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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Thousands of commuters face weeks of disruption as Waterloo station


I am good to cycle every day into town. Our service part of the way on


to tree that will already be crammed so I will suffer it for a week then


work at home for a bit. We'll have details


on the closure to services. Completely shocked and surprised, it


was the last thing I was expecting on duty just trying to do my job and


going to help someone. We speak to the paramedic targeted


by robbers on a moped whilst And after the London


Bridge terror attack - traders in Borough Market say


they've yet to receive Reggae star Freddie McGregor


on the joy of being Jamaican Good evening and welcome to the


programme with me Louisa Preston. First tonight: Hundreds


of thousands of commuters using the UK's busiest railway


station face weeks of disruption with major engineering works due


to begin this weekend. A multi million pound revamp


of Waterloo station will see half The upgrade work is in order to


create extra space for passengers. Marc Ashdown has the details


and joins us from Waterloo. Since this opened in 1840, Waterloo


has been one of London's key transport hubs. The last of the


steam trains left ear and 96 to seven. The first of the Eurostar


trains arrived in 1994, there is some trivia for you. Know they need


a station for the 21st-century. That will take lots of work and lots of


disruption. From tomorrow there won't


be any trains leaving Commuters will have to find other


ways to get into London. From here it is bus service part


of the way, to a train that is already probably


going to be rammed. I'm going to suffer it for a week,


probably work from home for a bit, It is just one of


those things really. It is a pain, but if it is


needed, it is needed. Waterloo is the UK's busiest station


with 100 million passengers The demand is expected to grow,


by 2043 we are expecting a 40% Lengthening platforms,


delivering more modern trains, getting more bums


on seats essentially. These platforms, one to four,


are shorter than Waterloo's other Look at the rest of the platforms,


they are much longer, That is hundreds more


passengers per train. It is no doubt then that there


will be some long-term gains. Southwest has colour-coded


the level of disruption. Stations in green should be OK,


yellow more crowded than usual. Stations in orange will be extremely


busy with fewer trains. Those in red will be closed


at least some of the time. Notably the line through


Clapham Junction will be cancelled to Chessington and severely


disrupted to Dorking on the Shepperton line


and as far as Winchester. Services to Reading


will also be affected. Controversially there won't be any


blanket compensation Compensation will continue to be


available throughout August as it always is and that is based


on the journey that our passengers have compared to the timetable


that we have been advertising since Have been talking to passengers


for about 12 months now, trying to raise awareness of these


works and getting people to understand the impact


on their journeys. At this station some commuters


are already planning The plan is I am going to cycle


every day into town I hope. I like an extra half hour in bed


but that is gone now. I wouldn't mind if it was a week


but three weeks is a bit extreme. But the works are extensive,


costing ?800 million, Extra trains will be laid on to try


and cope but with 250,000 journeys likely to be affected every day,


it could be a long How do you think commuters will


cope? The industry watchdog on behalf of Network Rail and Southwest


trains has been serving passengers that use the service asking them


what they are likely to do over the next month and the results are


interesting. First the good news, interesting. First the good news,


about 91% of actually heard the work is happening although a 30% say they


information they have received so information they have received so


far. In terms of double trouble free, about 52% say they will still


try and use the trains that means about half aren't going to. That is


explicit people say they will work elsewhere, from Paul of the office


and about a quarter, but a holiday to try and void the disruption.


