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Tonight on BBC London News. teams where you are.


The operation to evacuate hundreds of residents from tower blocks


They told us they had looked into the blocks and that they'd made the


decision it was safe to have gas. And now they're saying that isn't


the case, they'd made a mistake. More than 200 homes have


failed safety checks. A tube train fire during


rush hour, causing huge As the carriage pulled alongside,


you could see the smoke inside coming out and the people crashed to


each ensure, each end of the carriage and everyone was piling out


hand over mouths. Plus, rediscovered after 25 years,


the film showing the Battle of Lewisham, when protesters blocked


a fascist march. And hitting the catwalk, African


Fashion week comes to London. Good evening and welcome


to the programme. First tonight, residents who face


being evacuated from their high-rise flats say safety concerns have been


"ignored for decades." More than 200 homes on the Ledbury


estate in Peckham are to be vacated after being declared unsafe


with inspectors fearing the buildings would not


withstand an explosion. The checks were made following


the fire at Grenfell Tower. Now hundreds of people are to be


temporarily moved out. Gareth Furby joins


us from the estate. Here we are on the 12th floor of one


of these blocks and as you can see behind me here is what should be a


gas supply meter but within the last 90 minutes it has actually been


disconnected, the gas supply engineers working their way very


quickly throughout these blocks. A lot of residence here are very


unhappy with the way this whole affair has been handled.


Danielle is a mother of three and now the hot water in her flat


A kettle is now the best option to clean baby.


Well, it is like being thrown back to the Victorian error, really.


And what's really annoyed Danielle is Southwark council


assured her just two weeks ago it was safe.


They told us they'd looked into blocks and they'd made


the decision it was safe to have gas.


And now they are saying that isn't the case,


What's changed the council's mind and brought the gas workers in today


It is an engineering consultant's report which could mean


In 1968, a tower block in new partially collapsed,


The cause was a gas explosion and an inquiry recommended similar


blocks should only have gas if they've been strengthened.


After the Grenfell disaster, residence on the Ledbury Estates


wanted safety checks and an independent expert


was appalled when he found gas supplies here because it has similar


If it is leaking, we can end up with an explosion.


And a major collapse killing people in these blocks.


Just over two weeks ago, Southwark Council


The four tower blocks on the Ledbury estate will built after 1968 and of


a different design so they are safe to have gas in them. We have asked


the structural engineers to do that safety check nevertheless. Today


they had a different view. The report showed up way you'd expect


strengthening in the buildings, it isn't there. Luckily, there have


been no gas explosions in the Ledbury blocks to test out how weak


these buildings may be. Today the local MP faced a few awkward


questions. What do you want to say to residents who had to live with


this risk for all those years? I think I want to say to the residence


that I am really concerned for their anxieties. This family are very


anxious, not only about the lack of hot water. They bought their flat


off the Council the ?70,000. The fact other people have been given


the opportunity to move house and we haven't. We have to stay here


because we've brought the house. It makes us very angry. The council is


now drawing up a timetable about who to move out of the blocks and when.


Joining me now is Glenn Holmes who lived here in this flat for 16


years. What you going to do now? I'm going to have to move. Where are you


going to go? Hopefully someone local because everybody is trying to move


up one. And then they will bring you back if they can? If they can fix


the place, yes. What do you think about the way things have been


handled? It has been incompetent. We have been reporting this multiple


times going back a couple of decades. And it has come to this.


You've been told the gas was safe? The gas and structure of the


building has been safe in the past. You're talking about an inquiry,


aren't you? I think there needs to be one and people need to be


rehoused in decent accommodation straight away rather than going to


the leisure centre to have a shower. What should the inquiry find out?


How we got to this point where the council didn't know the condition of


its own stock. Thank you very much. The position as it is going to take


months to actually move people out to other flats when they find them.


