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This is what's coming up tonight on BBC London.


Under investigation in Shoreditch, for exam fixing -


one of highest-paid teachers in the country is suspended.


I am worried, specifically because I've got my kids coming to


I think it's going to affect a lot of families, a lot of concerns.


Other senior members of staff are also under investigation.


Five extremists from Luton who tried to radicalise children in a church


by supporting IS militants are jailed.


investigate how renting your home for a night, a week or longer could


be worsening the housing crisis. The headteacher at one of London's


top performing academies is under investigation for possibly fixing a


cat exam results. He has been suspended along with senior members


of staff. Allegations were linked to GCSE results over the past two


years. And the it's one of the top


performing schools in the country. BBC London understands a wide


investigation has been underway for some time into allegations some


examinations, this year and last On a salary of around


?220,000 a year, he is the We were tipped off about this last


night and this morning the trust which runs this academy confirmed


a number of members of staff including Mark Keary


have been suspended. They say it follows


an investigation into alleged misconduct


into examinations, which It has caused obvious


concern for parents. I am worried, specifically covers


I've got my kids coming to I think it's going to affect a lot


of families, a lot of Really I am disappointed about it


because my children go to With this these kind


of things you can't trust the education


in this kind of system. The Department for Education it told


us there is no place for cheating in our schools,


and while XML practice is extremely rare it


is right any allegations


are thoroughly investigated. Following an investigation,


exam malpractice has Resulting in disciplinary


action being taken. But some say a ruthless


results-based system has created unbearable


pressure on heads. We are aware that there seemed


to be a growing number of cases where either teachers


or schools are accused or found And we can't condone


that but we think it's a sign of the pressure


that schools are under. So that means that if you get a year


group with some children who find it hard to learn, they


might have special needs, it doesn't take many of those children


to completely distort your results. And on the basis of


those results school leaders and teachers can


and do lose their jobs. Green Spring used to be


Bethnal Green Academy - in 2015 three teenage pupils fled to Syria


to join so-called Islamic Mark Keary was praised


for his handling of the incident. The school retained its


outstanding Ofsted rating. But now it is under the spotlight


again, over what the Trust admits are serious allegations


of possible exam fixing. This is what's still


to come on the programme. A plumbing firm loses a key legal


battle over the employment rights of its workers,


with far-reaching consequences. There is a demand for quick action


to be taken to improve safety for cyclists in


London. There's a demand for quick action


to be taken to improve safety for cyclists in London,


after three deaths were recorded Mayor of London, Sadeeq Khan agrees


something has to be done, saying millions of pounds will be


invested - to do exactly that. Here's our Transport


Correspondent Tom Edwards. There are flowers by the side of the


road close to where a cyclist died yesterday. The words say a great


father and husband, sadly missed. Ben was one of three cyclist who


died over four days. Carla Morgan and Anita also died in collisions


with vehicles. Again it has raised questions about is enough being done


to protect cyclists. In two of these deaths there are similarities. Both


involved large to vehicles, a coach and an HGV. These in particular have


blindspots where they cannot see the cyclist. One eyewitness has told me


that what happened here was the cyclist came off his bike when he


slipped in the mud. Last year nine cyclists died in London. Millions


have gone into safe or segregated infrastructure, bike tracks, not


everyone likes it though. Campaigners say the mayor must now


speed up plans for safer lorries with better vision and more bike


lanes. On paper's the Maer commitments make sense. He wants to


increase the space for cyclists, you want to make lorries safer. But we


need the delivery to be accelerated. We need things to move off and that


is what is important to prevent more deaths. The mayor has a scheme where


only more lorries with better vision will be allowed on London roads. But


it won't start until 2020. He says he will also invest ?770 million in


cycling, and that includes more segregated lanes.


If you have been a victim of a road accident, if you're


a bereaved family member, then clearly it isn't.


The reality is we have to make it far, far easier and safer to cycle.


The good news is the number of people seek cycling is going up.


There is an appetite for cyclists to cycle. We have to make it as safe


and easy as possible. It's important. We recognise that with a


growing population we have to find other ways of getting people around


the city, and walking and cycling are two ways to do this. There will


be a demonstration by cyclists tomorrow. They cycling and walking


commission will start next week. Friends of those who died, tonight


say there is time for action. -- it is time for action.


