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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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spells so finishing on a positive note. That's all from the BBC News


Tonight on BBC London News: at


No more money for the Fire Brigade - The Government rejects the Mayor's


request for financial help following the Grenfell disaster.


Sadiq Khan has been elected the Mayor of London,


he fully understands the situation in London.


If he's making that call, he's doing it for a reason,


The Government says they have the resources they need.


Tributes are paid to a sixth form student from Buckinghamshire


who died during a school trip to South America.


Two trapped passengers are cut free by firefighters after a bus crashes


We look at one how one of the cinematic


treasures of the 1930s is being given a new lease


London Fire Brigade won't receive any more money from the Government


to fund life-saving equipment following the Grenfell tragedy -


He'd written to the Home Secretary asking for help to buy,


among other things, new breathing apparatus for firefighters


But Amber Rudd says they have the resources they need


and it's up to City Hall to decide how it's spent.


Jeremy Corbyn has told this programme he wants


Here's our political correspondent Karl Mercer reports.


The Grenfell fire led to calls for London's


They had to borrow an aerial ladder from Surrey and


a drone from Kent to help tackle the blaze.


London's Fire Commissioner then drew up a list of new equipment


Top of the list, three new aerial platforms,


1200 new breathing apparatus sets and


two new drones, along with more masks,


The mayor has said he will raid savings to pay for now,


but wants the Government to cover the cost.


I've had, this week, an initial response from the Home Secretary


which I regret to say is not encouraging and stresses


that it is a matter for the GLA to manage


within its existing funding arrangements.


This is the letter the Home Secretary sent to the mayor.


"Funding of the Fire Brigade is a matter for you,"


and says City Hall already gets enough money from Government.


She signs off with, "Best wishes, Amber."


The message from the Home Secretary to the mayor is a blunt one.


She said, in the wake of the Grenfell fire,


if London's Fire Brigade wants more kit, City Hall will


The worry here at City Hall is that paying for it now will leave a black


hole in the finances in years to come.


How can we afford all this if the Government doesn't help?


I think this will be a serious problem in the future,


about balancing the books for the London Fire Brigade.


Let's fund our Fire Service properly and recognise how vital


I ask the Home Secretary, think again.


Sadiq Khan has been elected Mayor of London.


He will understand the situation in London.


He's making that call, he's doing it for a reason


The mayor says paying for the new kit could mean scenes


with the potential for fire station closures and the loss of jobs


as was seen three years ago, when similar savings had to be made.


The Home Secretary's letter says City Hall is getting enough money


So, any further response to this from the Government?


We were hoping to hear from you the Home Secretary or a Home Office


minister. In fact, we hold the Home Office at 745 this morning. They


didn't answer but dead at 510 give us a statement which ends by saying


that the governor told the mayor will ensure the London Fargo


continue to have the resources they need. Interesting, though, isn't it?


This is a battle over ?6 million, essentially. Which is small beer in


the big GLA budget and minuscule spreads the Government are


concerned. So while the fighting over it? Look at the mayor is


pushing his luck, perhaps, saying, I need money for them but we have had


that before, and we, money for police, and we had the Premier


League yesterday asking for more money to help please football


ground. The garments at turning around -- the Government turning


around and saying, when does it stop? Will be Mayor of London asked


for more money when there is a terror attack? But I think City Hall


arrayed that there is a potential further down the line, they said in


the piece, that it will be paid but there will be ongoing costs. They


think and poor use time, they may have a black hole bat in four use


time, they may have a buckle in the budget. The last time there was a


similar black hole, they had to lay off firefighters and close stations,


so something they are keen to avoid. Thanks for your insight.


An investigation's under way after a double decker crashed


into a shop in south-west London during this morning's rush hour.


Two passengers trapped onboard had to be cut free.


A nurse who was on the bus claims the driver told her


he had blacked out moments before the collision.


We can cross to Battersea now - and to our reporter Ayshea Buksh


Well, Lavender Hill has now reopened and traffic is flowing freely


through this area. But if you look across the road, you might be able


to make up the shop. Half of it is boarded up, the other half isn't. As


we came on air, just before we came on air, I spoke to someone who was


inside, looking at the damage created by the crash.


At the start of rush hour in south London, a devastating crash. A


passenger on this number 77 bus along Lavender Hill in Clapham


described how would you off the road and into a shop. There was a lot of


screaming on the bus. There was a lady in different right seat... You


could only see the upper half of her body, that was all you could see.


