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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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On the programme tonight. with spells of sunshine.


How to tackle knife crime on London's streets -


after two teenagers are fatally stabbed in 24 hours.


The Met says it's prepared to use more stop and search.


They have been doing stop and search four years round here and that


doesn't go down too well. The Mayor say body worn


cameras will make stop The hunt for a jogger who knocked


a woman into the path of a bus. Police say there's


been a huge response. Despite a personal best -


Watford's Kyle Langford just misses out on a medal in the 800 metres


at the London stadium. Could you be the sound


of the underground? As applications open


for auditions to become the next First tonight: Another young death


on the streets of the capital - the second fatal stabbing in just 24


hours - has once again shone a light on one of the biggest challenges


facing those responsible for keeping When the new Metropolitan


Police Commissioner took office a few months ago -


she made it very clear that knife crime would be a "top


priority" for the Met. So far this year - 13 teenagers have


lost their lives to knife crime - that's more than the


whole of last year. Cressida Dick says "using stop


and search" would help bring We'll talk more about that


in a moment and look First, Sonja Jessup reports


from Thornton Heath. Yet another police cordon in


London, yet another young life lost This one a schoolboy,


just 15 years old. This latest stabbing


happened here in Thornton Police and paramedics


rushed here but could not save the teenager who was dead


just before midnight. Local resident are


sick the violence. This man told me he


was leaving the area. I was speaking to


the man in the cafe the other day and he said there has


been 12 stabbings in the last It is silly what they


do to one another. It is hurtful really


because a lot of it seems like black gangs


and they are fighting The murder of a 15-year-old


comes just 24 hours after another stabbing,


a 19-year-old man killed in Old Kent 13 young victims have


lost their life to knife crime in the capital so far


this year, already more than the previous year when 12


teenagers died. Every month almost 650 young


Londoners are victims of serious violence, most from the poorest


and most disadvantaged communities. It sparked calls for more use


of the controversial stop and search The Commissioner and Home Secretary


say it is a useful tool. In London, about one in three stop


and search results in something positive being found in,


something you should not have so I think that is quite


a high proportion. It is like we're living in the wild


wild West round here. Despite the fear of knife crime,


some residents in Thornton Heath are furious about the use


of stop and search. This woman who does not want to give


her name said they do not They cannot come here


with their stop and search because they have done it


for so many years around here and that does not go down too


well because a lot of the officers who have got that


uniform, they think they are Almighty God and they come in with


their overpowering aggressiveness, The 15-year-old boy who died


here has not been identified but has been locally named


as Jermaine Goupall. Our Political Correspondent Karl is


here, with more on Stop and Search. It's been one of the most pressing


issues for the Commissioner Yes, she addressed that early on


just one week after she took over. She said knife crime, violent crime


is my main priority and I will be judged on that as commissioner. She


also said, stop and search is a tool that I want my officers to use and I


will back them if they use it, as long as they use it correctly. She


said that early on. The day the Home Secretary wrote in the Times saying


yes, she backs that position. We need to do something to get violent


crime down among young people. A similar letter written by Cressida


Dick as well the day. Something of a change the situation from three


years ago when Theresa the Home Secretary, said to police forces,


you need to bring stop and search down. It was not being applied


properly. It went down 60%. There is no move going back the other way.


That is now a move going the other way. What about the near? -- the


London's Mayor ques-mac Nobody is suggesting that we should


have stop and search Nobody is saying there


should be indiscriminate I am saying, I understand,


I have been a critic of disproportionate use of stop


and search on black young Londoners and young lesion


but I want to assure Londoners that the game changer is not simply


better training of police officers but the body camera means


when you encounter a police officer, being recorded by our body video.


That is the biggest roll-out on any police force in the planet. They


have to go through 30,000 officers but the idea is it will give


confidence on both sides so people who are being stopped and searched


will know if the officer Ms Bis -- believes, it will because it on


video but also gives confidence to the police officer in case it is a


complaint made against them, they will have the video to back it up.


