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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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As police release footage of two suspects following


Doctors tell this programme the importance of first


it can make the difference between the patient having a relatively


simple bandage to or cultivated one Wunderlich suddenly.


Evacuated from their homes following the Grenfell tragedy -


Camden residents describe urgent safety work on their tower block


I had an independent electrician, in and tell me that my flat wasn't safe


and that was the main reason why I chose to go to a hotel because they


said to me this is a massive issue. Why London universities


are demanding Government assurances Also tonight - the capital prepares


to host World Athletics Championships and Usain Bolt's last


appearance before he retires. Why one of London's oldest pie


and mash shops is having Tonight a call for the public to be


better educated over what to do London doctors say those who witness


such incidents have a vital role to play in offering immediate first


aid -- which could make a lasting It comes as a London borough


announced it was introducing measures designed to make it harder


for young people to buy acid. Video footage released by police


today after an acid attack in Knightsbridge. They want to trace


these two men on the Muppet. They threw a corrosive substance in the


face of a pedestrian who suffered minor burns mainly because a


passer-by dosed with water. It could have been much worse. He just


started squeezing it... In June this man suffered a random acid attack


and be scarred for life. Specialist units have seen and our subsequent


acid attacks in recent months reflecting police figures are


surgeons are calling for more public awareness. Witnesses can play a


crucial role in minimising long-term damage. The danger is a relatively


superficial I can be treated just with dressings but if the injury as


damage deeper layers of his skin surgery will be necessary in the use


of skin grafts and the need to inform the patient will be permanent


marks of scanning becomes imperative. Quick first aid reduces


the chances of that. Yes. This delivery driver was attacked


three weeks ago. I was really scared. I didn't know what to do. I


came running like crazy. Drivers have become so scared, one company


is trialling helmet cameras. It is thought acid is being used because


it is easy to get hold of and legislation as lists of Atlantic


position of NA. Shopkeepers are signing up to a voluntary team to


restrict restrict the sale and it is backed by the council. You'll be


identification and refusing to sell these kind of products to anyone


under the age of 21. They'll also be any suspicious sales. Police say


there are far fewer acid attacks than the crime and people shouldn't


be unduly alarmed. But being improperly prepared to help could


minimise serious injuries. The Mac being properly prepared.


We're with some of the capital's brave men and women as the Brigade


"Shoddy or incomplete" That's how residents living in a tower block


in Camden have described urgent safety work that was carried


out in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire.


People living on the Chalcots Estate were among around three thousand


people who were told to leave their homes six weeks ago.


The work was carried out by Camden Council, but was signed


off by Building Control at Lambeth and Westminster Councils.


This woman lives on the 17th floor on the Chalcotts estate and


assisting in hotel because she says she's too scared come back here. I


have two young children aged one and four, I won't be able to relax, how


am I going to be able to concentrate on their safety. And when to be a


nervous wreck the whole time. After the building was evacuated the


council added if fire door closer to her front door to make it safe.


That's meant to make my door slams shut. You can put your hand through


it. It's a bit smaller down here. Fire wardens have been placed on


every floor of the towers but despite this fella who lives on the


ground forces she doesn't feel safe is meant to be boxed them some sort


of material, but it is clearly discovered and cardboard. As you can


see the wires are just left stuck in. How does that make you feel? It


makes me feel like like my landlord doesn't have my best interest of up.


An independent fire safety expert has been carrying out his own


assessment of some of the flats. The once been a cover-up. I have come


across Fire beach after fire reached around gas mains between the flats


and the gas rises. The fire protection isn't there. But more


work still needs to be done, Camden Council insisted towers had been


made safe. They have been sent off along the way by independent body


control but crucially I didn't ask anyone to move back to those blocks


until I'd heard from the fire brigade who are on site that they


are safe to do so. The removal of the cladding from the blocks will


begin in the coming months but restoring trust in the council could


take even longer. Meanwhile we can get an update


on a second round of large scale testing on cladding and insulation


on high rises which has The Government took the same


cladding that was used on Grenfell Tower and tested it by setting fire


to it with different types of insulation and in the first two


incidents does the tests had to be stopped after seven or eight minutes


because the fire got so high so quickly even though the test was


meant to last 40 minutes. No wonder the Government said the step of


cladding should not have been used on any building at all. The former


London Fire Commissioner and chair of the Government advisory panel


says that he believes it is probable that landlords who owned buildings


with this type of cladding around it will have to have them taken down.