Then they are going to have to attempt to rebuild so that could


take years. Back to you. Mamma Mia, the fight over plans


to build an Abba-themed A teenager from Surrey,


who's accused of preparing a terror attack in the UK,


is to face trial in January. Haider Ahmed, who's 18


and from Redhill, is also charged with three counts


of disseminating He appeared at the Old Bailey


via video link and has been Police looking for a moped robber


who knocked a woman to the ground in Lewisham have released video


footage of the attack. The victim was standing outside


a temple on Clarendon Road He then stole a gold necklace


she was wearing, before riding Footage has emerged of the moment


a double decker bus ran into a shop These pictures were captured by CCTV


cameras inside the kitchen showroom the bus crashed


into during the rush hour. Two passengers were rescued


by firefighters from the upper deck. The driver was taken to hospital,


and several passengers An investigation is under way


after a fire broke out on the Bakerloo line this morning,


forcing passengers to be Several people had to be treated


for smoke inhalation during the rush hour incident,


which is believed to have been Coughing and struggling


to breathe as the cheap Tube carriage fills with smoke,


this was rush hour William Cox was in


the next carriage. You could see smoke coming


in from the carriage right behind When it stopped, the driver


was very, very quick to go through to the tannoy


and tell everyone there's... There is an emergency on the train,


don't worry, we will get Meanwhile, Tom Singer


was waiting on the platform. As the train was approaching,


you could start to smell something As the train started


approaching closer and closer, the smell start getting


stronger and stronger. Then, as the carriage pulled


alongside, you could see the smoke inside that was starting to come out


and the people basically crashed into each end of the carriage


and when the doors opened, everyone was piling out,


hands over mouths, coughing. First the train, then


the station were evacuated. On the platform it


was very, very calm. People could see there was a fire


or a problem with the engine. But when you actually


got up the escalators, people didn't really know


what was going on, so people were a bit more panicky


and rushing out of the station. Four people were treated


for smoke inhalation. Two were taken to hospital


as a precaution. London Underground say


that the smoke on the Bakerloo line this morning was the result


of an overheated wire. It was a train that was part


of the oldest fleet These trains are one of the oldest


trains on the Underground but the materials that we use


to construct the trains, the materials that we use


for cabling, it is always nonflammable materials so we've got


very high standards. For anyone who's feeling nervous,


who has been on that train, or seen what happened,


can you reassure them they are safe London Underground is a safe


environment we've got They are well trained


to deal with incidents. Tonight, Oxford Circus


station and the Bakerloo Today's fire is still


being investigated. They're one of the most


successful acts in the history But a plan to build an Abba-themed


party venue has not been very Land in, where else but Waterloo,


has been earmarked by a member But campaigners say social housing


should be built there instead. # I've been cheated by you since


I don't know when...# They were once one of the most


famous bands in the world. And their catchy pop songs


still pull in the crowds. Now former Abba singer-songwriter


Bjorn Ulvaeus wants to bring an Abba themed party spot to London,


following the opening His plans are for 500 seater


Mamma Mia inspired venue where Abba fans can eat Greek food


and see the show. # Waterloo, I was defeated,


you won the war...# for a 500 seater venue in an area


known as Coin Street near the South Bank haven't been


well received by these locals. Noise levels are going


to go through the roof. People dropping off,


picking up late at night. It's going to be really horrendous


for the local residents. And against a wholly unacceptable


use of the space that's been It's kind of scary thinking that I'm


going to have to deal with five years of Abba music bursting


into my ears. To take land given for social


housing in an area like this I mean, they've already just failed


to get the garden bridge, The proposed site is on derelict


land next to a community The organisation who own it


want to rent out for five years Will having an Abba themed


restaurant on a site of housing And we are working with the team


behind it to arrange to have availability of it during the day


when it's not open to the public. We're hoping young people will have


access into it for training on light and sound equipment,


so that we feel there is a benefit. Well, Bjorn from Abba


and the Mamma Mia company has been His PR tell me he was impressed


by its location to the South bank And these Abba lovers in town


for a fan club summer party believe the Swedish company will be


good for London. Having been to Mamma Mia the party


in Stockholm I hope it is that. It will open that tourism and job


opportunities for local residents It certainly has done


so in Sweden, where Mamma Mia The developers say the money paid


to rent the land will be ploughed for these residents,


that comes at too high a price. Next, what can be done


to deal with London's Today, the mayor unveiled his vision


to make the City cleaner and greener to create what he calls


a national park city. Our Environment Correspondent,


Tom Edwards, has been finding out. This is Woodbury wet lands


in Hackney, a hidden gem. London is one of the greenest cities


on the planet, but for how long? Today the mayor is promoting more


green spaces and will do that by making London


and National Park city. Part of it is bringing it


all together but part of it is making sure we give this


area of policy the gravitas it deserves, and I want developers,


councils, Londoners, tourists, to recognise London pays


a huge attention to green spaces, and us being a National Park city


will be important. I send the message today that


the direction of travel is that way. London's green spaces support 14,000


species and the city has 47% of the area of the capital


is made up of green This is Welwyn garden


city, built in 1920. A National Park city would mean


tightening planning and making green London has been described as a turbo


economy, jostling for position For those of us who work


and live in the city, perhaps you want a city


which is greener, slower, and the National Park city I think


gives an idea that London could be very different for those who live,


work and play here. The criteria to become


a National Park city haven't The big challenge will be protecting


green space and also meeting increasing the man's


for more housing. After months of protest and unrest,


is it a new period of calm at the Emirates? We shall see. The new


Premier League season begins tonight with Arsenal at home to Leicester.


