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This is BBC London, and this is what's coming up


The engineering blunder that'll mean months


It's left residents living along the line seething.


They start early morning, during the week and the same thing at weekends.


You are not getting much peace and quiet.


It took Network Rail months to realise they've installed


the wrong type of poles to electrify the line.


voices his concerns about President Donald


We experience a day-in-the-life of a "modern matron" -


who could help ease the pressure on our struggling hospitals.


What Jane Austen's literary heart-throb


Academics come up with a historically accurate portrait


After months of engineering work and the complete


closure of a section of the London Overground


commuters have been told the job between Gospel Oak and Barking isn't


It's because they've realised the electricity poles in place


Transport For London is furious with Network Rail,


saying it's only just be told of the news - and it


And as far as commuters are concerned and residents


living near the line, well, Marc Ashdown can tell us.


It has become an all too familiar phrase on our


The overground has no service... Planned closures...


14 miles of track between Barking and Gospel Oak known


Closed since June to electrify the route.


Network Rail has admitted some of the overhead structures


which carry the cables were incorrectly designed.


It means more noise and disruption for long-suffering residents.


Who have just received a letter saying to expect weekend and some


It has been an absolute pain because they start early morning


during the week and the same thing at the weekends so you are not


getting much peace and quiet and if you want a lie-in


When you are sitting watching TV, all you can feel is the vibration.


Network Rail has issued an apology to passengers and residents living


nearby for the extra disruption saying it has put in place a robust


plan to get this work finished as soon as possible.


Embarrassing, too, for Transport For London


It says it is talking to Network Rail about compensation


but was only made aware of this two weeks ago.


It is extraordinary such an important project to electrify the


line has gone so badly wrong and Transport For London must take some


responsibility because they have not been keeping an eye on this and


claim they only found out days ago it was behind schedule.


Some services will run during the week from Monday but rail


users face many more months of replacement buses.


There is a complete famine of work because there is no investment,


companies get rid of all of their staff then suddenly


the government authorises a load of schemes and basically


Network Rail has taken on to keep the government happy more work


Network Rail has not said how much the extra work will cost.


But has promised it will be completed in time for the arrival


of a new fleet of electric trains in early 2018.


So that's the situation on the London Overground.


But stay with us, because we've got plenty more to hold your interest


The real Mr Darcy. And I am on the red carpet where fans have turned


out to see the stars of 50 shades. I will speak to Jamie Dornan.


President Trump could be here, in London, in June -


and the cost of policing his State visit is likely to be


Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, who steps down as Commissioner


of the Metropolitan Police at the end of this month,


gave the 'rough' details - which haven't been confirmed


by Downing Street - in an interview with BBC Radio London.


Let's get more on this from our Political Editor Tim Donovan.


We saw how quickly protesters were able to organise and take to the


streets within a day of this controversy over the US president


issuing an executive order banning Muslim migrants from several


countries. The assumption is with a few weeks planning there could be


some big numbers on the streets and several different demonstrations.