The true test will be if the increase in stop and search brings


down the surge in violent crime we are seeing at the moment. Thank you


very much for now. You're watching BBC London News


coming up later in the programme. From shipping to shops -


why container parks like this are receiving a mixed reception


in one part of London. A fantasist who killed a man


in London before fleeing to Italy has been found guilty of a murder


that happened four years ago. 28-year-old Jason Marshall pretended


to be a policeman and secret It was thought the victim had died


in an accidental fire - until a relative stumbled


across a video Our Home Affairs Correspondent Nick


Beake has the story. Our bungalow in a quiet street in


west London, a visitor arrives. He has come to kill. Over the next few


hours were acting as a police officer, he will attack his victim


and leave him for dead. It is all captured on CCTV. Jason Marshall


nearly got away with it. On his way out, he set fire to the property. In


2013 investigators concluded Peter Fasoli had died in an accidental


blaze. Some of Peter Fasoli's possessions, including his computer,


had been recovered from his flat after the fire. They were kept in


storage for more than a year. Then his nephew out of curiosity thought


he would have a look at the hard drives. At that point, he discovered


the video which showed his uncle had been murdered. It is disappointing


that the CCTV was not seen until 18 months later but I am satisfied the


initial investigation into the cause of the fire was sufficient. Again,


there was no pathological evidence to suggest third party involvement.


Marshall had smuggled his victim while classic FM played in the


background. He then drained his bank account and fled the country. Three


weeks later at this flat in Rome, he strangled a 67-year-old Italian man


he had met on the same website. Days later, posing as an official from


the British Embassy, he tried to kill another man. He was caught and


jailed in Italy for both crimes and brought home to stand trial for the


west London killing. In the dock he claimed he had no memory of the


attack. A killer who thought he had covered his tracks and fooled


investigators, but the emergence of this evidence has no brought him to


justice. -- has now brought him to justice.


The London Fire Brigade has drafted in 60 counsellors to help treat


traumatised firefighters who tackled the blaze at Grenfell Tower.


The figure is more than ten times the number who normally


The crew involved in the rescue operation have described seeing


Cladding is to be removed from the Cancer Centre


at Guy's Hospital in Central London over fire safety concerns.


Samples of the rain screen cladding were sent for tests after the fire


However, the Trust says that it's received advice


from the London Fire Brigade that the 14 storey building remains


safe to use because of the extensive fire protection systems in place.


The Cancer Centre opened last September at a cost


Police have thanked the public for their huge response in the hunt


to find a jogger who knocked a pedestrian into the path of a bus.


The incident which was caught on CCTV happened on Putney Bridge.


That's where we can Charlotte Franks who can tell us more.


Police have confirmed they have had a huge response to this appeal and


are following several lines of inquiry. Any people would have seen


this shocking footage which was taking on Putney Bridge behind me.


It shows a woman walking along Putney Bridge and on the opposite


direction and male jogger coming towards her, as he meets her he


appears to push her into the road, into the path of an oncoming bus.


That bus has to swerve very quickly and dramatically out of her way in


order not to hit her. Police say she could have sustained much more heavy


injuries than she did. She only suffered minor injuries. Following


the incident, the bus stopped and many of the passengers got off the


bus and tended to the woman to see if she was oche. 15 minutes later,


that same jogger came back along Putney Bridge and the woman tried to


stop him. But he did not acknowledge her and would not stop. He just


continued jogging. This incident happened on the 5th of May at around


7:40am in the morning, many people would have been driving to work or


walking along the bridge. It is these people the Met police want to


talk to. In a statement they said they were still keen to here from


anyone who has information who has not yet come forward. They have also


issued an image of the man they would like to speak to, he is


described as white, early 30s, short brown here and was wearing a light


grey tee shot and dark blue shorts. Anyone with information should


contact the Putney team at the number below the screen. Thank you


very much indeed. Stay with us. Still to come this


Wednesday evening. So close to medal championship glory


only to miss out, we will be hearing from Kyle Langford about his life.


Coming up, this picture might sum up your day and I will tell you how


Now, whatever the weather - more than six and half million trips


are taken every day on buses here in the capital.


But those journeys are now taking longer than ever,


and passenger number have started to fall.


