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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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The mother-of-three wounded after being sho


The family mistakenly drove through a dangerous neighbourhood.


The 46-year-old is now in a stable condition after surgery.


Should videos like these be taken off website


The Mayor argues they should, and criticises tech giants.


I'm really angry with YouTube and Google for the stance they've taken.


All of us have a role to play when it comes to tackling knife


Plus, on the 70th anniversary of the introduction


of listing to preserve buildings, we look at some of the more


And the parents who'll be wrapping up the fish and chips


to watch their son run a very important race.


Welcome to BBC London News with me, Riz Lateef.


A British tourist is reported to have been shot


and injured after she and her family mistakenly drove in to a slum area


The woman, who's believed to be Eloise Dixon from Hayes, in Bromley,


was shot in the stomach by armed men, but is said to be


With bullet holes in the door and headdress, this is the hire car that


the Kent family were travelling in and they were targeted. Mother of


three Eloise Dixon was in the passenger seat, her husband was


driving. Their children were in the back. Mrs Dixon was hit twice and is


now being treated in hospital but is said to be in a stable condition.


The bullet went into the stomach and luckily it did not damage any of her


large blood vessels or organs. The shooting happened near Angra Dos


Reis a popular holiday destination 90 miles from Rio de Janeiro. The


family had them looking to buy water but mistakenly drove into the slum,


home to drug traffickers, after misunderstanding directions. Police


say the gunman opened fire after the family failed to land in order they


were given to be the area. Friends describe the couple as caution and


sensible. I just had Eloise gets better so quickly, and that the


trauma is not too much for girls. Tourists are warned to avoid


Brazil's Gazelle is as they are often controlled by grim and games.


-- Brazil's five allies... This must been a shocking ordeal. I have the


say that the Foreign Office warned that levels of crimes and violence


in Brazil are very high. Likely to be alive, Mrs Dixon is said to be


recovering well from emergency surgery. She is conscious and


talking. The two men who attacked the family are reportedly still only


run. Coming up later in the programme...


As half of Waterloo's platforms get an upgrade,


how are commuters are coping on day one of disruption at one


"Lives could be lost unless more is done to take


material off the internet that encourages violence".


That's the warning from the Mayor, who's criticised websites


like YouTube and Google for refusing to take down what he calls


"shocking" videos which boast about gang violence.


He says the policies in place around violent content


Our Political Correspondent, Karl Mercer has the details.


For videos epicentre of a row between the Mayo and intranet dry.


-- giant. The Met police at these videos to be taken down in December,


but as the city thought that with YouTube, one of the videos was taken


down. We have several examples where YouTube has been included as a


platform to invite violence against others. The police, who have the


expertise and intelligence, have let YouTube and Google know and it


beggars belief that they have the not taken action. Some say gangs


trying to provide their rivals, and police say they asked them to be


taken down from any reasons. Signed it could be framed in silent


violence towards another game, normally somewhere near their own


territory, they might even film it in the opposing gangs territory just


for extra guest respect we also asked it to be taken down because we


know it is linked to other crimes or we know that we might need to work


on some intelligence to support it. The the Mayers met with YouTube and


its parent company about these videos but since Christmas these


videos have been viewed more than 350,000 times. Bobby Katanga spent


eight years in jail for a violent crime. He sent up a organisation


this doctrine of children following in his. When they see him, they see


it is challenging and they are highly the people people who are met


and repetition in that area but also puts on endangered. Some you may


just want to challenge, they may try to attack them because of that. In a


statement YouTube said... It said it works closely with the Met police to


understand where artistic expression escalates into real threats.


Meanwhile the Metropolitan Police is that there is and emerging link


between gang violence and acid attack. The force has complained to


make it easier to arrest those seeking to the run.


Empty trains and deserted platforms surprised many commuters


at Waterloo today, despite the extra staff that had been put on to deal


Ten of the station's 24 platforms have been closed


for improvement works to make the station bigger.


Passengers had been told to consider taking a holiday


or working from home, and it appears many


Our transport correspondent, Tom Edwards, is at Waterloo...


