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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Time is ticking away. In just over a year, we will have negotiated the


deal and start going through approval deal.


Businesses add their names to an open letter to


the Government demanding London's interests are protected.


Part of one of London's biggest hospitals fails fire safety checks.


I'm at University College Hospital's Neurology and Neurosurgery site,


where cladding was found to be combustible.


24-hour fire patrols have been put in place.


The Queen officially opens the headquarters


of the Metropolitan Police, in a ceremony postponed


Plus a glimpse into the life of a Hollywood icon, as hundreds


of personal items belonging to actress Vivien Leigh


Welcome to BBC London News with me, Riz Lateef.


London's businesses, politicians and institutions


have joined forces to demand the capital's interests


Today, they've published an open letter to the Government saying it's


vital the city keeps its access to EU talent.


The letter is based on research carried out


It comes as a pro Brexit four was awarded special status for it's not


summon, the only firm in London to achieve this.


This family have been smoking salmon in London for over a century.


But it isn't just a tasty lunch. It's now a cultural artefact,


protected by European law. It's the same state as that champagne has


come and Parma ham. It really pits London up there with great foods.


Saw our food can compete with Europe, but can our city when we


leave the EU? Many officials have signed up to an open letter to the


Government, asking it to bear in mind London's specific needs when it


comes to Brexit negotiations. In particular, it wants to see a stable


transition period with access to the single market, so businesses can


plan. It wants to see a liberal migration policy so there is still


access to EU talent. And a deal which will mean it is easy to trade


goods as well as services. I don't think this letter will dramatically


change the course of Brexit overnight, no, of course not. But it


is just one walkway to keep... To keep the conversation going, to make


the voice of London businesses hurt. He says there has been a drop of


European students signing up for courses because of uncertainty. If


we don't have a trade deal, many businesses and London will not be


able to do business. Intellectual property writes may not be


recognised in film and TV. Many vital services may not be able to


trade if we do not have a good trade deal in place, a good transition.


Back in the smokehouse, the Environment Secretary was sampling


the fish, while the ambition to get a good trade deal for Europe was


cemented. He said that Brexit will afford opportunities. I think the


object is to resell ourselves and to rebrand Britain across the world. An


RNA, isn't there, that you are here today celebrating in honour -- there


is an irony that yourself writing and honour given by the European


Union, a body you to leave? There are a number of our unease here. And


we have been in business since well before the EU came into being, and


it was unaware that was going. If the British rid had its own award


scheme, we would have done that. He doesn't know if he will keep his


protected status after Brexit. Like everything else in this pox, that


has still to be negotiated. -- every thing else in these sports.


All change on the underground - why the announcements on the Tube


Part of one of London's biggest hospital trusts has failed fire


safety checks carried out following the Grenfell disaster.


A building owned by University College Hospital has been found


We can get more on this from Tolu Adeoye, who's outside UCH now.


Yes, it's this building behind me, the clinical neuroscience Centre


here at UCL. You can't see the cladding from the front of the


building, its rabid bat. This is an outpatient year, only used during


the day, and the trust has been quick to reassure patients. -- an


outpatient unit. Its statement says...


I have spoken to a member of staff here and they have told us that


extra checks are being carried out, and war patrols, staff are being


told to close stores, close windows, switch off equipment not being used.


There are new evacuation point in place. Out there, we spoke to a


first aid expert who said he was concerned. -- earlier. This is a


huge problem, and I think at the moment, we have only seen the tip of


the iceberg. People want to improve the thermal capacity of these


buildings to make them much nicer to be in in winter. And you can see why


they want to do it. But the last thing you want to do is wrap them up


in petroleum-based products. Now, it was the Health Secretary,


Jeremy Hunt, who ordered these text to be carried out. In total, 30 NHS


organisations were found to have cladding the need to be checked. Of


those, five were found to have unsafe cladding, including this


building and also at Kings College. We were told the cladding at Kings


College has now been removed. The cladding here is still in place and


the trust says it is going to seek further advice before it decides


whether or not to remove it. Many thanks for that update.


Last week, the Home Office announced a 12 month amnesty for illegal


immigrants who had been living inside Grenfell Tower.


Investigators believe 350 people were living in the towerblock,


but it's not known how many more were not registered as residents.


Asian Network's Rickin Majithia reports.