It's thought congestion is to blame and Transport for London


are being told they must improve traffic in the capital.


Our Transport Correspondent Tom Edwards has more.


Millions use them every day, more use a bus in the capital


than any other form of public transport.


Recently, slower speeds and a fall in reliability put some passengers


off and also meant sometimes more empty buses.


This morning, it was a bit late before I took the 211 to come over


There was a lot of traffic because of the weather.


Sometimes they get bunched up, they have to stop and wait for


Recent figures show passenger numbers have dropped from just over


The average speed has dropped from 9.6 mph in 2014 to 9.2 mph now.


The transport watchdog wants TfL to take action and consider


congestion charges and increasing minicabs which it says are adding


It is serious, people are abandoning the buses because they are becoming


We want to see longer operational bus priorities,


red routes operating 24/7 and renewal of parking controls


on streets the buses operate on and perhaps a congestion charge


Transport for London says it is investing ?20 million every


year on more bus priority measures and that passengers


Why are there are so many empty buses in London?


I promise you most of the buses have a lot of people on them.


People rely on them, 6.5 million people a day rely


on the bus service but we have taken some buses out of the centre


of London, not just Oxford Street but in general across London,


reinvesting the bus miles out in the suburbs.


London buses are a critical part of the transport network,


with congestion, the ongoing challenge is how to keep them


They're better known for transportation than


trendy restaurants - but shipping containers are fast


becoming the new home of shops and businesses in the capital.


The latest temporary development will be in a car


park in Camberwell - where the news has received a mixed


reception, as Gareth Furby has been finding out.


It is a car park in Camberwell but soon it could be filling up with


these, shipping containers and turning into a new restaurant and


retail centre based on a new use for these metal boxes.


If it happens, it will be the fifth in London so is


In Shoreditch where this all started back in 2007,


the businesses inside the boxes seem happy.


tristam pays ?40,000 in rent for two units for his chicken business.


The property scene in London is almost


unattainable at these levels so you can do it


with a little capital as a


For this man, it means he can stop working for


Once you get used to the limited floor space it's absolutely fine.


It is quite exciting what you can do in a shipping container.


But the containers just keep on multiplying.


Here at Elephant and Castle, it could bring consequences?


for the latest container park is just beginning, some high-street


I know they have something similar in Brixton down the road.


It is definitely an up-and-coming area here.


There is always going to be competition in London, it has always


been like that, we thrive on it, it keeps you on your toes.


But some residents who live near the Camberwell


It is ugly, it may be trendy but I think it is


We should have something more aesthetically pleasing.


This youth worker from Brixton says gentrification could end up


segregating people on the high streets based on income.


The speed it is happening in South London and


in areas like Brixton creates separation between


consume new products and those that are not able to consume those


But many who use these places disagree.


The Camberwell project is said to be at an early


stage and there will be further discussions with nearby residents.


That's all that separated Kyle Langford winning a medal


in the 800 metres at the London stadium last night.


Among those cheering him on were his parents who run a fish


Chris Slegg caught up with the 21-year-old who just missed


Terrible weather tonight but has not dampened the enthusiasm of athletics


fans flocking into London Stadium. It has not been our championship in


medical terms to remember, just Mo Farah's stunning gold. Last night,


in the 800 metres Kyle Langford was just a fraction of the seconds away


from the medal. He is with me now. How do you feel? I feel pretty tired


to be honest, I didn't get much sleep. I feel I am on the edge


little bit now. There was a moment watching you on TV when we thought


you had done it, did you think you had done enough for a bronze? I kind


of knew, I crossed the line and I saw... I was praying when I looked


at the screen hoping my name would be third. I knew it was a long shot.


I was a little bit upset but I'm just happy to be on the track


racing. Your mum and dad run their fish and chip shop in Watford and


the promised three fish and chips if you got a medal, do you think they


are gutted or are they happy? I think they would have taken the


medal any day of the week. I think they are just happy that I am


running and made it to the final. Just embracing the hall, everything,


the atmosphere, the crowd have been great and the whole social media,


everything has been good. It has been crazy to try and take it in.


