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and on BBC One we now join the BBC's news teams where you are.


Coming up on the programme this evening: A father who was showing


off in his car is sent to prison for dangerous driving.


Five children were in this speeding vehicle when it mowed down


My sister, she was caring, kind person who always looked


out for other people, and she was...


The driver today begged the victim's father for forgiveness.


Also ahead: A protest camp makes a last stand against an oil company


which wants to start drilling on the Surrey Hills.


I'd like my grandchildren to have the same growing up,


with all this wonderful countryside around them.


Police identify the body of a man found on Saddleworth


The City of London issues a challenge to the capital -


recycle your coffee cups to prevent millions of them


And after falling into disrepair for decades,


some forgotten treasures are rediscovered in Peckham.


Thank you for joining us, I'm Asad Ahmad.


A speeding driver described as "arrogant" has been found guilty


of killing a student in south-west London as she crossed the road


Farid Reza and William Spicer were both showing off


through the streets of Kingston when one of them crashed into


Before sentencing, Reza knelt at the feet of the victim's father


Our home affairs correspondent, Nick Beake, was in court.


Compassionate, selfless, with so much to live for. A family tribute


today to Hina Shamim, knocked down and killed by a speeding driver who


was simply showing off. Caught on CCTV, this is Hina Shamim, holding


her coursework, heading towards the library, but coming towards our two


BMWs. It shows them hurtling along at twice the speed limit. The car in


front hits the 21-year-old before smashing into a bus. Nearly two


years on and the family's losses still unbearable. I find it really


hard to cope. It has been really tough for all of us. She was a big


part of our family and we all loved her and losing her at such a young


age has been really difficult. The 36-year-old Farid Reza was at the


wheel. In court, he fell to the feet of his victim's father begged for


forgiveness but the jury had already rejected his claim he was trying to


get away from another driver he had just cut up. That driver was William


Spicer. He walked from court after being found guilty of a lesser


charge of careless driving. It happened here on an evening when


many students were in the area. The cars were travelling down the street


at 70 mph. When one of them hit Hina Shamim, she did not stand a chance.


In the car that hit her with five children. One of them that Sasha and


a fractured jaw, collarbone and skull but survived. How would you


characterise the driving that night? Contemptible. 16 mph with children


in the car, ridiculous. Let's not forget there were seven people


injured that night, one fatally, one seriously and the other five


moderately. It was horrendous. After her death, Hina Shamim's family


raised ?30,000 to go to an impoverished area of Pakistan. It is


a legacy but they say her death has left a void that can never be


filled. That's our top story this evening


but still to come before 7: More misery for commuters in east


London as troops staff walk out and crippled the central line. -- Tube


staff. Protestors are tonight


making their last stand against an oil company which wants


to start drilling for oil A camp was set up on Leith Hill


to oppose the work by those concerned that the drilling


would damage an Area But Europa Oil has been


given permission to evict They call it the fort. Only a


handful of people remain inside. They would not let us any closer.


After a High Court ruling on Monday, the lives can turn up at any moment


a victim. -- bailiffs. Some campers have been here since October. The


latest action by protesters and residents in the seven-year fight


over the prospect of test drilling for oil. I would like my


grandchildren to have the same growing up, with all this wonderful


countryside around them to stop this is not about fracking the shale gas,


which is much more controversial and has got plenty of headlines. This is


straightforward drilling for oil. But for these protesters in


residence, that is not the point. They believe there is a wide issue.


Surrey Hills has been designated as an area of outstanding natural


beauty and they say if provision is granted to drill here, it could be


granted just about anywhere. And it is a serious project. There is


already a site up the road in rock. The oil rig itself would be 35


metres high. It is hoped it could yield up to 11 million barrels.


There is also a chance there might be no oil there whatsoever.


Recently, the stakes have been raised. Protesters have been accused


of blocking lorries in the road. Jackie was one of them. The bigger


picture is the entire wheel it will be industrialised if we do not look


out or watch what is happening because there is going to be Surrey


Hills, broken, they are looking at drilling a line across the wheel to.