She was screaming for help, there was blood. I went to try to help


her, my first reaction was to try to pull her out, but it was physically


impossible, she was wedged in. It was then up to the London Fargo to


save her. She and another woman also on the top deck, were rescued using


specialist equipment -- up to the London Fire Brigade. We used a air


platform, it high vehicle we use to reach tall buildings, in this case,


one we have casualties trapped in the upper deck of a bus, we can use


it to provide a stable, safe platform to bring the casualties


down. Other passengers on board were treated by paramedics at the scene


and the driver was also taken to hospital. It has been claimed he had


some sort of seizure while driving the vehicle. I didn't see the bus


driver but I have heard from other passengers that a boss Trevor


blacked out. Another lady on the bus said that she saw him slack-jawed


with his eyes open. Noel was inside the shop as it hasn't yet open. --


no one was inside. It said in a statement that bottle with the


driver and passengers. As the buses slowly are meticulously taken away,


you can see the full extent of the damage and how the front top end of


the bus smashed into the side of the shop. Transport for London, along


with the Met police, now investigating what happened.


Well, the police have said that one of the injuries were


life-threatening or the changing. They will soon made an appeal for


anybody who may have been travelling in this area at the time, either on


the bicycle or in a car, if they had any footage they may have captured


do a dash cam or a helmet cam, to get in touch with them as soon as


possible. Many thanks for that update.


The Hakki treasure that no one even knew was there. We will take a look


around the Savoy cinema. Tributes have been paid to a sixth


form student from Buckinghamshire who died during a school trip


to south America. The 17-year-old was white water


rafting in Ecuador on Sunday The company which organised


the trip has now launched Yvonne Hall is in High Wycombe


with more details Yvonne. Well, it was just a few weeks ago


that a very excited group of pupils left the Royal school here in high


Wycombe to go on the trip of a lifetime to Ecuador. One of them was


a 17-year-old Matthew Richman, who loved to travel. On Sunday, his


parents were told he had drowned. Despite a desperate attempt of his


friends to try and save him. An investigation is underway, the whole


school community here is in deep shock.


His friends say he was caring and friendly and he loved travelling.


Last month, Matthew joined a world challenge expedition to do voluntary


work in Ecuador with fellow pupils and staff from the Royal Grammar


Then, on Sunday, Matthew's parents received the devastating news that


Today, the expedition organiser said:


Despite the tragic news, one body which


represents schools says that overseas trips are


There is always a risk, particularly after something


terrible happens like has happened today, but we kind of default to


a position of thinking that we can't send


children on any trips, they


I think parents would think, everybody would think, that


And what we have to do to remind ourselves that


all the procedures are in place, both from the school 's point


of view, the local authority point of view, and also from the


organisation that runs trips like the one we have heard about today.


In 2012, another pupil on a world challenge expedition


died while trekking in Morocco for stop Samuel's parents said they


would never have let him go if they had known in advance


about the arrangements for emergency care.


World Challenge says changes have been made since Samuel's death.


Well timed has pointed out that it organises hundreds of school trips


and the usually say. But it has said it will suspend white-water rafting.


An investigation is underway and authorities here are desperately


trying to get the school party home early so that they can offer them


support and counselling as they struggled to come to terms with this


horrific and sudden death of a very well loved young man. Back to you.


Thank you. Police hunting for a jogger


who knocked a woman into the path of a bus on Putney Bridge


have arrested a man. Caroline Davies is here


with the latest update. Many of us will have seen this


footage over the last few days, the CCTV, that is because it seems to


show such a shocking incident and many people have shared it on social


media. If we take a look now, it shows a man jogging across Putney


Bridge and he comes across a woman walking in the opposite direction


and that appears to picture into the road aren't all, in Catholic, the


bus here first overture. -- appears to push her into the road into


oncoming traffic. She walks away with the managers, thankful. The bus


stops, passengers get off to help the women and about 15 minutes


later, the job came back out along the road, back across Putney Bridge.


The woman tried to stop him and torture but he didn't acknowledge


her and continued on his run. So this CCTV has put out by the police.


-- the woman tried to stop and talk to him. The boys are trying to find


the manifold. And thus happened during a busy rush-hour? It did, it


was a Friday morning, plenty of traffic around, commuters walking


across the bridge, plenty of people that might have seen something to


stop since this footage has been put out there, the blues have said they


have had a very strong response and they were able to arrest a man this


morning. A 50-year-old man was arrested in an address in Chelsea.


This was on suspicion of grievous bodily harm. But we have had an


update since then that been released pending further enquiries. So please


to appeal for anyone who has any more information to come forward.


