31/10/2016 London News


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A hospital has been severelx criticised following the de`th


Medics at North Middlesex hospital sent the 26 year-old student home


after mistaking her symptoms for a hangover.


Phillippa Odlin was found ddad by her flatmate the following day.


A report says her death would have been avoided if she'd been


Friends say they loved Phillippa Odlin's independence.


She was described as the life of the party.


When she went to A at North Middlesex Hospital


with chest pains, doctors sent her home.


After about an hour or so of looking at her, checking on her,


they said basically we think she has a hangover and she just needs to


The next morning Phillippa was found dead.


I sat in my car going berserk, basically.


And then I had to ring Jody, her mother, and tell her the sale thing.


She hadn't been hungover, she had ketoacidosis,


it's a complication of diabdtes which means your body starts


This could have been picked up if the hospital had run the two


simple tests essential for a diabetic patient.


Instead her family says she wasn't taken seriously.


Probably the most upsetting aspect of this case, in that she,


if you like, was going throtgh A, a young girl, probably had ` drink


the night before and her sylptoms were dismissed so easily


The medical ombudsman said there were two main failings


at North Middlesex - not only did it not spot th`t


Phillippa was dying, it also didn't listen


They didn't get answers, and actually for them,


and for a lot of people, just getting answers and an apology


and an assurance and claritx that this won't happen


So they quite rightly weren't happy with the answers they got


from the hospital initially and they came to us.


Jerry now has an ombudsman report and an apology, but something


The Metropolitan Police says half the terrorism plots disruptdd


in the UK over the past two years involved extremists


The details emerged at the launch of a campaign to clamp down


Jannat Jalil is here with more details.


What can you tell us about this After the mass shooting att`cks in


Paris last year the big fear is that there might be a similar attack


attempted by terrorists herd in London. Police say their concerns


have risen further because last year they seized a record number of guns


in the capital. More than 700 firearms, including assault rifles.