Surrey County Council which has opposed plans to rout says drilling


is some days off but the days of this protest appeared to be


numbered. Some news in brief now


and neighbours have paid tribute to a couple and their young son


who died in a fire at a remote The family hasn't been formally


identified but friends have named them as Tiago and Adriana Nunes


and their son, Tiago Junior. It's not yet known


what caused the fire It's being claimed that patients


across Hertfordshire and Essex are being put in danger as it's


taking too long for Paramedics aim to get to those


with the most life threatening conditions within eight minutes


but figures obtained by the GMB union show almost a third


of patients who rely on the East of England Ambulance Service


are waiting longer. The service says the number of calls


it's responding to has A video showing football fans


singing anti-Semitic insults directed at Spurs supporters


is being investigated Some fans heading towards the Etihad


Stadium before Tottenham's game against Manchester City on Saturday


were heard chanting Officers said they were treating


the footage as a hate crime. A homeless hostel in north London


welcomed a royal guest today. Prince Harry visited


the Running Charity, who use exercise to boost


the self-esteem of Official figures show rough sleeping


has risen for the sixth consecutive The mystery behind the identity


of a man found dead more than a year ago on Saddleworth Moor in the north


of England has finally been solved. He's 67-year-old Londoner David


Lytton, who was only identified when detectives discovered he had


travelled from Pakistan to Heathrow For more than a year, his identity


was a mystery. Now we can finally put a name to the face. The body of


David Lytton was found on Saddleworth Moor on the 12th of


December 20 15. He had no wallet, no ID, no phone and was seemingly


untraceable, until now. We were so pleased, after so much work went


into it. I could not believe we potentially found him. It was the


first family knew. David had been living in Pakistan in Lahore since


2006. Mr Lytton left Pakistan on the 10th of December 2015 and arrived in


heat through the following day. He then took the train to Manchester


Piccadilly and was captured on CCTV. Later, he arrived at a pub where he


asked directions to the top of the mountain. It played on my mind, the


fact we have not been able to find out and tell two years later. But in


hindsight, everything is easy, but at least we have closure now and we


can all put to rest. From the pub, he headed to a local beauty spot.


This is a reservoir where Mr Lytton trekked through on his way up the


hill to the moors. Why he travelled such a distance and why he came to


this location remains a mystery. Among the theories, whether Mr


Lytton had a personal connection to a 1949 plane crash close to where


his body was found. John Mundell has followed the story closely from the


start. There are so many unanswered questions. A man who the police


believe took as own life in December 2015 and compounded by the fact that


they had no idea who he was for so long but at least now they have an


identity and have managed to speak to his family. He had been named


Neil by local mortuary workers because of where his body was


discovered. David Lytton finally has his identity back but remains a man


shrouded in mystery. Commuters travelling into town


from east London faced more misery today after London Underground staff


on both the Central and Waterloo It's the second walkout on the tube


under mayor Sadiq Khan. Services were disrupted but,


east of Leytonstone, That's where we can join Alpa Patel,


who can tell us more. This strike is causing disruption


for commuters but it is many people using the Waterloo City line and


the central line. At Leytonstone Station, all services on the central


line Easterby had been suspended but it is looking calm and collected


actually. A very different story in Ilford this morning during the


morning rush-hour. People tweeted pictures of an overflowing station,


people queueing outside station. Is booked one woman who was stuck in


those queues who said it the two hours to get from Newbury Park to


Ilford. She lost a day's wages. She is not the only person to have


experienced that misery because of the strikes.


I had to come up from the Tube station from Gants Hill and then


I'm really running late to go somewhere and it's ridiculous


with these Tube strikes, they are happening all the time.


I used to easily get the train and it was closed.


How much did this affect the journey time?


