14/07/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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It's already the world's largest festival


but this year's Proms have got even bigger


Good evening and welcome to the programme.


Tonight - a warning that a growing number of people could contract


cancer from their exposure to asbestos in hospitals.


This programme has obtained figures showing 94% of London


The NHS argues it's safe as long as the material is not disturbed,


but some experts and workers unions claim it's leading to more


Charlotte Franks begins her report with the testimony of an NHS doctor


It seems there may have been a lot of asbestos in the tunnels


of the hospital where I spent six years training.


Everybody, students, doctors, nurses, porters, used the tunnels.


Of the four doctors who trained at this hospital


and who subsequently developed mesothelioma in the past five years,


Doctor Andrew Lawson wrote about his condition in 2010.


He'd been suffering with mesothelioma, a type of lung


cancer caused by bleeding in asbestos dust.


That somebody gets cheated of their life and future.


He was only half way through his life.


Andrew says he contracted it whilst training at the hospital.


A claim that the NHS Trust refuses to be drawn on.


White asbestos, the type in hospitals, has been deemed safe


They warn its presence in hospital needs to be addressed.


It could be said to be a ticking time bomb.


The numbers of people developing mesothelioma in this


The expected peak has been exceeded several times already.


The prediction of when numbers of mesothelioma cases


are going to peak has been moved forward several times since I've


There are now calls for the Government to urgently remove


We know that asbestos kills people. We know that the longer it stays in


the building the more chance of it being disturbed and therefore we


know that it is likely at some time in the future it will be responsible


for the deaths of members of the public and workers. According to


figures, a thousand people from London died of mesothelioma it clean


2011-15. Several victims were nurses and doctors but it's believed the


true number of hospital workers are factored is high on Fire. 94% of the


capital sought bottles still contain asbestos. Andrew was typical of


mesothelioma sufferers. It took years for his symptoms to show. Once


diagnosed, most people are expected to live between 12 and 21 months. We


all know about the dangers of asbestos but they failed to take


enough action to remove the risk for those that work there.


Charlotte joins me now for more on this.


Charlotte what's been the response from the government?


If there was to be a mass asbestos removal programme across all


hospitals and London, you might think the Department of Health would


be responsible for it. It would cost a considerable amount of money if it


took place. The department, with operational responsibility for


asbestos in NHS, states that following the report they have


installed as -- they haven't decided whether or not to remove asbestos.


There are strict rules and regulations in place so that


asbestos is registered and contained, they say. When building


work is carried out, experts are brought in to safely dispose of it.


Thank you for that. A new cycle hire scheme wear bikes


don't need docking - but there are fears


they could cause obstructions. Half of London's police stations are


to close under new plans announced by the Mayor of London. He says


budget constraints have given him little choice but to shock but he


claims are underused front counters. He once to save money in order to


have more officers on the beat. It means that the capital will be left


with only one station in each Babar. -- he wants to save money in order.


The home of Scotland Yard from now on.


Fifty years ago, the Met police were celebrating moving


Sold off a couple of years back, part of ?1 billion worth


of buildings sold by the Met to help cover its costs.


Today the Mayor announced a consultation that could see dozens


more police stations and police buildings sold off.


The number of closures planned in this consultation run,


That's not all, though, there is also a list


of other office buildings, like car parks, that


It then moves onto list of things called partnerships.


You may remember once upon a time we were told there would be police


officers in places like supermarkets and libraries and


There are also what are called safer neighbourhood bases,


where officers are based at the moment, around 100 of those


City Hall says each borough will be left with one police station open 24


hours a day and says it will stick to promises


I'm afraid I can't give the reassurance to Londoners that


police officers won't be lost as a consequence of Government cuts.


We've worked out if we close down police station front counters


we will save roughly ?10 million because it means


If we sell off those police stations, police buildings,


we can save in the region of ?170 million.


But I've still got a big, big black hole.


I think there are better ways of providing policing and we've seen


We've seen that with a more localised type of policing service.


But you've got to take the public along with you.


If you don't do that, then you can't really call


If the mayor's plans go ahead, London will have seen more


than a 100 police stations close over the past five years.


There is more money and more officers for each Londoner


And the Mayor's given his reaction to last night's acid attack


As we've been hearing, two teenagers have been arrested


in connection what's believed to be attempted robberies in east London.


Last week we told you that acid attacks have been rising


dramatically in London. Let's look at what happened last night first.