Police say half of the foildd terror attacks in the last two years have


involved some kind of attempt to get guns. The UK is protected bx the


fact it has effective securhty services, it has strong border


controls, it has strict gun laws, but the police say there is no room


for complacency. They are appealing to the public today to come forward


if they have any information about anyone they know who might have an


illegal weapon. The police's biggest fear is these illegal gangs might


sell on their weapons to terrorists. We do know that weapons go


to the highest bidder, and one of our concerns


is that there is a desire from terrorists to access wdapons,


so that they can carry out ` mass casualty attack in this country


and we are determined to work with our colleagues


in counterterrorism to do otr very A recent review has suggestdd more


needs to be done to step up order security in order to stem the flow


of weapons into the UK. The head of MI5 said today that since Jtne 013,


12 attempted terror plots h`ve been foiled by security services. That


gives you some insight into the challenges they face. Indeed. Thank


you very much. Workers in the capital on the London


living wage are to be paid an extra 35 pence an hour,


taking their rate to ?9.75 , significantly higher


than the minimum wage. But while 3,000 companies h`ve


signed up to the scheme - it is voluntary, as Tolu Ad`yoye


reports. From the cost of housing


to transport and food, London is the most expensivd place


to live and work in the UK, and it's those on the lowest wages


who are hit the hardest. That is a lovely,


strong cop of coffee. Today the mayor announced


an increase in the so-called living wage, which had been calcul`ted


based on how much people ?9.75 an hour will lead


to lots of people who work Living in London means you have


increased housing costs, you have increased costs and food,


there are increased costs whth goods That means Londoners who do a hard


day's work should get But the London living


wage isn't compulsory. The Government's set rate


which all employers must pax currently peaks that ?7.20 `n hour


for over 25s. That's more than ?2.50


less than the voluntary rate in the capital,


so why would a business choose to pay more when it


can legally pay less? I think the benefits


outweigh the costs. It might cost us a little bht more,


but we have less turnover of staff, we have more committed staff


and in the end I think it's better. It just shows that they card


and they appreciate of them Around 1000 employees


in the Londoners find the living


wage, but this is a city of more than a million businesses and many


workers don't feel they're In Brixton today workers


at the Ritzy cinema walked out. They get ?9.10 an hour and fighting


for the living wage. Lots of people working


here at the Ritzy and at different picture houses, spend up to 75%


of their wage on rent, because, as lots of people know


rent in London is incrediblx expensive, and living in London


is very expensive. So we need that living wage


in order to live a life, It's accepted by the Living Wage


Foundation that not all bushnesses can afford to pay the suggested


rate, but the message today is that those who can,


should, to ensure their employees earn enough to cover the cost


of living in the capital. passengers face severe disrtption


over the festive period. From Christmas Eve Paddington will be


close for six days. There whll be no trains from Liverpool Street and to


the 2nd of January, due to Crossrail work. South-eastern services to


London bridge, Charing Cross and Cannon Street will also stop for


several days over Christmas. To the artists and creative talent,


who've enjoyed living and working in parts of east London,


who are on the move to Marg`te. Many have decided to abandon


the capital because it's too So much so - some have even started


calling the seaside town Hackney is showing severe


signs of decline... Hackney's gone from derelict


to gentrified in a generation. Today the cheapest we could find


in the area was a one bed ex-council The original Hackney pioneers


are being pushed out, The capital, it seems,


has sold out of run down and cheap, They call them 'hags',


the pioneering hipsters, artists and gays, down from London


to build a new life. 66% of the people who've moved


here have come from London. Margate had the highest price rise


of any coastal town this ye`r. Somebody who's selling their one


or two bedroom flat in the Dast End can come here and buy a six bedroom


glorious town house. Leanne and Matt are also quhtting


east London for Margate. Two years ago I met them,


along with 50 others, struggling to buy this


east London flat. I think London will regret


being so expensive, because it's forced out a lot of the young


artistic people, the people that made London, especially


East London, what it is. In an old picture framing


warehouse, dozens of London James is a musician


and music producer. I was in Hackney for eight xears,


and it's getting really cle`n, it's almost becoming like the inside


of an airport terminal. London First represent some


of the capital's leading employers. It's not just Margate that could end


up taking a slice of London's pie, it could be places outside


of the UK. We need to build the homes


that those people need to lhve in, if we want to keep here


in this brilliant capital. London First say one in six


of the capital's companies I'll say goodnight now


and leave you with Stav Danos This time last week I was tdlling


about the week ahead being lilder, and telling you the oppositd now,


set to turn much colder, particularly midweek onwards. Some


sunshine in the forecast and towards the end of the week, some hdavy


rain. For the here and now ht is the fog issues we have again ovdrnight.


Some dense patches likely. Let Office yellow warnings in force for


that. Take extra time and c`re on the roads in the morning if you re


heading out first thing. Tolorrow it won't lift into sunshine, it will be


quite a great day. Some light rain and drizzle. Still fairly mhld air,


13-14dC at best. Things are set to change, that weather front calls


away -- clears away and we have a cool northerly wind. It will be a


chilly one. Temperatures 9-02dC in the capital. A really cold night,


frosty morning for Thursday but plenty of sunshine around.


Temperatures at best around 11 Celsius. Then it turns much wetter


on Friday as a wet front moves through and it stays on the chilly


side. Strong northerly winds, some side. Strong northerly winds, some


sunshine and also some rain for the weekend. The National weather coming


up now with Louise. Halloween 2 16 has almost come and gone but it has


left some spookily interesting statistics. It has been a third


consecutive mild Halloween. The warmest was in 2014, 20 four


Celsius. Today we have been breaking records in Wales, the warmest


Halloween, 22 Celsius. A glorious shot, fairly indicative of what we


had in Wales today, sent in by weather watcher earlier. A different


story further north and east. The cloud made it great and


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