21/10/2016 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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London City Airport has re-opened this evening


after being evacuated because of a suspected


26 people were treated for breathing difficulties


The first flights have now taken off but delays are expected.


Queues of people trying to get into the terminal hoping to catch their


flights. But, as the planes began taking off from City Airport again


this evening, many passengers were still left stranded. We arrhved at


the airport, it had just bedn opened up, once we arrived, we found that


the flight had been cancelldd. We have now got to stay in London


tonight. We went to go back to the City of London with other pdople


from the Netherlands. They said you can go now and go in the qudue but I


don't know if my plane is ldaving. The disruption started just after


4pm when a fire alarm was sdt off. London Fire Brigade said it had been


called to reports of a chemhcal incident. It felt like we w`lked


straight into something. It was chemical. At first I thought


someone's sprayed deodorant but it got worse and you could really feel


it in your throat right down the back. Everyone started coughing A


hazardous response unit with specialist medics arrived at the


airport. 26 people were tre`ted for breathing difficulties with two


taken to hospital. A BBC reporter was caught up in the incident.


People don't know when their flights will be leaving. About 7. 30, the


airport re-opened and there are people in the airport desperate to


find out whether they will be able to get to where they want to go to


tonight. Police and firefighters scoured the building followhng the


alert. What's believed to bd a CS gas spray, better known as tear gas


was found. Officers are now investigating whether the spray had


been accidentally discharged. With at least 30 flights cancelldd today,


further disruption is expected and many will have to wait until


tomorrow to complete their journey. A man has been charged


with murder following the ddath Jamal Mahmoud was killed and two


others were critically injured in a stabbing


at the jail on Tuesday. Basana Kimbembi has been ch`rged


with murder and will appear from prison at court


at a later date. A BBC London undercover


investigation has exposed a major job scam which has potentially


robbed hundreds of vulnerable A fraudster who goes by the name


of John Phillips, offers applicants fake jobs for cash


before disappearing. Victims are left


in debt and jobless. All of these people have


one thing in common - they've all been scammed with a fake


job by one man. I got scammed really, reallx badly,


when I lost ?480 pounds. And this is the man who scalmed


them, John Phillips. We investigate after hearing


numerous reports and post a CV on job websites that we know


Phillips apparently targets. Soon we are contacted by a third,


Premiere Employment A firm, Premier Employment, and get


offer add job. But before we start he says we need


to come to a city office When we arrive, no sign of John


but this lady gets us ...And sells the perks


of working there. And then like all these people we're


asked for a fee to When we come out of the intdrview,


we spot John Phillips Lo and behold, the lady we've met


hands him the money. Later we discover she was bding


conned with a fake job In my eyes it is exploitation


of vulnerable jobseeker's. Nobody should be paying to start


a new job with a genuine employer. And we discover John Phillips is far


from a genuine employer. He set up more than ten bogts


companies, some with fake dhrectors and since 2012, potentially


hundreds of people have been I would say it is not exactly


depression but a state where I was completely stretched


financially, and how to copd Young people like me are just coming


to this country and going to them. You are just stealing


from the poorest. The way Phillips works


is after taking a fee, he gets those who think ethdy're


starting a new job for him, As he says goodbye, we seizd


the moment to ask him a few I wondered if you could tell me


all about the high levels of fraud you have been committing


against many people by lying I don't know what you


are talking about. You don't know what we're t`lking


about? Well, we've been recording xou over


the last few months, offering people jobs


with fictitious companies. I don't know what


you're talking about. And do you know how many


people I've spoken to, affected by your fraud who have lost


thousands and thousands of pounds? I don't know what you're talking


about. I have never seen a more pernicious


kind of fraud as that And Phillips has gone under


ground, leaving a trail Goodnight, over to Peter Gibbs


with the weather. A decent weekend it is for weather.


We are dry for most of the time with a bit of sunshine coming


through. It will help show off the autumn colours which are coling


along nicely now. This evenhng, a chill in the air. Areas of cloud


drifting through on the easterly breeze to stop temperatures falling


away too low. Could turn misty over the hills. Temperatures getting down


into single figures certainly, rural areas maybe down to four or five.


Any early cloud clearing quhckly and then a lot of sunshine to come


tomorrow. One or two showers drifting in from the north-dast


Temperatures in the sunshind similar to recent days, so something around


13, 14, possibly 15, not fedling too bad in the sunshine. As we look


ahead to Sunday, not a bad day, sunshine to be enjoyed. Louhse


sunshine to be enjoyed. Louise Lear has the national forecast now


though. Good evening. Heading off to bed


wondering what is in store for the


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