And preparations are starting now, the stop Trump coalition is holding


what they describe a meeting, it is not too big a meeting from where I


am standing but about 30 or 40 people. And meanwhile, the


Metropolitan police Commissioner, outgoing, has said he is confident


the police could deal with any protests whether in the summer or


whenever but it will be costly. We need to settle on a date and


although there might be people excited at the moment and feeling


strongly about policy, in six months' time, we do not know, it may


be better or not so good. Let us wait and see. My job is to make sure


the state visit takes place safely, we protect President Trump and we


make sure people are facilitated to protest and make sure nobody gets


hurt. Last week Sadiq Khan who has


oversight of the Met Police said it would be important for people to


have the right for peaceful protest and he would ensure the police were


given a space and you know that has been controversial, there were


criticisms over heavy-handed tactics during the visit of the Chinese


president a couple of years ago. It is sensitive and it can be a


sensitive thing politically for More now on the government's


decision to end the scheme bringing child refugees


from Europe to Britain. The Government has AGAIN denied


claims that it did a "special deal" with Surrey County Council to 'head


off' plans for a 15 per cent rise in Council Tax -


to pay for social care. Theresa May was asked today


about the Council's decision - and she admitted that


Local Authorities are under pressure dealing with the rising cost -


but insists the Government On social care funding we have given


the opportunity for councils to have a 3% precept


on their council tax this year and 3% precept on their council tax


next year with extra funding we are putting in, that means


an opportunity for ?900 million, up to ?900 million extra


going into social care. A new centre - believed to be one


of the first of its kind - helping victims and those affected


by Female Genital Mutilation - Organisers say the facility


is 'different' - as it will allow those in law enforcement and health


services to work with those - Queens Park Rangers Football Club


has held 'informal talks' about the possibility of building


a new stadium on the site of the 'Linford Christie Athletics


Track' in west London. The Championship side currently


plays at Loftus Road, but has been looking for a site


to build a new ground The club had hoped to


build at Old Oak Common, This week, we've been looking


at the pressures faced in the NHS - and new figures show us -


that every health trust across London and Home Counties -


missed their A targets in It's means all hospitals failed


to transfer, discharge or admit 95 per cent of patients


within four hours. Simon Dedman has spent the day


at Basildon Hospital in Essex - to see first hand the challenges


of getting patients It is 7am, it is the first meeting


at Basildon Hospital to work out We are in a position where we have


no more beds in the hospital so we have 28 patients


unplaced so at the moment if we have any more ambulances


arriving, we only have one trolley If you have more than one patient,


what are you going to do? Basildon's managing director takes


me through the latest situation. What we are having to do is move


patients into an elective orthopaedic ward which means


we are not able to do joint surgery, hip operations, knee operations,


things like that after the morning meeting, nurse Natalie Cook goes


ward to ward to find patients who could be discharged


from hospital and get their treatment from Basildon Hospital


nurses in their own homes. She has found one who will hopefully


be discharged today. She heads now to find four other


patients who can get But the real problem


is being dealt with here. Sick, elderly people


who get stuck in hospital. This ward aims to treat


the frail quickly and get That is what this team works


on every day at nine. Some patients have been


here for ten days though but after two days on this ward,


Eileen is looking I am on some tablets, I don't know


exactly what they are for. I am having those in the mornings


and apart from that, it is being Some patients here are waiting


for social care to kick in. The majority of patients who come


here we treat within a day or two. The longer they stay,


more complex problems arise. Having access to community services


and talking to them, Every bed in this ward is taken,


every bed in Basildon Hospital is taken and it is pretty much been


that way since the beginning of the year so much so if you needed


something like a hip replacement, None have taken place


in this hospital. Basildon Hospital is trying


but getting slack in the health Another problem faced by the NHS,


is that of 'bed-blocking' - when patients are kept in hospital


because there's nowhere more A solution often touted -


is the return of 'ward matrons'. Well, Kathryn Carruthers


is one of them - and works at Northwick Park Hospital -


where we joined her on shift to see Chock-a-block, all those patients


you can see are waiting and there are probably more patients


here, and more patients all down the corridor here,


everybody is trying but sometimes When you feel that everything


is gridlocked, that can My name is Kathryn Carruthers, I'm


the matron for ambulatory emergency care here at Northwick Park


Hospital. We are part of the emergency


division, we try to see patients that need urgent care and get


a treatment without A E have already rung this morning


to see if we can take some patients who have been down


there for quite some time. Staffing it is a huge challenge,


we don't always have the number It's busy, lots of staff,


patients, trolleys and They have been waiting,


you can tell. I'm Kathy, I'm the matron,


I know you've been here For me, currently this is probably


the worst I have seen the NHS. When it is completely relentless,


I think you do drain staff. There's a woman who just moved


in to the plaster room to look She's been sitting here


all night in a chair. It's absolutely full,


nowhere to examine patients, which is not the hospital's fault,


it does its absolute best. Sorry, do you mind


if I take this call? Orthopaedics patients,


a chap in a chair. I've seen the doctor, the nurse,


than I had to wait again, and wait. Our department ticked


along quite nicely. I don't think it's sustainable


to continue this much pressure. I'm off training, a meet


at the athletic club before going home and seeing to the rest


of the family. Our thanks to Katherine


Carruthers for allowing us And if you want more


analysis and coverage - take a look at the BBC news website,


or you can follow the hashtag More now on the government's


decision to bringing child refugees


from Europe to Britain. Councils across London have taken


in many of the children who've come into our country -


and THEY say the government MUSTN'T turn its back on the problem -


as there are many more vulnerable it was once home to thousands of


people desperate to get to the UK among them are many children. Last


summer, before it was disbanded, a group of council leaders visited the


Calais jungle to show they were willing and able to take them in.


The government has said the number of child refugees from your group


would be reduced and the head of one at London borough says he is


dismayed. We offered to take 50 extra children and I must say it has


been very hard. When you look at their actions you would think they


have tried not to send us the children. 200 refugees came under


the Dubs Amendment. 60 were resettled but on arrival the


government immigration office they were given but it got was the bishop


who believes the get should rethink its position. Disappointment, London


capacity to absorb new people. As we all know, there are huge need to


reinvent them numbers were lot about under the Dubs Amendment and it is


Age UK what, the numbers were talking about are really incredibly


small. Government says it fears and allowing further chart produced


could allow traffickers and see more young migrants attempt to the UK are


grateful for the way local authorities have stepped up the


provide places to those arriving and will continue to work closely to


address capacity needs. Mike believes Syrians like himself can


make a positive cop in a cave. He supports a group matching refugees


to host families. It is not easy so there are plenty of people still


suffering in Greece and France and other places in the cold weather so


it is not easy. I'm sure they arrive here to start a new life it will be


good for this country and good for them. Government insists it is not


giving up on vulnerable children fling conflicts but those working


with chilled -- chart refugees believe extra support needed.


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Still to come before the end of the programme.