How did you feel when you got to the station and realised you


That man has an extremely good point, it is an extremely cold day


today, adding the people's misery. The RMT union say they are staging


the strike because of what they are calling the movement of staff. This


has come as an embarrassment to the mayor of London. Before he was


elected, he promised zero strikes. He has not been able to keep that


promise. My message to the trade unions


is let's talk about it, let's Because when there's a strike,


everyone's a loser. Strikes are a sign of failure


and I'm determined to make sure that London will prosper


from an excellent modern and Another strike tomorrow. A few miles


from where you are standing now. Yes, start operating the Woolwich


ferry going on a 24-hour strike tomorrow. That will affect lorry


drivers, so lorry drivers who would normally travel between Woolwich and


Central London, a journey that should take ten minutes, now have to


detail via the Blackwall Tunnel, and that tunnel is not the best... Not


good at the best of times so expect the morning and evening rush hours


to be extremely busy tomorrow. And that is not the only strike


expected. The Woolwich Ferry workers say they will go on strike again.


There will be a few problems there. You're watching BBC London News


on BBC One this Thursday evening. We will put the Wycombe players to


the test with an FA Cup quiz. After another cold, grey day here in


London, it will be a very chilly night ahead.


If you live or work in the City of London, it won't surprise


you that it has the highest concentration of office workers


Many of them drink coffee and so you can imagine how many


coffee cups that are thrown away every day.


With only one in every 400 recycled, the City has issued a challenge


to all Londoners to do something about it, as Tolu Adeoye explains.


Team may traditionally be a nation's favourite drink coffee culture has


taken the UK by storm. We love to get it to go but disposing all our


cups is increasingly challenging. Every day, 7 million are thrown away


unless the 1% of cuts could be recycled. The problem is that these


cuts are made from paper and plastic, so you can the lid, you can


recycle this bit of cardboard, but inside the paper cup there is a


plastic film which makes it waterproof and it is really


difficult to recycle these two together. We think that most people


do want to recycle. Many people think they are currently recycling


them. Now an initiative to boost recycling has been launched in the


City of London. The Square mile challenge is encouraging businesses


to sign up to scheme which provides specialist recycling facilities for


copy cups. Technology to separate the plastic and the paper has only


fairly recently been developed. It is new technology, it needs


developing, it needs volume to go to those males, to get them to develop


and expand. That is what we're trying do and the challenge is to


supply that volume and correct template. Last year, the Liberal


Democrats called for a 5p charge on copy cups. But the government says


Coffey chains and brands are already working to reduce usage. This is one


of the number encouraging people to buy reusable cups. We do these. They


are a cup that is a permanent takeaway cup. You can bring it into


us. We will put your takeaway coffee in here and as an incentive, you


will get a free copy for a week. It is really important because anything


we can do to make easy on the planet. If you work in the Square


mile, you'll start to see beans popping up from April. The ambition


is to recycle 5 million cups within 12 months and inspire other areas to


take up the challenge. Wycombe Wanderers will play one


of the biggest games in their history when they take


on Spurs at White Hart It's only the second


time they've got this far in the FA Cup so,


unsurprisingly, But before meeting that


challenge, Chris Slegg gave The reaction from the players when


the draw for the FA Cup fourth round handed them a trip to White Hart


Lane to take on Tottenham Hotspur. Wycombe's rather splendid nickname


is the chair boys because of the town's historic chair making


industry. So to celebrate their FA Cup run, we would celebrate with a


special addition of FA Cup mastermind and asked the chair boys


to take to the chair! It's not quite as swanky as the mastermind chair


but, hey, this is League 2. Left back, Wycombe Wanderers. Who did you


beat and the FA Cup first round this season? Portsmouth. What was the


score when you beat Chesterfield in the FA Cup second-round 5-0. Sam


Wood, midfield, Wycombe Wanderers. In the third round, you beat steel


bridge, who scored the winning goal? I did. Your team-mate is the


heaviest play in the Football League. How much does he way? 101


kilograms. What is the furthest Wycombe have ever gone and the FA


Cup? Fifth round. Semifinals. Who was Wycombe's manager when you reach


the semifinals? Sanchez. Who scored Wycombe's winning goal against


Leicester in the 2001... FA Cup quarterfinal? Rooney. Sam, you


got... Three correct. Presentation time. Sam, you admitted you did not


watch much football. Look, you got four, Angelo, seven for you. You


have a winner, congratulations! Is there any chance he think that


somehow you can not Tottenham out of the FA Cup? We have to go there


believing we have a chance at the wipe there is no chance turning up.


We will go there, give it a great shot and hopefully pull off.


