20/04/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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On the programme tonight: And


Another young life lost on the capital's streets.


The Met name the latest teenager to be stabbed,


Meanwhile, a vigil is being held in Whitechapel for one of the three men


stabbed to death in London last week. The family paid tribute. Never


ever had that kind of situation, or this kind of hard time in our lives.


So we are really, really upset. I don't know how you're going to with


this. -- how we are going to cope with this.


Also tonight: A review of tactics after the Westminster attack.


Firearms officers can shoot terrorists at the wheel of a vehicle


Plus all change for our busiest shopping area.


There will be fewer buses on Oxford Street from the summer? Skema yes,


what effect will that have on how people get from one end to the other


on foot and on buses. And the one important task


for the tens of thousands of marathon runners to do before


they get to the start line. Welcome to BBC London News


with me, Riz Lateef. Police have tonight named


the latest teenage victim to be stabbed


on the capital's streets. 19-year-old Jordan Wright


was attacked in Blackheath News of his murder came on the same


day the family of another young man Syed Jamanoor Islam, who was 20,


was stabbed close to his home Tonight, his family are holding


a vigil in his memory. This vigil has been organised by the


friends and family of Syed Jamanoor Islam, who was stabbed to death last


Tuesday afternoon, a short distance from where I am standing at the


moment, over in my land. It was in broad daylight. He had been speaking


to friends. Just hours later, he became part of a worrying and


frightening statistic. He became one of three men stabbed to death in


London in the space of 24 hours. It has left his family devastated and


our reporter has been speaking to his parents.


His ambition was really big and he tried to do


He was really friendly with everybody,


Syed Jamanoor Islam was killed last week,


He was 20 years old and a business student at Tower Hamlets College.


Speaking for the first time, his parents say the death


of their eldest son has been devastating.


We have never, ever had this kind of situation or this kind


of hard time in our life, so we are really,


I don't know how we are going to cope with this.


And just last night, 19-year-old Jordan Wright


was found dead with stab wounds in Blackheath


Recent statistics from the Met show a significant rise in


Earlier this week, the new commissioner said good use


of stop and search can help police officers


I do think it is a very useful tactic.


It is particularly useful in the fight against knife


crime and I will support my officers if they are using stop search,


Syed was one of three young men stabbed in just 24 hours.


His father is calling for tougher sentences for young people


If the children know if they take a knife in their pocket or are


carrying a knife they will get a more, you know, punishment for that,


so if they are caught with a knife then they will get more frightened


to carry the knife. And he also believes parents need to


take more responsibility to educate their children. This kind of age,


you should advise her children to carry a pen, not a knife, in your


pocket. When I sit down with my children, I explained to them how to


develop their life, how to respect people. Three teenagers have now


been charged with the sun's murder. -- with Syed Jamanoor Islam's


murder. Just an idea of the enormous impact


a death like this has on the family of the victim. I thought it was


particularly poignant than the father said people should be


carrying pen is not knives in their pockets.


It was only are this week that the new Met Commissioner was speaking


about making knife and gun crime a top priority.


That is right. He was speaking 24 hours before Syed Jamanoor Islam was


stabbed to death. She said it was worryingly rising knife and gun


crime. It was a scourge of London and she said her command ship, while


she is in charge of Scotland Yard, will be judged on how she tackles


these two areas. She says she is going to offer specialist officers


more support and is also going to support officers who carry out a


stop and search, as long as they are carried out correctly, as long as


they have the desired effect of bringing knife and gun crime on. She


also said she is going to work with Londoners across-the-board and, by


judging the reaction here this evening, she is not going to have


any fears about getting the support of many Londoners are you really


want to see knife and gun crime falling.


A Metropolitan Police officer has pleaded not guilty to four charges,


including possession of a bladed weapon,


over an alleged attack on a car in North London last year.


PC Joshua Savage and a colleague had been conducting a stop-and-search


Workers on London Underground are to stage a 24-hour strike


in a dispute over the sacking of a colleague.


RMT members based mainly at London Bridge will walk out


The union says a worker was sacked for tackling a fare dodger


said to have attacked other station staff.


London Underground disputes the union's claims.


Police may now have to shoot terrorists at the wheel of vehicles


The national lead for armed policing revealed the change in tactics


following the Westminster attack, as well as those in Nice and Berlin.


Officers were previously told not to shoot drivers of moving vehicles


because of the additional dangers it posed, as Jim Wheble reports.