Extra bringing us up to date on that story. -- thanks for bringing us up


to date. Police believe a van driver may have


been killed on the M11 in Essex after a lump of concrete


was thrown from a bridge. Detectives say a 'brick size piece


of concrete' his windscreen between Junctions seven and eight


of the motorway near Birchanger just before five o'clock


yesterday afternoon. The man in his 60s lost control


of the van, veered off Three people have been


treated for minor injuries after an "unidentified


substance" was delivered in an envelope to a business


in London's Borough Market. The Metropolitan Police


said the incident is not People living on the canals


near Tottenham say more needs to be done to protect them after a spate


of violent attacks. There've been at least eight thefts


in just over a week, some of which saw people threatened


with knives or assaulted. Sophie and James


live on a houseboat. Last Thursday, they were coming home


when they were surrounded by a gang James told Sophie to run


and then he was attacked. First, punched me in the face a few


times and kind of push me over. I quickly got back to my feet


and managed to get Mike hands up I quickly got back to my feet


and managed to get --my hands up to protect my face and they carried


on punching me, you know, punching me in the side of the head


and on my arms and stuff like that. And they carried on doing that


for a bit while I kind And whilst that was going on,


they took my phone and my Fortunately, the incident


was interrupted by a So it could potentially have


been worse than that. Eight violent robberies have taken


place in the same area All the attacks took place along


this tow path between Clapton and Tottenham further


along the water. It was carried out


by a gang on bikes. All of them have


their faces covered. The victims described them


as black men in their late The police have now increased


their patrols in the area. We're taking it extremely seriously


and that is based on the level of violence that has been


used by these offenders. One of the victims had a knife


held to use the road. --One of the victims had


a knife held to his throat. All of the victims were punched


and kicked whilst they've been been on the floor, even


after relinquishing their property, and that sort of shows


and demonstrates the people For James and Sophie,


they feel it is time worse time For James and Sophie,


they feel it is time to improve safety on the tour


parts of London. I think police having


a better relationship with the boating community,


I think actively communicating with them, actively seeking our input,


and understanding that actually, lifestyle is a little different


and we do move regularly, but we still demand safety tow paths


and a safe area to losing Police are now urging anyone who may


have been the victim of a similar attack but haven't reported it yet


to come forward. Hi, I'm Marty McCutcheon and I will


be talking about my first album in 17 years. I had been away from the


business a long, long time so we have got a lot of catching up to do.


And the sunshine returned today, but with a loss for tomorrow? I will


have all the details just before 7pm, for the weekends and the week


ahead. They triumphed at the World Cup -


and 18 days on the spotlight back on women's cricket with the domestic


season beginning today. Lord's was sold out for the final


between England and India and more Now players and organisers


are hoping to capitalise on the game's newfound popularity -


as the Super League gets under way. It seems really


surreal now, I mean... Looking back on what could


be a landmark moment A World Cup triumph in front


of a full house at Lord's. Tammy Beaumont and Nat Sciver,


now back in action for their club Surrey,


certainly played their part. Certainly, the feeling around


cricket has changed. It is doing it has just been


massive, that Sunday back --It has just been massive, that


Sunday back in July was just crazy. So why should this be any different


from England's previous three Well, today, a woman's domestic


cricket match was televised live for the very first time in England,


as Sky showed Southern Vipers In the opening game


of the Super League season. Skype will broadcast


regular matches, including Surrey against Yorkshire,


at the Oval on Sunday. Yes, it's a big moment,


but it's kind of down to us to make sure we keep it exciting,


keep it current and, yeah, showcase some good


cricket going forward. So how much do these two World Cup


winners know about each other? Now, Tammy was voted World Cup


player of the tournament. --Tammy, in a T20 match


against New Zealand in 2013, what did Nat become the first


England player to do? Tammy and Sarah Taylor set


in new record for the highest ever partnership for World Cup wicket


at this summer's tournament. Tammy the winner on this occasion,


but when it comes to the upcoming And England, ladies and gentlemen,


our World Cup winners! Like the World Cup, they hope to


be sharing in the glory. Whether you're watching films


outside, at immersive events or at one of the new cinemas


popping up, there does seem to be a resurgence of


the silver screen in London. It hasn't always been so -


in the decades after the cinema boom of the 30s, many theatres


fell to ruin. One in Hackney has recently been


discovered after 30 years. Wendy Hurrell has been to see it -


before it begins a new life. Over a million bricks had to be


placed, and hundreds of tonnes of London's newest cinema in 1932 being


built in the modern style in Morden. You on your doorstep is a future


equal to any new West End, indeed, the world. This was a golden era for


the silver screen. And by 1934, there were around 400 cinemas across


the capital. But then tastes changed. We wanted bingo and bowling


or just a stay at home with the newfangled entertainment,


television. Today, there are just over 100 movie theatres in London.


