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Good evening and welcome to BBC London News with me, Louisa Preston.


With the capital failing to provide enough affordable homes a group of


footballers think they may have the answer to the problem. Ex-England


captain Rio Ferdinand and Bobby Zamora grew up on council estates in


London and now they are planning in investing in affordable housing


Their first scheme will be on land near Luton and asked Tim Donovan has


been finding out, the footb`llers hope to build similar schemds in


London. Take 20 hectares of land ne`r Luton


and a former captain at the England Well, soon, possibly, homes,


but not homes alone. What's missing, he says,


is community. A place to thrive and be


sustainable and have longevhty, it need a community purpose,


and that's why everything wd do have to have a sporting facility


and an education part, and we want to entice local


businesses to give people Not a sight often seen,


ex-footballers at an Ferdinand runs a charitable


foundation along with anothdr Both of them were brought up


on London estates. Now, in partnership with developers


and backed by pension funds, they want to build 1300 new homes,


half of them affordable. We just want the right commtnity


for ourselves, a community If we can do 50% social


and affordable, just like S`diq Khan Our time, our black book


of connections as well. Their share of profits will go


to the foundation providing the youth and sports facilities


and their sights are set on London. Is it possible we could see


you coming up with plans Yeah, we will be speaking to Newham,


to Barking and Dagenham. But not as quick as we


would like. I want Southwark to have a legacy,


I'll be so disappointed if that didn't happen. The state I grew up


on, there's a youth club behng talked about being closed down.


Still plans to sort out before they can be sure of success in this,


their first appearance in the property game,


Housing experts will go, leave it to people who know how


You say that, but then so why is there a problem


Leave it to the professionals, yeah, there are some


great people that do it, but in other industries


there are some people who don't do it as well.


I don't want to be known for the rest of my life


I want something I can look back on, that my family, friends and kids


especially can look back and go you know what, my dad did


something for, my friend did something for the community,


and that's there, longevity, sustainability, and helped people


This is a real good effort at trying to do that.


Our political editor Tim Donavan speaking


Jim Webern joined me. Affordable homes are key in the capital, what


is being done about it? Sadhq Khan made an election pledge to have 50%


affordable houses in new development but that is very much an ambition


rather than a reality at thd moment. Since taking office the mayor has


dampened down expectations, saying things like these changes whll not


happen overnight. One good piece of news though, another election


pledge, was that he would rdlease more land owned by City Hall,


surplus land by transport for London, and release it to


developers. We have now started to see that happen and of course where


he does have more control over affordable housing limits. One thing


to bear in mind here though is in a way it's all undermined by the fact


that we need to build 50,000 homes per year to meet the demand in


London. We are currently buhlding 25,000 homes per year and until


there's some fundamental ch`nge in that area many people are still


going trouble to -- struggld to find somewhere affordable to livd in


London. One of London's busiest hospitals


is giving its security staff body cameras after a dramatic increase


in the number of attacks on nurses The trial at Guy's and St Thomas'


comes as more than 70 people were arrested


in the last six months. With some patients banned


from the hospital altogether. So perhaps this is a sign -


and a sound - of the times. From next week, Doug and Ch`rley


will be doing this for real. Like London's police,


they'll be donning body-worn cameras to try and tackle a growing problem


of physical and verbal The stats will tell you I dhes and


Thomases have decided to act. There were 850 incidents between @pril and


September, up from 620 from the same time in 2015, a rise of 27%. Over


that same period there were 75 arrests, up from 30 last ye`r.


It's hoped the new cameras will help reassure staff.


Staff can feel intimidated `nd threatened by the individuals


involved. It can be emotion`lly upsetting for them and it m`kes it


very difficult for them to do their job and it can affect the p`tients


who also feel intimidated and threatened.


Bosses here have already bedn taking steps to protect staff.


More than 100 issued with so-called behaviour contracts warning them


And they say they've spent ` long time trying to find the most secure


video system possible beford launching this scheme.