Five attacks in just 90 minutes. It began on Hackney Road at 1025 -


when two men on a moped threw 25 minutes later another man


was attacked in Islington. In another 50 minutes,


three more attacks one Another on Cazenuve Roas


in Stoke Newington - the victim this time suffered


life-changing injuries. And the final attack happened


just after half past 11 The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan


said he was alarmed. We're speaking to the


Government about changing laws around acid attacks but also


speaking to supermarkets, retailers and manufacturers about regulation


around this because many of us have household goods,


detergents, drain unblockers, which We've got to make sure


we have a common-sense approach. Where there are loopholes


we are going to close them down. Overall acids attacks


have risen year in year, in 2014/2015 - 188


people were injured. The following financial year


it increased to 317. And up until April this year it has


jumped again to 398. Earlier I spoke to a victim


of an acid attack. He was attacked by men on mopeds


outside a hospital over a month ago. He raised his arm and a liquid


didn't hit his face. Suddenly, when the burning sensation


started on my forearms and my face, forcing me to close my eyes as well


and try to open it, but as soon as you open it,


the burning sensation in the eye. It was like somebody had just


taken a knife and just... You can feel inside as well,


that life is not the same as it used to be before when you were just


walking on the road. When I see the other attacks,


I think a week or ten days after my one, the two cousins,


when I see that poor lady, Syed was talking about these two


cousins, Jameel Muktar and Resham Khan, who were attacked


with acid just over three They have been left


with life-changing injuries. So what do you do if you've been


involved in an attack? Remove contaminated


jewellery and clothing. Rinse yourself with as much


water as possible. Hopefully people will be to use that


advice but it is useful in the meantime. -- won't need to use that


advice. Sorry, I'll take you to the next story.


A new bike hire hire scheme set up to rival the Mayor's hire scheme has


The bikes don't need to be docked and can be booked


through your mobile phone, but as our Transport Correspondent


Tom Edwards reports, the scheme has been criticised


A Chinese company arrived this week putting hundreds of these high-tech


That unlocks and now you can basically free up the bike.


OBike schemes are huge in Southeast Asia.


The company says it wants to work with the authorities.


The big difference is oBikes don't have docking stations.


This means they can be left anywhere.


Cluttering pavements, bikes left in the wrong places.


In terms of cluttering the bikes, we are going to be doing a very


We are going to make sure that from the get-go we are not


We want to introduce ourselves to Londoners.


They will have to work with local authorities


on the distribution of the bicycles, how the bikes are maintained,


on whether there is clutter in particular locations.


There are a lot of things they need to resolve,


but ultimately they need safe cycle tracks and that's


But as we found out, without docking stations,


These oBikes in Hammersmith have been served with


removal notices for obstructing the pavement.


Thousands are planned by the end of the summer and councils


It's really unhelpful when oBike just dump their bikes in the borough


and it doesn't help with the public perception of the bike


I'm really annoyed that they have gone


Tonight the company said it will remove 400


With more schemes underway, the Mayor is


also guarded, saying these schemes have to be introduced in a way


Coming up: the crowds gathering ahead of the first night of the


Proms. This year it is bigger than ever but it's not just about


traditional venues. And centre code is based in some


beautiful evening sunlight. More tennis at the weekend but will there


be more sunshine? Full forecast to come.


It's been called London's Cathedral of Science and today


the Francis Crick Institute welcomed the King and Queen of Spain.


The royal couple were there to meet the dozens of Spanish scientists


working at the leading biomedical research centre - hoping


So - will they be tempted once the UK leaves the EU?


At the Francis Crick Institute in King's Cross, the King and Queen


of Spain arrive as part of their state visit.


The building has been described as a ?700 million altar


to biomedical science in the heart of London.


Dozens of the researchers here are Spanish woman.


One of those is Patricia Barral, who has lived in the


London is a really good place, it's very multicultural and close


to Spain, so it's easy to come and go.


It's easy to fit in London because there's just so many people,


While many schools here still struggle to attract girls


into science and engineering subjects, there appears to be no


The problem they starts when it comes to higher education


I couldn't come back after I did my Ph.D.


And the problem is that in Spain we have a lack


There is not a robust research system that is going to be able


to host all those scientists that have emigrated due to


But with Brexit looming, will these talented female


The Government is guaranteeing investment in science until 2020.


But after that, research shows around a third of Spanish scientists


I think right now it's really an uncertain moment.


I think we need to wait for a few years and see which agreements


are made and how the Government responds to the


Whatever happens, researchers say as things stand they will not be


Most have said they will stay in the capital,


It's the biggest disability sport competition outside the Paralympics,


and it's just got under way in the capital this evening.


Record crowds for the World Para Athletics Championships are expected


at the London Stadium over the next ten days.


Chris Slegg is on the Olympic Park now.


Yes, when the Paralympics was held here it was the first Paralympics


ever to sell out. They've sold George and 80,000 tickets so far for


these World Championships. -- too much and 80,000. One of the first


athletes to sample the atmosphere tonight is Abbie, a former Surrey.


She's been telling me about her experience.


This is the iPad app that helps Abbie Hunnisett communicate.


My main goals for the championships as to have fun, relax


We sent her questions before meeting her.


She's already typed in her answers, which she plays by hitting


What do you think it's going to be like to compete


in the World Championships in your own country?


I think it is going to be incredible.


I have competed before at the anniversary games


Abbie's been training for her event, the F32 club throw for athletes


with severe cerebral palsy and similar impairments.