So Tom have many taken the advice? Yes, I think you are right and I


think this is absolutely huge engineering project going on here at


Waterloo. If you just take a look, you can make out 20 or so diggers


tearing up the platform. What they are trying to do is link in the


platforms so that they can take longer train. Waterloo is the UK's


busiest train station. It deals with the hundred 70,000 journeys every


day. This whole project is going to cost ?800 million. It does mean that


will eventually delivered 30% more capacity to this station on this


route. This is what business groups think about the whole project. These


works are essential but they will be very destructive. That said, I think


it's actually right that we do these works in one go at a time of year


when it is quiet rather then a trip trip and weekend closures over the


course of a year. It's actually quite busy inside the station, and I


think a lot of commuters stayed away. Note and Jana who enjoyed the


weight join some of the commuters. Not your regular morning on the way


into Waterloo. It's very quiet, the platform is pretty empty. Partly the


holidays partly people preparing for today. It's very quiet, spookily


quiet. Russell completes every day from greatly to Covent Garden. This


doesn't work for him. -- not going in the frame. Keith has commuted


from Salisbury every day for 30 years. He has seen overcrowding


become a pressing problem. It has significantly increased in volume


over that time. London is continually growing, the


infrastructure needs to be improved to go by that. But the daily


platforms and the trains remain powerful. It's going a lot slower,


that is very quiet. It is, very nice. Ten platforms" they are


linking to increased capacity by 30% and eight cost of ?800 million. The


train was fine, slow I'm here 45 minutes later, but it's OK. But not


great. So, allegedly commute, but both men are late for work and


unsure what awaits them on the way home. Let's get a bit more on this


front David Langton on Network Rail. Why did you decide to do this in


block rather than over weekends? As the viewers can see, the scale and


significance of this project. With spending ?800 million increase in


capacity at the nation 's busiest train station by 30%. That's another


45,000 people coming to the station at morning and evening rush hour.


That work is significant, as you can see we are tearing up the track,


demolishing parts of platforms and rebuild them. Doing at weekends and


evenings is just not a nocturne, I'm afraid. For the bully don't know why


is this new capacity needed so badly? 99 million journeys processed


a year, that the Mandela services inspected to increase -- the demand


is expected to increase by 40% by 2023. We need to deliver a train


station fit for the 21st-century. The big concern of course it


overruns, can you guarantee that this project isn't going to ever


run? There have been examples, London Bridge, where you have


difficulties when is your reaction to that? Years and many months are


prowling the macro planning and gone into this programme. You run a


thousand guys working 24 hours a day seven days a week for the next they


have weeks to make sure we deliver this project on time. We are


confident that we will. You categorically say you will finish


this on time? As I said, we are confident we will finish this on


time. It is due to be finished by August the 28th, but a larger


project, that would be finished until next year. So, confident, but


not categoric. Thank you Tom. A crane has been erected


at Grenfell Tower, as the investigation into the fatal


fire in North Kensington continues. It comes as more warnings


were issued today about the time it will take before any decisions


are reached about bringing charges against those


involved in the tragedy. Emma North is North Kensington


for us this evening. The train has been put up according


to Kensington and Chelsea Council to out that the recovery process it has


nothing to do the child... Tower which lap in the later half of this


month. Any judicial proceedings has said it was ready to build strong


cases and rice the investigation. She said he understood people wanted


answers, but she said the situation here was extremely accommodated. One


thing that we have seen every weekend, big and small gestures, big


with the Community Shield matches between Arsenal and Chelsea. The FA


said that they wanted to bring some relief at to the families affected


by the fire, that match race one point two ?5 million. On a smaller


scale some of the less touching, Adele took several families to a


private screening at the cinema this weekend. And to families from Devon


have offered free holidays to the families of those who live in


Grenfell Tower. That however has announced the side emerged it, there


have been some pretty horrible abuse directed at the family to another


these free holidays. It comes a week after a woman said she was quite


scared to admit she was from Grenfell Tower the backlash, but she


and many others are asking for any to stop. Emma, from North


Kensington, thank you. Next - after being robbed


of his mobile phone in the street, a Londoner and data-scientist has


told us how it prompted him to come up with a way of following suspected


moped criminals and letting police He's launched a Twitter account


which he hopes might track them down for other victims,


as Victoria Cook reports. ( Hira Virdee was walking


here in Holborn two weeks ago when his phone was snatched out


of his hand by a man He chased after it in a taxi -


but they got away.It's it leaves you wanting a result)