More than that, he also said it is no evidence to suggest that this


type of cladding was ever tasted in this way before. That is despite


Audi regulations saying all materials have to be studied and


tested to find out whether they are safe or not. As of last week


building regulations are now being reviewed and Sir Ken Knight says


that is good chance of a number of them will have to change will stop.


Well there's been much praise for the incredible


bravery of our firefighters in recent months.


The London Fire Brigade, which is on a recruitment drive,


says Grenfell and the recent terror attacks have been an unprecedented


And not indicative of a typical day in the life of a firefighter -


It's been a year like no other for London's emergency services.


Terror, tragedy, but underpinning their response


We are watching Green Watch put through their paces on a training


They've attended Grenfell Tower and the London terror attacks.


The reality is their day-to-day involves more of this sort of thing


This is not real life but at this moment in a real-life situation,


you're about to put on your breathing apparatus


and go into the unknown, what goes through your mind?


We are constantly thinking about what we're going


What we are looking for, how to find a way in and out.


Is there a point where you go, I really don't fancy this today?


We've been provided with the training.


Personally I feel if someone is in there and we are looking


for them there in a much worse position than we are.


And our training and equipment will hopefully keep us safe.


Now they want more of us to join them.


There's natural wastage every year with retirements,


promotions, people moving on, different career paths.


There's always a churn of people coming through the organisation


and today, now is a particular time when it is a deal


Some of the greatest satisfaction is through some of the more mundane


incidents that we attend to every day.


In anything from someone who has been shut in a lift for a period


of time and maybe has claustrophobia, it can make a huge


The brigade hope a new TV documentary can encourage more


people to enrol but it is perhaps a testament to our firefighters


given recent events that more of them simply haven't walked away.


The mother of Sally Anne Bowman - who was murdered in Croydon in 2005


- says her daughter's remains have had to be exhumed...


After her grave was repeatedly desecrated.


Linda Bowman told a newspaper that "cruel people" had targeted


the eighteen year old's burial place four times in six months.


She said her daughter's remains were removed


An investigation into the Croydon tram crash is likely to call


To prevent serious accidents due to travelling at excessive


Seven people died and fifty-one were injured in November last year.


The Rail Accident Investigation Branch says it's also


likely its final report will call for improvements to


An organisation which represents five of London's top universities


is calling on the Government to offer assurances to EU staff


Our Brexit reporter Katharine Carpenter joins me now.


the Uk's top universities - five of them are in London


Between them they teach over 19,000 students from the EU and employ more


members from the EU - but the Russell Group says it's


finding it increasingly hard to recruit talent from the EU now


The picture we are seeing at the moment is that some European staff


choosing to leave the UK but equally as universities continue to recruit


European stuff into their institutions. What we need is


clarity from the Government as soon as possible because of the high


levels of anxiety, people will be considering what the options are for


the future in the UK, need to give uncertainty about that as soon as


possible. Now there are ten


areas the group says need clarity but its key demands


are that the Government needs to make it easy and affordable


for EU academics to apply for settled status without bogging


them down in a lengthy And it wants those that already have


residency to get settled The group also wants assurances that


EU academics and students who leave the UK temporarily to study or carry


out research won't lost settled And it wants the Government


to ensure that new EU students arriving here over the next two


years are able to stay on after their studies to get jobs


and that their qualifications Last week at end of most recent


round of talks David Davis said he was "pleased by the progress"


