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A major review of London security has found that a terrorist `ttack


That's why it's recommending the creation of a new super


police force for London - merging the Met, City of London


The idea has been welcomed by the outgoing Met Commisshoner.


Lord Harris, who carried out the review, also wants the dmergency


services strengthened to better protect Londoners.


Here's our home affairs correspondent Nick Beake.


In the shadows, it's home to some of the best spies and policd


But terrorists are certain to strike here again.


The conclusion of today's rdview into how prepared the capit`l


Its most contentious propos`l is to merge the three existhng


With the powers of the City of London and British


Transport Police forces being transferred to the Met,


The Met boss, a man who is leaving his job in a few months said rather


We should get improved oper`tional effectiveness and that's wh`t this


report is talking about - how to respond to


There would also be financial savings.


That is a real challenge for public service, how


But British Transport Policd insisted that the transport network


needs a specialist force, and City police warned any lerger


The mayor, who was visiting the control room where the response


to any major attack would bd coordinated, wouldn't say


if he supported a super police force for London.


I welcome any steps to keep us as safe as we possibly can.


I will be publishing a response once we have considered the revidw


In all, today's review has 027 different recommendations


Its main message is that London is now better prepared than ever


for a major terrorist attack, and the possibility of one


The attacks in Nice, Paris and Brussels in the p`st year


The review also looked at the number of firearms officers in London.


It concluded that when Scotland Yard completes its recruitment


of an extra 600 officers - bringing the total number to 28 0 -


If you really wanted to improve the response time and of cotrse


in five or six minutes, if this was somebody with attomatic


weaponry you could have an `wful lot of casualties, that would rdquire


a massive increase and we rdally would notice then how many


were armed police there werd around, and having been in cities


and countries where it's much more the norm I'm not sure that lakes


It actually makes them feel more nervous.


Another proposal is to run ` trial of an SMS or text alert system.


No matter where you are your phone would automatically receive


a message, giving details of a major terrorist attack that was unfolding.


Keeping a watchful eye on London is a massive task.


This review calls for the use of more CCTV cameras.


It also says that beyond the capital, our borders nedd to be


more secure to stop weapons being smuggled in.


Weapons that could be used in an attack.


Health officials in Croydon are planning to stop


providing free IVF treatment in the borough's NHS hospit`ls.


It would make it the first London borough to do so.


With each cycle of treatment costing around ?5,000, Croydon's Clhnical


Commissioning Group say they can't afford it,


as they look to save millions from their budget.


For some, playing in a park with their children is a drdam,


but nature won't allow it to be a reality.


When couples face a problem conceiving, they can turn


Here in Croydon, though, that soon may not be possible.


The local health service saxs it needs to save money


and it's suggesting scrapping all IVF services.


Last week, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said plans


He said, no budget savings should impact on patient care.


If this happens in Croydon, it will be a very


We have seen three areas in the East of England


decommission their services entirely, with others


threatening similar action, and if Croydon takes this step


I really worry that others will seek to go down


Croydon Clinical Commissionhng Group says it hasn't got a bottomless


budget and it has to make difficult decisions.


It has said, though, it want to reassure residents


here that it hasn't made anx certain decisions and it will


I don't think it's very fair to mums - well, not to mums -


to women who live in Croydon and try to conceive and they can't do this.


I conceived naturally but it can happen to any lady,


It's definitely something I would have explored


if I couldn't have children, and to know that wouldn't bd


available and wouldn't be an option is quite shocking.


When it comes to IVF treatment, where you live c`n


make all the difference to the care you're given.


For example, if you live in Camden you're entitled to three ch`nces


But in neighbouring Haringex you can only have one.


Croydon's consulting on whether to take away that


entitlement altogether, which will make it similar


Across all the boroughs, there are different rules.


For example, the woman's agd, whether either the man or woman


has had a child before, and how long they've been together.


Croydon Health Services need to save nearly ?6 million.


IVF costs the borough just tnder ?800,000 last year.


Now, the debate starts on whether this is a saving worth making.


I'll wish you goodnight and a great weekend,


and hand you over to Darren Bett with the weather.


We have a dirty high over the south-east this weekend. I should


explain what that is. It's ` high pressure that's been contamhnated


with cloud. You are not going to see much sunshine, but it will be mild.


We have cloudy skies overnight. Any breaks could lead to mist or fog


patches out of town, probably should be gone by the end of the nhght and


those temperatures are not dropping much. 13 degrees the minimul in some


areas. Because we have cloud, temperatures will not rise luch


during the day. It's still liles. There may be brighter skies in the


afternoon tomorrow, a glimpse of sunshine. The winds Vari-Lite.


Temperatures up to 15-16, pretty good for this time of the ydar.


Miles, cloudy start on Sund`y. A repeat performance, again a glimpse


of sunshine if you are luckx, temperatures not changing mtch. A


gentle breeze from the East, highs of 15-16. It's a quiet, largely


cloudy weekend and more of the same to come into the beginning of next


week as well. Now the to come into the beginning of next


week as well. Now the national picture.


Hello, it's been a pretty good week for getting out and enjoying the


autumn colours, especially if you have seen autumn sunshine. What


sunshine, if you have been in Manchester or the Wirral, damp in


places. Ty Gifford had it better, and Deal in Kent, with sunshine


It's high pressure and settled weather but the flow of air may be


mild but winning in moisture, not necessarily in the form of rain


Many others will be staying dry but in the form of cloud. Some mild


made it cloudy this weekend and patchy fog overnight and into the


morning. Perhaps misty and murky across western hills of Britain


through the night. England and Wales seeing patchy lower-level fog,


developing into Northern Ireland as well, once we shift the drizzle


some of that in northern England and West of Scotland. Eastern Scotland


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