We may never know how many residents were in Grenfell Tower. One has


agreed to speak to me today, she is from the Philippines.


She lived with a friend on the 21st floor of Grenfell Tower.


She has been living in the UK illegally since 2012.


She has agreed to speak to us on the condition


What support have you received since the night of the fire?


I'm not paying the rent and I'm not supposed to be in the tower.


That's why they have not recognised me, that I am one of the...


Investigators believe that around 350 people


were living inside the tower, but residents like Rhea


were not registered, and it's not known how many other


people were in the same situation and whether they are among


I do believe that the toll is much higher than the one


From what I've seen in the tower, as they say,


And there are some people that had been homeless that


were squatting inside the tower, sleeping in the stands.


were squatting inside the tower, sleeping in the stairs.


Last week, the Home Office granted a 12-month deportation amnesty


But with a young son in the UK and a family


to support in the Philippines, she still has fears


After 12 months, I'm not sure if they are going to renew my visa,


Of course, I wanted to stay here to support my kids back home.


Her friend and her daughter both managed to escape


They have since been discharged from hospital.


But the experience has deeply affected her.


How have you coped with the trauma of surviving something as horrific


I'm trying to move on, talking to friends, you know,


My friend, who I was talking to on the phone...


I was so grateful that she survived because if not, how


For life, I'm going to carry the guilt.


A parliamentary vote on plans to expand Heathrow Airport have been


In a statement today, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling


said this year's election had lead to the postponement.


The publication of the final Airports National Policy Statement


setting out the Government's position and a Commons vote


will now not take place until the first half of 2018.


The Queen has officially opened the new headquarters


The ceremony was due to take place back in March,


but was postponed following the Westminster terror attack.


Accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, Her Majesty toured


the new multi-million pound building,


which still has the famous revolving sign outside.


From New Scotland Yard, our home affairs correspondent


When Cressida Dick was six, she met the Queen for the first time


Today, 50 years on, as Commissioner, she welcomed the royals as they


arrived to open the Metropolitan Police's new HQ.


Inside, the Queen spoke to armed officers who had been


deployed during the recent terror attacks.


As we saw there, recently, we can get there very, very quickly,


She also met police dog Tigger and handler, who have protected


And I've been around Windsor a few times.


There was also a demonstration with a robot that is sent in to deal with


It rips apart all the electric components in the device. Useful.


I only had a couple of moves to do, and I had practice.


So I didn't and embarrass myself in front of...


Yeah, this thing is quite interesting, isn't it?


Prince Philip was alongside the Queen when she opened


And now, for the first time, a women runs Scotland Yard.


I most certainly never dreamt I would be


And I absolutely never dreamt that I would have the


opportunity to welcome Her Majesty the Queen to


Then it was time to see the views from the roof.


Scotland Yard says this new building will be much cheaper to run.


The force has sold off nearly ?1 billion


property of the last five years as it's faced big cuts.


We in the Met have protected your people since


1829, and visitors from all over the world as well.


For these visitors, a short trip home, leaving behind police men


and women who are as busy as ever.


The Mayor's outlined plans to build 50,000 new affordable homes


across London over the next four years - in partnership with councils


The money's coming from a pot already given by the Government.


But critics say consecutive London Mayors have failed to grasp


Thamesmead in south-east London was originally conceived nearly 50 years


ago as a solution to the housing crisis. Social, council housing,


built by the GLC. The area has continued to grow and is home to


40,000 people. This new development by Peabody Housing Association will


see more homes built. They have been given ?200 million by City Hall and


say they will now be able to build 6000 new, affordable homes across


London. What that with the means to us as we have got certainty that we


know we got access to funds to help us invest in new sites and new


schemes to deliver those urgently needed houses for London. Last year,


the Government gave over ?3 billion to London for affordable housing.


Now, over half of it will be given to councils and Housing associations


to start building. 50,000 homes over four years. But Mayor of London


Sadiq Khan has said he wants to build 80,000 homes and make


developers deliver 50% affordable housing. Another election promise


was that 50% of new development would be affordable, that it has


gone down to 35% was that what has happened? A long-term strategic goal


is to ensure that 50% of new homes built in London are affordable, but


we found a way forward for we say to developers, if you can get a minimum


of 35%, you'll have a quicker route through the planning system. And


with more funding on offer, we can get the art up to 50, six 2% and


beyond. But it exclaimed the mayor is building less new homes than


Boris Johnson. It's an issue that needs to be addressed in London. The


Conservatives kicked off a lot of those projects so that they could be


tilts. The current mayor since one to go around and blame foreigners.


