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The mayor has told us tonight that he'll explore the legal opthons


available to fight today's decision by the Government to build


Sadiq Khan favours expansion at Gatwick instead.


Let's get more from our transport correspondent Tom Edwards


in the village of Harmondsworth tonight, one of the places


Yes, this village is now at the centre of the fight against the


third runway. As you can sed, the posters are still up. Just to give


you an idea of what's eventtally going to happen, the perimeter of


the runway will run along this side, this line of houses here, all of


these homes will be demolished. The Mayor of London thinks the runway is


in completely the wrong place. These plans today to expand


Heathrow, when there is an alternative for jobs


and growth, is wrong for London My paramount concern


is the well-being of Londondrs. I think runway three doesn't


help Londoners' health, doesn't help those inconvenhenced


by noise, so I'll be working with them to explore


all legal options. Apologies there. Let's get lore from


Tom Edwards who has been getting reaction from the village of


Harmondsworth. Heathrow tonight, as ever,


running at full capacity. A third runway means most


of the nearby village of It's very easy to wake up at 4. 0am


and have the 4.00am frights when you think you're going to be


evicted out of your home, I think it goes a long way to tell


us, to really tell us, that They've offered sound insul`tion


and possibly buying the house, It's not the issue, of course,


we want to save the village Down the road in Cranford at this


cafe most welcomed today's news A third runway probably is necessary


for this airport because yot can see Planes all around,


so probably is a good thing. It's good for the economy,


it's good for the business, Right here is where the new runway


will be and right at the he`rt of Heathrow's case it's been


about jobs and it's While this is about global


connections, it's also Many of the top 300 UK comp`nies


have headquarters We've actually delayed for far


too many years. That delay has actually put us


behind our competitive It's freight companies like this one


that give Heathrow the advantage. It's cargo and the combinathon


with passengers that make In 2013, 1.4 million tonnes


of freight came through Heathrow, Nearly 80% of all air


freight in the UK. Gatwick deals with a fraction


of that - 100,000 tonnes. The growth that the UK needs


now that we are looking at ` global We will have trade within Etrope,


obviously, but the new emerging markets of the world need to be


connected and Heathrow NEWSREEL: Members were reminded


of the county's long tradition of resistance


to interference and oppresshon. . But history shows that politics


and runways do not mix. In fact, no full length


runway has been built As well as local opposition


at Heathrow, the extra cost for road and rail links vary


between five and ?20 billion. It includes putting the M25


into a tunnel and it's not clear The big variable on the Heathrow


side is the motorways. Their proposal envisages thd M2


being put into tunnel and they'll want to have a good look if that can


be done more cheaply Tonight, while some say a third


runway here will never happdn, others say post-Brexit it's


needed more than ever. The reaction of local residdnts and


businesses there. Turning to politics.


Well, within hours of the announcement, Zac Goldslith


the Conservative MP for Richmond, and high-profile opponent


As he said he would when he was elected back in 2010 if a third


Our political correspondent Karl Mercer has been speaking to him


Goldsmith, Zac, Conservativd Party candidate 29,000...


Zac Goldsmith six years ago winning his Richmond


seat for the Tories, having promised to quit


if a Conservative Government ever gave the go-ahead


I said at the beginning that I would always put


the constituency first, that was a promise I made


Today, as you know, I have to honour my promise.


And so I've resigned as your member of parliament and I'll be


standing in the by-election as an independent candidate.


But this election must be a referendum on Heathrow expansion.


It is our chance to send a lessage to Government and to Heathrow


via the ballot box so I'm asking you to give me the mandate H need


It appears to have been carefully choreographed.


I don't know that, that's a party issue.


He may be running as an inddpendent candidate in the coming by-dlection


but the Conservatives have confirmed they won't put up


Quite simply, the numbers whll be against them and feeling


in the local party is very pro their now former MP and very


Zac is one of the few principled and honest MPs in


We love him for that, we support him entirely.


Will you support him as an independent?


A lot of people are upset about it, he's fought well and hard


for the constituents in Richmond and I think they'll be very upset


With no Tory candidate standing it could now be a straight racd


with the Lib Dems who used to hold this seat.


The Liberal Democrats have been completely consistent on thhs over


many decades and we will continue to fight Heathrow expansion


The by-election is expected to take place in early December.


Let's talk about some of thd political ramifications of this Our


political editor joins me. How awkward is this by-election for the


Government? Well, it is awkward and the Liberal Democrats will certainly


fancy their chances. But medium to long-term I am not sure how much


damage it's going to do. Thd Conservatives, the Government,


Theresa May, always had to factor this in, they always knew Z`c


Goldsmith was going to do this. They're not standing their own


candidate, they take the vidw let's get this out of the way and move on.


You could argue they will think if this is the best it gets, Z`c


Goldsmith leading the opposhtion, they might be happy long-term,


contrast that with Justine Greening, Boris Johnson, if their scope for


protest is curtailed, they're not going to be able to whip up


opposition long-term and it's clear from Boris Johnson, in parthcular,


he has no intention of resigning and giving up his rather big current


job. It will cause an immense


amount of disruption. There are colossal problems


still to be solved. And then you have a future


in which London will be flown over We know still a lot of hurdles to


overcome. Dare I ask, how mtch turbulence can we expect? A major


planning application to be drawn up, a long way to go. We will sde legal


action by four local authorhties, including Theresa May's own one and


protest against, direct acthon, splits within parties as well as


between those parties. You lay see politicians lying in front of


bulldozers, although not perhaps the Foreign Secretary now. Some people


still think they can not sed how this is going to happen. On the


other hand, you need to remdmber the last time it didn't happen or Labour


failed, it wasn't because of legal action that halted things, ht was


the political weakness of the Labour Government at the time. Verx


different now some people s`y. Theresa May in a strong poshtion, a


fair wind, you could argue the auspices have never been as good as


they are new to give this a go. Thank you very much.


That's it from the London tdam this evening. I will hand you ovdr to


Stav for a look at the weather. Thank you very much.


Conditions improved through the afternoon with sunshine devdloping


but it means into this evenhng and overnight we are going to sde some


moisture-laden air moving into the cooler air. It's a perfect recipe


for dense fog to develop by the end of the night. Certainly tomorrow


morning first thing there whll be a lot of fog around and grey `nd mist


in places but through the d`y conditions are expected to brighten.


Give yourself extra time to head out tomorrow morning. Some of that fog


will be quite dense. Take c`re on the roads. A big improvement through


the afternoon. Good spells of sunshine developing. The odd bit of


patchy cloud. Temperatures `re milder than of late. We hold on to


the high pressure which will be dominating throughout the wdek and


into the weekend bringing mtch more of the same, so largely find,


settled conditions. Again for Thursday we could have fog to begin


with. That should clear and lift. In the sunshine we should see


temperatures reaching around 16 To recap throughout the rest of this


week, it's set to be fine and settled and on the mild sidd. Nick


now has all the national settled and on the mild side. Nick


now has all the national weather. Hello. Autumn is the season of


change, most noticeably with those autumn colours on display today in


Buckinghamshire, as photographed by one of our weather watchers. Always


helps when there is blue sky above. Our weather is always changing


regardless of the season. One of those changes is taking place, we


are losing last week's Easterly winds and now a westerly wind. That


means it's turning milder by day and night but it does mean the return of


Atlantic weather fronts, especially to north-western parts of the UK.


The reason, high pressure in Germany and low pressure Iceland. Here is


the first of those weather fronts for Scotland and Northern Ireland


through the


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