And so many of those grand art deco buildings if they survived at all


have been engulfed, neglected and forgotten. You wouldn't even guess


as you walk down Stoke Newington Road that this was once the Savoy


cinema, cluttered as it now is by shop front and use, amongst other


things, as a snooker hall. But inside, the balcony of the main


story has somehow survive, having lain undiscovered for more than an


sparred 30 years. -- main auditorium. Among the pungent pigeon


to and peeling paint, it's faded luxury as ever, the faded panels,


the Art Deco architectural features. If you like you're an archaeologist


coming into some ancient tomb or some thing like that. It's just the


fact it's arrived in London -- survived in London were property is


at such a premium, and so many beautiful old art deco cinemas are


being demolished, this is an incredible survivor. It is such a


kind of like sleeping beauty waiting to be discovered. The Savoy was wake


up and be restored as a cultural hub. Wielder Inuit throat singers


when they enter these visual artists another, Latin America, Desert blues


players, yes to bring artists of holiday from all over the world,


prevented an -- present them on stage here, in the diverse community


of Hackney. She went from soap star to pop star


- but then Martine McCutcheon says The former EastEnders


actress has opened up about her years of ill health,


sometimes struggling Now, at the age of 41, she's hoping


to make a career comeback. It was the last in a


long line of things! From finding fame as barmaid


Tiffany in Eastenders # This is my perfect moment with


you #. ..Martine McCutcheon shot to stardom


on stage, on-screen. There were times that I just


couldn't get up and move at all. And the one thing that


I could do that cost nothing She had been diagnosed with


ME and Lyme disease, but as she wrote about the difficult


times, an idea for a new album # Kicking the stars


Around the constellation # Nothing's as wild


as my imagination #. Aptly titled Lost And Found,


the songs tell the story Do you feel quite vulnerable


putting it out there? All this stuff that I, you know,


that was so personal to me But I also think that is probably


why it's connected so well. Because there are a lot of people


that go out, kind of go out there in this world


pretending to have this brave, perfect face and that can sometimes


be crumbling inside. And hopefully, they can


own the songs and make them their own and they will relate


to some of the stuff. So hopefully, some good has come out


of the dark times, you know. She credits her husband,


songwriter Jack McManus, I do love driving up the A3


and just starting to feel the softness of Surrey and,


you know, you think to yourself, God, it's taken a long


time but how lucky am I? You know, how lucky am I,


got my lovely family and my lovely Now what a difference


a day makes - Helen's Howls and easy on August eight it


will rain from dawn till dusk? But it was truly abysmal yesterday.


Tonight, we have a meter shower and because we have had dry weather, you


should have a good view. If you're up that late, that early. We have


had lots of wonderful weather watcher pictures sent in today. This


is a little earlier, Walton on Thames, a vastly different day. That


said, we do have a few sharp showers left over in Kent this morning, it


hasn't been dry and plain sailing for everyone, but from us, it has


been a nice enough day. A fine evening for the athletics, a finite


as well, quite cool by the time we get to dawn like it was this


morning. Could even be some mist and patchy fog around in some areas,


perhaps around the M 25. Lots of sunshine to start the day, the


sunniest part of the UK, because we got cloud gathering in from the


west. Pride and what can, but by tea-time, we will see some rain up


in Buckinghamshire. Some sunshine, 22 hour tomorrow. And good news if


you're heading to the athletics, though by the evening, there could


be some patchy rain, but not like it was yesterday evening. What about


further ahead? As we had through Friday night that patchy rain makes


its way across the London region, let's take a few hours after sunrise


to clear, but the weekend looks for the most part pretty decent. There


will be the odd shower coming to on the breeze on Saturday and attention


for a time on Sunday, but temperatures will get to around


average for the time of year, pleasant as well with light winds


and a little ridge of high pressure returning as we have had today. Come


Sunday, it looks prior silver -- drier still. Doesn't really bad at


all, a better patchy rain which tomorrow. Thank you.


The National Crime Agency says the scale of modern slavery is far


It estimates there are tens of thousands working in many


sectors, including agriculture, construction and domestic Labour.


Around 1700 thousand eggs enter the UK from potentially contaminated


Dutch farms. -- 700,000 X. The Food Standards Agency


said it's unlikely there Some sandwich and egg products have


been withdrawn from supermarkets. Jeremy Corbyn says the Government


should fund life-saving equipment in the wake


of the Grenfell Tower block tragedy. The Mayor sought financial help


from the Government but today it emerged that the Home Secretary has


rejected any assistance. Lots more on our Facebook page,


including the skinny house just over three metres wide


with a fat price tag. From me and all the team,


thanks for watching