You promised to win a gold at the next Olympics in Tokyo, where you


just speaking in the heat of the moment? No, 100%. I am not here just


to try and come forward, I am trying to win it and be the best. I'm only


21 so I think by the time I get to Tokyo, I will be young but I think a


couple more years training I will have the advantage of these guys,


hopefully. Thank you so much, a pleasure to watch you. Kyle Langford


from Watford, one to watch at the Commonwealth Games next year and at


the Tokyo Olympics in three years. Well done, Kyle Langford.


Now I didn't know this but the opportunity to busk


on the London Underground doesn't come round that often.


Basically you need to apply to Transport for London for a licence -


which you can only do every two years.


If you're short listed - the next step is a public audition.


As Helen Drew reports - they're currently looking to add


to the existing 250 buskers on the underground.


Buskers are only allowed to perform in the London


underground if they are part of the official busking scheme.


26-year-old singer songwriter Nicola Hogg got


It is an amazing opportunity to be playing your music in front of those


Practising, having amazing interaction with people.


Just having an effect on people's day.


There are plenty of commuters to here the


Nearly 5 million journeys are made on London's Underground


every day so musicians can be seen by a much bigger audience.


Part of the application process is to fill


in the form but you have to do a full on addition in a tube station


Do you think it is nice, does brighten up your journey?


It does and especially if it is jazz.


Enough for me to pay my bills and buy food and not to be homeless.


Auditions are only held every two years and applications are open now.


Judges include music industry experts plus the boss


We live and serve the best city of the


It is great to have the arts and the busking which reflects us so


It is so exciting to complement the 250 we already have.


Nicola loves interacting with commuters but


obviously you come across the occasional joker.


I was playing in Charing Cross and someone shouted,


I was like, this is my day job, oh no.


Applications close this Sunday and auditions take place later this


And it was a good day to be underground -


It was a case of avoiding puddles and battling


Highbury and Islington Station was forced to close earlier today


On that note let's get the latest on the weather -


Philip Avery is here with the latest.


I cannot read that look. I am on my dilemma. It is not pantomime season


yet, you see before you the broader picture. That is our weather fronts.


Elsewhere, it truly was a decent day. It was that glorious across


Argyll Bute. Closer to home, do you need reminding? Our weather


watchers believe the conditions and some are still going to work, not


even on holiday. Not made any better by the weather the day. You can see


the clouds and we were in the mix of it all. Some of those pulses really


heavy indeed. 12 spots have seen over an inch of rain over the last


12 hours. Through the night, too late for us, the rain begins to


confine itself east of the capital. Further north, we have quite chilly


start to Thursday. I think the cloud will eventually begin to break up


and it will be a very decent sort of day. Eventually, all of us will turn


dry, not much breeze so you will feel every bit of the 22 degrees and


you may even believe it is the second week of August. If you have


plans for the evening, dry weather continues. This ridge of high


pressure is coming in. Can we get to act IDs in a row? Not quite. -- two


dry days in a row. Our high, call it that if you like, 21 degrees. Does


that set us up the weekend? Thankfully not. Once those weather


fronts have cleared away, this ridge of high pressure follows. No sign of


low pressure so the next 24, 36 hours we have to get rid of that and


it is not looking bad for the weekend. We end on a happy note. It


is the way you tell it. Thank you very much.


17 men and a woman have been convicted of being involved


in the sexual exploitation of vulnerable young girls


and women in Newcastle - over a four year period.


The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has stopped


in Guam after North Korea threatened to strike the island which is home


He said President Trump was right to deliver a strong


Five men, including former senior police officers,


have appeared in court for the first time to face charges in connection


More on the day's stories on our website.


And Katharine Carpenter will back with our late news at 10:30.


From all us here, thanks for watching and have a lovely evening.


I heard she went to New Zealand, married some farmer type.


Cath! You're a tough woman to find. I don't want to talk to you.


Daddy! I know I've screwed things up in the past.


I heard she went to New Zealand, married some farmer type.


I need this whole thing to be a new start for us.


70 years after the partition of India,