Neath in France last year. In 19 tonne truck piled into crowds,


killing 86. Westminster last month, three die when hit by a car on


Westminster Bridge. Stockholm, another crushed lorry, for more


dead. Terrorist vehicle attacks, simple, ruthless and being used with


alarming regularity. In terrorism, it is becoming one of the most


pre-eminent tactics. Last year, we recorded data that for the first


time ever more people... There were more casualties caused by this form


of terrorism than any other form of terrorist attack in Europe for the


first time ever. Now, the police themselves are recalibrating.


Previous advice was against shooting at moving vehicles as possible to


avoid collateral damage. The national police chief's council have


now dropped that guidance in perceived terror related incidents.


Now it is about taking aim at the driver, an important new emphasis,


the experts. When you're talking about terrorism and the use of HGVs,


in circumstances like this, there have to be developed tactic to go


with it and there had to be a broader acceptance of what might


occur in those circumstances. Visibly, that is what has gone on


now. But it is not just vehicle attacks. Counterterrorism specialist


firearms officers are being trained to storm tubes and train carriages


in the event of a marauding gunman attack. It is inspiring a


recruitment drive specialist firearms officers. But that is being


jeopardised, according to the police chief's Council, by the way internal


investigators treat armed officers after fatal shootings. An accusation


of thalidomide. I have heard that said but I've not seen any evidence


in terms of the numbers of people are applying, and the number of


people that are being appointed. The other thing that I would say from


our point of view is that no firearms officers should feel that


they have anything to fear from independent scrutiny by the IPCC. Do


you think we will see more of this, then, in Europe? Yes, almost


certainly. It is in this light that they make are increasing their arms


of his account for 600. For many not just a target but a necessity. --


and increasing their firearms officers count to 600 -- by 600.


Now, it hasn't taken long for election talk


to turn to tactical voting and forming alliances.


specifically to combine forces against Brexit


and the Greens are saying they are happy to consider


Let's get more from our Political Editor Tim Donovan at Westminster.


And Tim, of course, the Greens have already put this


In Richmond Park, in the by-election before Christmas, yes, they stood


aside and did not run a candidate and that is credited with helping


the Liberal Democrats win the and a defeat Zac Goldsmith. I am told it


is quite likely that the Greens may not stand in that same seat at this


election. That is starting to questions about whether it is going


to happen elsewhere, next door in Twickenham, a little bit further


away in Kingston. For the Greens to withdraw or sit on their hands would


certainly boost the Liberal Democrats are trying to get back and


defeat the Conservatives there. Of course, this kind of depends on a


lot of local chat and negotiation and I am told Vince Cable, one


candidate, has not been that amenable and the Greens in Kingston


did not like the idea much either. You can see that possibly it is


easier to talk about Progressive Alliance is than make it happen.


Having said that, the Greens are right behind. They have still got to


select a lot of candidates across the capital. They will be doing that


across the next week and tended and you could see other quite


significant gestures. This is absolutely about


locally-driven arrangements We are not expecting this


to happen everywhere, but if there are marginal seats


in particular where by kind of


cooperation we could keep out of parliament,


out of government, an extreme form


of Tory candidate then that, I think,


is a positive thing. Tim, news of another attempt to


rally against the Conservatives? Yes, this is Jean Miller, who many


people remember successfully brought a legal action against the


government over article 30. She is getting involved in a campaign on


tactical voting, or pursuing it, and are starting crowdfunding and so on.


She is promising to back those candidates, apolitical de-icing, who


will put the best case against Brexit. So certainly a kind of sense


of tactical voting building here. It has to be said tactical voting does


not always, have not always, had a great record in the past but we are


dealing that very big issue, emotive issue, Brexit.


And what else have you picked up briefly, people standing than you


did not expect? Karim one person, one Labour MP, current Labour MP,


Jim Dowd, Lewisham, has said that he is not going to be standing again


but all the others, the other 44, Labour candidates are going to be


standing. Anybody wanting to go for other seeds, seats not currently


held by Labour, have until Sunday to put their names forward.