Transport bosses tell me people do what they say then they should be


able to cope, the disruption would be too bad. In reality that could


all change, people could travel differently to the best advice I can


give you is to listen out on a radio station, BBC radio London where


there will be up to the minute information to help you plan your


journey. A paramedic who was robbed


as she was on her way to an emergency call has been


speaking about what happened. The 32-year-old was targeted by


criminals on mopeds in the west end. She says she was left 'shocked


and angry' that she couldn't get to an elderly patient


needing medical help. It comes as new figures reveal


a spike in the number of attacks Gangs on mopeds in inner London who


will do whatever it takes to get what they want. It seems that the


attack indiscriminately. Cycling paramedic Catherine McKenna was on


her way to help an elderly man and Bloomsbury which became a victim of


a morbid gang. I saw a leather glove approach in front of my face and


grab at my phone and selected from my hand. It was so quick. As I


looked up I saw to mopeds driving off down the pavement and they were


gone. She had just stepped out of a shop when the attack happened on the


pavement. I was shocked, couldn't believe that it had happened, I was


quite scared initially and felt very angry that they had actually come up


and did that to me. This latest attack comes as figures show that


has been a steady increase in the number of physical assaults on


paramedics over the last three years. There were 479 last year


since April this year that have since April this year that have


already been 79 assaults. Three weeks ago another London ambulance


worker was taboo targeted in north London. The paramedic who doesn't


want to be identified was attacked here in the early hours of the 16th


of July. She was eight on her way to a patient but was flagged down by


three men who appeared to be distressed. She stopped to help and


they pulled balaclavas over their faces and through a liquid into her


face which irritated her skin. She ended up going to hospital. People


except when they join in the add-on service that some situations are


going to be a little stressful and do have a level of risk. What we are


not prepared to accept a random attacks for no reason at all.


Following her attacker got back on her bike the very next day. I


wouldn't say I feel vulnerable, most of the time I feel relatively


straight. But I felt from the role they would have won and they always


use if doing my job. The family of a black man


who died in East London after being restrained by police


are calling for "openness It comes after it was confirmed


that the object removed from Rashan Charles's throat


was a mixture of paracetamol The 20-year-old's death sparked


protests on the streets as well as A Kenyan preacher who was living


in south London has been extradited to Nairobi and charged with five


counts of 'child stealing'. Gilbert Deya fought


extradition for ten years. He's accused of stealing babies


from hospitals in Nairobi The terror attack on London


bridge saw hundreds of businesses suffer financially


because of the closure Two months on and a number


of traders say they've yet to receive sufficient insurance


payments to cover their losses. One claims staff may even have to be


laid off as a result. It is one of the city's most popular


destinations with millions of people But earlier this year


a terror attack here forced businesses to close


for nearly two weeks. In the months following


the attack one stallholder said it had to extend its overdraft


and another said it only survived But the whole market


felt the effects. Sean estimates his business lost


between 10,000 and ?15,000. We couldn't get to our business,


we couldn't access our stock. You have been in touch


with your insurers and you It has been a real challenge


with the insurers, they not been helpful at


all in this process. We were told they wouldn't even look


at the claim. Publishers have said it was adjusted down to review the


claim that two months on and no sign of any money. And Shauna doesn't get


the insurance money he says he met have to lay off staff his MP


believes some businesses here could even close without pay-outs. He


believes the Government has not done enough to help. But all they


provided direct support but they have failed to ensure that the


pays out swiftly. That businesses pays out swiftly. That businesses


are forced to close and jobs and livelihoods are worse than any


Government is failing to do its job. The Government set up an insurance


system to make sure companies are covered if they had damaged in a


terror attack but currently it terror attack but currently it


doesn't include business closure. Which is what happened here. The


mineral may have lost is ?1.4 million and that is profound even


for summer as successful as Borough Market, that is a profound loss to


try and copper. The Government said it is committed...


Some stalls here say they need help and action now if they continue to


sell the products are long-time some of the finest the city has two


offer. After a spate of horrific


acid attacks in London, there are calls for tougher charges,


for those using it as a weapon. Today the Crown Prosecution Service


has clarified how the crime Well to tell us more


about this is Alice Salfield - we're hearing a lot more about acid


attacks at the moment? This update to the guidance comes in


response to growing calls to do more to tackle acid attacks will stop


last month in London we saw five attacks in just one night. A warning


for those at home, we are about to show some of the victims of acid


attacks, they make-up to look away and some of the life changing


horrendous instant injuries and we are seeing. They have been calls


from MPs and charities to tighten the law in terms of the sale of acid


but also tougher sentences for those found guilty of using acid in these


kinds of attacks. It is the sentencing that the Crown


Prosecution Service as addressing. It has released guidance which could


see people caught carrying acid face prison sentences of up to four


years. For those found guilty offering acid, even if it does no


harm to the intended victim, they could face a maximum life sentence.