Congratulations. Can they do it? We will find answer to that question on


Saturday. I think John Humphrys had better look out!


Rye Lane in Peckham - you may not think it but,


in its heyday, it was a rival shopping destination


So much so that the Holdron's Department Store, which opened


in the 1880s, was later snapped up by Selfridges, who traded


Now, after falling into disrepair over decades, some forgotten


treasures have been rediscovered, as Jim Wheble has been finding out.


Khan's Bargains, Peckham, but in the 1930s and 1940s,


Rye Lane was the Golden mile shopping in south London and had two


huge department shores. This was the highlight. By 1930s, it occupied the


whole city block. He had this grand idea. It was high class, exclusive


shopping but then the store closed. Decades of quick repairs and


suspended ceilings took their toll until Mr Khan arrived.


And I don't like the suspended ceiling anyway.


It was so dark, it was just above these shelves,


And the way it was designed, the lighting, the mirrors,


And when those ceiling tiles came down, this is what they discovered.


An Art Deco vaulted ceiling, a thousand glass bricks,


This was designed in the early modernist style to bring ventilation


in. 1000 class lenses letting daylight into them shop. The glass


lenses were covered in black tar. Nicknamed the Michelangelo of


Peckham and spending months on a skateboard, fixing the ceiling. So


many people could be Superman! And some call me


the hero of the day! I can just imagine him with his


angle grinder or whatever you want to call it, painstakingly going over


this piece of glass for an hour. While we were inside, watching this


happened last summer, daylight was beginning to filter into the space.


Dave, my cameraman, stay with me because I want you to point at the


in this direction. You see this green triangular thing here? This is


another discovery. It is actually an Edwardian... This is characteristic


of an Edwardian department store, to get daylight deep into the plans.


This is a lantern. Before they did the Art Deco face-lift? Probably


from 1900 or so. Once again, the team have revealed this.


Bringing the old store back to its former splendour.


Now let's check on the weather with Sarah Keith-Lucas.


It was a cold day and a really great day. But we did see a little bit of


sunshine before sunset. Clear spells here above King's Cross captured by


one of our Weather Watchers. That temperatures will only had one way


tonight. We are in a cold night ahead and the office have issued a


warning for potential icy stretches during the early hours of Friday


morning. Do take care if you plan to header on the roads. Untreated


surfaces could be slippery. Clear spells the night, keeping things


largely dry, temperatures taking a tumble, and then a bit more cloud


moving in from the south. Could bring with it like rain, even


perhaps snow, and that will snow on cold freezing ground. The other day,


after that cold, frosty and icy start, sunshine during the course of


the morning. By the afternoon, Clark Dickens once again, perhaps bringing


the odd splash of light rain. Temperatures though back to 5-8 . It


will feel milder. The start of your weekend, rain initially with us on


Saturday. That should push away the East fairly quickly. Saturday, in


improving picture. Sunshine breaks through and that should lift


temperatures to 10 degrees or so. During the second half of the week,


this weather front moves in from the south-west. Some uncertainty about


how far north it will get but it is likely to bring us a spell of


blustery and wet weather through the day on Sunday. This is our Sunday is


looking. We are likely to see wet weather but milder and temperatures


up to 11 degrees. He is the outlook over the next few days. Things are


turning milder but more unsettled with some rain. Brighter weather on


Saturday. Just before we go tonight,


a look at the stories making the day's main BBC headlines:


The Justice Secretary has insisted that she's taking action


to transform prisons after new figures showed


that the number of suicides, assaults and cases of self-harm


in jails has reached record levels. The Prime Minister is on her way


to meet President Donald Trump in Washington as the President


sparked a new controversy, saying that he thought torture


should be used for terror suspects. A speeding driver has been found


guilty of killing a student as she crossed the road


outside her university in Kingston. Farid Reza begged the victim's


father for forgiveness. And campaigners protesting


against oil drilling in Surrey have lost a High Court ruling that


will lead to the removal Bailiffs are expected to remove


the protestors within days. And that's BBC London News


today, the 26th January. I'll be back with our late


news at 10:30pm but, whatever you're doing this evening,


I hope you have a very good evening.


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