Sadiq Khan's pledge is there on his website. Many Londoners feel


frustrated about being priced out of their city. Even if these promises


are kept and the homes are generally affordable, politicians all sides


agree that this housing crisis will take many years to solve.


50 years after Vivien Leigh's death, I'm at an exhibition showing many


never before seen pieces from her private collection of paintings,


Julie and memorabilia. -- Julie and memorabilia.


Will we be seeing any more action from the roof at Wimbledon? At I


will have the full forecast later at the programme.


It's a common phrase that you may not give much thought to.


But now, the term "Ladies and gentlemen" is about to reach


the end of the line on London Underground,


to be replaced by "Hello everyone" in an attempt to be more welcoming.


Well, someone who welcomes that change is Amy Challenor, who's also


the Equalities Spokesperson for Green Party.


On a personal note, just tell our audience why this


It's about being more inclusive. London is an amazingly diverse city.


And approximately, over 5 million commuters on London's transport


network, are probably outside of the normal gender binary. So it's about


making an open step for them to feel more included on our London system.


And as an individual, myself, it's getting rid of an outdated terms so


that commuters can get the information they need more easily.


Just a little earlier, we thought, let's ask people who were travelling


on the chip what they thought. I think it's a good idea because it


doesn't really change them, but I think it might affect,


like, be more helpful to those Because ladies are different,


gentlemen are different. It brings everybody together,


"everybody" feels all inclusive. Picking up on that word that you


said, inclusive. We have just celebrated Pride parade in London,


of course. Deerfield there is a growing sense of inclusion in


London? I would say it is growing, but there are still plenty of issues


that are yet to be tackled. This is by no means the only thing that we


are working on. But it is a small step that can make a big difference


to a non-binary traveller. You think the science of things should be


extended to other walks of life, other places that have can I


announcement -- tannoy announcements? Adamek there


definitely many places we can make improvements to be more inclusive to


the Macedonia are staying in our society. Through working with the


Green Party and still more, I am looking to help organisations


improve that aspect. Thus might we are hoping more people will take to


give us their view. There is a sense that might be said we had got so far


on social media, lots of people are saying that it is political


correctness CON. What you make of that? It's not about political


correctness,, it's about making a small change. It is a small trend, a


few seconds at the start of an announcement. But it can make a huge


difference to diverse communities in London who travelled through London


on a daily basis. How did you feel when you heard that this was going


to be changed? Because for a mother people, they might not give it


another thought, but clearly this is important to you. -- for a lot of


people. This was a really good first step. There have been people working


on this for over six months now, and to get to the point where we have


affected change, was a really positive feeling. Make you very much


indeed. Southern Rail's parent company has


been fined almost ?13.5 million because of delays and


cancellations to services. "Pathetic" s how the RMT


Union described the fine. But the Department for Transport


claims many of the problems Let's get more from


Louisa Preston who's In the grand scheme of things, it's


not a lot of money, especially given that the Government has just given


so the rail millions of pounds to improve the same line. Sadiq Khan


has been extreme the critical of the fine today. He says it is no


consolation for commuters who have suffered an appalling service burn


only to make years. At the today, I spoke to the owners of Southern


Rail, this is what they had to say. The payment that we will make and


invest back into our services reflects the suffering that that


were delays the passengers have suffered. But it reflects that the


majority of responsible do for the service disruption was, as the


report said last week, down to the trade unions. A lot of blame at the


unions' for, they. Something the Transport Secretary of the said


today in the House of Commons. I have for months that the problems


with this railway are not purely down to industrial action,


there are other reasons. But I'm also very clear,


Mr Speaker, and so is this report, that the prime


responsibility for the trouble with the network in the last few months


has come from trade unions fighting Playlet, criticism of the unions,


Louisa, but what have they been seen?


As you can imagine, the orangey or not happy. They have said the


Government -- the RMT have said the Government had left Southern Rail


off the hook, and that this amounts to a slot on the wrist. We also


heard from the Aslef union, that they have voted to strike for three


days at the beginning of August. If that goes ahead, it will mean a


Whatmore disruption on this troubled mind.


