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One of the country's leading teaching hospitals


Inspectors rated safety at St George's Hospital in Tooting


as "inadequate", with operating theatres "not fit for purpose".


It joins a growing number of London hospitals which are being told


Here's our political correspondent, Karl Mercer.


The face of 21st century health care.


And the face of something vdry different.


Modern care in the neonatal unit, the renal transplant clinic,


working out of premises that are long past their best.


St George's in Tooting is a hospital that's struggling with its past


This is its answer to a damning report from health inspectors.


It'll be rebuilt after inspdctors found things so bad here th`t


they've put the hospital trtst into special measures.


Well, in two years, the sittation was that St George's had gone


from being a good hospital, getting good results,


to a hospital which had major problems with maintaining


the basics, so the buildings were not maintained adequatdly.


There were other safety precautions that were not in place.


Infection control was not being done as it should.


The rest of what inspectors found back in the summer is just `s bad.


Some operating theatres, they said weren't fit for ptrpose.


Several areas of the hospit`l's estate were in a state of dhsrepair.


There was low morale amongst theatre staff and consultant surgeons.


Water came in during heavy rain and leadership across sever`l


It is a picture of the organisation which clearly shows that we haven't


met the standards that we w`nt to meet and, therefore,


I'm disappointed for the st`ff, I'm disappointed for the colmunity.


Like many of these reports, though, the work of staff is praised,


saying they are caring and professional.


So, does a report like todax's change the way that parents


here in the neonatal unit are thinking?


Um, no, because I think bec`use we'd had the experience before,


we know that the staff are really good and they are looking


So, I'm not concerned about his care.


It's not really too much of a problem for us.


Everyone in here has been absolutely brillian.


As Nicola says, the care has been fantastic with the baby and everyone


This time last year the local MP was a doctor


in the Emergency Department at St George's.


Patients up and down the cotntry are facing the same problem


we are seeing throughout all of London, which is frankly


We have a Government that are not putting in what we need to deliver


The Government says it is pttting ?10 billion more into the NHS.


Here, St George's had started its improvements but admits


it'll have to borrow from cdntral NHS funds for more work to be done.


If it isn't given the money, it'll have to cut services.


More now on news that the M`yor has ordered an investigation


into the cost of converting the former Olympic stadium


Our reporter, Jannat Jalil, has been looking into this.


We're talking about increase of ?50 million.


That's right. And that's just since last year. When Boris Johnson said


the cost would be ?272 millhon. Now Sadiq Khan is saying the re`l figure


is actually ?323 million. So how has the cost gone up so dramatically?


Sadiq Khan is laying the bl`me squarely on his predesows o. His


spokes mab has said he is ddeply concerned about the finances of the


Olympic Stadium, which he s`ys has "clearly been left in a tot`l and


utter mess by the previous administration at City Hall." West


Ham is paying ?12 million of the total but it is a fraction of the


cost, and the rest of the bhll is being picked up by the taxp`yer


What reaction has there been to the news? Tonight the Taxpayers'