Is this a change in the law? There has been no change in the law but


because it using acid as a weapon is a relatively new thing, so far these


kinds of attacks haven't been mentioned in any of the guidelines


suffered the Crown Prosecution Service was to do is clarify how the


current law applies to this crime. What they are saying is that as an


offensive weapon so it should carry the same sentencing is using or


carrying a knife. Will we see any tougher sentences as a result? In


reality at this stage probably not. Nothing has really changed here but


what he Home Office is saying is that they have undertaken a wide


ranging review of the law including sentencing and access to acid so


this is when we could see a real change anyway these kinds of crimes


are handled. In the opening night of London 2017


will be giving from some of the capital's track and field stars


going for glory at the home World Championships. Jamaica is taking


over London this weekend. I am here at the O2...


With the deadline up for people to have their say


on what the Grenfell Tower fire inquiry should cover,


tonight we hear from one survivor about her own very difficult journey


She's been speaking to Michael Cowen.


We first met you the day after the fire.


We then met you a week after the fire.


How far do you think you have moved on from that?


I've gotten help through counselling.


One thing you have told me that has been worrying you is the abuse that


Grenfell survivors are getting from certain members of the public.


What sort of abuse are we talking about?


It is internet abuse, very nasty comments,


People thinking we are having a free ride.


It's people thinking we are taking advantage.


We're not taking advantage, what are we taking advantage of?


It's people thinking this person doesn't deserve to speak up just


You said there have been some incredibly racist comments made.


When you have been through what you have been through,


how does it feel to see reactions like that from the public?


It is scary because I feel scared to tell anybody now that I am


from the tower because you don't know what the reaction will be.


We didn't burn the tower by ourselves.


Nobody wants to live in a hotel for a month or more than a month.


So please, stop, whoever they are, stop.


Though hurtful as it's the people are saying vicious racist things


about the survivors? The only thing about the survivors? The only thing


I can say is I wouldn't wish it on anybody, my worst enemy. It could


happen to you tomorrow and I would be the one trying to lift you up.


So please, stop, whoever they are, stop.


Young people in care are amongst the most vulnerable in society.


One in four homeless people have been looked


And 70 per cent of sex workers have been in care.


So five London councils have taken steps to offer financial


help to ensure those who leave the care system


They are quite vulnerable, so they are are facing things


At just eight years old, the local council begin this man's parents.


When he was old enough to leave care, the council


After five years in my own place, I had to move.


Just a few months later, bailiffs were knocking at his door.


They said "police" when they knocked on the door.


That was scary in itself, I wondered what I had done.


When they said it was for council tax and the amount, I was dismayed.


Many young people struggle leaving home to living on their own.


But for young people leaving social care it is harder.


For those living in London, one of the UK's most expensive


That is why five councils have scrapped council tax for young care


Tower Hamlets houses around 300 young care leavers.


They are one of the councils exempting them from council tax.


This will cost ?40,000 pery year - it is not a massive amount out


of the council budget and it will make a massive difference


to those young people until the age of 25.


We showed a leading charity some of the experiences of the young care


50% of councils are not providing financial education.


If you are managing a household budget at 18,


responsible for council tax, you need more support to make that


He hopes care leavers across the capital will benefit


The little help that you do for them, it will really benefit


them and put a smile on those young faces.


We know the capital is used to hosting some


of the biggest sporting events, but the World Athletics


Championships has never been held here, until now.


Some of the biggest stars in track and field -


including a certain Usain Bolt - will be taking to the track later


tonight at London Stadium, where we can join Chris Slegg


a helicopter you can probably hear about me is no doubt getting a deal


shots of the opening ceremony that is in full swing right now. Usain


Bolt and Mo Farah was competing on the last major championships


tonight. Mo Farah grew up on the outskirts of the capital, lets you


know from some of London's other athletes who have the honour of


competing at a former world champion ships.


Croydon's Martyn Rooney goes in the 400 metres but his best


chance of a medal comes in the relay.


He is part of a team hoping for better luck


after being controversially disqualified in Rio de Janeiro.


People laughed at us when we said we were trying to win it.


I genuinely thought we were good enough to beat


It took a couple of months to get over that, it


But we have a great opportunity in London.


Dina Asher-Smith is fit to compete after breaking her foot in February.


She helped carry athletes' kit at London 2012 when she was just 16.


But you have to grow up fast in athletics.


