26/10/2016 London News


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personality tonight. Join me now on BBC Two, 11.00pm in Scotland. Here


Good evening and welcome to BBC London News.


600 more armed police officers in the capital -


that was the promise made by the Met Commissioner at the start


of the year following the tdrror attacks in Paris and Brussels.


But at the time there were no details where these


Now the union that represents the police say that pledge


was unrealistic and would come at the expense of


As publicity stunts go, Operation Hercules was a good one.


The Met Commissioner unveildd the new elite counterterrorhsm


unit back in August and the message was clear -


more firearms officers and lore quickly deployed across London.


That was then, and this is now the warning from the Met Police


Realistically it would take a lot longer than was first envis`ged


We are seeking officers frol other forces who are firearms trahned


No one's thought about the dffect that has on surrounding forces.


Now those forces have to replace what they are losing.


It's a big merry-go-round of officers who are firearms trained.


We need to train more, but we need to support them fully


so they want to come forward and want to be firearms offhcers.


He says the Met is reliant on poaching officers from other


forces because of the lack of high-quality applicants


and the rigorous training and selection process.


Amongst the worst affected could be Sussex Police.


The Met too has seen a dram`tic drop in numbers.


From 2856 firearms officers in 010 to, well, 2139 in March


Mostly because of previous budget cuts.


It sparked fears that any increase now might only bring the nulbers


That's certainly the view of firearms officers like Tony Long.


He recently retired, having been cleared of the tnlawful


killing of Azelle Rodney back in north London in 2005.


He was part of a police operation that stopped the car


An inquiry said the shooting was unlawful but a jury cle`red Tony


He said now that the Met will struggle to attract


new recruits while officers like him face criminal charges


Previous policy involving the cutbacks ensured that wd lost


authorised firearms officers and now we're sort of struggling


We're trying to train sufficient officers to not just fulfil


new posts but also to get us up to the level that we were


In response, the Met says they've had 1000 applications and 100 have


As for the effect on neighbouring forces...


The Met are working very closely with those forces that are losing


officers to make sure that they face the recruitment to not


cause the forces too many problems, to give the forces


And there are, it seems, changes across the piece.


Tonight, British Transport Police announced a change in the w`y they


Within a few months they want uniformed marksmen to start riding


on the tube, they say, to provide reassurance.


Sources at City Hall are worried, though,


Either way, we'll have a far better idea of how well prepared London


and its security forces are for a terrorist attack on Friday


when an independent review commissioned by the Mayor of London


Two men have been questioned by the police have the possession of pepper


spray over a chemical alert by close City Airport on Friday.


It left dozens of people needing medical treatment


and two were hospitalised with breathing difficulties.


There've been clashes tonight at the London Stadium for Wdst Ham's


The trouble broke out towards the end of the match,


There were extra security mdasures in place for the game


It follows disturbances in the stands at some


of the Hammers' previous matches at their new home.


The BBC has learnt that the Richmond Park and North Kingston by-dlection


Former Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith resigned from the south-west London


seat yesterday after the Government backed plans to build


The seat will be a key targdt for the Liberal Democrats.


Today their leader said the election will be about more than airports.


If you listen to local people here, the 70% who voted to Remain


and many of the 30% who votdd to Leave but didn't want


us to leave the single market, they are horrified


that the Conservative Government is taking the United Kingdol


in the wrong direction, to an extreme version of Brdxit that


will cost thousands of jobs and will hit livelihoods


The man in charge of promothng and supporting the Square Mhle has


told City bosses tonight th`t Brexit will be successful if


It comes only months after the Lord Mayor


of London Jeffrey Mountevans warned that leaving the EU would bd


The last of the guests are now leaving Mansion House after the


annual City banquet. Around 350 top officials from the financial


regulation sector, the Lord Mayor and the CEO Yes of the financial


conduct and prudential regulation authorities. They stress th`t work


to ensure a strong and stable banking sector must not be to row by


Brexit. Although the Lord M`yor with a Remain campaigner, he says he is


confident in a successful Brexit, which he spoke to me about darlier.


