrow so don't


expect to see any sunshine. There's a lot of cloud through the night


which is thick enough to give us drizzle and the odd snowflake. No


accumulation but it will be a cold night. Even in the centre of town,


things will get quite icy tomorrow morning. A miserable day all in all.


A lot of low cloud and visibility won't be too bad on account of the


brisk winds but it is the winds you will most notice if you're out and


about, dragging in continental air. The skydive to Brighton later but it


will stay cold, temperatures just above freezing. But it will feel


like it is below freezing because of the wind. A subtle change with the


weather for the end of the week and on Friday, air is still coming from


the south but more from the way of Biscay so things should turn milder.


We are looking at showers moving from the south, still some fairly


strong winds around but it won't be as cold. Nine Celsius by the end of


the day and it is just showers so not heavy rain. Into the weekend, we


are looking at some rain, a change to our weather pattern and we start


to see the Atlantic exerting its influence. Breezy conditions for


Saturday and a band of rain will be pushing its way through, followed by


brighter skies in the afternoon, temperature is around 10 Celsius and


it should be dry on Sunday, turning cooler and fresher. That's how the


weather is shaping up. That's it for now,


thanks for joining us. Plenty more on our


website and on Facebook. From me and all the team here,


whatever you're up to, RADIO: 'The UK has voted to leave


the European Union by 52% to 48. 'Ukip leader Nigel Farage celebrated


the result, declaring that 'dawn was breaking on an


independent nation.' Ugh!


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