When I got selected, I thought this is my third


To be here and to be in some sort of shape, I'm so grateful,


21-year-old Reece Prescod stunned everyone by winning the British


The trial was probably one of the best days of my life so far.


Probably the highlight of my athletics career.


I had visualised that day and that is what I'm going to try


Having missed out on London 2012, after being injured trampolining,


Asha Philip can't wait for the chance to compete at a home


It's my hometown, literally east-ender, so all my family


I cannot wait to hear that crowd, honestly.


I actually did it, I'm going to London.


It's ten days when dreams will be made and broken.


Whatever happens, the memories of London 2017 will last a lifetime.


An important step days for all of them and imported ten days ahead for


athletics. Rocked by regular recent stripping scandals, Russia of course


remain banned. I don't think anyone expects a completely cleaner world


champ in chips but athletics has to show it is getting its house in


order. London 2017 as a really important part to play here to help


the sport itself restore its reputation. Thank you.


Well Usain Bolt is not the only Jamaican pulling in the crowds


in London this weekend - a festival celebrating


Jamaica's independence from Britain is on at the O2.


It's being headlined by reggae singer Freddie McGregor


and Wendy Hurrell caught up with him earlier today.


Here we are in the tent by the Thames.


It is my favourite place to perform actually.


I started in this country, and the kind of love I have


got from this country, it's amazing and overwhelming.


Freddie McGregor has been a few times to the capital


This guy would speak to me in real nice Cockney.


And then he will just burst out into this deep patois.


Here, I see some nice juicy looking sugar cane.


Everything that we love, mangoes, they are here.


I bought a big bag of lychees yesterday.


I enjoyed that watching telly last night.


And of course he is not the only Jamaican attracting


the crowds to the eastern half of London this weekend.


He is a party kid, he likes to party, likes going out to dance,


that's how he comes up with his famous pose


because he is a dancer, he loves dance hall music,


He is ending his career here in London the same


I am really feeling sad about that, too.


Because of the joy he has given us when we watch Bolt run


We are surely going going to miss that big-time.


So London will see him off this weekend, along


Let's get a check on the weekend weather with Ben Rich.


A bit mixed. The story for this weekend is more of the same. It


hasn't been the most inspiring week of weather. Some showers, some sunny


spells as well. Captured by some other weather watchers. Many places


had a largely dry day was not too many showers. Through the weekend a


mixture of sunshine and showers, some heavy showers tomorrow. Cool on


balance but Sunday is the day if you want reliable dry weather for much


of the time. Through tonight, largely dry, showers fading away,


clear spells, not particularly cold. Texture is down to 14 or 15.


Tomorrow doesn't start to badly, largely dry ice age from the passing


light shower. Sunny spells but then these heavy downpours swinging from


the west, some heavy, some flashes of lightning and thunder, maybe some


hail but there will be some sunny breaks in between and temperatures


around 20 or 21. At the World Championship, it could well catch a


shower at times, don't take this too literally. It may not necessarily be


at two o'clock but through the afternoon we might see some showers


fading away into the evening. Saturday night does look


dry. It is a little ridge of high dry. It is a little ridge of high


pressure building which means settled weather and a cool start to


Sunday morning. If you a lot about Italy on Sunday ten teachers could


be around nine or ten if you live out of town, perhaps 13 in the


centre of London. Sets us up for a lovely day on Sunday, a lots of


sunshine around through the morning, extra cloud developing into the


afternoon but it should spoil things to much and it will stay dry through


daylight hours. 19 to 21 degrees, feeling fairly pleasant and the


sunshine. For the Community Shield at Wembley, mainly dry, spells of


sunshine and into the start of next week rather cloudy with some rain at


times. Sunshine and showers through the weekend.


to Northern Ireland, the Irish Prime Minister says every


aspect of life there, could be affected by Brexit --


and warns against economic barriers between the UK and Ireland.


The man investigating claims Russia interfered in the US


Presidential election has convened a Grand Jury -- the first step to


President Trump dismisses the investigation.


BA, Easyjet and Ryanair are warning holiday-makers of long


delays at European airports, ahead of one of the busiest travel


Extra security checks are being blamed.


That's it, I'll be back later during the ten o'clock news,


but for now from everyone on the team have a lovely evening.


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