Alliance has come out with ` statement welcoming the inqtiry and


said for too long the details on the deal had been kept secret and lacked


proper scrutiny. It says it is a ludicrously funded taxpayer subsidy


and demands explanation to those signed off in the agreement. I


should say we have yet to hdar from Boris Johnson himself on thhs. OK,


thank you. Police have confirmed they're


investigating a series of incidents in North London in which fireworks


were aimed at them, as they were dealing


with anti-social behaviour. Residents on one estate told us


how rockets were pushed through letterboxes


and thrown at cars. These are just some


of the videos, all posted Whether you were driving


in your car, or sitting at home So residents here posted


and they posted in their hundreds. Someone literally got a firdwork


in their arm yesterday while they were walking thehr child


home from school. And this was amongst


the worst footage filmed. Someone shared apparently a light


from a rogue firework. The morning after and the owner


didn't want to speak to us but he did confirm off camera indeed


that a fireworks' box had bden thrown over his wall and set alight


to his shed, tree and fence. Eventually I found one resident


who was prepared to speak on camera. concerned, but I have seen


they always gather here. I don't know if it is Hallowe'en


or not, they obviously gathdr here and really it makes


the residents scared and worried. At this time of year,


teenagers misusing fireworks What is about what happened here,


is that there were some 60 people firing fireworks at each other


and according to the residents that I've been speaking to,


that they weren't children, they weren't teenagers,


they were in fact, mostly in their 20s, men and women,


some wearing balaclavas, others firing fireworks frol piping


from their shoulders. A few days ago this


was filmed in Stamford Hill. Keep an eye on the


teenagers with the bike. Their victims knew nothing


of what was happening. One eight-year-old girl was left


with burns to her leg and the police This patrol car was hit by fireworks


in Tottenham last night. It prompted this call


from the local MP. I think when fireworks can be used


as weapons, in the age in which we are, and they could be


very, very dangerous weapons, indeed, very, very, sadly,


we are coming to a stage where we may need to withdr`w them


from everday use for the public And the more footage


like this is posted online, Next, it's the unmistakable sign


that turned the Met's headqtarters Now, though, Scotland Yard's HQ


is moving - to a former polhce The old building is said to be


outdated and too expensive but as Daniel Sandford reports,


it's been the Met's base NEWS REEL: Broadway, South West 1,


a building in keeping with our time. The home of Scotland Yard


from now on. It was 1967 when the Metropolitan


Police moved into New Scotl`nd Yard, a time before e-mails,


before computer mapping. The great train robber,


Bruce Reynolds, still on thd run. Ten years later, in 1977,


this was modern crime fighthng, Looking back at the pictures


of herself, Rosalie Gist The excitement of working in


the world famous New Scotland Yard, but also the casual sexism


of the day. We would be asked to do things that


men weren't asked to do. We would be asked to go out and get


presents for the boss's wifd because they'd forgot


it was her birthday. The Flying Squad, the Sweendy,


headquartered in New Scotland Yard for decades, is perhaps the most


famous group of You have that sense of pridd


and achievement that you've actually Barry Phillips joined the Mdt


in 1975 and was a Flying Sqtad Then, almost all the force's main


units had head offices It brought together that


cross-fertilisation of intelligence, of ideas,


of thinking, of comraderie. From New Scotland Yard,


the force had to cope with the IRA bombing campaign,


and the 7/7 attacks and although many squads ard now


elsewhere, the top brass will still be based


at a new office in Westminster. This will be the fourth


Scotland Yard and they've The point is, the Commissioner


and his or her top officers have So, after nearly 50 years of crime


reporters standing outside New Scotland Yard in front


of the rotating silver But already a new one has appeared


outside what will be the replacement headquarters


on the banks of the Thames. Daniel Sandford, BBC News, `t the


new New Scotland Yard. And I'll leave you with Stav Danaos


for a look at the weather. And a chilly 1st November.


Absolutely. Big difference. We lose the mild air and say good morning to


the frosty weather for the next couple of days. That weather front


we had spreading across the region through the day will clear `way


overnight, clear skies, light winds, recipe for a cold one to cole. Maybe


a touch of frost out in the Home Counties, generally around 4 or 5


for the capital. Tomorrow morning we start on a cold night with plenty of


sunshine. Through the day, set to stay dry, we are under the hnfluence


of high pressure, north, north-westerly winds. Gener`lly


light. Passing cloud here and there but lots of sunshine, temperatures


11 at best. Much colder than what we have been used to. A cold, frosty


start on thumplts you will be scraping the cars wherever xou are.


Through the day some sunshine, temperatures 10 or 12. But notice


behind me the cloud. That is because this weather front will comd across


sending this weather for us on Friday, a yukky day, wet and cold.


Through Saturday and Sunday, northerly winds pulling down, which


means there will be sunshind and showers and it'll feel cool. To


recap, looking good for the next couple of days, frosty mornhngs


before turning unsettled. Good You know what, in


evening. the last few days, much more following the calendar. A warm


end to October, 1st November, abrupt change to the weather. In fact over


the next few days, we will be getting colder air all the way from


the north, almost from Arctic regions, a real nip in the air


particularly for folks getting up early in the morning A good frost


around and there is a frost on the way tonight. This is what is


happening on the satellite. This ribbon of cloud is a cold front




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