That's what Hira Had hoped he'd get So, he's now using his skills


as a data scientist to build a system which will track moped


gangs live on a map... It gets its information from all


of us spotting moped crime - I feel like moped crime has been


a prob for long enough - now getting worse -


time something was done about it.) now getting worse -


time something was done about it. Walking round the same area today -


we spot plenty of people distracted Below quite preoccupied in life is


busy and its main way of communicating days. If they see


things that looks a little bit unsure, but it really depends on


what area. I'm trying to keep vigilant so, hopefully I would be a


victim, but at least you'd know. Hira says the police


haven't been intouch Although he's offering


to do it all for free. The Met Police have told us that


people should report But they say social media


is a powerful tool - they encourage anyone


with photographs and videos Why parting may not be such


sweet sorrow for this pub theatre - as its productions move


to new premises. And, their son is in the final at


the role that lytic championships. I will be speaking to the proud


parents of Kyle Langford at their family run fishing chip shop in


Watford. Before that thougH, this cabbie's


green shelter is just one of the buildings to be given


Grade II-listed status. In fact, it's the 70th anniversary


of England's historic buildings And they can vary greatly -


from palaces to a gas lamp. Gareth Furby looks at some


of the latest to be added. 70 years of listing buildings


to protect them from demolition, and today in London,


this was one of the latest. The cabbies who enjoy Peter


delighted that their heart has They've been here many many


years, since the horse and cart and everything,


so, now it's good that is listed so we know that


it's not going to go. And Sue Webster, who runs the hut,


won't let it go to her head. I can't say that while


they're over there. The idea of listing buildings


started after the Second World War. London was being rebuilt


and the temptation for some was to knock down the old,


even where it hadn't been damaged and listing ensured that many


buildings were not replaced. Now it means anything with a past


worth retaining can be considered. This was a funeral at


Willesden Cemetery one century ago, and now the buildings here have been


listed - and interesting We're delighted that Willesden


Cemetery is listed Grade II. These buildings are from 1873,


the heart of the Victorian era, and they have survived almost


exactly as they were. And also newly listed,


the mortuary on the right. A bit spooky perhaps,


but soon open to the public, who will gain and understanding


of Jewish burial rituals. This is the original tiling,


the original floor and tahara, which is the name for the ritual


preparation, the washing of the body, took place


here until the early 1980s. Historic England is looking forward


to continuing with its job of protecting the best of London,


the quirky or spooky. We have saved many buildings


across this fine city and we hope to do so the same


in the next 70 years. Much of the London we love


could have been lost, but thanks to luck and a good deal


of effort, it lives on. Now, when it comes to the World


athletics, it's fair A couple of years ago,


the runner from Watford won gold at the European Junior


Championships. Now, he's preparing to take


on the best in the world in the 800 Well, Emma Jones is with two of his


biggest fans - his mum and dad. Yes, but I'm not at the Stadium or


even at the Langford family home. I'm in fact at the family run fish


and chip shop here in Watford with mum, Karen, and dad, Donald,. You


are there last night knowing what was it like? It was amazing, truly


amazing. You watched him qualify for the final, how was that as a mum?


I've is in pieces, absolute pieces, to watch my little boy on a world


stage, 60,000 people, just unbelievable. You spoken to him


since, how easy feeling? Yes he's all right, he's tired, but he keeps


it close to his death. You mention tiredness, but you haven't slept!


Yes we're exhausted. We had to close the shop and go and watch. Mum


refused to work, down to watch my mum at the Olympic Stadium,


fantastic. What is it like to watch your son, as a parent, and what you


have the sacrifice of the family? We sacrificed so much in years gone by,


shut the shop early, travelled all over the country, script and script


by to pray for a physio and sizes and everything. -- scrimped and


scraped by... Did you believe he would get this far? From when he was


13 I watched him and thought he had something special. George Harrison,


my old coach, and Kyle's tear-jerker video thought the same thing. And


anyone who knew Kyle knew that he had that talent. But important now


is that as many people as possible out there tomorrow night to see the


final? Whoever the question the macro who has got the tickets? It a


full house tomorrow, there's 11 is going. Who's looking after the shop?


We've got starting to my lovely bobby is coming in to look after it.


Amazing girl. Had he think he's going to do? I think... I'm just


very pleased he's got to the final. Anything higher than seventh as a


bonus. If let's just see the dimples the bag. Third would be amazing.


Thank you very much to both of you. Car will be running tomorrow in the


800 metres tomorrow. Ruiz, before you ask, I have bought some chips.