Tolu Adeoye is in Edmonton, where one of the victims died


earlier in the week and tributes are continuing to be paid.


There are flowers here at the junction where Anita was knocked off


her bike as she made her way home from work at the nearby warehouse in


the early hours of Monday. She was just 30 years old row. Only recently


married. Originally from Hungary. One of her colleagues has set up a


just giving page which has raised over ?7,000 for funeral costs back


home in Hungary. He describes her as an angel, friendly, per litre, and


will be dearly missed. Her death came as the result of a suspected


hit and run. Two men have been released on bail. Her colleagues


said many of her fellow workers feel too scared to cycle. They want


assurances from the Maer that there will be done to make roads safer to


cycle. Five men have been jailed


for spreading propoganda in support Undercover police recorded them


praising terror attacks Children were amongst those


attending their meetings held in a local church,


as Ayshea Buksh reports. In the back garden of a house in


Bedfordshire a group of men celebrate an unusual anniversary.


Around 80 people including children gathered inside a marquee a year on


from the declaration from so-called Islamic State. It was man of many


meetings held by a local Islamists group in Luton and captured on


camera by an undercover police officer. The five men who organised


the meetings have now been jailed for encouraging support of a banned


terrorist organisation. In his summing up the judge spoke of the


need to punish the men and deter others. He said although they did


not pose a significant risk of harm to the public, they had close


associates who were involved in acts of terror and the speeches they made


and meetings they held were highly influential on young minds. While


listening to the judge, one of the men held his head in his hand while


others at times smiled, one even laughed. That man was the group


leader, Mohammed Alamgir, who was sentenced to 60 is. He was described


by the judge as dangerous and deeply committed to a jihadi mindset. His


deputy was said to be highly intelligent and also committed to


extreme Islamists leafs. The men led the Luton chapter. He is currently


in Belmarsh prison, the man who started it,. Their spiritual leader


is in prison in Lebanon on terrorism charges. Meetings were also attended


by two men jailed last year for plotting to kill an American


soldier. The judge praised the undercover policeman who infiltrated


the group and both the Met and Bedfordshire forces who led the


investigation. But though for those working in Luton's Muslim community


this decision highlights the need for more grassroots work. The


community is looking for guidance, looking for reassurance, and looking


for support from institutions. And those institutions will be local,


local council, local councillors. As these men start their present time,


counterterrorism unit say they will continue to target anyone with


extreme views. A plumber from Dartford


has had his victory against London's Pimlico Plumbers


upheld by the Court of Appeal - which means he's entitled


to basic workers' rights - even though he's employed


as a freelance plumber. Gary Smith had already won


a tribunal hearing into his case, but today's decision at the Court


of Appeal - could have far reaching consequences for others too,


as John Moylan explains. Pimlico Plumbers is one


of London's best-known firms. It is claimed that plumbers


here can earn more than But they are also employed,


so they don't have the But when Gary Smith


took the firm to an employment tribunal it found that


his employment status amounted to that of a worker, legally entitling


him to basic rights including The tribunal found that he


was a worker because he provided a personal service


to Pimlico Plumbers. They control him, he had


to wear the uniform, he had to drive their van, and he was


tightly controlled by Pimlico Self-employment has soared in recent


years, with many people juggling several insecure jobs,


what some call the gig economy. And tribunals have ruled


against high-profile businesses, including Uber and CitySprint,


saying their business models which rely


on the self-employed are denying The Government has


launched a review of The founder of Pimlico Plumbers says


that Mr Smith wanted to have his This is a contract that we had


with Gary six years ago on a self-employed basis,


that was up to their word approved by the Inland Revenue,


approved by accountants and Gary was getting all the benefits


from being self-employed. Six years down the line he


unfortunately had a heart attack and then wanted the benefits


of being an employee. This is the highest court yet


to tackle the controversial issue of employment status,


but it will not be the last. There are a number of


legal cases pending, and more about to be launched, which


looks set to challenge firms over how they treat people


in the so-called gig economy. A military historian has been jailed


for two years for the theft of a Second World War logbook belonging


to a late dambusters airmen. The logbook which belonged to an RAF


Sergeant was led by his widow for research. It has not been recovered.