that's been made but the negotiators published a table showing


where they had common ground and where they disagreed and there's


still a lot of talking to do. The Government has made it clear


that no family with EU members will be split up post Brexit


and it's said that all EU nationals will be able to apply


for Settled Status once they've been But there are sticking points -


one of the main ones being the role Today the Government reiterated


that it was committed to recruiting the brightest and the best


into higher education and said it will ensure that any new process


for applying to live and work here would be as streamlined


and user-friendly as possible. Preparing for another big sporting


event at the Olympic stadium - as London gets ready to host


the World Athletics championships. Meanwhile England Women's football


team are now the favourites to win the European Championships -


I'm with some of the home fans It's the eve - of one


the biggest sporting events at the Olympic Stadium


since the 2012 Games. And as the capital gets ready


to host the World Athletics Championships Chris Slegg


is at the Queen Elizabeth And of course the fastest man


on the planet appearing for the last You saying about telly-mac Bolt


preparing for the BA Gordon goodbye and there is a new sense of the


scale of these championships because we have lists and tone who have come


down to see the stadium and day before anything begins. We had to


queue for an hour for our accreditation, so many journalists


here. For all of its problems with doping scandals and Russia still


banned, athletics remained a sport with huge global appeal. Let's hear


from some of the stars of the show starting with the greatest of them


starting with the greatest of them all.


The London crowd really made me know what it means to be supported.


They really came out every day and showed their love


We put on this vest and we run for people all over the country,


all over the world and we kind of do them proud.


And to have that home advantage in the last 40 of the 200,


It is once-in-a-lifetime to have the Olympics right


on your doorstep and then you come back years later and it is


You know what, I'm going to end it at that track.


The last major championships for more fire. Any man who grew up in


Teddington yet another golden double Coric the UK terror threat level


remains at severe and has been a visible Metropolitan Police presence


here today put them in handing out leaflets, talking to members of the


public and telling them about what they are going to be doing to keep


people safe. I been speaking to some of those members of the public


asking them whether that in fact does reassure them or does it rather


leave them more concerned? Not at all. You can experience it and not


have to worry about a few individuals that want to cause


chaos. Security should be taped because of what has been happening


for the past few months, nothing is unexpected. Ensure should bring lots


of stuff behind the scenes that often people don't realise so I'm


sure if you didn't get on and enjoy what is going on the new district


lives. London of course well used to big events. This is not on the scale


of the Olympics but there will be close to 700,000 fancier untended


ticket of days and two sessions every day. That means 60,000 people


arriving, many going home and a new wave of arrivals and that will bring


its own pressures for the police and security services. What a sporting


spectacle it will be. Thank you. The Shadow Home Secretary and MP


for Hackney says that work needs to be done to rebuild trust


between police and Diane Abbot's comments come


after forensic analysis revealed that 20-year-old Rashan Charles had


NOT swallowed a controlled substance The Independent Police Complaints


Commission was this investigation following Rashan's death in July and


the evidence so far suggest that when he was detained by a


Metropolitan Police officer had followed him on foot after an


earlier attempt to stop his vehicle, the officer restrained him with the


help of a member of the public he was handcuffed and after she was


detained at attempts were made to remove an object from his mouth foot


and it was at this point his condition deteriorated and he later


died. The ceiling of the IGCC has said this the object that was


removed from the throat of Rashan consisted of a mixture of


paracetamol and caffeine wrapped in plastic according to forensic


analysis and the reason this has been released and is given the


inflammatory nature of some ongoing speculation.


Food trends come and go - but whether it's to your taste,


the traditional pie and mash has weathered many a culinary storm.


Because after more than a hundred years in business one


of the capital's oldest pie shops, based in Islington,


is about to close saying it can't afford increased business rates


Nicola Ford reports on the end of an era.


It's delicious. It's a lunchtime rush, but customers had better be


quick as the shop is due to close. It is a part of old England. I'm a


Tate knows that is 80 years pie and mash was why don't think they should


close. The owners Sadie Streisand business routes are to blame Britain


isn't in rates have gone ravaged by 45%, something causing local


business groups concerned. I think this is the final nail in the coffin


for the value valued and unique present business and for me what a


sad is that this is the bloodline of the community. Chapel market, the


independent businesses here create a sense of community. It has been just


as 9011. The family run business and are certainly part of local history.


Even part of the knowledge, the test that taxi drivers take to show they


know the London landmarks. And for market traders it is part of isn't


in the's community that might be on its way out. There is a focal point


of people come to visit, families come down and it is part present in.