Because you have!. Karen with a very happy so the parents, Karen and


download. -- Karen and Donald. Established in 1970,


the King's Head in Islington was the first London pub


with a theatre since As the productions will be moving


to a new development nearby. He is not a house where he is a


cleaner... Actually like the cleaner,... Making a mistake the


actor the hood of drug boards here are no -- Young all of the great and


Little trod the boards here, Joanna Lumley Alan Rickman. And now after


47 years in a pub in upper street, the company is set to move. Distance


wise, it's not very far, this building is the current dressing


room and if you look over here, this will be the box office entrance to


the brand-new building. From next autumn, it will be housed in a


purpose-built venue in the new ?400 million Islington Square


development. It will have a 250 seat auditorium as well as a smaller


studio and a bar. We haven't talked about it... Lee Knight is currently


performing in his first play at the pub theatre and is looking forward


to the new opportunities. The arts was under pressure and I think that


having a new space is something so exciting. Two theatres can only be


great for actors and the work that they are going to be creating. This


could be more work, more jobs behind-the-scenes. The director says


of it all about keeping the doors open. The history is wonderful and


this building is a lot of memories for a lot of people but it is not


sustainable. The truth is, this move means that the King said theatre


will survive. I have done much in the McKinsey ambience because you


feel the past and the history that untreated. We only come from a


theatre, so we don't averaging, so I do think it will change. I don't


think it will change. The public domain and the theatre space will be


turned into a dining room while the new theatre hopes to continue its


legacy of launching the careers of London's actors. OK some time now


for a check on the weather, Wendy is here. Is that I thought as I see


before you? I get no few want to watch it because it's... OK let's


start with the good news is that of the picture first thing this morning


in rain on the Thames Street. Just the right side of the weather front.


I'm going to mention it only top of the forecast because we will get to


know it really over the next few days. I just wanted to your


attention to the fact that hasn't made any real progress in any


direction today. It's been right where it has been. It will


eventually move away from us towards the north again from where it has


come, but it will return midweek and bring as heavy rain. So much so,


that the Met office has us covered by a yellow weather warning because


there will be heavy showers through tomorrow and then further heavy rain


on Wednesday, so we could have disruption to transport and


localised flooding. So, here it is happening in detail. The weather


front has brought showers today mostly to Hertfordshire and


Buckinghamshire, but a few have slipped into the London area in the


last hour so. It is as we go to the night moving away to the north. We


will be left with dry and somewhat clear conditions tempered with


12-15d. We start the day tomorrow with perhaps a bit of dry weather,


maybe even some brightness, but from the very word go, there is a threat


of the showers. It is going to be very unpredictable as to where they


pop up and whether they will be heavy or not, however, they are not


going anywhere very fast, so if you get caught underneath one you could


end up with some really big puddles under your feet before it moves


away. Temperatures 17-20d throughout the day. This is how when they look.


Remember that front? It's coming back towards us with all sorts of


Biggar included in it this time and it really doesn't go very far. They


get squashed up against a low pressure system and sticks with us


all through the day. Heavy rain and look at it does to the temperature.


15 - 17 degrees temperatures. A really unpleasant day on Wednesday,


I'm afraid. Eventually that rain will move away from three Thursday


morning leaving us with some sunny spells in the afternoon. Not a bad


day actually, Thursday, but cloudy on Friday we will finish the day


with some overnight into the weekend, but the signs are that the


weak and should not be too bad. Wellies at the ready. I wish I


hadn't asked, thanks very much Wednesday.


The government is proposing new data protection laws that


will give people the right to see what companies know about them,


and in some cases, force them to delete it.


Firms that flout the law will also face bigger fines.


North Korea says it will make America "pay the price",


The UN voted unanimously to impose them on Pyongyang over its missile


A model, who says she was kidnapped and held


for nearly a week in Italy, has returned to the UK.


Italian police believe Chloe Ayling was attacked and drugged,


before attempts were made to auction her off online.


A mother from Bromley is in hospital after bring shot


Eloise Dixon was in a car with her partner and their three


children when they mistakenly drove through a dangerous


I'll be back with the latest during the ten o'clock news, but that is it


for now so from all of us on the team, thank you for watching and you


have a lovely evening. # Clap your hands,


clap your hands... # # Clap your hands,


clap your hands... #