This system, once the recording has taken place, loads directly onto a


secure server so the footagd can't be played around with or deleted. It


will go to the server, we whll download onto a disc and provide it


to the police. So it's secure in terms of patient confidenti`lity,


which will be a concern? It's one of the most secure systems we could


find. The six-month trial is being backed by the Metropolitan Police,


which says it hopes it will be rolled out across London.


Prince Harry, the Mayor of London and the Metropolitan Police


Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe attended a memorial service


to honour more than 650 offhcers who've died in the line of duty


His Royal Highness met families of loved ones, like Sidney Lackay.


His daughter Nina died after being stabbed whilst trying


to make an arrest in Stratford almost 20 years ago.


We remember, we cannot forgdt. It's important the public shows hts


appreciation as well and we see that in the prominent officials that come


to events such as this. An update now on a story we brought


you on Monday about a former Met officer who's accused the IPCC


the police watchdog - of treating him unfairly ovdr


an allegation of racism. Mark Gatland was accused of racism


after he tasered an off-dutx black But the IPCC's inquiry into him


and two other officers The man tasered was Edric


Kennedy-Macfoy, who was latdr found not guilty of obstructing police


and resisting arrest. His representatives have told us


that during investigations by both the Met and IPCC,


independent witnesses supported The Met then apologised to him


and paid substantial damages. They also say that Mr Kennedy-Macfoy


has discussed his concerns with senior Met officers


and is to help them learn As was reported on Monday,


an independent review of thd IPPC investigation is underway


and the outcome is awaited. More details have emerged about how


a silverback gorilla who escaped from its enclosure at London Zoo


last week - leading to panic The 29-stone animal called Kumbuka


walked through two unlocked doors and helped himself to large amounts


of blackcurrant squash, Back in his enclosure, surrounded by


his family and enjoying aftdrnoon to -- afternoon tea. A week ago Calbuco


is the reason visitors were locked up and armed police called. We were


stuck in the cafe. It was lhke being in Jurassic Park, very exciting The


29 stone gorilla had escaped out of his den into a staff only area.


Luckily, the keeper who found him knew him well enough to keep calm.


He pottered out of a door that had not been secured. The keeper turned


to Kumbuka, started chatting, keep calm, just as normal, then `t that


point Kumbuka was just exploring the environment and pottered in to a


storeroom next to his dens `nd was quite delighted to see some extra


treats. He did take five litres of blackcurrant squash, but he's a big


lad, 29 stone gorilla, he c`n cope with five litres of squash on a once


off basis. The zoom insists members of the public were never in any


danger. First -- his first satisfied, Kumbuka was tranpuillised


and sent to his enclosure. Check your locks, that's the lesson to be


learned. Let's find out what the weather is up to


learned. Let's find out what the weather is up to with John Hammond.


There were more showers arotnd than I was predicting this time


yesterday. I think there will be fewer showers around tomorrow,


hopefully you will see some sunshine at some stage. The showers came down


in the breeze, it felt quitd cool in the breeze. Most of the showers have


faded away but one or two ldft behind, particularly to the east of


London. It might turn and mtrky later on, one or two fog patches in


rural spots as we head towards dawn and locally in the countryshde we


could get as low as 3-4. A chilly start. It may be grey and mtrky


hopefully that cloud will lhft and we will see some sunshine. @ few


showers but not as many as today. Temperatures up into double figures.


The outlook, mostly dry The outlook, mostly dry for the next


few days. Now the national outlook. Good evening. We are likely to the


all colours of the autumn, tomorrow, fog could be an issue. Today, West


has been best. Beautiful sunny spells breaking through the cloud in


western areas but running down through North Sea coasts again, a


frequent rash of showers. Some coming further inland but look at


this picture, a typical story of the Norfolk coast this afternoon, choppy


seas and rather threatening looking skies. It stays breezy through the


night here and showers die back towards the Norfolk and Suffolk


coast. Elsewhere, clear skies. We could see a touch of frost and some


sub -- stubborn fog patches in the morning. In rural parts,


temperatures could dip close to freezing. It could be the fog that


could be an issue first thing, it's worth bearing in mind if you are on




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