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investigating the practicalities, join me on BBC Two right now and


11pm in Scotland. So after years of speculation


and delays, tomorrow, we'll finally hear from the Government on one


of the biggest decisions Will it be Heathrow or Gatwhck that


gets another runway? A difficult decision


for a Prime Minister who, seven years ago, promised hdr


Maidenhead constituents Here's our political


correspondent, Karl Mercer. First day of the New Year, this


flight starts off from Heathrow which will be the future civil


airport of London. And it takes off from the fhnest


runway in the world. 70 years ago, there didn't seem


to be quite so much fuss about Heathrow or its runwaxs,


as a converted Lancaster bolber took And Britain begins


the fight for her old place It's unlikely Theresa May


will have such an easy ride, with not one, not two,


not three, but four local Conservative councils lining up


to take legal action against the Government if Hdathrow


expansion gets the go-ahead. One is even in her backyard -


here in Windsor and Maidenhdad where we started our journex


across the Tory opposition. There are very strong feelings here.


A third runway would be a mhle closer, flying 650 feet lowdr over


Maidenhead. So I think our Maidenhead rdsidents


understand that as well. But they are very strongly


pro-Gatwick compared with Hdathrow. Next stop, Hillingdon,


right next to the airport. The current noise footprint


of Heathrow affects 725,000 people. If it were allowed to build a third


runway, it would have a noise footprint larger than


the five biggest airports Local Tory MP Zac Goldsmith has


already promised to stand down Do you think the third runw`y


will ever get built? I think it's a terrible


waste of time. It's a waste of money


and I think it's - in the old words of Quentin Hogg


- "stark-staring bonkers"! Our final leg took us to Wandsworth,


where we showed the Conserv`tive I thought the last sentence


was quite interesting. This is where she promised to fight


against a third runway, sayhng this, I hope the Secretary of State


recognises that as a result of this announcement,


nobody is going to take this Government seriously


on the environment again. It appears her own council


leaders feel the same now. There's been a very straightforward


position from Wandsworth, which is that at the moment,


people are having to face the noise and


pollution from the runway, as well as the traffic leadhng


to it, Heathrow Airport. Nobody's justified why


we should continue to have ht Heathrow supporters, though,


insist the Government should give it It's at full capacity now,


so we do need a decision th`t will, I hope, grant Heathrow the chance


to move forward. And that, in turn, will cre`te


40,000 jobs in London alone and some Despite its many supporters, any


decision to expand Heathrow looks Much has been said Heathrow,


but what about Gatwick Yes, it is a two horse race, you


might say, Gatwick still shouting their corner. The smart mondy is on


Heathrow tomorrow when the government make the announcdment and


that throws up problems. Ond political and one legal. Zac


Goldsmith may note -- go at Richmond Park.


Boris Johnson threatening to lay in front of the bulldozers, I doubt he


will, and Justine Greening `lso opposed to it. I suspect whdn you


look at it, it is the legal challenge that counts the government


out and drags this through the court. Parliament is expectdd to


vote on it this time next ydar. I suspect the legal challenges will


drag on longer and this could be an issue at the next election. And I


expect we will talk about it with you tomorrow. Thank you verx much.


What happens when rents go up, but benefits can't


In some cases, it's led to people being evicted.


At the moment, councils onlx have a legal duty to help


who are a priority - such as disabled people.


But now, a London MP is leading the fight to change the law,


as our political editor, Tim Donovan, explains.


I was just very, very depressed because I thought after all these


years, I'm in something like this, this is not fair.


Kelly was evicted from her home when her rent was put up


and her housing benefit didn't cover it.


She presented herself at the local council offices.


They said to me, I'm not a vulnerable person,


I turned round and said, anybody that lives


I suffer from depression, anxiety, my back, where


The council did take pity on her and gave her two weeks


in a bedsit, but it had no further duty towards her.


Kelly got a place in this supported housing for 150


single homeless people, but she was lucky.


We cannot have us having 600 people a year referred to us,


when we can only accommodatd about 100 every year.


When we reject them, it often means back out


onto the streets or under the local bridges, for example.


Housing campaigners are backing a plan to make councils responsible


for advising all homeless in future, not just those in priority need


This London MP is the driving force, trying to get his private


It would also double the amount of time councils had to help people


It changes quite dramatically, 40 years of rationing


We're not closing this down to only the priority need,


this will be to anyone that's homeless, so they will be able


You can go to your council for help because you're homeless and legally


you can be sent away to sleep on the streets.


This could be the biggest change in the way homeless people


are treated by their local authorities that there


It wouldn't give councils an obligation to house


But more responsibilities would mean more costs.


Our anxiety is, it could pl`ce extra responsibilities on councils without


giving us the resources to `ctually deliver those responsibilithes.


But with rising rents going hand-in-hand with more evictions,


campaigners say these measures are sorely needed.


For years, he's mesmerised `udiences as one of the principal dancers


But Carlos Acosta, who only recently hung up his ballet shoes,


He's bringing his new Cuban dance company to Sadler's Wells.


Louisa Preston has been speaking to him.


Ballet has been his life for more than three decades, stunning crowds


Now the superstar is bringing his new


contemporary dance company to the London stage.


Half of the company comes from a ballet background.


The other half comes from the modern background.


From that foundation, we edtcate them in all the dance forms that we


So any choreographer can dream big, and the comp`ny has


You are very much dedicated to inspiring the


next generation and you're hoping to start a school for disadvantaged


I'm very passionate about that because it is all about givhng


It is about giving positive things to the world, so the new


With his desire now to achieve even more


offstage than on, his familx plays a significant part in everything he


My kids will be growing with this project.


Already, my eldest, Isla, has been on


I think this is a possibility I am giving them


that I never had, to be abld to open your eyes and see


it is all around you, dance and music is all around


I am looking forward to that as well.


For somebody who is just starting out,


I think the most important thing is believe in


yourself, never give up and be resilient.


Really work very hard for what you want,


I'll say goodnight now and leave you with Stav Danaos


Good evening. It looks like this week, there will not be much rain in


the forecast, thanks to high pressure, settling game in what will


be dry weather and light winds. You will notice it turning milddr and we


lose the easterly wind we h`ve had virtually the entire October. Before


that, chilly air and a weather front across the region bringing outbreaks


of rain, some heavy by the dnd of the night and first thing tomorrow


morning. 9-10d, held up bec`use of the cloud and rain. Through Tuesday,


the rain fizzles out and we should see brightness developing hdre and


there, but I'm easterly wind, very light. 14-15dC at best. In the


Wednesday, high pressure brhngs in mild south-westerly winds, the


clouds break up nicely and temperatures 17 Celsius in the


capital, feeling very pleas`nt in the south-westerly wind and the


sunshine. Thursday, much of the same, largely dry, variable cloud, a


bit cloudy at which will impact the temperatures. 16 Celsius, mhld for


the time of year. The area of high pressure to the South of thd UK we


are close to the centre and winds remain light, with variable cloud


and some sunshine. Temperattres of around 60 degrees. Towards the


weekend, more of the same, weekend, more of the same, mainly


dry and feeling very mild. Now your national weather.


Good evening, major changes in the weather over the next couple of


days, the result being it will turn milder by day and also by night A


breeze picking up, a westerly, something we have not seen much of


this month. But there will not be a great deal of rain around. We did


have rain today across the south-west, leaden skies in Bristol,


not much of a sunset here, but the different North of the border. Fiery


skies here and it is


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