Will the cold weather last into the weekend, will we see any snow? More


before 7pm. But what if Mr Darcy


from Jane Austen's novel may Experts at London University have


revealed what they claim is the first "historically accurate"


portrait of Jane Austen's Mr Darcy. And he's probably very different


to what you'd expect. They've used fashions from the 17


hundreds to put together a picture of what he probably looked like,


and as Gareth Furby reports, He has been called


the nation's favourite hunk. And this scene first broadcast


in 1995 was responsible. But what if Mr Darcy


from Jane Austen's novel may have been meant to look


a bit like this... Well, academics from the University


of London think he might have been and one of them


is Professor John What we did was to use historical


information as a way of composing a plausible image


of Fitzwilliam Darcy and it sure The academics put together a sort


of identikit of what a leading man might have looked like given


the fashions and expectations of 1813 when the book was published


- starting with the head. The hair, hair is


terribly important. Perhaps that is a bit


of white powder in his hair. We tend to associate large


noses with mobility. I speak as a man and I find them


rather luscious, yeah! Well, there is only one way


to find out, of course. Take this new picture


onto the streets of London. And for the new guy,


it is not good news. The powdered hair is not


such a good look, is it? Would you have liked


to have seen him walking Colin Firth didn't do


it for me, either! And it might be a first


for academics at London University as well -


a bit of research that almost The book and film 'Fifty Shades


of Grey' was a massive success for the London born author,


E L James. And tonight the follow up film -


'Fifty Shades Darker' gets it's European Premiere in Leicester


Square. Caroline Davies has been there -


and a few minutes ago, I am used to doing television so you


get to do that with TV, return to a character and develop it and it is


rare you get so it is nice and give him more and it exciting. He is an


inscrutable character, did you work with the author to develop him more


in the second film? A lot of that was done make it a good one, the


script opened him up a lot more and we see a softer side of him. That


was always the intention and I would have liked to have seen more of that


in the first one. He is more relatable and I like him or filming


the first and second right after each other? It helps and keeps the


momentum and I think if we did the second one and then came back to it


it will be harder for me to pull off playing a 28-year-old! I'm starting


to look older. It made sense for everybody. 114 million people


watched the trailer within 24 hours. What you think that says about the


trilogy? I mean, it proves there is still an appetite. You do not want


to get too bogged down by comparing the numbers of the first movie which


were incredible because it would not need to get anywhere near that to be


a successful film. We are trying not to get bogged down without but it is


exciting when so many people watch the trailer. Hopefully it turns into


people going to see. A loss of crowds here today and they are here


for Christian grave. Are you looking for alternative roles that take you


away from that character? Yeah, it is easy, there were not many


characters like him in film and TV. Everything since has been 1 million


miles away from him. The thing I'm shooting now and in the summer are


miles away from him. Will not get stereotyped? How many films are


there about a billionaire S you do small screen as well. Any other


projects in mind at the moment, more small screen? I am doing a movie now


and in the summer but I'm trying to develop something with a friend of


mine that is television, a one-off television thing. I love television


and would love to do more. It is a balance, really. If you like the


material and project and character you go for it whatever medium.


It is damp, drizzle and I would prefer to be in here this evening,


it is perishing. This is a shot of London, what a grey afternoon it has


been, grey and cold, drizzle and some sleet. The general weather


pattern is with us for the next three or four days. Little changes


as we head further ahead. This is another weather watcher picture in


Greater London. You can see the extent of this grey cloud around. It


is not showing the rain and drizzle because it is fine but it is


dampening the ground and it is mostly to the north and east of


London but progressively the breeze will blow a fuse bits and pieces


further eastwards. Do not be surprised if there is some snow,


temperatures are close enough to freezing. A cold start tomorrow, and


another cold day, cloudy and the wind will be stronger than today so


if possible it will feel colder than today. All of that cloud, if you


wintry flurries, mostly wintry but not exclusively on the hills so you


could see a sent here and there. Two to four Celsius, stronger wind and


feeling cold. Tomorrow night, the greatest risk of a a few centimetres


of snow. Something more organised coming off the North Sea by the end


of the night to the east of London. Through Saturday morning, it will


progressively head westwards so a wintry feel to the start of the


weekend or though it may turn back to rain later in the day close to


the coast. Over the Chilterns and downs, a light covering. Further


west, by the time the weather front gets to Cardiff they could beat the


risk of showers but it will feel bitterly cold wherever you are. The


cold weather remains with us. Temperatures slightly higher but the


wind will be stronger. Time for the thermals!


Just before we go tonight, a reminder of the day's main news


Official figures show record numbers of patients waited for more


than four hours in Accident and Emergency units


Fewer than 90 per cent of patients were seen within the target time.


The Government says it's capping the number of child


Only 350 will be bought here - far fewer than the three thousand


The decision has been called "shameful".


Commuters on the London Overground are set to face months


of further disruption - after engineering works will need


Network Rail say the wrong types of poles were installed.


Alpa will be back with our late news tonight at 10.30pm on BBC One.


If you have, we can do it all again tomorrow.


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