These are uncertain times for the City, London is Europol smack


financial capital, but for how? It is the job of the Lord made to


promote the city as the world leader in finance and business. He has been


to be a financial disaster. We all know that Brexit is a reality, we


have a great offer and we are determined to make a success Brexit.


We are very much open for btsiness, internationally, there are great


opportunities for British btsinesses internationally and great


opportunities for international business in UK.


The City employs 400,008 and accounts for 12% of the UK's tax


take. In a week of talk of smaller banks making moves to leave, the


Lord Mayor says that fighting for access to the single market and the


free movement of workers is crucial. We don't want the value of London


services to be lost to European clients and friends in Europe. God


help we add a great deal of value to European business by virtue of the


concentration of skills and the expertise here. I am optimistic we


will work on a win/ win solttion between Europe and Britain.


There is no doubt the City hs and will face challenges as the


realities of leaving the EU urge, but the message to native fhnancial


regulators and City bosses hs that they must be proactive and positive


so that Europe -- London relains Europol smack most successftl


financial sector. The Chancellor said that financial


services will be at the heart of Brexit Migno Cenation is, the City


is about confidence. The Lord Mayor says that what London has to offer


cannot be regulated by any of the European city. Thank you.


It's the arts venue that many Londoners may be more familhar


with for ice skating or summer concerts.


Well, Somerset House is tryhng to do its bit to help keep `rtists


from moving out of London by offering special rates


In some cases, for as littld as ?100 a month - not bad for


As I found out. A few months ago, Larry had serious doubts about being


able to pursue his craft because the landlords of his East End studio


space tripled his rent. Now he is creating work in one of the capital


plus but most prestigious art institutions, Somerset Housd. You


have to hold onto multiple jobs to keep things going, when you are


challenged with the problem of hyped up rent, that means the difference


between being able to produce or not producing anything at all. We almost


under Waterloo Bridge in a space that has been renamed Make @ Street.


The idea is that the visual artists sit side by side with designers


under other creatives to hotse their work. Somerset House wants lore


artists to apply. The rooms which once housed the Inland Revenue now


contribute to the fastest-growing sector in London smack economy, its


creative industry. What's more, some of what is being made down here will


be exhibited up here in the main building. This is an exampld of what


will happen here in the futtre, where they can experience the latest


work that has been made. It is a great way for audiences to leet some


of the best creative talent that this city has. For the artists


themselves it is allowing them to develop their craft, but also


allowing them to present thdir work to a new audience. It benefhts


everybody. Wouldn't it be awful of London just became a place for


bankers and commercial industry The UK is such a strong creativd


reputation, Londoners the c`pital. To not be able to show the creative


heart of the city is living in the heart of the city feels a lhttle bit


disconnected. Not only living the painting, designing and even making


music, with a little bit of help from Somerset House.


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's up to,


We are getting more and mord of the nice autumn colours and the weather


is getting into the Hallowedn mood, we're getting mist and fog hn the


morning, watch out for that first thing tomorrow. Foggy for some of


us. The afternoon does not look too barge, sunshine later. Todax was


warm, 16.5 degrees in Heathrow. These big scary yellow triangles


indicate the fog across rur`l areas in particular of London, not in the


City, I don't think you will see anything too dense. Take it easy if


you are travelling, the fog will be around and might stick in some areas


do the course of the morning. But then once it burns away, thd


sunshine comes out and it is not looking bad at all. Temperatures


getting up to 16 degrees, ldt's look out the outlook. Temperaturds are


looking very promising indedd. Nick Miller


looking very promising indeed. Nick Miller has the National forecast.


If you like your forecast to include cold weather, this is not for you.


Temperatures have been heading up, helped by sunshine showing off the


autumn colours. 19 Celsius in Cheshire. Scotland, Northern Ireland


and Wales got to 16 or above. The mild hour feeding around high


pressure from the Atlantic will continue for the rest of


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