What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?


The first time I competed at the Olympic Stadium three years


The second has to be going to Rio and the whole experience


At 21, she's achieved so much already.


Now Dad Mark and mum Marion are getting ready


I have threatened to buy a megaphone.


For me to be able to call my daughter a Paralympian


It's just great to be able to go back to some of the special schools


I have attended and speak to the students and show them that


if they work hard and do their best, they too could achieve whatever


If all goes well, Abbie Hunnisett will have another career


Good luck to Mark Whittet, her event begins at 7pm. We've seen all kinds


of events here. Good Formula 1 be next? Reports today of an


organisation called London GP bidding to bring a British Grand


Prix to the streets of the capital. A spokesman for the Mayor of London


says he is aware of these proposals. We've seen many reports of trying to


bring a groggy to London over the years. They've never amounted to


much. -- a Grand Prix. Tonight is all about the opening night of the


Worlds Para Athletics. Quite An Evening Is In Store.


It's the world's largest festival of classical music and this year


The Proms get underway tonight with more than 90 concerts over


eight weeks and will feature established orchestras


Let's join Victoria Hollins, who's at the Royal Albert Hall


The Queues Have Gathered. They've Moved A Long Into The Wire Up A Paul


Nuttall. It Continues To Be Hugely Popular, Not Just For Audiences That


Are Coming Here. Not just --... More than 90 concerts this season from


across the country. We will see performance. The Royal Albert Hall


is not the only venue. There are some rather less traditional ones


across London, two. This isn't perhaps this sounded


usually expect from the Proms. But the London Contemporary


Orchestra won't be performing This is The Tanks space


at the Tate Modern. You can hear the acoustic,


it's just waiting for people to come It's one of five different


venues that have never There's a real opportunity


that the Proms have tapped into, venues around London that offer


an opportunity to hear different And this is one of the other


spaces being used for performances during the Proms,


the Bold Tendencies multistorey Car Park,


right in the heart of Peckham. The Multi-Story Orchestra


is performing in August. It's all about bringing


the best music to the widest It's in places like this where


people will experience classical There will also be performances


in Wilton's Music Hall, including Eight Songs For A Mad King,


and Southwark Cathedral Making a debut this


year is the Chineke! orchestra, Europe's first


professional orchestra of Black The main focus of more than 90


concerts will of course still be But while the more traditional


elements aren't going anywhere, there will be a wide offering


for a huge range of tastes. We've got jazz, we've got world


music, we've got soul, Jools Holland, we've got


Sir Simon Rattle, we've got... The world's biggest classical


music festival wants Standing room tickets


will be made available I'm pleased to say that we have a


pianist joining us now. What are the feelings this calls to a


performance. I'm terribly excited. Very happy. We've been working all


day, having fun, treating each other. Taking pictures. It's been


great. What's the draw of the first night of the Proms and the Proms


generally? It's the people. It's about the people. It's not about


some kind of chic or anything, it's about music and people experiencing


music together. It's phenomenal. What about those people that say


they don't understand classical music? They would say, this is not


for me. What producer? It is like any music. It is all about you. It


is all about you and me, about emotions, feelings, understanding. I


would say music is music is music. Give it a go and try it out. Look


around. Not intimidating to be in such a


historical venue, then? On the contrary. Thank you very much


indeed. There will be tickets available for almost every


performance on the day, standing only, no. -- standing room only,


though. It's called Wimbledon, we can look


forward to a big weekend of tennis. Before we get onto the weather. I


the latest news. Roger Federer has just won his semifinal. He will play


Marin Cilic. It's been an exciting day at Wimbledon. Another which is


player went out today but luckily we've got Jamie might -- Jamie


Murray and Heather Watson. As we had through the weekend, it will feel a


lot warmer. More humid air is coming through and there will be lots of


cloud. Not too much in the wake of sunshine, perhaps some showers.


Overnight tonight, some late brightness. It will be cool and


fresh. The cloud will start to thicken after. Overnight lows of


30-14 degrees. It should be a convertible sleep. Tomorrow morning


will start with early brightness. Tomorrow, bit of sunshine in the


morning and then the cloud will thicken it. We might even see some


light rain. This will mainly be in the middle part of the day. Sunshine


in the afternoon. The temperatures will rise, property up to 24-25


Celsius. On Sunday, we stand the greatest chance of seeing some late


showers. That could possibly affect the men's Finder. For the most part,


it should be dry. In the best of the sunshine, temperatures rising to the


mid-20s, possibly higher on Sunday. Lovely weather into the start of


next week. A ridge of high pressure developing. Monday and Tuesday is


looking bright. The temperatures are rising and we could be looking at


something close to 30 degrees. We could be looking at some thunder. By


that time, the tennis will be over. Thank you, Elizabeth.


Two teenagers have been arrested after a string of acid attacks


which took place last night in East London.


That's it, I'll be back later driven the ten o'clock news. Have a lovely