And I am at Africa fashion week in London finding out which big-name


designers take their inspiration from Africa, including a furniture


shop in a lot of our homes. A film thought to have been lost has


been rediscovered after 25 years. It shows the so called Battle


of Lewisham when thousands of Londoners blocked a march


by the National Front. The footage is being shown


this weekend to mark The only chance today is National


Front, nothing else! New Cross, 1977, the National Front are


gathering to march to Lewisham but 8000 local people block their way on


Clifton rise, a resounding no to fascism captured by amateur


film-makers. This film-maker was lost for 25 years until recently


rediscovered. The police decide they want to bring National Front up


through Clifton rise after all so they push forward with police


horses, ranks of police pushing the crowd back and that is when the


community pushed back against the police. Layers Henry was a teenager


at the time, watching from a distance. Wheeze to be terrified of


them. If you knew the National Front were going to March, especially as a


black or Asian person, you'd stay away from that. The fact that


everybody who was there was resolute that these people are not going to


command the streets anymore. We are just off Lewisham high road. What is


the significance of this place? Many of the people that made their way up


to Clifton rise actually started their day here. They'd come here for


the showpiece event of the day which was the counter demonstration where


there were a number of really powerful speeches from some real


pillars of the community including the XL Bishop of Namibia, Colin


Winter, who gave a very moving speech. We reject it as lies! They


then marched to try and join the other protesters at New Cross but


their path was blocked. The police will have no alternative that do not


comply with these reasonable directions. But later on in the days


some of the angriest scenes happened in Lewisham town centre. The


counterdemonstrators frustrated by the police's efforts to hold them


back. There was also a great deal of camaraderie between people, people


who perhaps wouldn't have got on were kind of making friends. From


that side of it, it actually did more good than harm, I suppose. That


was one of the legacies of that day. Along with a stop in the National


Front's attempts to divide this local community.


The new Premier League season begins tonight with the opening match


Their manager Arsene Wenger was at the centre of a storm


of protests last season, so will we see more of the same?


Let's cross to Chris Slegg who is at The Emirates with more on this.