It always has been unwanted callers it is another small part of a deal


that is breaking up. Anyone moving into the borough has to have money


known which is fine but they're not pie and mash Kenya people, not


market people. Another question is been opened and Essex but what about


the younger generation? Is my first time, this was recommended to me,


usually go down the road was looking here and it. The council are happy


to discuss with the owner that they can help to keep the shop open and


would be extremely sorry to see it close. As it stands, the last I will


be served at the end of the year. But tonight - could the England


women's football team be on the verge of winning


their first major tournament? Victory this evening


sees them through to They're certainly not short of home


support as Emma Jones found out a little earlier with some fans


in Hackney including If you can't be at the amount


itself, not a bad excuse to be any London borough genially team on foot


of that is exactly what a local women's football team here in


Hackney have arranged. They also invented a rather special


cheerleader in this shape of England and Chelsea defender Claire


Rafferty. You must be so proud of what the team have achieved,


especially the win against France. Beating France was a monument to the


occasion for English at all and there's no doubt they will go on


today and win the game. The Netherlands are the hosts, they been


playing very well, how do you think and Google do? I think if someone


the top scorer Scott will go and get the golden but a percent are going


to win. Judy Taylor five goals are ready, she is the not so secret


weapon. She said a few struggles budgies what happens is that as he


had been so well. She doesn't just scored, there are many other


goal-scorers and the team. You are the grassroots, who great is to be


seen the woman playing so well in such a high to? Citizens by adding,


from a young age we didn't have things in this to look up to an


across-the-board not just football but across the board for females are


several important moment, doing amazingly and we should be really


proud of that quantity marathon. Filling out the start of it to cheer


them on. With the last couple of games you and the atmosphere has


been amazing, really proud of them. The thing that are successful they


will be playing anything on Sunday and sure this part will be packed


yet again. We're all rooting for them.


Time now for a check on the weather - Ben Rich has joined us.


The Netherlands not was warm as it is for the something new. 40 degrees


in Europe. Nothing like that for us. The decidedly cool fuel which is


what we take this into tomorrow for the most part. Today looking back at


some of the weather watcher pictures are some patchy cloud and sunny


spells and it wasn't a deluge of yesterday and that is because we


didn't see too many showers. Beaded picture shows not too many showers


and those that did turn up when through pretty quickly because we


had a strong and gusty wind. Through this evening we continue with that


theme, not too many showers, a lot of dry weather and clear spells the


wind easing down a little bit and temperatures overnight around 13 to


15 degrees. Tomorrow not a bad looking day, still the chance you


could see one or two showers that any that do turn up should be fairly


late and as you can see from the map most places will stay dry. With some


spells of sunshine. A fairly cool fuel, actually with lighter winds


and some sunshine this teachers would do too badly, some spot in the


centre of town could get up to around 24 degrees. Stays mostly fine


with the small chance of a shower during Friday evening. Into the


start of the weekend, stranded between weather systems, high


pressure to the south-west tries to take control, we still have a low


pressure up to the north-east and that means on Saturday we could


still see some showers, a mixture of sunshine and showers. By Sunday


quickly to start, it would feel much like summer but at least through the


day it should be mostly dry with some spells of sunshine is. Here is


a bit more detail. Saturday the showers coming and going, fairly


busy at times with lengthy sunny spells, template is up to around 19


or 20. For Sunday, quite cool and fresh is to start with sunny spells


and perhaps a bit more cloud, textures eventually recovering


through the afternoon into the teens and maybe eventually reaching the


low 20s. Here outlooks in summary, if you showers at times, generally


by Sunday and through the next few days a fairly cool fuel.


The most senior family judge in England and Wales has said it's


"utterly shaming" that appropriate care cannot be found


for a suicidal girl, who's due to be released


The Bank of England says the economy will continue to be 'sluggish'


and it's downgraded its growth forecasts for this year and next -


saying uncertainty over Brexit is beginning to affect consumer


A new report says children on free school meals in England can be up


to two years behind their more affluent classmates in educational


achievement by the time they finish secondary school.


There's been a call for the public to be better educated over


what to do in the event of an acid attack -- with doctors saying those


who witness such incidents have a vital role to play


And you're always welcome to get in touch on Facebook.


From me and the team, thanks for watching and enjoy your evening.




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