London Fire Brigade London Fire Brigade has warned


the public NOT to walk on ice after a woman was pictured crawling


towards her dog over frozen water. It happened on Connaught


Water in Chingford. London Fire and Rescue said


it was "incredibly risky", adding that the woman


could have died of hypothermia Scientists at the National Physical


Laboratory in Teddington have been awarded a huge grant


by Cancer Research UK to work on a project


which delivers a "map" of cancers. It'll allow researchers to visualise


tumours in unprecedented detail - giving them further clues


about the disease. Sarah Harris has been to the Lab


to see how it works. cancer free. Marie from West London


are so grateful to the research that led to her treatment for a breast


tumour that she has been running to raise money for the charity ever


sense. I just make the most of being here, and how lucky I am, and I


honestly think it is because of the trials, the new drugs, and


everything else. And the scanners as well. They are amazing. And this is


where some of the money raised by Marie and thousands of others goes.


Invented by London scientists, the only one of its kind


anywhere in the world. And with ?16 million worth


of the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, researchers believe


they are making big steps forward in the march


against cancer. responded to the challenge that


Cancer Research UK set out. They needed a


way of mapping in molecular So we have developed


methods and instruments This tumour image is seen


in the kind of detail not previously They say it is a pivotal


time to be working We are certainly at an exciting


point in cancer research today and it is because of research


that two in four people survive However we want to accelerate


that progress and see three in four people surviving


the disease by 2034. this really will help


us beat cancer sooner. Marie says she will keep running to


raise money for cancer Research. Much of the Pioneer will work on


tumour scanning is carried out by London scientists, leading the way


in making such a devastating disease treatable.


Hollywood star Kiana Reeves on his new film and his links to OS X.


It's called "homesharing", and it allows a spare room


or your whole property to be let out for a night, a week or longer.


And it's become so common in London that it's led to fears of it


worsening the housing crisis by taking away entire homes


Now there are calls for tougher laws, as Guy Lynn


Peter is welcoming tourists to stay overnight in his King's Cross flat.


He is chocker with bookings from Airbnb,


which lets travellers book people's homes rather than


When you are taking on short-term tenants you are probably getting


something like double the rental that you would have done from a


Great for him and his guests but what about the


New figures obtained from an independent website, which are not


always recognised, show the spread and scale. For homes on a B on


just one day in January. Increases in places like Brent and Lewisham to


nearly 6000 and thousands and thousands closer to London's tourist


attractions, Hackney, Camden, Westminster. More than 27,000 on


just one day alone. Overall a small percentage but affecting some areas


disproportionately like Kensington and Chelsea where


Daniel is struggling to find somewhere to rent


All the properties are overpriced - can't really afford it.


I'm pretty outraged about that because young people here are


looking for properties for the first time, they are going to the tourists


The population rising, more than 1 million people


added in London in the last ten years, and only 20,000 built so we


It used to be illegal to short-let without


planning permission, but the


government changed the law to allow Londoners


to do, so but only up to a


But the new 90-day rule was being widely ignored


and Siddique Khan put pressure on websites to crack down on offenders.


So Mohammed Alamgir made a dramatic announcement. -- Airbnb maiden at a


dramatic announcement. From this spring, home lets


that total more than 90 We asked five of


Airbnb's competitors like HomeAway and TripAdvisor


if they would automatically crack We were told no, it was


down to the landlord. Some landlords said they just ignore


the rules altogether and We asked all of London's


councils about Seven said it was not enough


and more still needs to be done to tackle


the growth of short-term lets. It's simply not enough, we need


the government to act on this point, we need legislation


which bans short-term letting, we need to follow the example


of New York and Berlin, who have effectively


banned short-term lets. But further lets would be


unpopular here even in a city grappling with an acute


affordable housing shortage. And you can see more on that story


on Inside Out London. That's on Monday


at 7:30pm on BBC One. Football, and these


are worrying times Despite a change of manager


there still hasn't been And with the team currently


in the relegation zone, Emma Jones has been finding


out if there's time A chirpy Sam Allardyce


at his press conference today. But it hasn't been a happy start


to life as Palace manager - just one league win since he took


over at the end of last year means the team are in


the relegation zone. At the moment there's a lot


of negativity around about us so you got to keep yourself focused


on here and what we are doing here. That will help you


to turn the corner. My disappointment is


the fact that I haven't been able to give others


many good results as I expected when I walked in here.