The funeral of a civil rights activist was held in Notting Hill


today. The writer and broadcaster campaigned for black rights for more


than 50 years. Community activists from different generations gathered


at the service to pay tribute. The legacy of doctors cannot be


underestimated in terms of what he has contributed to the black British


identity and experience. All of those things are a contributed to


the legacy that young people have to dig up and move forward because the


struggle is not over yet. -- tributes to Darcus Howe, who died


earlier this month. A young woman has lost sight in one


eye following an acid attack at a nightclub in east London


which injured 20 people. Detectives are still trying to find


a 25-year-old man from Hertfordshire they want to talk to in connection


with the incident What more do we know


about the extent of the injuries? Since the attack in the early


hours of Easter Monday, doctors have been desperately trying


to save the sight of one victim - She was just out with a night for


her friends. But today they announced


that her injuries are so severe We also learnt today that a total


of 20 people were burnt A corrosive substance


was sprayed on dancers during an argument between


two groups of people. Some of the victims are seen


here immediately after the attack The police believe two men


were the main targets. They're aged 24 and 29 and have


suffered serious burns They've been transferred


to to a specialist burns unit in Essex and are said to be


in a stable condition. Is there any news on the main


suspect that police want to speak to?


25-year-old Arthur Collins from Broxbourne in Hertfordshire


who they want to talk to in connection


They also want to find two other men pictured on the club's CCTV.


Three people have been arrested so far in connection with the attack.


The latest was a 33-year-old woman arrested this morning


at an address in Hertfordshire about alleged firearms offences.


Police say the Mangle nightclub incident follows a 100% rise


in acid attacks in London in the last year.


when a man and woman had a corrosive substance thrown at them


OK, thank you very much for that update.


You are watching BBC London News. Also coming up:


Here at XL, the Maritime task before the marathon as thousands of runners


come here to register for the big day on Sunday.


It's one of the busiest shopping streets in Europe


there'll be fewer of these on Oxford Street.


The number of buses will be almost halved


to try to cut congestion and pollution.


So how's the news gone down with passengers and shoppers?


We sent Sonja Jessup and Marc Ashdown to find out.


We are at the start of Oxford Street, Marble Arch about a mile in


that direction. Yes, your bosses, I wonder what


effect that will have on how people get from one edge to the other?


Shall we try it out? Why not? I have a slightly bitter shoes on. It is a


nice day. I guess I will get the boss.


The pavement might be busy but I am straight into my stride. So far so


good. Meanwhile, I was waiting for a bus. I wonder whether my LO


passengers would be happy with your services. No, I use them all the


time when I come to London and go back to Houston, though it is not a


good idea at all. I won't have time for window shopping. It is a good


deal! Do you think it is a good idea? Absolutely. It is quite busy.


Fewer traffic, I don't know about buses. I have got to go! I was on


the move as well. Traffic is not too bad at the moment. The idea of


changing these 23 routes is to cut congestion, to try to make services


quicker and more reliable. There is a boss, is she on that one? Quite


competitive now! Waiting for the lights. How are you you on one of


these buses buses behind me? No, I reckon we're good progress. We got


one straightaway. How are you doing question is be I am at Oxford


Circus. Get your skates on, there is lots of traffic! It is not just


Oxford Street, Regent Street Wolfie gingers do. For your bosses. And of


course, it is also about safety. -- Regent Street Wolfie gingers Oslo,


far fewer buses. Years ago, a man was left in it,


after he was hit on the head by a bus when men are at this junction.