She epitomised Hollywood glamour both on and off-screen.


Now, as hundreds of Vivien Leigh's treasured items are to


go under the hammer, we get more an insight into her life


Amongst the actress's things up for auction,


a gold ring given to her by her husband, Laurence Olivier,


and her personal copy of the book that inspired the iconic film


Gone With The Wind, as Thomas Magill reports.


Where shall I go, what shall I do? Frankly, my dear, I don't give a


dam. Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara, the role that made her a


star. But didn't come easy. She fought incredibly hard for her foot


-- for it. It meant a lot to her. She saw Scarlett in the book and


wanted to play that character. This year is Vivien Leigh's very own


script from gone with the wind, the one she would have used to learn her


lines. Now, family had decided to sell it, along with 250 other pieces


she once owned. Many paintings, portraits and memorabilia she


collected is now up for grabs. You're afraid to marry me. You can't


do anything except say yes, no and... Leigh was the ultimate


staffer generation and whose glamour. And now, some of that can


be bought. -- the ultimate star of her generation. We have mink on the


floor here, this is by one of the viewing's favourite designers.


Famously, there is a Simek wonderful meeting with her and Laurence


Olivier where she wore the score. Laurence Olivier is he with his


wife... But away from the limelight, she was fiercely private, preferring


to spend much of her time with her husband in Buckinghamshire. A home


she deeply cherished. This was their special place in the country, bought


at the height of the Second World War, when their house in London was


bombed. Vivien adored the garden. There was no doubt it was a life


like no others. Marriage to one of the greatest actors of his


generation, she, too, was a Hollywood a list. But later in life,


she returned to London and one true love. She wasn't dismissive of


Hollywood and a understood how important Scarlett O'Hara was to her


career, but her first love was theatre. It's 50 years this week


since Vivien Leigh died from direct buses in her London flat, and her


family say that now is the right time to let others enjoy the


treasures she got so much enjoyment from. -- she died from to regular


says. You're no gentleman! And you, Miss, no lady.


Let's head over to Wimbledon now for a check on the


It's been an eventful day, year in Wimbledon. A little bit


disappointing, but life goes on and we've still got three great days of


tennis left here. I have to say that Henman Hill is now a lot emptier


than when I was trying to find just a little bit of space on that run


packed Hill earlier on for the Konta match. But now it is starting to


empty, we've got a doubles match on Centre Court at the moment. Lots


more tennis to come. The weather has played ball today quite nicely. It


has been dry, if you breaks in the cloud allowing such to come through.


Looking similar this weekend, too. It should stay dry or mostly dry.


The risk of a little drizzle at times, but the roof should stay


firmly. The big difference this weekend is it will start to feel


warmer. For this evening and overnight, we will see some


brightness around, and then overnight, the global will start to


thicken once more. So from this, we could see perhaps a bit of drizzle,


but it should stay dry for the most part. It will feel fresh and


comfortable relief are slipping, for this time of year. Lows of 13 or 14.


Tomorrow, a bit of a grey, dull start. But slowly come it will


brighten up, sunny spells going, there will be a bit of drizzle


around through the morning but by the time of the men's semifinals in


the afternoon, it should be bone dry. Sons sun-dried, a light


north-westerly wind, so it will be a touch cooler than today, 22 or 23


Celsius. This weekend, an injection of warm and quite humid air coming


in from the south. There will always be 20 of cloud around, perhaps a bit


of drizzle, just from the thickness of the cloud, but most of us will


stay dry. With any sunshine, we will attempt tempered his peak in the


mid-20s. We are probably more likely to see the sunshine on Sunday


afternoon than on Saturday, and on Sunday, we could get highs of 27 or


even 28. That's the more continuing to the start of the week, tempered


as could go shooting up on Wednesday, but we won't talk about


next week because by that time it will all be over and we will be


pretty sad. But three days left, fantastic tennis to come.


Thanks very much. The Prime Minister has admitted


that she shed a tear when the election result became


clear as it was a complete shock. Theresa May was speaking on the day


the Government unveiled In London, businesses,


universities and politicians have joined forces to demand


the capital's interests They've published an open


letter to the Government. We will of course be


back with the latest From me and the team here,


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