One of Palace's biggest problems is the struggle to


On Saturday they were losing 4-0 by half-time against Sunderland.


One fan tried to confront a player on


Others expressed their views from the stands.


COMMENTATOR: "You're not fit to wear the shirt" reverberates around


Could the fan speed using patients not just with their


It's taking a little time for the Palace fans to warm to Sam


Other managers have come in, they've had their names


But Sam's been a bit slow on the uptake and of course


But they are a fickle bunch, a couple of wins or


But after another disappointing result


on Saturday, co-chairman Steve Parrish went into the dressing room


And he had every right to go and tell the players what he thought.


We know that so much in the Premier League.


And for me it was the right thing to do - go in,


tell the players what he thought - they've got to buck their ideas up.


Perhaps one of their new players can make a difference.


The club spent an estimated ?40 million on four new signings in


It has worked for big Sam before, he's never been relegated.


But when will we see that victory dance again?


Hollywood heart-throb, Keanu Reeves is in town for the UK


Premiere of his latest film 'John Wick, Chapter 2'.


It's on the big screen in Leicester Square tonight -


a place where Reeves is very at home, because of his


A few minutes ago, Wendy Hurrell spoke to him, but first let's take


If you don't do this, you know the consequences.


So you are reunited with Laurence Fishburne, your old Matrix buddy? It


was incredible to get the chance to work with him again. It was really


cool to hear that he likes the film, the first one, so I met with him, he


asked if there was anything he could do. The director sent him the script


and it was really great to work with him. And great to see you together


again. And the other link with the matrix was the director used to be


your stunt double! Yes! He was the double in the matrix trilogy. Then


he went on to stunt choreography and action design and John Wick was his


first film. Chapter two is his second film. As a result, all the


action looks exhausting. He works you hide! Well he likes to beat up


John Wick and that gives me the opportunity to bounce back. John


Wick is fighting for his life and the action in the film is pretty


extraordinary and it is very great to have the opportunity to try to do


as much as I can and connect the drama and the action of the


character and be there to communicate it to the audience. And


you are half English I believe? My mother is English. So is a little


bit of you coming home when you come here? It does. I always like to come


to London. I have some friends here so that makes it even more special.


It's really exciting to have the Premier here this evening. It's a


good day. I am grateful. It has been lovely to talk to you.


We saw some snow earlier. We've even had its settling over the Chilterns.


Reports of settling slow in places like high Wycombe. That is going to


be the theme for the week ahead. This wonderful picture behind me is


how the skies have been the last few days. No sunshine and it will rain


like this into the weekend. This evening and overnight we will


continue to see wintry showers. We could see dusting of snow over the


South Downs. There are yellow warning is in force for Kent and


into Sussex. But it will be London and into the Chilterns where we will


see snow. Tomorrow it will remain cold with further wintry showers.


They may even be down to lower levels in the morning and through


the afternoon it looks like it will be rain at lower levels with snow to


the higher ground. So probably just reserved for the South Towers and


the Chilterns. The wind is getting even stronger as we head into


Sunday. That feature brings heavy snow showers to central northern


parts of the UK. But for asked it is a mixture of rain, sleet and snow


showers, with the hills across the South and the Chilterns seeing the


worst of that sleet and snow with rain down to lower levels. Sorry


about the graphics, we're having some issues. The temperatures will


be five or 6 degrees. Adding in the strong easterly wind it will not


feel like that. Monday will be dry with some sunshine and the wind will


come from the east or South easterly direction. As we head into the rest


of the week we will start to pick up southerly winds so the temperature


slowly creeping up around the middle of the week.


Now for a reminder of Friday's main BBC news headlines:


The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, says it's "completely


unacceptable" that some patients in England are waiting


Figures show that waiting times are worse than at any time


A ?60 million Government investigation


into allegations of abuse by Iraq war veterans is to be shut down.


It follows a report by MPs which called the work of


the Iraq Historic Allegations Team an "unmitigated failure".


If you can, join me again at 10:30pm this evening


If you can't - join me tomorrow for the weekend