What do you think of having fewer buses on Oxford Street, will it make


it safer? This is something the mayor has committed to in his


campaign. It is hugely important, a 40% reduction in Brussels. You could


not design a more dangerous pedestrian thoroughfare. --


reduction in bosses. It is more attractive for shoppers as well. How


is the race going? We are going to have to walk and talk. Fantastic


news for our businesses and shoppers. Less traffic, Les buses in


the West End and better air quality. Really welcome news. Really good


idea. Why is that? Too much pollution. Too many people getting


in the way. They have to jump on and off of bosses. It is crazy. It is a


circus. Early years! Are you all right down there? I'll have to get


some extra now. Is that cheating? Well, this is all about encouraging


more cycling as well. What to do so on? It is a long way! And I see you


got yourself a bike. It was hardly scientific, but it was good fun. It


was, well done! Listen, I better get this back. See you later. I am going


to get the tube. They did both make it back to the


others. I should say, you can see which bus routes are affected by


those gingers on Oxford Street by heading to our Facebook page. -- by


those changes on Oxford Street. Next, on the one hand


you have a ?3.5 billion regeneration of a town centre, creating thousands


of jobs and homes. it could mean demolishing dozens


of existing properties. some residents in Wood


Green are not happy, Dave bought his ?700,000


house last summer. He knew Wood Green was going to be


redeveloped at some point but he thought his new house


would be safe. he found out it could be


in the demolition zone We have decorated


a few rooms since then and we were very excited over


Christmas, talking about redoing our kitchen,


but in January we found out that there was a threat


of regeneration. We didn't really understand


what that meant but by February, we understood that meant


the destruction of our home Homeowners in the adjoining roads


have realised their houses The first time I knew


about it was when I saw the posters in Dave's window


and it was supposedly... Supposedly there was a consultation


a year ago where they chose The fourth option is the one


they have chosen, but they had not said anything


about demolishing our street, they just said about improving


the area, renovating the area Alfonso and Catherine have lived


in a road nearby Now in their 80s,


they cannot imagine moving. I have been living in my house


for 50 years, that we have to be thrown out


of our homes. The Wood Green plan will see


the complete redevelopment of the town centre, creating nearly


8000 new homes and 4000 new jobs. It is only at consultation stage


at the moment but if the council's


preferred option goes ahead, then Dave and his neighbours


could see their homes demolished. Haringey Council had no-one


available for interview, The consultation has been extended


until the 28th of April. It's been a very busy


day in London Docklands as tens of thousands of runners


taking part in a certain 26.2 mile race this Sunday


register for the Marathon. It's no mean feat,


as you can imagine, and one of the key tasks


is to pick up a kit bag. Yet thousands of people have to come


here before five o'clock on Saturday, that is the deadline to


register, pick up their kitbag. In a happier raise number, timing chip to


tell them how long they will run the marathon in. We have got some


running going on tonight. People are trying out this machine, trying to


run 400 metres at marathon world pace, about 30 mph for a man, 11 mph


for a woman. Rather them than me! Some people will be running the


marathon for the first time. Others have more experience, like my guest.


In marathon coach. Five times or six? Five. What would your advice be


to first timers? Speaker MAG run the London marathon is such a fantastic


experience and most people are nervous with a few days to go so I


would say calm down, just the training, you're ready.


Incredible side, they must start, is that a difficult time for runners


all bunched together? Not really, I think it is something to be enjoyed


and expected with the marathon. 40,000 people running altogether


around London, it is a fantastic experience for somebody to do. We


are quite biased, we think of this is the best in the world. From your


experience, how does it compare? It is the best in the world! It is in


London, such an iconic city. The crowd and supporters are fantastic.


The iconic landmarks on the route is fantastic, the organisation is


impeccable. I am in agreement. Matthew Bradford there is not


running on Sunday, otherwise it might not be good to exert yourself


this Post a marathon. The if I were running for a short period of time.


The incredible thing about this is the realisation just how fast those


elite world-class marathon runners go. This is running really quickly,


at two or three days, just for a short period of time. You will be


all right. Quite incredible to see in jeans! I think he just about did


it and there will be plenty of inspiration on Sunday as well.


Yes, it is always quite a sight. Thank you.


On that note, let's see how the weather's


looking for the Marathon and the next few days.


Yes, it is going to be dry for the marathon. A little warm in the


afternoon. Decent day today, tomorrow could look similar to this.


Beautiful picture from Regents Park, not far away from you. Still got


high-pressure sitting over us. This weather front was very weak today


but didn't threaten one or two showers. We had a line of them are


quite slow-moving. This line has been pushing at way southwards. This


lumpiness in the cloud here could still produce one or two showers,


perhaps across the North. Over the next two hours, they will tend to


fade away overnight as that cloud moves its way southwards and breaks


up later on. Not a complete blanket of cloud by any means but not a cold


night. As we head into tomorrow, maybe some early sunshine. It will


cloud over a bit. Might get a shower but probably will not. I do not


think it will amount to anything and then a bit more sunshine as we head


into the abdomen. Temperatures should be a little higher than


today, despite the fact was to be a lot of cloud around. 17, possibly 18


degrees in the centre of London. Into the weekend, we have got all


the more cloud on the scene, especially to the north and east of


London. Could give us a few drizzly showers. A week weather front


responsible for that, which will tend to fade away and most places


will have a dry day, if rather cloudy. Those of London, slightly


cooler fresher air towards the north. The really cold is yet to


reach of as we head into Sunday for the marathon, still high-pressure


around and it will be dry. It is behind that weather from today that


there is some very much colder. It will arrive probably during the


course of next week, but for a time being it is on the mild side.


Temperatures for Sunday 16, possibly 17 degrees. It starts to get colder


probably through Monday and introduced it. Again, very little


rain at all. Darren, thank you very much indeed.


That is it from us for now. More on our Facebook page and website and we


will be back with a related news. From any and all of the team, thank


you very much for watching and enjoy your evening. -- from myself and all


the team.