It feels a bit, right now. It is of a bit of a truce between the two


camps because it has been a decent summer. Arsene Wenger signed a new


deal. He has signed Lacazette. And Arsenal meet Chelsea last weekend in


the community should. If they lose tonight, that mood could change. One


thing that is concerning the fans is the future of Alexis Sanchez,


Arsenal's star player. Rumours he's trying to leave. Arsene Wenger


trying to put a brave face on that. He knows how important it is for a


good start. The preparation of the squad looks good, and we need to


transfer that into points. That is, of course, a pragmatic view but what


matters is during the next game and start on a strong way, which we did


not do last year, and that is what you want to achieve here. Alexis


Sanchez is injured tonight. Another man down from here is the Tottenham


left back Danny Rose and he's angered a lot of Spurs fans by


telling a newspaper he thinks he should be paid more and hinting that


he wants to leave for a club that would pay him more than his ?65,000


a week. He'd earn three times as much in Charles Hilton to


Manchester. His manager was asked what he made of what he said. It was


his opinion. And then he understood that maybe he needs to apologise to


us. And I think that is very good for him and for the club. I forgive


that. For me, it is move on. So, Mauricio Pochettino say all the


right things there but players who have stepped out of line with him


have found themselves out of the club in the past although probably


not players of Danny Rose's calibre. A bit unsettling for Tottenham ahead


of their first game on Sunday away at Newcastle. Also on Sunday, West


Ham away at Manchester United. Tomorrow, Watford host Liverpool in


the lunchtime game. The champions Chelsea are at home to Burnley and


Crystal Palace welcome newly promoted Huddersfield to Selhurst


Park. But it all begins on a Friday night for the first time the opening


game in the Premier League season begins here tonight at the Emirates


Stadium, Arsenal against Leicester. Now, most of us know


about London Fashion Week, and Men's Fashion Week is a regular


fixture here in the capital, now African Fashion Week


is drawing in the crowds. The event is now in its fifth year,


and, as Helen Drew reports, designers come from all over


the world to take part. This is the first of five catwalk


shows going on at African Fashion Week. Some of the default, designers


have flown in from Africa. Some of them are not African tour but


designers who take huge inspiration from the culture. Started in 2011,


Africa Fashion Week London gives emerging designers to get their work


seen. So much so, many travel from far. I came all the way from Nigeria


this show. I want to sell my clothes for a larger market. When I came out


of uni, it wasn't as big. As an African designer, coming out, it was


very much, like, you're different. But now this is here, it's very


much, you know, like-minded people come to this place and you can sell


to the right people. My predominant customer base is English or African


Afro-Caribbean. It is starting to become quite prevalent in today's


fashion. Everybody is starting to learn about African fashion. African


fashion doesn't just mean traditional dress. One of the


designers showing on the catwalk was born in London and raised in Nigeria


and he wants to reflect African culture but combine it with his


Savile Row training. When they say I am doing something with an African


thing, they assume you have to do African print. I make beautiful


prints. Just because I'm African doesn't mean I have to make


Afrocentric things. In the last six years, over 800 designers have shown


their work as part of Africa fashion week London. As well as providing an


opportunity for all these emerging designers to show their work, Africa


Fashion Week London hopes to give inspiration to other designers. I'm


joined by one of the organisers. Do you think African fashion is


becoming more mainstream? Absolutely. We get so much of the


inspiration in collections that come in from Vivian Westwood and also


some of the Gucci collections. It is all getting in fused. And also with


the furniture designers, such as IKEA, we've been here for seven


years now and we're just bigger and better every year. And we bring


African fashioned the mainstream. And people take the inspiration,


they buy the goods from the exhibitors, they watch the catwalk.


Our catwalk is accessible because not many people get to see a


professional catwalk show because they have London Fashion Week but


that is for industry only so we try to make the catwalk very accessible


and African fashion accessible and we do this for everybody, really. If


you'd like to get to African inspired fashion fix, tickets are


still available for tomorrow. It is in Covent Garden and there will be


more shows. It has been pretty good, hasn't it?


It has. That is almost two days in a row and it doesn't look bad for the


weekend, either. Let's show you some lovely weather watcher photos. This


was sent in a couple of hours ago. It is equally delightful at


Stratford. The athletics stadium. However, there is always a but with


the British weather, we have this weakening weather front. The cloud


coming over the London region bringing some rain if you are


heading out this evening. Rather in the evening than in the morning. It


could be grey and wrap around dawn but milder than last night which


could mean health fog. It is an improving picture. Eventually the


cloud will break to reveal some sunshine. The breeze isn't coming


from a great direction but we should see 22 as we have seen today. Late


in the day we might catch the odd shower but it is essentially dry and


fine. It might be grey as the athletics starts tomorrow morning


but it should be a mostly fine and dry day. The evening should farewell


as well. It looks like a clearer evening tomorrow night so if you


missed the Perseid meteor shower, tonight it is cloudy at tomorrow's


clearer so you'll get a better of seeing that. Early Sunday morning,


it will be quite chilly with single figures in the countryside. The fog


should clear quickly and then we see the Fairweather cloud Olding. It is


essentially another fine and dry day. It will feel warm on Sunday as


well. It hasn't been the best week but the weekend doesn't look too


bad. We turn our attention to next week and we have these weather


systems rattling in of the Atlantic giving the risk of some thundery


rain potentially. Possibly something a little bit wet and windy towards


the end of the week. So, it is good, really, it hasn't been the best but


it looks like we should have the fine weather over the weekend. It


isn't going to be very warm sunny but it is a lot better than what we


have had and what will happen into next week as well.


We will book on the bright side. 11 members of the same family have


been convicted of running a modern The Rooney family picked up


vulnerable people from the streets and kept them in squalid conditions


in caravans, while forcing them to work for their business


for little or no wages. Russia has intervened in the crisis,


between the US and North Korea. The Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov


says the risk of military conflict is now "very high," and called


on both sides to sign up to a plan, And an investigation is under way


after a fire broke out on the Bakerloo line this morning,


forcing passengers to be I will be back later


during the ten o'clock news, but for now from everyone


on the team have a lovely evening. # Are you up for the day?


You up for the rhyme? #